RIP Douglas E. Smith, Creator Of Lode Runner

RIP Douglas E. Smith, Creator Of Lode Runner

On September 7, the video game world lost one of its early greats, with Douglas E. Smith passing away at the age of 53.

Smith is most famous for being the creator of Lode Runner, a classic 1983 PC puzzle game - ported to numerous systems, including the Famicom, as you can see - that he designed while studying architecture.


    R.I.P to a pioneer of the 8-bit erra... a little late on the news front.

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    My dad and big sis used to play lode runner on our old 286 computer and it scared me half to death, but I loved watching

    Oh man, I love lode runner. Even played the new(ish) 360 version.

    Lode Runner was one of the first games I ever played, I think. We had it for our Mac Plus.

    Tempted to see if I can find Lode Runner Online somewhere. I loaned it to a friend then moved to another country before I could get it back. Used to love the soundtrack from it. It was redbook audio so you could throw it into a CD player and listen to it that way.

      We played it on our Mac Plus too! Such a great game. I wasted hours playing it and making my own levels.

    i remember playing the hell out of this with my sister on a green and black screen on the old IBM AT.thanks for the good memories douglas R.I.P

    First ever game that came with a level editor! A classic. Hours of fun on the Apple II.

      Lode Runner APPLE-II remake version for PC Browser:
      R.I.P: Douglas E. Smith

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