Star Trek Online Gets The Voyager Crew Back Together

Star Trek Online Gets The Voyager Crew Back Together

Just because Star Trek: Voyager was pretty horrible doesn’t mean we don’t miss the folks who starred in it. Five members of Captain Janeway’s crew are reprising their roles for the next Star Trek Online expansion, “Delta Rising”.

That’s right, Star Trek Online is still a thing that’s happening, and its next expansion is due out in October. “Delta Rising” centres around the Delta Quadrant, that far-off sector of the Milky Way galaxy that we spent so much time exploring back when the USS Voyager was accidentally stationed there.

Along with Tim Russ’ Admiral Tuvok and Garrett Wang as Captain Harry Kim of the USS Rhode Island, we’ll also be treated to the voice talents of Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine), Ethan Phillips (Neelix) and Robert Picardo (The Doctor).

Star Trek Online Gets The Voyager Crew Back Together

Instead of travelling the Borg wormhole network as the Voyager crew did some 32 years ago in game continuity, players will access the Delta Quadrant via a recently-discovered Iconian gateway that’s sure to have Harry and the gang kicking themselves repeatedly.

In the Delta Quadrant players will discover strange new worlds, seek out new life and civilisations, boldly going from level 51 to 60 via the new level cap.

Star Trek Online, as mentioned previously, is still a thing — a thing that can be played for free by signing up at the game’s official website.


    • Aww, no. Deep Space Nine was lovely! It had some really great episodes, and Julian Bashir is such a good character. Buttttt, it didn’t feel very Trekky sometimes, I’ll give you that.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed DS9 (especially after they got the Defiant), but Voyager was always my fave.

      • “Deep Sleep Nine”. Nothing interesting happened until they ripped off Babylon 5 and had a massive intergalactic war.

  • Since when was ST Voyager ‘pretty horrible’? It ranks only behind TNG (IMHO) in terms of great Trek.

    An excellent addition, but still … Not really enough here to get me back to have another attempt at ST:O.

    • Agreed. I love Voyager. Though I will say that when it was bad it was terrible, but those episodes are few and far between.

    • fully agree. was the best after TNG. Had some really good eps. Had some shockers too but doesnt ever series?

    • And TNG had a pretty shaky start, the first season is pretty scary, Voyager was great from the get-go, well except for Kes, she didn’t need to be there. And I guess 7 of 9 could’ve had a uniform that wasn’t painted on.

  • Just because Star Trek: Voyager was pretty horrible”
    Are you stoned???
    I am no “treky”, but i did borrow my brother’s series of voyager and i bloody loved it.
    I didn’t find anything wrong with it.
    Best plot.

  • Voyager was only horrible by comparison to TNG, on it’s own merit’s it was fine. He’ll it’s not like TNG was immune to having terrible episodes either.

    • Oh god, THANK YOU Pixel, for being one of the few people around here with decent taste. Neelix was so annoying! He was the Poochie of all Trek series. He really needed to go back to his home planet and die along the way.

      I enjoy STO, but this update won’t be all that enjoyable if I don’t get to space him from my ship’s ‘faulty’ airlock or and least mercilessly beat the spots off of him for several hours!

      He is undoubtedly the worst character from the most uninspired Trek series!

  • meanwhile, that belt buckle on Admiral Tuvok must be really uncomfortable. have fun sitting down with that on.

  • Apparently those defending Voyager have never watched any of SFDebris’ reviews of it 😛

    Personally, I feel DS9 was the most varied Trek series. The first 2 seasons were fairly bland, but once the Dominion started to become a thing in Season 3 is picked up massively (although it was sadly let down by its 7th season). I know there are some fans out there who hate it because it “wasn’t Star Trek”, but frankly I think that’s missing the point. TOS and TNG had already done the “bright, colourful, exploration-filled future” thing. We didn’t need yet another one, which is why both Voyager and Enterprise failed to perform that well (although I will give Enterprise most of Season 3 and pretty much all of Season 4 – those episodes were great). DS9 tried to show that Star Trek could be shades of grey, instead of just black and white.

    Voyager failed to take advantage of its setting. They could’ve done something really interesting with the idea that they’re all alone, no Starfleet support, no repair crews or replacement personnel, nothing. They could have shown the Voyager crew forming a mini-federation out in the Delta Quadrant just to survive, bringing aboard crew members from other species. Instead it just became a TNG clone of mostly “anomaly of the week” or “the holodeck broke again” stories. They didn’t even bother with the whole Starfleet vs Maquis thing after the pilot, something which DS9 kept up for several years. On top of that, the writing was often times hilariously bad. The stories frequently didn’t make sense when you stopped and thought about them, to the point where Janeway started to look either a) incompetent, or b) psychotic.

    • DS9 is easily my favourite ST, TNG was great after season 1 and sure season 7 of DS9 was pretty rubbish, but it was just fantastic. But Voyager has a special place in my heart. It’s not the best ST, it’s not the most loved, it’s not even the best looking, but there is a charm from that series that dragged me through to the bitter end.

      I think it was the desire to see Kes die repeatedly.

    • Their goal was to get home. To form a mini-federation would mean including species that they know nothing about and probably already have quarrels with other species. That sort of thing takes years.

      The Starfleet vs Maquis thing was mostly dropped after the first episode. It’s probably not practical to have ongoing internal struggles inside a starship far from home.

      • I don’t agree with that I’m sorry. Isn’t exploring and accepting other cultures exactly what Star Trek is supposed to be about? Sure they would’ve had conflicts if they included other species into their crew and fleet, but that’s where the drama is! It’s a way of telling compelling stories. Plus, it would’ve made the premise more believable and allowed them to do episodes that couldn’t have been done on any other Trek show. The idea that one lone ship (and a rather small one at that with only 150 crew members) would survive a 70 year journey on its own with no replacement crew, no resources other than what they can scavenge and all on their own is a bit flimsy. It takes the tension out of the series because there’s no sense of stakes. You don’t get the sense that they’re constantly thinking things like “What if we get attacked and can’t find parts to repair the ship?”

        Also, removing the Starfleet vs Maquis element is fine so long as you do it naturally over the course of the first season or so. Show the characters grow to trust each other, bond with each other, etc. Dropping it after the first episode makes you wonder why they bothered with it at all. They may as well have just had a random Starfleet ship plucked out of the Alpha Quadrant and not even bothered to mention the Maquis. It would have made literally no difference.

        I’m not saying Voyager was complete rubbish. It had likeable characters (especially the Doctor), and it did have some really good episodes throughout its run. All I’m saying is that it could have been much greater if they had bothered to take any risks with it, instead of just making it TNG Mk II. Most of Voyager’s episode could have fit into TNG with minimal rewriting when it should have had its own, unique identity.

  • I always PLAN on getting back into ST:O. I got up to the endgame content back when it first launched, but since I don’t really care for raiding I stopped playing. They’ve released a bunch of stuff since but I’m just so lazy to play it all over again (no way I could just step back into my then-top level ship).

  • “discover strange new worlds, seek out new life and civilisations”

    Eh? Not in this game, mate.

    “…discover strange new worlds, seek out new life and civilisations, and then destroy them unless you can benefit from their existence, because that is totally what a Star Trek MMO should be about, oh yeah, totally. THE ONE GAME where we would accept walking around talking and making decisions in an MMO, and PWE/Cryptic thought that pewpew would be the go. Also, I think this is where all the players that get banned from WoW go to troll, too.”

    Fixed that up for you, buddy.

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