Shake Your Head At A Virtual Japanese Schoolgirl

Shake Your Head at a Virtual Japanese Schoolgirl

Summer Lesson is an upcoming tech demo for Sony's new virtual reality headset, Project Morpheus. This is the future of...something.

Shake Your Head at a Virtual Japanese Schoolgirl

Designed by the Tekken Team, the demo takes you into a schoolgirl's room and lets you interact with her for a virtual summer lesson. It doesn't look like much studying is going on. Learning? No. Leering? Yes.

Shake Your Head at a Virtual Japanese Schoolgirl

The demo will be playable at this year's Tokyo Game Show. By playable, I mean, you'll be able to do this. I guess.

Shake Your Head at a Virtual Japanese Schoolgirl

『SCEJA Press Conference 2014』[YouTube]

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    That looks sooooooo creepy.

    Day one.

      The deliberately provocative cleavage shots especially. Are they gunning for the desperate otaku demographic?

        Actually in real life Japanese men aren't desperate, and neither are the women. It's just that there is very little incentive to raise a family, so dating just seems like a chore. If you want to insult them for playing games, you try and think about the fact that you are on a gaming website.

          I'm not trying to be insulting. In many ways I match the target audience: single gamer, no girlfriend nor prospects for one. My anime & manga collection suggests I qualify as an otaku, possibly even by the Japanese definition of the term. (Hint: "otaku" in Japanese is NOT a compliment.)

          The fact that a company is aiming for a demographic doesn't mean that the demographic exists or that its tastes match those used in advertising. You only have to look at the advertising used for games to recognise that.

          I will rephrase: Even as a borderline-desperate otaku, this creeps me out.

          However, there is clearly a market for this stuff (there's already fully-3D CGI hentai out there) so presumably they do have a market. I do think they're overdoing it; surely not everybody who wants a girlfriend wants one who behaves provocatively. Speaking for myself only, I would find this genuinely interesting if there were more effort here towards solving the Turing problem and less towards showing cleavage.

          If it's such a chore, why are they so obsessed with making games about it? Doing the fucking dishes 2.0, now with mouldy scraps!

    Don't buy it until the Green PS4 is released, it bundles this and the tentacle DLC...

    VR: The future of immersive gaming.

    VR Japan: Schoolgirls.

    Was constantly torn between cringing and laughing my butt off over this presentation. The Western gaming world is being torn apart by debate about sexism and feminism, but meanwhile in Japan...

    (Tech itself looks super awesome though)

    Last edited 02/09/14 1:20 pm

    This is one step away from the Futurama "I Dated a Robot" scenario, except virtual...

    /me pre-orders the Jennifer Lawrence bundle

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