Soon You'll Be Able To Watch Channel 7 On Your Xbox One

Hey, I know you all usually like to play video games on your video game consoles, but on the off chance that sometimes actually watch Television, Yahoo7 has just announced its PLUS7 catch-up TV service will be available to stream through your Xbox One starting from September 3.

Basically users will now be able to stream any number of popular shows from Channel 7's line-up — shows like X Factor, My Kitchen Rules and the like.

Why the hell did they have to go and announce this after House Rules finished? Jesus.

"Over time, the Xbox 360 came to be known as the premier entertainment and gaming system, with a fantastic, varied selection of apps for everyone, including movies, TV, music, and more," said Jeremy Hinton, Xbox Lead for Microsoft Australia. "With Xbox One, we set out to create an all-in-one solution built for the future that not only has the best games, but the best entertainment and TV experiences together in one place. We are excited to welcome PLUS7 into our great line-up of local and international content available on Xbox One."

I don't use catch-up TV that often, since I don't watch all that much TV. But dear lord my wife is always on these sites. I wonder if she'll migrate across to using the Xbox One.

How about you guys and girls? The PS4 and the Xbox One now both have a pretty wide range of streaming video services. Do you use them?


    Hopefully it has oneguide integration, Channel 10 never update their feeds, SBS are great.

      Hope so.
      Currently it's filled with crap shows that don't even get on free to air

    The only one I use is iView. Simulcast for new Doctor Who eps, awesome stuff

    ABC iView is easily the best service, followed by SBS though SBS is significantly behind ABC with their service in regards to their range of programs.

    Yahoo7 on X360 was terrible, never updated and no shows I would be remotely interested in watching.

    Is iView available on PS4 and Xbone yet?

      SBS put their movies up, though, which is nice.

      iView on PS3 is so incredibly broken though that I just end up watching what I want on BBC iPlayer instead, which seems to have better video quality anyway.

        I have an ageing Bravia, I think one of the first to have 'smart' capabilities, and the iView on that is very usable (easier to press the internet TV button on the remote than boot up the PS3 etc, so I always did it that way). Definitely could be better, but it does the job. I thought if they could get it to work on a smart TV, doing it on a PS3 would be a piece of piss.

          I have a 2013 Bravia and can't even work out how to get iView on it. Your aging Bravia probably has a better app store than mine haha.

          PS3 app has always been poor, as it's just a link to the mobile site. Since ABC updated the site, it's now totally broken and doesn't seem to play videos reliably anymore.

            Not to mention everything streams at 360p, so it looks terrible on any decent-sized screen

              iView is pretty bad in that repsect. That is one way that SBS on demand is better, that seems to stream at a much higher resolution.

            It was just 'there' when I plugged in a cable to the router and turned my TV on... you don't get iView, SBS on demand, crackle and all the other crap in a list when you press the 'internet tv' button on your remote?

              App selection is all shitty Opera TV based apps. I think they got a new store this year, and I got a TV with their shitty store between yours and the new one. Had to create THREE goddamn Sony accounts just to open up the app store as much as I have. At least the picture is goddamn amazing, with lower input lag than the Samsung and LG options which had better smart software.

              I'll just stick to using the Xbox One with the PS3 as my TV device through it.

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    Do they even air decent tv shows on Channel 7 anymore?

      They've got the footy.

      Insert "TV! Sports!" comments here.

        Also they have 7mate, which from what I understand, it's totally directed at "bros". Some would even say "mates". I wouldn't though.

    If I can watch the channels live (afl) then awesome, if it's just catch up tv, I couldn't care less. Bring iView to x1, that has some shows I would watch after airing..

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    I want channel 10 to come to the consoles because:
    1) It tends to be the only channel that I actually watch
    2) I always, always forget the ".au" off "". Usually when my wife is in the room. That rapidly gets awkward.

      Bahahaha I just had a look at it without the AU...NSFW!! LOL

        Oops, that's a good point. "Awkward" means "NSFW".

      That exact error is my first and only experience of accidentally stumbling on was about 12 years ago now I reckon.

    Other than Eurovision I haven't watched free-to-air TV at home for years.

    All this did is remind me how crap free to air Aussie TV is.... *moans*

    I love the ABC one though. :)

      Yeah ABC is leagues ahead of the game, SBS are the closest behind but still, it just doesn't have the content. The only gripe I have with iView (minus the desire for more content, but that will never go away) is that the ABC24 and non-flash streams are all metered when the desktop flash version isn't. If I could get all iterations of iView unmetered I could rip out my aerial.

        I dream of a la carte TV being the norm rather than a fancy overseas good internet thing.

    Great! Now we can get the new season 2 of breaking bad! Fast tracked from the US!

    "Soon You'll Be Able To Watch Channel 7 On Your Xbox One"

    Yeah, except the only problem with that is the Channel 7 part.

      ... and the Xbox One part.

        Whats wrong with that? If Sony cared they would be organizing these sorts of things for the PS4.

          Just skip these comments. Sony fanboys always pop in and say hello

            I like Nintendo.

            *satire for satire sake* :)

          They are having a joke nothing more. Sony has nothing to do with it.
          Did you know Nintendo make consoles too.

            I thought they made half functional touchscreen tablets and machines that don't have any games on them? oh and plastic figures too.

    If it's like their catch up service for smart TVs...or even on their website, I predict it'll be a bit shit.

    what are the odds that it's riddled with advertisements making it nearly non-functional... also who cares about the majority of shows on 7?

    Hit me with that live tennis with no rubbish promos in between, then I'll think about it.

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