Report: Girl Shoots Man For His PS4 While Her Baby Watches

Report: Girl Shoots Man For His PS4 While Her Baby Watches

Daniel John Zeitz, a former pro gamer also known as Phobos, has been shot and killed in a bungled attempt to steal his PS4 console, according to police in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Zeitz had organised the sale of his console via Craigslist, and had arranged to meet 20-year-old Nathaniel Vivian and his 16 year-old girlfriend in an apartment carpark for the exchange.

Upon their arrival, however, Vivian reportedly grabbed Zeitz's console and tried to throw it in their car.

While Zeitz and the man struggled with the console, it's alleged that Vivian's unnamed girlfriend - with her 16 month-old baby sitting in the back seat, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution - fired a shot from a .25 calibre handgun which passed through her boyfriend's hand and struck Zeitz in the chest, killing him.

Both suspects have since been arrested, caught when Vivian attempted to have his gunshot wound treated at a nearby hospital. The Huffington Post says the shooter, despite being 16, will now be tried as an adult.

Friends, family and well-wishers can help cover the costs of Daniel's funeral by donating to this GoFundMe page.

16-Year-Old Girl Fatally Shoots Gamer For His PS4 While Her Baby Looks On: Cops [Huff Po]


    "The Huffington Post says the shooter, despite being 16, will now be tried as an adult."
    Good. Because this was premeditated.

      Yep, if they determine a death to be premeditated over there, you're generally tried as an adult. I think that's fantastic myself. Hopefully the (I wanna use a really...really bad word here...) will be sentenced to death but knowing my luck the state won't have it.

        Thing about death sentence over there is it's a LONG wait on death row. If she was tried and convicted and executed before year's end, I'm all for it. But she'll likely be on there long enough that she'll get a pardon. If it was Texas and she was a black man, she'd definitely be on death row. But as a white girl in Georgia? I don't know. Especially since she was a mother at 14... Probably will get away with it.

    16 year old with a baby. Says alot about the kind of people those two are.

      The kind who don't think things through and make mistakes that affect the rest of their lives

        To be PC yes.

          I fathered a kid at a similar age. Got a problem with young parents?

            I'll bite. Unless you were in a committed relationship, and this was a planned and premeditated act, then yeah id have a problem with it. otherwise, Its not fair on

            a) the child having zero chance of growing up in a, for lack of a better word, normal, family

            b) if this was unplanned, it puts the girl (assumingly young) in an unfair situation, having to practically give up any future plans, alienate her from friends and family, and worse, if you aren't planning on sticking around, significantly plummet her chances of meeting a lifelong partner for a long time. a 16 year old with a kid isn't exactly the most appealing dating prospect.

    People with guns kill people. Get rid of the guns already god dammit!

      They can't. The law is too hard to change. If it somehow passed, millions would gather together in groups and fortify themselves against the police.

        Do you hear the people sing?

        Singing the song of angry men...


        There is a tonne of nutjobs in America convinced that the government is trying to take their guns off them by staging mass shooting incidents to help sway public opinion towards amending gun laws in a move to create a defenceless populace which they can take control of with military rule.

        I like to follow a couple of conspiracy theorist/survivalist/prepper blogs just to see what amusing or interesting articles come out each day and trust me there is a lot of that sentiment going around on them.

        It is certainly not an easily solved issue. There's lots of guns out there and people fiercely proud of owning them.

        Last edited 18/09/14 7:27 pm

          Yeah just like the military governments in the UK and Australia. Wait, what?

        Which is why you slowly transition away from their current guns for all system and into a proper system. First guns are illegal to buy/sell without the proper license (guns on farms and in certain remote areas are admittedly important, but they don't need military grade weaponry). Then you make automatic/semi-atuomatic weapons and concealable guns illegal to own, but you don't actively seek out gun owners. You offer trade in programs.
        Then you start holding people accountable for their lost/stolen guns once they eventually resurface. The 'black market' that gun owners always insist will continue to thrive is built on the back of responsible gun owners having their houses robbed. Not lock them up accountable but they get a fine if they don't report it when it's lost/stolen. At that point you do another wave of trade in programs. Eventually, and I'm talking years down the track, you begin to enforce that.
        The idea is that you don't seek out the 'they're coming to get me!' crowd but instead let the guns come to you. NRA nuts sit there on a cache of weapons yelling 'you can take it from my cold dead hand!' all day and night but the reality is you don't want their guns. Meanwhile anyone caught using a gun in things like armed robbery face increased penalties.
        It's not about getting rid of all the guns as much as stopping the flow of new guns and removing guns from people who actively use them. Then it's only a matter of time before they run out.

        Even with a nicely laid plan it's not going to be the prettiest thing in the world but they have to do it. A police force can't operate properly when literally anyone they encounter could have a concealled automatic weapon. It leads to the sort of fear of the public that breeds an us-vs-them mentality. It makes it ok for a department to cover up an office shooting an unarmed suspect because cops know it's tough out there.

          Yep, we're gonna have to accept that to change america, it's going to take generations to do so. Not 10 years, but possibly 100.

          That's a well thought out plan, but no argument can sway people to give up their guns.

          It gets to the point where they need to fabricate elaborate scenarios to convince you of their need for guns. I also wonder why if these people are so afraid of their government they don't vote them out and put in some gun loving nut jobs.

          Is anybody in Australia afraid of our Government? I'm sure we all have something we think they are doing wrong (NBN) or just plain don't like. But is anybody genuinely afraid the government will take away your rights?

          To be clear if you commit a crime and you get locked up, you took away your own rights the Government just enforces it.

            I'll preface this by saying that I'm anti-gun, however I understand the reasons why rational people still want them. And it does tie into one thing you said:But is anybody genuinely afraid the government will take away your rights?Not afraid - weary. Laws are constantly enacted which degrade our rights. Thankfully in Australia we have enough checks and balances in our legal system which severely limits this, or at least slows it to a degree that it can be flagged, brought to the populace's attention and acted upon.

            Historically it's the disarmed populations which are controlled and suffer injustice on a mass scale. I think there are more enlightened ways than having guns in this day and age, but if I were in the US I might feel safer with a gun than trusting the laws to protect your way of life as a country or individual.

          First step - gun licenses. Who will bring this idea up? The NRA is a hugely powerful lobby group and it would be political suicide to even suggest this. People would go nuts. Not going to happen.

          Secondly, automatic guns are illegal to own except under very, very specific circumstances. Semi automatics are fine and are even allowed in Australia.

          Thirdly, trade in programs aren't really going to work because the people that buy the guns are going to want to keep them, especially with all this anti gun stuff going on.

          Lastly, you cannot make them illegal to buy because it is enshrined in the constitution. You have to get a huge majority to change it and that isn't going to happen. It's a matter of national pride not to mention the stupid politics you'd have to overcome.

            I was of the belief that Semi-Automatics and Self Loading Shotguns where illegal here. Especially considering we had banned Automatic weapons in 1913 (Early 20th if I'm wrong).

              Actually you may be right about semi autos here. I was thinking about the limits on magazine sizes and only thinking of them in relation to semi autos.
              I'm pretty sure they can be used in bolt action rifles also, so that is where they are limited.

    These sort of craiglists deals need a middleman or like some sort of Craiglists store as these things happen often. Or at the very least letting someone know you're going out to trade to a stranger.

      Do your craigslist deals at Police Stations, problem solved.

        Your comment is both correct and sad. What type of world do we live in?

          Yeah or other highly public places. Carparks and worse in someone's car is a bad idea.

    And if someone tries to steal something, just let them take it.

      I'm assuming he didn't know there was a gun. In a country with reasonable gun laws like Australia this is likely. Unfortunately he lived in America.

    So f**ked up, if only they had arranged to meet at a mall or some crowded place MAYBE it wouldn't be as tragic...

    But in the the video at 0:50 in the article that this page links to, the police officer states that it was an Xbone not PS4 being sold...

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