Let's Hope The Sims 4 Looks This Good Someday

Let's Hope The Sims 4 Looks This Good Someday

The Sims has always been a beautiful series of video games. Save for the occasional foray into high fantasy, however, it's mostly drawn from modern suburbia for its artistic palette. It doesn't have to be that way though.

Some gorgeous concept art that was recently posted online gives an alternate vision of what The Sims 4could have been — or, better yet, what it still could be someday:

Let's Hope The Sims 4 Looks This Good Someday

These two make it look a bit more like a medieval or steampunk-era RPG, don't they? More importantly: don't they just look great? I would so play a version of The Sims 4 that let me build lush, fantastical worlds like these.

These images were made by Tony Ianiro, who worked as a concept artist on The Sims 4 until September 2013, according to his online resume. You can see how some of his other work gets closer to the style that ended up in the final game:

Let's Hope The Sims 4 Looks This Good Someday
Let's Hope The Sims 4 Looks This Good Someday
Let's Hope The Sims 4 Looks This Good Someday

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    What would be awesome was if they combined Simcity and The Sims - so you could build up a massive city, but zoom right in to micro-manage whatever Sim you want :P

      This is EXACTLY what I want.

        Uhhh but in all fairness sims 2 and 3 allowed you to make massive massive towns, especially 3 you could custom create entire cities with the map editor tools haha?

        I know most of you probably would rather ea make it a bit easier or more built into the game itself etc but it's doable currently if you want it..

      Holy cow I'd gladly sell my liver to make that happen!

        How about zooming out and then the game turns into a Civilization game? Triple the fun! And going one step further, zoom more out to reach the stars and start colonize space. Or how about zooming in the hospital or other places and play like Theme Hospital, Theme Park and other amazing sim-like games :)

        Last edited 12/09/14 5:52 pm

          This is sort of spore.... They did it already and it was critically bad

      Problem is time scale. Your sims lives would have to go at a snails pace (relative to city building) just so you could watch a city grow in their lifetime.

      Last edited 12/09/14 6:50 pm

        Depends. You could bend the concept of time by watching your sim-population be the same humans through the ages, like they where immortal (not dying due aging). It's like you start with ancient Roman and you end up with modern Italian - changing clothes, activities, jobs as the eras pass by. Also zooming out, will grant you an overview like Civilization, and you could skips years by having the AI auto-micro-managing your people.

        Last edited 13/09/14 2:52 pm

          That's like civilization cross sims! :O

            Or sims cross civilization, if you want to manage mostly your people. You could play sims in the ancient Greece, until you get bored, and move to the next era and transforming into Byzantines , giving a different flavour to your Sims.

              That would probably be too much history study for one game studio. People dedicate their lives to studying how families behave in each era down to the finest details!

    Tbh I think if EA/Maxis were more ambitious they could achieve this now.

      Just as soon as they work out how to make Sims change levels (supposedly the reason for flat terrain and no pools).

    They probably haven't yet worked out where wishes like the above comments fit in the forward plan of DLC and micro-transactions. Think they'll let us colonise new worlds when we can't build a house with a pool?

      They have fountains though and they sort of look like pools but less annoying, in all fairness pools in sims games suck haha I hate the fact my Sims would have the incling to swim every Fkn day... It was mildly annoying

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