StarCraft II, Turned Into An Arena Shooter

StarCraft II, Turned Into an Arena Shooter

Accessible via StarCraft II's free Arcade section, "Unreal Arena" looks like a really fun way to kill some time between matches, and perhaps to practice unit control and micro a bit.

It's a classic 6v6 capture the flag game, with three maps and with some really powerful grenades. Something similar to these grenades implemented in StarCraft II could actually make waves.

StarCraft II Arcade Highlight: Unreal Arena [YouTube]


    I'm suddenly taken back to simpler days...Smash TV days.

    Someone totally needs to update and feed me some of that shit.

      too bad blizzard screwed up 2.0 so badly, that you could only play the most popular games.

      Man I loved Smash TV! Had lots of fun playing it again in the Midway Arcade pack.

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