EA Will Remove Ray Rice From Madden 15

EA Will Remove Ray Rice From Madden 15

EA will remove all presence of disgraced NFL running back Ray Rice from Madden 15 in this week’s update, stripping the former Ravens star from all roster lists in the latest edition of their annual football series.

Fox’s Mike Garafolo reports that Rice, who was released by the Baltimore Ravens and indefinitely suspended from the NFL after video emerged of him punching his wife in an Atlantic City hotel earlier this year, will also be removed from the latest version of Madden.

Source tells @FOXSports1 that @EASPORTS will remove Ray Rice from Madden ’15 as part of Wk 1 update. Won’t be on Ravens or free agent lists.

— Mike Garafolo (@MikeGarafolo) September 9, 2014

And EA confirmed the news later today:


  • Steps to make sure a scandal involving domestic violence in your sports code is 1 of short term
    Step 1: remove all reference of individual who commited said act from all official games
    Step 2: ignor all other domestic violence acts commited by other players
    What gets me is that the nfl is IGNORING or downplaying any sorts of violence against women, from the grassroots highschool leagues, which has an epidemic of gang rape cases, to the pros, in which there is also an epidemic of domestic violence cases. Fyi, this video has been floating around since February, ignored by the major us sports networks since then, only to be picked up by tmz & I watched 2 of the main people of tmz’s reaction & man were they pissed, not only that, they were appalled by the behaviour of the prosecutors who handled the case, who decided not to prosecute. I mean if this happened here, expect the following: incoming rant from the 1st lady of afl: caroline wilson x2 (offsiders & footy classified), heavy discussions on both wide world of sports & the footy shows & incoming rant from steve price. I mean the attitude of the nfl on the issue of violence against women is sure to gain them an international ernie award. Lest us hope this banning of a domestic abuse offender is the beginning of what is to come.

  • Why are we giving EA credit…? He’s no longer on a roster and has been suspended. He’s not a free agent. He’s no longer in the league so why would he be in the game, they’re just maintaining the realism they aim for.

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