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    Morning! Weekend was full of study for my exam and birthday cake, rainbow birthday cake to be specific.

    Tried to start The Walking Dead Season 1 but getting BSOD crashes that I can't seem to resolve on my laptop. Really need to revive my desktop machine.

    Now playing the waiting game...

    Exam I'm 30 mins... /o\

      Good luck, buddy. You'll do good.

      How did you go? :)

        Good good. One question I drew a blank on (was multichoice) and on checking text when I got home I got it right.

        Maybe 5 other questions worth 1 or 2 marks each that had me scratching for answers.

        So overall I think I'll do okay! Thanks for asking :)

    Morning fellow TAYbies, how were your weekends? How was the Can'd Meat @pixel_ferret_the_viking, @others.

    My weekend was pretty good, for once I actually had the whole weekend off, bought a metric shit-tonne of games, and believe it or not I actually played some of them \o/

    That Diablo III: RoS is a pretty cool guy, didn't want to turn it off and go to bed, so addictive.

    Tried out the P.T. Demo too, man is that messed up. the scares were good, but I'm too dumb to solve the puzzles by myself, had to look up a walkthrough and still didn't even get to the end. Also,
    That screaming/crying baby was almost too much for me, almost stopped playing a few times because of it. I guess things like that are different when you're a parent.

    Also bought, The Guardians Of The Galaxy soundtrack (Ooga Chaka), my very first Pop Vinyl (Heisenberg) and the first 3 seasons of Falling Skies, haven't watched it before, but I've heard good things, so I'm pretty keen on getting into it.

    Sorta got another day off today (might have to go into work for a few hours a bit later), but other than that I'm looking forward to a day filled with D3, The Last Of Us: Remastered, and maybe some TAYKart tonight.

    DAMMIT! Why can't I get your tag right Pixel, what am I doing wrong?

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      I still don't think anyone really solved P.T on their own. I think Kojima had plants on twitter, haha.

        Kojima has always had troll logic in his games but now that he's making a game with actual puzzles, it's going to be downright bonkers.

          I know! It's going to be one of those things that goes on for yeaaaars with mad theories - especially if it really is going to be randomly generated so every player has a different story. At least Del Toro will keep the monsters interesting*.


      I enjoy Falling Skies. Not super amazing, but it's well done, and Noah Wyle is always awesome.

    Good morning, good morning lovelies! It's September! It's Spring! I've been very keenly following Double Fine and FanGamer on Twitter on this PAX Prime weekend. Sooo much Costume Quest 2 goodness coming, hurrah!

      Oh man, I can't wait for Costume Quest 2. The first is a thing of beauty. It's also available to pre-order on Steam now as well. (Leaning towards playing it on the consoles, though.) The trailer for Campo Santo's Firewatch looked crazy stunning too.

      You see Double Fine's Grim Fandango preview?

      Edit: I forgot to mention pre-order. Too early to write coherently. XD

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        You've just mentioned three of the best things about this PAX, my friend :D Grim Fandango on PS4/Vita? Dreamy, haha.

        Never played Costume Quest before, so I just bought the bundle that comes with both games.

          You've done good It's up there with my favourite Double Fine games with Stacking and Psychonauts and Broken Age and... well, all of them, I guess.

            Crap, just looked it up and saw that it's coming to Xbone and PS4 as well, oh well, I'll just have to buy it again.

            I don't know what it is, but I find that even when a PC game has full controller support I still prefer to play on console. I know, I'm weird.

              Costume Quest is one I definitely like playing on the couch too. It'll be good either way though.

              I think that one of us is the other's evil twin...

              I won't buy games more than once, and even if it started life as a console game I'll only play it if it's on PC,. I'll also doggedly use a keyboard and mouse no matter what.

            Brutal Legend was the only one I really didn't like. And I wanted to. Loved the concept and the aesthetics and everything, but the gameplay wasn't fun for me.

              Yeah, I wasn't a fan of the stage battles. Everything else I loved.

          It's adorable! Hopefully you'll enjoy it. You probably will if you like things that are good and adorable and fun.


    Hey guys,
    Despaerate to get this message on the move.
    There's a link attached to my link, but pretty much, Square Enix wanna hear some noise before they'll localise Dragon Quest VII for 3DS.
    Pretenders welcome :D

    Morning everybody, how were your various weekends?

    Mine was good; Fremantle beat Port Adelaide and there was copious swearing (both positive and negative) on my couch watching the game. Very enjoyable. Now considering flying in / out to Sydney on Saturday to catch the first final. Considering.

    Yesterday broke out 7 Wonders for games night, lots of fun. Took a little explaining ("So, what do I do if I want to build the first part of my wonder." "Well, if you have the resources available you choose 1 card from your hand and place it face down under it to show that it's built, in place of building something else." "I don't get it." "Ok, well what is it that you don't get?" "I don't know. I just don't get it." *tears hair out*) Everything went much better after the first game as people got used to it, and the second 2 games ended in a tie (54 to 54) and a 1 point loss (52 to 51) which had me running frantic calculations in my head on the last turn. Do I build my 3rd Wonder stage to get 7 victory points, or do I build the military structure to get a 5 point victory instead of a -1 point loss. I think I calculated wrong. +7, -1 to me. Opponent who beat me by 1 point gets +5 (-5 against me, net gain +1?). Vs. +5 to me, opponent gets -1 (net gain +4?). That's part of what I'm really enjoying about the game. Can't wait for the next session.

      Sounds like how I'd be if anyone tried to teach me to play something like that, tried to learn how to play the Pokemon card game about a month ago, so I could teach my son to play, which you think would be pretty easy because it's for kids, but nope, no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't get my head around it.

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        Card games are deceptively complex. Also, probably best you don't try and get into Pokemon as it is such a drain on your bank account.

        Yeah, we got there in the end but it took probably a lot longer than it should have. But once the basic mechanics are down everything else kind of falls in to place. Part of my problem is I'm very linear and I sometimes have trouble stepping back and figuring out why somebody isn't understanding how I'm explaining something. I think the problem is with step 7 or 8 in my head, but it's really with step 2 which maybe I've glossed over.


          To be fair it took us three or four attempts to get it right.

            Exactly! It was just frustrating because the only feedback I'd get was "I just don't get it."

            By the third game we were ticking along smoothly, and were able to avoid the mistakes we made figuring it out too.

      7 Wonders is great, but you always have to play 2 games of it to really get it down pat.

        3. First game to go through all the minutia painstakingly. Then 2 "real" games to get it down pat.

        It's just a bit big to actually explain. Too much to wrap your head around. Easier to learn by playing. A lot of good board games are easiest that way.

        Best example: played Power Grid at PAX with @beavwa and @tigerion and there was an amazing leaflet in the box which said 'fuck the manual, follow this script and we'll play a game and you'll understand' and it worked amazingly well. But that game is sheer brilliance in terms of how finely balanced it is.

          I am willing to try out that game simply for the sheer chutzpah of that leaflet!

            Power Grid is seriously an incredible game. All the mechanics are so amazingly balanced and interconnected. It's seriously a thing of beauty how mathematically precise and balanced it is.

              That appeals very much to me, and possibly to 1 other of my regular board game peoples. But beautifully balanced mechanics and precision only get us so far.

              What's it about / how does it play?

                It's about building a power grid and power stations to meet demand for your network and make more money doing it than the other players. You have to buy and maintain power stations, manage your resources for running them, build a grid and then make sure you have everything powered at the right point in the game so you can score points. One of the coolest things is that the resources fill in a market that has limited space, and as more of the spaces fill in the cost of each resource decreases, but it replenishes at a fixed rate so if everyone builds coal plants then the price of coal will go up and possibly run out and you won't be able to power your stations. But when that happens the cost of gas or even uranium might be low enough to be worth it.

                Renewable power stations cost the most but also generate power without consuming resources.

                Also stations beyond a certain age break down toward the end of the game and have to be replaced, lowest value first, so basically the cheapest plants have built-in obsolescence and you also need to manage that so that you can bowl them down for bigger and better plants to meet your larger demands.

                The base game has you building power grids for the USA and Germany, but there are tons of expansions that add different maps, so eg if you really want to play a game where you're building your power grid in Russia or Korea or Australia or Japan or Quebec that's all doable too.

                  Sounds very interesting, my only concerns is that it might be too in depth for my current crowd.


          I went out and bought that after PAX and it is still in the shrink wrap on my shelf :(

    Morning errbody hows every little thing?

    My weekend was alright, I spent Saturday and Sunday lounging around the house and I think I only left the house twice in the 2 days, we just spent the whole day watching tv and movies, it was nice.

    Also id like to hand in my man card...I..I like a one direction song ive had it stuck in my head all day the last 2 days

      I'll be taking your badge and your gun, come back and see me when you grow a pair, and stop behaving like a 13 year old girl.

        You don't need a pair, friend.

        When I was going to the gym earlier this year they kept on playing That's What Makes You Beautiful on loop. It was a nightmarish time for everyone.

          Ive got that You and I song stuck in my head the chorus is just good!

        *hands over badge and gun* goodbye old friend *single tear*

      I'll take your man card, as I learned how to replace ALL the o-rings in my bathroom. By myself. With a wrench. And a little bit of Google.

      And I only broke things twice and had to run to the hardware store leaving my house without water for two hours.

      Not only did I fix something, I was frustrated while doing so and exasperated my wife.

        It's like watching an old TV serial play out in real life! Almost as if life were imitating art imitating life! :)

        Master of Taps, commodore of the O ring

        Did changing the O ring fix your problem? Or did you need to change the washers too

        Last edited 01/09/14 9:31 am

          Just the o-rings, but I changed the whole kit and kaboodle to be sure, mainly because the washers and o-rings came in a pack together.
          I learnt the following though: If water is dripping out of your nozzle, then it's the washer. If water is tripping out of the actual tap handle, then it's the o-ring.
          The more you learn.

      This is some dark stuff. I think you have to hand in more than your man card for this one.

        Have you heard the Chorus of You and I? Its good!

      I blame @rocketman but I really dig Taylor Swift's new song. So damn catchy and nice beat and she's got amazing voice (but I don't like pop country, alas). Is You and I the Lady Gaga song? She's pretty cool too.

      *Checks for presence of testicles*

    Popdart5's Weekend RPG Recap! Starring WH40K Only War (with me as a Stormtrooper Sergeant):

    So we've been bunkering down in this ruined hive city for about two months while we wait for a Khornate warband to strike at us with their looted Baneblade and other assorted vehicles. We've mined all of the approaches and reinforced our defensive batteries and we also sought to remove any and all potential allies from the warband in our immediate vicinity and to slow down the warband as much as possible.

    Then one of our players (our Psyker no less) had the bright idea of antagonising a few nearby Ork tribes into attacking the warband to potentially deal with it before it even got to us. Of course the Orks were led by a collective of Freebooter Kaptins so we had to convince them it was worth it. So we offered them land rights and exclusive trading deals with the hive city if they were able to smash the army and capture/destroy the Baneblade. Which they tried to do but failed quite badly. We later heard that their attempt to capture the Baneblade revolved around charging their Deathroller straight into the army and ramming the tank. Gotta give them points for trying.

    While all of this was going on, our Techpriest had the brilliant idea of building a gigantic statue of the Emperor (literally the size of the Statue of Liberty) in the centre of the hive so that it could act as a rallying point for the defending forces. He then attached flamers, heavy bolters, and plasma cannons all over the statue and then whacked on a void shield we had looted from a crashed ship for good measure. He then adjusted the statue so that the Emperor's head can now pivot and fire lascannons out of its eyes.

    So yeah, I think we're all set for that Baneblade now. :P

      Now that's a good use of a statue xD

        Now they just need to hide det charges inside it's knees so that, if all else fails, they can head-but the Baneblade into oblivion!

      So to summarize you have a giant automated emperor's statue to fight the Baneblade? Why don't we get toys like this in our W40K RPG?!

      @tech_knight Make one for us dammit! =P

        There wasn't a statue at the orc ship! Also I got a lot of work to do to be a master of such heavy weaponry, as my last attempt at using a mounted gun was... "I'll do this with my hands"
        Edit: In addition to this, my character will be able to make stuff like weapon batteries and other cool destructive toys in time.

        Last edited 01/09/14 9:46 am

        It can't move though. It's not a Titan, otherwise if we had that capacity we would have just tried to build a Titan. Also this was two solid months of the Techpriest and a small army of serfs and servitors constructing this so you guys have a way to go before you can pull that off.

          If I was playing I'm pretty sure I could have built a small wooden model of a titan in that time.

          Does this mean I'll have a horde of Earth caste tau to do my every command? *eyes sparkle*


    Dammit, I just received a notice that I'm overdue paying my phone and I only just realised it must be because I didn't update my cards details when it expired and replaced with a new one.

    Also came second in a Warmachine tournament of 10. Giving me store credit and putting my total up to 90 bucks.

    Last edited 01/09/14 9:06 am

      I can't remember the last time I paid my phone bill, which means it's probably time to pay it. Man. Vodafone are so damn chill about my payments. :P

      (Also, grats on tabletop victories.) :)

      I'd say congrats on the tabletop victories, but from memory, you play Menoth? and I hate those guys :P

      (I only hate them because I play Cryx and mass aoe templates make me cry)

        I'd say congrats on the tabletop victories, but from recent memory, you play Cryx? and I hate those guys :P

        (I only hate them because I play Menoth and everything of Cryx make me cry)

      You've almost got enough to buy one thing!

        Freeze, crushing dreams since 1984. :D

        Last edited 01/09/14 9:39 am

          Are you implying I was a disappointment to my parents from the start?

          Because you don't need to. It's just common knowledge.

        No, I spent 40 bucks of credit to pre-order the new Monsternomicon. Still undecided what to buy with the rest. Was thinking of a second unit of Knights Exemplars.

    Morning TAYbees. Did you guys have a good weekend?

    My weekend was pretty great, got a bit of sleep in, when out for coffee and a lil shopping with the wife. We picked up Super Mario 3D World and we've been having a blast with that, we're currently up to World 4. It's a fantastic co-op game, i only wish there was an option to disable the competitive scoring/crown toting side of the game. Nevertheless, loving it.

    Went to the drive in on Sat night for a second viewing of Guardians of Galaxy (fantastic, fun movie, a must see) and we also watched Sex Tape (Trashy comedy, probably not worth seeing). On another note we watched Blended on Fri night and we loved that, funny and had some decent feels imo.

      Sounds like a great weekend. Thanks for reminding me about SM3DW, I gotta play some more with gf and friends.

      Is Sex Tape worth it to rent for $1 on bluray, or is it just total trash?

        I guess it's worth it for $1 if you have nothing better to do/watch. *shrugs* There a few moments worth seeing. Definitely a great weekend. How about yours?

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          Alright cool, I'll just get it when we have nothing better available haha. My weekend wasn't great, unfortunately, but it was ... okay.. :)

    I just picked up PL vs PW, which marks the beginning of a long season of various game purchases. Next up is Destiny; upon reminder my wallet breathes a long sigh, knowing it cannot take the next few weeks, let alone the winter. It is calm for now, though.

    for now.

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      What's PL vs AA? =O?!?!

        Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright. I can see how that might be confusing. If you're still never heard of it, it's a mix-up between a damn good puzzle series and a adventure/logic solving game.

          Dammit Saturday you eddited your post to correct Ace Attorney to Phoenix Wright!

          I've played both games too and now I look stupid *shakes fist* Only played the first two laytons and the first Ace Attorney, loved my time with them but never had the time to finish either >.

          Last edited 01/09/14 10:01 am

        Love your new Gravatar man, also check your Steam inbox.

      I picked it up on Friday and ermagerddddddddddd

      Pirate Lovers vs Pirate Warriors?

        No, but I've had the honor of seeing that particular porno.

        Last edited 01/09/14 10:48 am

    Why is it Monday already? Q_Q

      I was just about to upvote, then realised I'm on leave for the next two weeks. \o/

        You're the worst!

          But ily

            You say that now, but in 6 months time you'll dump for someone who seems better but never will love you the way I did!


    Last night:

    Last day of August. Tomorrow might be a good time to start that health kick you've been thinking about.

    This morning:

    I've had a bag of CCs and two Pepsi Max for breakfast. D:

      I approve of this breakfast and believe you should write a fad diet around it.

      Yes, but what flavour CCs?

        Cool Ranch. I didn't know a place could be a flavor!

    Thanks for the gift, @evilmonkey. I hope you don't mind if I decline. That's not a game I want in my steam inventory. Haha! Thank you though. I appreciate the thought so damn much. You're one of the good ones but I don't want to mount my friends. :P

      Fine, I'll give you something else then. Thanks for making me spend more money, jerk.


      Doesn't anybody want to mount their friends?

        Holy crap, @evilmonkey just gifted me Costume Quest 2 on Steam. Thank you man. You so kind. (Though I feel it's getting to the stage where we need to hold a game buying intervention for this guy.)

          It's at the stage where he can't even play the games he buys himself because he needs to get a new PC but can't afford it because he's buying so many games for other people.

            Excuse me, I did actually play some games last night, albeit on PS4.

              Consarnit, you're proving my point! *stamps on hat*

        I was disappointed in that game. A button on the bottom of each limb but none on the tip of the fifth limb. Wasted potential.

          Ain't that that there game with dem dere phalluses flopping round errwhere

      Man.. that guy! HE dun gifted me sumfin too! What a champ!

      @evilmonkey didn't try and gift you Sakura Spirit did he?

        The worst thing about that game is how small it is. If you look at the pics on the steam page that's basically everything in the entire game that the target audience would be interested in.

    I decided that since I could get it for $12 with a combination of steam wallet credit & "you already own the original so we'll give you a better deal if you preorder" discount, I'd take the plunge and get Metro 2033 Redux because you can never have enough ducks. From what I've played so far, it seems to be a dramatic improvement in pretty much every area.

    There's a handful of very vague spoilers so I'll tag the relevant areas to be on the safe side

    I went through the section with Bourbon when you're trying to sneak through the bandit tunnels when you're leaving Riga station and I managed to stealth the entire lot, the pistol with a suppressor works beautifully and reliably, headshots from medium range are as lethal as you'd expect a shot to the head to be and the enemies no longer immediately and randomly notice when someone in deep shadow out of their line of sight dies which is a fucking dream compared to the original.

    Further along I've gotten through the nazi/communist battle line without raising an alarm but that was bloody hard and the DShK technicals do sadly seem to have super vision but it is also possible that the gunner might have NVGs and the mounted light could be for general illumination. They're also exactly the kind of thing you'd expect to be on the lookout for anyone trying to sneak through the lines so I guess I can let it slide even if it did get a bit frustrating.

    If there's one general negative it's that throwing knives aren't a weapon you select anymore, they're an item you use and they have an animation that takes a bit of time to start so it can be a bit tricky to get the hang of using them. It's not a long thing by any means but it does mean you can't expect lightning fast throws to take advantage of a split second opportunity which in a way is good since you really shouldn't be able to throw that fast anyway, I'd just have preferred if they'd kept the knives as a selectable weapon. That said, I'll gleefully exchange that for making the melee a button press rather than the cumbersome switch to the knife slot and press fire version the original had, it makes using the knife as a backup weapon in a fight actually practical.

    If anyone was thinking about it, I'd say based on my impressions so far I'd say that it's definitely worth getting. I didn't end up getting the Last Light one since I didn't really see much in the way of benefit from it but I'd be interested to hear if anyone has got it & what they think

      I thought about buying it, but that'd be restarting Metro 2033 progress for the third time... I'm at least 2.5hrs in right now. Unless there's a save game merge feature?

        Not that I've seen but I can't say I thought to try copying the save games over and see. Might not work given that it's a different engine and all (it's a different product in steam rather than launching the original an selecting an upgraded version like Trine enhanced did) but I'll give it a crack (assuming I still have my old 2033 saves) when I get back from going down the street and see how it goes

        Last edited 01/09/14 11:36 am

        Unfortunately it looks like they're not compatible, I copied my redux saves out, copied my old 2033 saves back in and loaded the game up and there was no continue option. Where were you up to roughly? 2.5 hours isn't that far into the game really, it might be a handy thing to replay a familiar section to get used to the altered mechanics so you're not dealing with 2 new things at once

          Alright. thanks for checking. Eh I think I'll stick with my old game, I'm pretty time poor. :(

    Ugh, turned my alarm off in my sleep AGAIN. Which meant it was too late to be able to drive anywhere, so no climbing today. Super pissed. Then managed to just miss my train and got stuck on an all-stops one instead...

    In vaguely related news, after an exchange with @janexo the other day I thought it'd be nice to attempt a No Swear September. Only hours into it I was already dangerously close to failing :P My hopes aren't high.

    Can'd Meat was good. Seemed a little quieter than last year. Just as much difficulty waking the next day though, probably should have had some water before going to bed but I was way too full (also tired >_>) to be able to even try. I swear the drive got longer since last time though. And was even longer on the way back. Maybe was a little too tired to have been driving :P I managed to calculate fuel usage perfectly though, had just enough to get me back to my local petrol station. Still, it was a tense end to the trip, staring at the fuel light for the last 83km :P Also stopped by the train station to buy one more weekly ticket, now I just gotta get around to grabbing an opal card some time this week >_> Stupid things.

      Move your alarm clock to the other side of the room. This worked with me during the high school days

        I did that back in uni. Well, first I switched from using my clock radio to using my DS, since I was sleeping through the radio entirely but the DS's alarm could actually penetrate my sleep and wake me up. But then the turn-off thing happened, so I moved it across the room. That only worked for so long though, after a while I was crawling across the floor, turning it off, then crawling back into bed while hardly waking up (if at all).

          Have it high on a shelf so you actually have to get up and reach for it to turn it off. By that time you're up and walking.

            Walking dead.

              Add caltrops, those will wake you up.

              That or a phone with 2 or more alarms a few minutes apart

        That only works for a couple of weeks. Then you get to the point where you wake up, turn it off, and "trip" onto the bed. Then is 7:40 and the panic is almost enough to get you out of bed but not quite.

      Hey Gooky! Hope you're well?

      I'm just throwing it out there, @janexo is an awesome addition to TAY. :D @sunsoar77 too. The fact they're both from Brisbane? Even better. :D

        Boo, Brisbane :P

        Eh, could be worse I guess. You?

          I am decent. Decent, I tells ya.

            De Cent

            Last edited 01/09/14 9:54 am

              Does this mean DC is secretly an underground Aussie rapper that's about to take the world by storm?!

              Edit: *cue over the top music video featuring DC, I mean De Cent*

              Last edited 01/09/14 10:02 am

                Aussie rapper, you say?

                *exaggerates accent and starts rapping about bogan stuff*

      "no swear September"
      ha. hahah

      no chance.

        Words beginning with F and C are some of the most utilized in my vocabulary. :D

          Don't be such a friendly cat.


          I totally wouldn't have picked it! You're always on your Best Behaviour for meats, huh?

            You haven't been around Drunk C enough.

            Except for knuckle taps a-plenty. That was embarrassing. XD

            Last edited 01/09/14 10:28 am

      Get a baby! They make the best alarm clocks. As long as you don't mind them waking you up when you don't want to be, and not waking you up when you need to be.

        I dunno. I saw @rize's in action over the weekend, they seem... gooey.

        And then they turn into small children who make sure you wake up because they jump on top of you.

      Hahah yay! Welcome aboard. You can still swear under your breath, in your head, and, I've found, swearing very very slowly and quietly is pretty effective and amusing. Plus, coming up with last second swear-substitutes can be pretty funny.

        Funny thing is, scientists have found that swearing actually acts as a pressure valve for stress-relief, AND a mild pain-reliever.
        BUT. They theorize that this is due to breaking taboos. So if you swear habitually, you run the risk of trivializing your swears, reducing their effect. No-swear September is probably a great way to restore the power of swears in your life.

        Substitutes can be fun. At work, typically, I use: mo-- ...ngrel. Or b... other.
        Sometimes 'son of a squirrel'.

          I get that, about the pressure valve, but I grew up in a really bogan small town, where everyone cursed like it was their native tongue. Because of that, I associate too many swears with being small-minded, ill-educated and aggressive. Like, don't get me wrong, I'm no prude and still swear and totally get it (time and place for everything), but I especially try not to swear on the Internet, where it's already very easy to be misunderstood.

            That certainly is the danger. If it's the native tongue, there's no taboo to break.
            Same... kinda goes for the Internet.

            Good job on your efforts! I probably need to do a swear-remove past on half my posts, too.

              Haha, I already read your posts with good humour because of your little icon. Lookit that happy duder's face!

      You need that alarm clock that flies around your room screeching. And then you need to solve a puzzle.

      Last edited 01/09/14 10:17 am

        You can get one that fires off a mini helicopter and won't turn off until you catch it and put it back on the base station.

          *swat the helicopter into the wall and smash your fist through the base station.

          Then go back to sleep.

    So... good news is my PC is now back online and I managed to copy my game files back so that I don't need to redownload a ton. Bad news is Windows still downloaded a ton and capped my internet :P
    Ah well, not that bad since the tickover happens today and my step dad discussed and agreed with me to go to unlimited in exchange for a higher rate to pay per week to compensate for the new costs. Fair deal considering I'm the one that uses the internet the most by a wide margin within the house, and this means I can now watch twitch without worry! \o/
    Hope everyone's weekend was better

      Your weekend sounded good and hooray for endless streaming

      great to hear your pc is ok now! w00t!

        I didn't lose anything vital either, and I have an excuse to get new drives so double win!

    Life now proudly presents: Two weeks in the life of Quiz_b

    Two weeks ago: My job is ending! I don't know what to do! I keep getting rejected for job applications! All the time! Only one interview in four months!

    A week ago: Ok, I'm going to be a house-husband next year, and do a Graduate Dip in IT - I'm moving careers and looking after my little boy! I'm excited! My contract may finish in two months, but we can make things work until the wife goes back to work!

    This morning: Oh hey, two emails from HR! Ok...I' a job interview for a permanent position. Oh...and work are wanting me to sign a twelve month contract.

    Only in the life of Quiz_b, where good luck becomes bad luck because timing.

    *laugh track*
    *fade to black*

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      Sounds like whatever you choose, things are looking up for ol Stan. Congrats, bud.

      the fade to black is you drinking yourself into a stupor, I assume.

      And you've earned it, buddy. Not the alcohol-fueled blackout, I mean. Well, maybe you earned that. I dunno.