Sleeping Dogs Spinoff Looks, Well, Hrm


    Bought Sleeping Dogs at launch and loved it.

    This, however, is a resounding 'no thank you' for me.

    Good use of that 'I never asked for this' meme

    I really wanted Sleeping Dogs 2. I don't play these type of online games, so it's a 'no' from me too. So disappoint.

    Lost all my attention when it said 'free-to-play' :( Would love a sequel & I expect this 'alternative' to fail big time

    Wow...Interest in this has just gone from really hyped to zero. I loved Sleeping Dogs....Its extremely disappointing to see them want to churn out this game.

    Another franchise that want to capitalise on the online/free to play experience which alienates a significant portion of the original fan base that enjoyed the single player experience.

    Isn't this going to be like APB reloaded one of the shortest lived MMO's. As everyone else stated I never asked for this.

    lol, square enix strikes again.. and apparently Just Cause 3 is going to be the same.

      Well, playing Just Cause 2 online is supposedly really fun, so that one makes more sense.

        Also, not Square Enix this time.

        "Canadian studio United Front Games has signed a deal with Nexon America to publish the title." - from the link under free-to-play.

    I don't even detect any backing from Square Enix which tells me that this is yet another self-published indie FTP gamble that will go nowhere. It strikes me that they've either misread the audience for the first game which appealed for its story and mechanics rather than any sort of RPG grind, or they're pitching to the large Internet Cafe vpopulation in Asia that doesn't buy single player games but does respond to F2P

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    Which one of you asked for this and ruined it for the rest of us!!?!

    Personally, I think it looks tres cool.

      Yeah, I don't mind an open world sandbox thing either. Running a traid? That's cool... I'm just a bit turned off by the inevitable F2P BS and what will probably be a PVP focus.

    Ugh, why? Sleeping Dogs was amazing and this is the follow up we get?

    This is what happens when you let Ray Romano design a game.

    But seriously it looks alright to me. Kind of reminds me of the Godfather games, which were pretty good.


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