Shadow Of The Colossus Movie Is Still A Thing

Shadow of the Colossus Movie Is Still A Thing

Honest! They're really gonna do it this time! Maybe. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony's big-budget movie adaptation of the gorgeously desolate, utterly soul-wrenching Shadow of the Colossus has resurfaced once again, this time with a new director and producer.

Andres Muschietti, director of Spanish horror film Mama, is climbing to the very top of the director's chair and stabbing it in its glowing weak point. He's being aided by wife and producing partner Barbara Muschietti and Kevin Misher, who did work on Public Enemies and The Scorpion King.

Screenwriting duties, meanwhile, are being handled by Seth Lochhead, who also wrote action-thriller Hanna. I remember liking the start of that movie (teenage girl assassin who's big into Grimms' fairytales but also doesn't understand civilisation or something!) until I got tired and fell asleep.

Michael De Luca (American History X, The Social Network) and Andrea Giannetti (A Knight's Tale, Angels and Demons) are overseeing all of this. Fun fact: I fell asleep to A Knight's Tale last night. Apparently I fall asleep to movies a lot.

This represents the biggest shake-up the Shadow of the Colossus movie has seen since it was first announced, though it's hardly the only one. The movie originally popped up in 2009, only to languish until 2012 when it reemerged with a director. Early last year it once again appeared on news radars when the aforementioned Seth Lochhead first signed on.

Between producer Kevin Misher and Lochhead, however, there's at least some consistency between iterations of the long-in-pre-production movie. Will it finally take off this time? Beats me. I'd say fingers crossed, but I've learned not to get my hopes up with video game movies. Just, you know, in general.

I'm totally down to make a game out of this film adaptation of a movie, though. Let's take some bets: which crosses the finish line first — the Shadow of the Colossus movie or Team Ico's next game, The Last Guardian? Or will both chill out together in development hell for all eternity, swapping tales that begin with, "Oh man, you won't believe this cool part of me that nobody ever get to see or experience hahaha good times #suckstobeu"?


    A movie about a game where the protagonist doesn't speak, and there are no obstacles aside from 16 bosses. I love SotC, but its going to be so hard to adapt right.

      Doesn't speak? I for one hope for a feature film where the bulk of the dialogue is naught but
      "Agro. Agro. Agro? AGRO, AGRO, AGRO, AGROOOO!"

    Remember when HALO was a thing, confirmed with Neil Blomkampf directing? It was DEFINITELY going to happen?

    Remember when SPLINTER CELL was a thing? When it was GOING to happen for sure? Hell, it had a teaser on, I think it was Chaos Theory or Pandora tomorrow declaring a release date?

    Remember when SPY HUNTER was a thing? It was confirmed! The Rock was playing the lead role! It was confirmed! It was a thing!

    What I've learnt? Never believe, ever, that these are 'a thing', or 'confirmed' until they're in the middle of shooting and actually 'real'. Only then, only THEN are they truly 'a thing'...

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    Falling asleep in Hanna! Boo, shame on you!

    The director-for-hire will ensure this fabulously unique tale somehow becomes derivitive.

    Mama was awfully directed.

    I REALLY hope they don't fuck up this movie. I have a strong feeling they will but I still will go watch it.

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