Somehow, Somebody Transformed Trials Fusion Into Donkey Kong

Somehow, Somebody Transformed Trials Fusion into Donkey Kong

Last time I saw anything retro-centric in the latest version of Ubisoft's super-tough motocross game, it was an homage to old-school games of yore. That was cool. But this — an incredibly accurate remake of the first Donkey Kong — is insane. It's the work of track creator PATI-I, who nails the look of the famous Nintendo arcade game dead to rights.

As YouTuber FatShady says, you can't even see the Trials architecture underneath PATI-I's handiwork. You can see more in another video below. Crazy.


    I said it last time and I'll say it again - it blows me away just how much people can do with this editor. Especially considering it's restricted to consoles.

    Also, kinda neat that our sometimes-author FatShady got picked up by a US author here.

    @fatshady has made it! He's Kotaku famous! That's a step above Kardashian famous!

      *runs off to make a sex tape*

      also LOL at the banner, filed under Nintendo (for obvious reasons) but Trials is available on every platform BUT Nintendo so it's salt in the wound for sure.

      Last edited 16/09/14 6:47 pm

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