Shooters Are Better With Silly Sound Effects

Shooters Are Better With Silly Sound Effects

Foley artists spend countless hours doing the thankless job of getting your game sounds — shotguns, plasma rifles and chainsaws — just right. It's not an easy job. But those games are still fun if you replace all that hard work with dumb mouth noises.

Youtube user MrElephante222 made the video above, replacing all the explosions, footsteps and narration of a Titanfall match with dumb, a capella, 'pewpewpew' noises. He even did it with Destiny as well:

To be clear, this is not a mod. Mods to do this have existed for a long time for games like Half-Life 2. I still think it's funny, and would urge modders and game-makers everywhere to continue implementing it as a feature in every major release moving forward. C'mon, you know you want to.

via NecessaryGaming, Mrelephante222


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