Star Wars Is Super Awkward Without Music

It's almost as bad as Big Bang Theory without the laugh track.

Nah, I'm only kidding. Nothing is as awkward as Big Bang Theory without the laugh track.

Actually, I think this is proof, if proof were needed, that John Williams is a genius. He is a genius because he makes moments that would otherwise be a bit weird completely epic in the best sense of the word. I mean honestly, when Luke and the gang pick up their medals at the end of Star Wars it's top notch. It's a swinging, well-edited scene with a dose of light hearted comedy and some curious fore-shadowing. Without the music? It's a terrible episode of The Office.

Also: I'll echo the thoughts of Gizmodo's Jesus Diaz when I ask: why the hell does Chewbacca not get a medal?

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    This is better than the actual movie!

      It reminds me a lot of my university graduation, screeching and all.

    What happened? I blacked out after the first three seconds...

    The original Star Wars trilogy was nothing without John Williams, Joe Johnston, Ralph McQuarrie and all the creative geniuses that worked behind the scenes to bring a pokey story to life. This just proves that. I always thought the ending seemed super tacked on!

    And I have to say, Big Bang theory is just such an awful show from the stuff I've watched. What do people see in it? I keep getting cajoled by friends saying "but Ed, you're a nerd! You should love it!" We're not all socially retarded fuckheads that are awkward around women and have pointless pedantic arguments about everything. I probably have a bigger issue with lame US humour like that than the actual premise.

      It's not a show for nerds. It's a show making fun of nerds.

        I know right, but they still tell me it's a show for nerds.... Bastards :P

          Did you read the tumblr post linked below?

            Reading it now, ta for pointing me in it's direction :)

    The joke only works in the context of something like a sitcom where there would be no laughter in the character's world. There's a high chance that there was loud, uplifting music playing at an award ceremony.

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    First, Yup. Lucas seems like a lovely guy, but those guys around him were incredible. (Ralph McQuarrie is unparalleled). Amazing difference when it got to the prequels and no-body around him said no to him.

    Second, you might like this:


      Thankyou. I really enjoyed reading that again. After seeing so many "Bazinga!" shirts at Comic-con, even on Chris Judge, I was a little upset.
      This is similar to why I dislike Black Milk clothing. Ugh.

    The original trilogy did nothing wrong. Period! Exclamation!

    Re: Chewie

    No shoes, no service.

      No shoes? Dude, the guy isn't even wearing clothes.

        Yep, so you see where I'm coming from. He's lucky they don't just arrest him!

      I would not want to be the guy telling the Wookie he's not allowed to come in.

        "Let the Wookie in."

        See what I did there? Yeah...

    Well, to be fair, the entire scene was written to be accompanied by a musical score. If you were to say "Ok, make this scene work without an accompanying score." It would be written and shot in a completely different manner. It's the same as if you'd taken out the sound effects from a movie.

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