Sega Is Making A Sandbox Game With Actual Sand

Sega Is Making a Sandbox Game with Actual Sand

It's rare these days for a game to make me go, "Whoa, that's amazing." I'm jaded and mean! But I'll tell you what, this upcoming Sega arcade game looks incredibly cool.

Dubbed E~deru Sunaba (or, loosely, The Surprising Sandbox), this arcade game has actual sand. And through the magic of real-time projection mapping, kids can make all sorts of cool things in the sandbox. Check it out.

According to kids in the video, the sand is very soft and easy to mould. However, it doesn't stick to your hands.

It looks like the game is currently in development, and it could change. But I'd totally take my own kids to play with this. It really seems like terrific fun.

え〜でるすなば [Sega]


    That sand is available to buy elsewhere, it's really fun, like light and fluffy play dough. That real-time projection mapping looks fun though, we need more tangible games!

    They have one of those at Scitech in Perth.

      Well im going now, that looks amazing. Here's me about to make a joke about Perth getting a new pong machine when we actually got some thing new.

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