Reminder: The Game Boy Was Almost Indestructible

Reminder: The Game Boy Was Almost Indestructible

Yes, a Game Boy survived a bombing raid. But as famous as that story is, who's to say it wasn't a fluke? So Wired got Nintendo's old handheld and did some slightly more scientific study on it.

I say slightly because that test involved dropping it a couple of times then having a giant man smash one with a sledgehammer.

Which isn't very scientific at all, but while the hammer was entertaining, that 15-foot drop was impressive. I've dropped phones - made from all kinds of modern, advanced composites and materials not even used in 1989 - from 1/4 of that distance and had them almost disintegrate. Yet the Game Boy was almost unscathed.

Nintendo Gameboy vs. Sledgehammer - WIRED's Battle Damage [Wired]


    Ha! and those kids from those kids react videos said it was lame. I'd like to see their 7th iPod survive a drop off the couch.

      Would have been cool if they did similar tests with other handhelds, like that old XPlay video of them testing the 'durability' of the XBox/PS2/Gamecube.'

      Just, you know, minus the terrible acting >.>

    But... Why? There's a finite number of those little bundles of wonder left in the world... Why smash such perfect beauty?

      Smash them all, will make mine worth more

      Yeah, only a few tens of million of them!

    Not only indestructible, but they have a lifetime warranty. Smash one today and take it to Nintendo headquarters (in FTG VIctoria) and get a repair for free, forever. It happened to a friends one in 2004 and it was repaired.

    I bought one that had been run over by a car. Still worked great. Screen was a little loose so I had tape around the edges. Had real personality. Reached 90 hours on one change of batteries.

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