Rockstar Games On Why GTA V For PC Has Been Delayed

Briefly: "We are also incredibly excited to be bringing GTAV to the PC, but the game requires a little more development time in order to ensure that it is as amazing and polished as possible." Rockstar Games on why the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V isn't arriving until January 27.


    Can't wait for the xbox one version, i have not touched this title in anticipation of the next gen release.

      Me neither, but I would suggest going for the PC version instead.

      You will be waiting a while for next gen, the current consoles aren't even 12 months old ;)

    Fortunately, this information was not already posted on Kotaku & every other gaming news site last week, or I'd be inclined to comment.

    Wasn't Red Dead Redemption coming to PC? God I want that.

      No, it wasn't :( Something about the code being a complete dog's brekkie and deemed "Too difficult" to sort out for a PC port.

      Shame. Would've been awesome to PC Master-race it up in RDR.

        Red Dead with mod support, 60fps and 1440p res... A man can dream. If they build it from the ground up in six years time I'll still be happy. Both those storylines were phenomenal

    Wait, so you just quoted another Kotaku article from two days ago and called it a new article?

    This is a new benchmark for lazy......

      for what its worth, I think its just a systems thing.

      Logan is the weekend editor for Kotaku AU. he posts the article on the weekend.

      Mike is working for Kotaku US. he posts the article there at some point.

      the AU site automatically republishes some of the US site's articles. so that's why we get a bit of duplication a few days after the AU article goes up. its not a conscious decision on part of the author to duplicate the story. its just a thing.

    What a load of crap. Its been delayed so PC piracy doesn't affect potential console Christmas sales.


      Aliens Colonial Marines got embroiled in a class action lawsuit for lying about its gameplay - there is talk about the same happening to WatchDogs - I would not be adverse to it happening to Rockstar if there is no significant improvement and it is shown to be a lazy port.

    Delayed and coming in at Full Price.

      Still a hell of a lot shorter delay than GTA3 got, we had to wait 18 months for that...

    Perfectly understandable. No conspiracy. Though I'd guess the internet will knock their blocks over in irrational rage...

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