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    Morning fellow TAYBies, how were your weekends?

    I hereby rename this weeks TAY as DesTAYny.

    Only one more day to go.


      I would like to purchase one hype please

        Me too. Also, I like your hype idea and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter Evil Monkey

      I'm hyped for Destiny because TAY will either be empty or full of Destiny talk so I can ignore it easily and get some work done. :P

        Nearly downvoted for lack of hype :P You didn't like the beta or aren't a Bungie fan?

          Didn't try the beta because I'm not a shooty fan or a playing with other people fan. Looking forward to watching my husband play it if we ever buy it, though. I've heard it's super-pretty. :D

            Yeah, I have to say I'm not much of a playing with other folks kinda person either in an MMO game. Oh crap, don't make me self aware after buying the special edition!!

      Been riding that hype train for a few weeks now.......counting down the stops..........only one more to go ! Whooop Whoop !

      Still considering pulling sickie Tuesday lol. But alas, Thurs onwards I am on holiday anyway... so no Destiny.... :'(

    Sick on a Monday. What're the odds? A thousand to one.

    Destiny tonight :-D hopefully I'm ok to go to the midnight launch

      Looks like you've come down with a case of hype-glycemia. Better take two days off just to be safe ;)

        that sounds like a plan. Still temping atm though (going permanent at the end of this month) so no work no money unfortch :-(

        My sinuses do feel full of hype though :-D

          Anyone have problems downloading the Vanguard Armory preorder bonus thingy on the PS4? It gives me an error code

            Might not be available until the game is actually out

    Me and my wife are thinking of moving to Melbourne, I read allot of comments on here about how bad Australian internet or NBN is, I'm currently getting 130mpbs cable connection here in New Zealand will I get anything even close to that over there?

      if you get on Telstra Bigpond cable you can get "up to" that sort of speed but whether you actually get that on a regular basis will depend on who your neighbours are, if you have everything connected by wire rather than wifi and whether it's raining or not (Melbourne not so good for that :-P)

      Or find an area with the NBN already in it. Areas without it aren't going to be upgraded any time soon and when they will it'll be inferior connections thank you Turnbull, Abbott and Murdoch

        Ok sweet, I mean up until I year ago I lived with 15up 2down and had no issues but I read on here people are struggling to get 1up? The wife doesn't think she cares, she has never seen a buffering symbol.

          on cable I'm lucky to get 2Mbps upload. If no-one else is online it's enough for me to game. Uploading videos though, put the kettle on and put your feet up :-P unless you're in the NBN as said though. 40Mbps uploads I can only dream of

      Melbourne is a great place to live, lots of places to eat, drink coffee, great arts district and lots of cool stuff to do.

      Your internet if mine is anything to go by will be 140x slower than what you are experiencing now. That being said, my workplace has around a 100mbps connection so you might be OK.

        Cool man yea the wife loves it over there her sister currently lives there, we are coming over in couple weeks to check the place out, never been myself. Sounds quite allot like wellington which is where we currently live.

      Can't really give you much advice on the internet here but if you're going to move to Australia Melbourne is the place to go. Although the prices here aren't great.

      Melbourne is awesome but good luck finding internet like that.

      Melbourne is fantastic but yeah, those speeds ain't happening here XD... That having been said, most places its very stable, so you at least get consistency for online streaming and gaming, which I've always believed to be just as important as speed, so at least there's that!

      'NBN' 2nd tier plan is 25 down 5 up. So it starts lower than that. It's heavily capped. Pretty sure I saw on-peak/off-peak somewhere too.

      I really don't think I need to say anything more.

        Yea its not a deal breaker just wanted to know really, I didnt expect 130mps, like I said I could deal with 15 down 2 up unlimited.

          To put it in perspective, since I moved away from my crappy 1.7Mb connection in QLD, I've had the following in various houses down here (all ADSL):
          First share house ~7km from city, 7Mb
          Second share house ~15km from city, 12Mb
          First non-share rental ~2km from city, 20Mb
          Second rental ~25km from city, 6Mb on a good day
          House build in progress ~25km from city, 100Mb FTTP. Can't wait for this to be done!

            Cool man, not really sure where we are looking to be honest, I'm guessing near the city but I've never been there, here is one of the places

              A lot of rentals are pot luck with regards to internet, and you don't find out until you move in.

                True its handy when you own the place, had my driveway dug up for cable and have run cables all under my house so everything is wired over here.

          unlimited? What's that?

          Seriously though, after moving over from England back in 2008 where we had unlimited packages based on speed rather than data, moving over here was a 'wtf' moment when you find out the cheapest deal you can download 5Gb a month up to (at the time) 120Gb. Australia is seriously backwards when it comes to the internet. Don't mean to be down about it, just don't expect great things if/when you do move over :D

      Where in NZ are you moving from? Culture-wise especially around arts, cafes and coffee and so on, Melbourne is very similar to Wellington, though obviously much bigger.

      Telstra and Optus cable can get you theoretically > 100mbps. Sometimes my cable connection will peak above 100 but it's usually closer to 85, but I'm in a fairly high-traffic area and the wiring quality is average.

      NZ in general has better internet infrastructure because of the much smaller geographical area and the fact that the NZ government invested into a fiber infrastructure program and it didn't get treated like a political football so shit actually gets done.

      It can be a crapshoot whether you'll end up in an area with good cable or an area where your only option is crappy ADSL2 that you end up getting 2-3mbps. I'm running into this issue right now myself as I look for a new place :(

        We are coming from Petone which is about 15km from Wellington City.

        I'd be happy with 85, I'd be happy with 15 to be honest, does being closer to the servers make much difference? I imagine I wont get much gaming in for a while anyway, I have gone all digital this generation cos it was so fast and easy.

          I lived a few years in Wellington before moving to Australia, mainly around Johnsonville / Churton Park. IIRC Petone's not that much further around the bay. Bottom of the Hutt Valley right?

          Distance to the exchange / cable box is the big thing, and it's also wire distance rather than distance as the crow flies, so if they routed the cable through the streets in an odd way you might be several km further away than you expect.

          Average connection around Melbourne on ADSL you're probably going to be pretty happy if you get 8gb. If you're in a cable area you're laughing. Optus and Telstra both run cable networks.

          Also in addition to cable and NBN fiber which is in some places, some apartment buildings and newer housing developments have fiber connections from TPG or from iiNet, but it's really hard to figure out where those spots are.

            Yea that's the one, ok well sounds like I could be in for some fun times haha, thanks for the intel.

    Just completed the District Showdown in Uptown on inFamous: Second Son and one of the rewards was "X-Bone Custom Jacket" XD

      I finished evil karma playthrough on expert on saturday, prob took about 6-8hrs and at times really tested my patience, done now platinum in the bag.

        My plan was to do a good playthrough, then an evil expert playthrough straight after, I've only just hit level 5 good karma and finished all the side mission stuff, just got 2 Tracker Drones left and story missions.

        Might take a fair while to do my second playthrough though with Destiny coming out tomorrow, and First Light on Wednesday.

          Yea thats exactly what I did, good playthrough on normal and did all the side missions etc, then evil playthrough was purely main story and evil related side quests on expert, evil is definately easier to gain than good, I prob should have spaced it out a bit but got on a role and did it all in a day, thank god its over!

    Kinda rolling my eyes at the result of the recent Warmachine League. Basically the two winners were the only two players to participate. Meaning it was impossible for me to win.

    I also started recording Halo 2 for my next project.

    Morning all.

    Low key, low activity weekend for a change - played lots of Minecraft. Spent a bit too long bringing cows to my base from the other side of an ocean. Also finally set up a basic farm.

    Pokedex bank project is also progressing well, have crossed the 500 mark now.

    5 more days until i get a day off \o/
    hi TAY how are we?
    jumped back in Minecraft over the weekend because why not? Having much fun despite realising i have no creative bone in my body compared to everyone else...
    Also started doodling different logos for our organisation in Star Citizen... Got myself a rough draft, but my photoshop skills are at its limits... Anyone here amazing with image editing? Would anyone like to halp? :D

      compared to everyone else

      Dunno about you, I just build square boxes and dig holes.

        Oooohhhh I'm digging a hole tooooo \o/... Regretting making it 30x30 though, takes FOREVER :P

        Last edited 08/09/14 9:14 am

          Good time to make an elevator then. :P

            Iiiiii didn't even know that was a possibility... Stairs are old fashioned now? :P

              I just use waterfalls as my elevators, keeps the aggro mobs out without the need for a button-activated metal door. I don't know if pistons and redstone are more sophisticated than they used to be but there is a way to make an elevator. It's a fun novelty but more effort than it's worth.

                For mining i usually use water as elevator and lava as material disposal for when i run out of room in my inventory

                  I should get myself a lava pit for gubbin-disposal. I usually throw my unwanted blocks (generally dirt and gravel) into a large body of water whenever I return to the surface, but large deposits of underground gravel and dirt have been pretty scarce on the server so far - maybe that's a thing since they've added the other minerals. I haven't played Minecraft for ages so I'm a few updates behind knowledge-wise.

                  Everyone needs a pit of gubbin destruction. I remember building a pit of gubbin destruction with cactus a while back, but I think lava is the way to go.

          Admittedly I haven't even set up a hole digging project yet on this server... I'm a bit behind. Only just covered the 'food' bit as of Saturday night.

            I went straight to digging, my goal now is food XD, that might happen tonight so I'm not constantly running around with half health :P... Also met a witch for the first time... Our meeting didn't go well

              My early play was:
              - walk a few km from spawn
              - set up staging base with shitty wooden house, dig straight down to rush a few resources
              - site main base
              - build shelter at main base
              - set up food supply

              Forthcoming plans - guess I start building towers on the corners of the island, then extend walls between them...

                I really should start paying attention to the survival aspect of the game instead of just building things XD... Now that my build is done I can start doing that

                  I like to rush enchantments, since the sooner I have a fortune 3 pickaxe, the sooner I start getting 20+ diamonds from 6-8 diamond ore. Makes a huge difference.

              I was poisoned the first time I saw a witch or wizard or whatever those things are, but only because I thought as a non-zombie villager they might be friendly. In my second encounter they tasted my cold iron blade. And then a creeper blew up my watermelon patch.

            I did some mining, found a chasm with an abandoned mine running through it and got a ton of coal and iron.

            Now I'm digging a 10x10 pit down to bedrock because I wanted lots of stone/granite etc for a big build and I've burned through nearly all my iron and coal. On the upside I have a ton of stone bricks.

      Did you start work on the Pillars of Nosgoth again? Or is someone (unwittingly) cribbing your style from many moons ago?

        That is most certainly NOT why i was constantly dying by plummeting from high heights due to building something really tall with no means of getting down... Okay yes, the pillars have been reconstructed :P

      ahhh minecraft. first world i made in the singleplayer i spawned in an ocean and drowned. worst. world. EVAH!

        We had a server like that at some point... Everyone was told that as soon as you join "HOLD SPACE" with :P... Was a shame, because the rest of the world was beautiful

    Just another plug for my daughter or the wife will kill me :\

    The wife entered our daughter into one of those cute baby competitions. Would appreciate any and all votes we can get. Can vote up to 10 times a day for the same child.


    Managed to turn my alarm off in my sleep. AGAIN. Urge to destroy everything, rising.

    On the other hand, I have monetary confusion. Down in Canberra last weekend, I realised I had no cash on me. Along with my ~$20 of cider, I asked the guy to get $80 cash out. The only other money thing I did since then was get an opal card with $40 on Wednesday. Opened up my wallet now, and it has three 20s in it. Victory?

    Things I learned at Oz Comic Con on the weekend.

    1. The proper name for Orlando Bloom fans is "Blossoms", not "Whorlandos."
    2. Participating in a RPG with an audience watching gave me great licence to do a whole bunch of crazy stuff. It does not mean I should attempt to leap off a cliff and try and land on the back of a gargantuan creature because "I can totally Attack on Titan this *rolls a 7*."
    3. Rogues in D&D 5th edition are really quite broken/overpowered.
    4. I like the look of Super Smash Bros WiiU. The 3DS version is okay but I much prefer the controller.
    5. The Exhibition Centre at South Bank is both a great and a terrible place for a convention. Having to walk all the way to the other side of the building for panels and shows was poor planning to say the least.

    @strange, sorry I couldn't get away on Saturday to see wander around and see you. I was run off my feet for most of the day but I hope you enjoyed it as well. :)

      I had a wander for about half an hour but didn't see you, or anyone else famous for that matter. I too was run off my feet. When I got to the booth and found there were two others helping I wondered why I was needed but we were so busy we could have used a couple more people. I'd forgotten how exhausting being on your feet all day is!

        Also, I learned that the most popular pop culture icon at the moment is Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon.

          Huh, that's interesting. I saw a lot of Star Trek stuff because of William Shatner and on Sunday I saw a small group of people that had dressed up as the main characters from HTTYD so that was pretty cool.

          There was a lot of cool cosplay this year and I'm a little sad (but thankful) I didn't buy anything because nothing really jumped out as buy-worthy for me.

          I was stationed in an area pretty much directly next to the main autograph area and the flavoured ice stand, as well as the general PAX fighting games stuff. We had so many people come in that we had to turn people away because we lacked the space for them all.

            I saw someone dressed up as Data but I couldn't get a photo because I was serving a customer. I'm still sad about that.
            And in the booth we were mainly selling T-shirts, which were all cross-over ones. Anything with Toothless sold out in the first couple of hours except for one ladies size small that was up on the wall and made people keep asking for it in sizes we didn't have any more.

          That dragon saved a nation *single tear* bless his golden heart

    Morning errbody hows every little thing?

    My weekend was sufficient? Yeah lets go with that.
    I played as much minecraft as i could Friday night and part of saturday. I had to restart new little kings story after my 10 hour save file got corrupted.

    and here comes the saturday rant:
    I had probably one too many Saturday night when cathryns friends came over and they annoyed the shit outta cathryn and I because they are a new couple so they all lovey dovey and kissing like crazy in front of us all night and basically dry humping on the leather couch ughh..then they slept in the spare bed didnt get out till 12:30 when cathryn and i had to be at her dads at 12:30 So finally as we got them out they had no way to get home as neither of them can drive so we had to drop one at the station and the other at home because she told her dad we were going to because her parents don't know she's dating someone and the entire drive she was angry at us for "rushing them out of bed so early" Didnt even say thank you for driving them home or letting them stay the night. When we finally did get home they had left the spare bedroom a mess, didnt even try to make the bed urghhh.

      I'm guessing them making the bed wouldn't have mattered...don't you want to set it on fire? I would. :P

        Its tempting, its just they left stuff everywhere like they had chocolates and left the rubbish on the floor and even in the bed pillows were everywhere its like cmon do you not know how to clean up after yourself

          Urk. People suck. Make them come over and tidy up and do the washing or else you'll tell her parents about them. :P

            She wont, this is a girl who literally has been handed everything so she wont turn out like her sister i swear shes never done the dishes never made her room. We went camping once and she didnt even know how to light a match

              That is some massive parenting fail right there. :(

                Yeah her dad is gonna sell his car and buy a second hand Car thats auto so he can teach her to drive and she gets to pick out the car because hes giving it to her after as her first car. They also give her money for whatever she wants but tells everyone she has no money because she hates having to spend her own money like we went out to dinner and she wanted us to pay for her and her bf at the time (now her ex) because she had no money even though it was her idea to go out for dinner.

              Woah. Now that's some kind of sheltered.

                Its all because her sister is like hated by them because shes 24 and has 5 kids to 2 different people

    My hardcore Diablo III character died on the weekend at level 63, to rare mobs in open world. One second I was at full health, the other I was dead. I think I may have been slammed by an expansion bubble. I was only replacing my gear as new gear game in, so odds are I had a bunch of 59-60 gear on.

    Last edited 08/09/14 9:20 am

    Had a funnish weekend for once. Kids woke me up on Sunday to give me a home made cardboard tie, a feathered pet rock with googly eyes (which I promptly named Barry) and a Deathstroke and Tidus toys collectible action figures.

    We went to grilled for lunch because the girls begged to go there then proceeded to tell us the burgers were yucky and refused to eat them.

    Game of bowling which my wife was handily beaten by a 3 and 6 year old.

    Off to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was awful. Had a few good to great parts (downhill chase in the snow you see parts in the trailer is fantastic, turtles had a real physicality to them, Shredder didn't look near as stupid in motion than the stills had led me to believe, Megan Fox wasn't terrible somehow, few one shot jokes landed and got a few giggles from me) but the terrible terrible writing, non existent structure and the wtf reasoning for the villain (richest guy on the planet is enacting his plan to..... get rich. Wat) put it just on the side of unwatchable. Pity. There was some glimpses of what could have been a great movie under all the awfulness.

    Last edited 08/09/14 9:38 am

    Our fire alarm speakers were very faintly beeping and alarming for about 5 minutes. Then, they blasted full volume with lights n stuff. Then we evacuated.

    ...Then we found out people are just pulling wires from building panel to get that shit under control. I feel safe.... and toasty..?

    I think Mr. Strange thought Father's Day sucked yesterday. He was cranky all day. :(
    I did make awesome soft white corn tortilla and pulled chicken tacos with three different salsas for dinner though, and my Dad (and Mum and Nan) loved them.

    I literally spent almost the entire weekend watching Hunter X Hunter with my gf. Exceptions were: Saturday morning my gf went rockclimbing so I played Borderlands 2 for a few hours. Around 7pm my friend moved in, so I helped him and then walked him around the area to show him where things were and ate out.
    We’re about halfway through season 4 and I regret NOTHING.

      I couldn't get my missus into Hunter - Gon is just too annoying apparently.

        My gf was surprised at how non-annoying Gon is compared to most young anime protagonists. She doesn’t like Attack on Titan due to how damn emo the main kid is.

        No matter what drama happens, Gon just bounces on with an idgag attitude.

    Black Flag - Diablo III - Minecraft. So many gaming hours this weekend!

    I also destroyed my Razer headset by tripping over the cord and eating shit. I usually leave the microphone jack plugged in so I can find the cord easily and plug in the headphone jack as-needed. So the cord ripped straight out of the jack. I never really used it as a proper headset anyway, but it really shits me that a bunch of its functionality has just been diminished because my washing machine has a really irritating alarm that goes off when a load finishes which means I always do a mad dash to turn it off when I'm in the middle of something.

    My weekend was pretty great. I watched anime and spent time with the ladyfriend and played with our dogs.

    Aw man, all I want to do is be at home... playing Mario Kart. Or writing, I suppose... I should get back into that too.

    Even worse, the browser my work uses (IE8 [I know, I know]), is no longer able to open up Dan and Karl's Zeitgeist through Stitcher. I also cannot access it through Soundcloud, ITunes, or the DKZ website. All my plans are crashing down. (cc @dkzeitgeist)

      OH MAN
      I planned this elaborate prank where I stream Dan and Karl's show through the work radio and make the old men who i sit with listen to it. Ok, it wasn't elaborate i just want to listen to their show at work.




      Get chummy with the IT department and they should be down for installing Chrome or whatever you need.

      Hell, I have a friend at work who would use her work laptop for WoW. Some guy in IT just used his admin overrides so she could install it.

    Is there anyone here who likes music I like who could suggest me something new to try?(@cufcfan616?)
    I think some new music might be just the motivation I need this morning to get some things done.

      You could try some synth pop, its like power metal but less epic and more dancey.
      listen to CHVRCHES -the mother we share

      Last edited 08/09/14 9:56 am

        "Less epic"? "More dancey"?! I need motivation to get stuff done, not motivation to self-harm. :P
        I need "More epic" and "Not at all dancey. Ever".

      Turbo-Laser! \o/

        I'm listening to a song called Planet X. It was going well but then the vocals kicked in. The lyrics are funny but I'm finding the vocals annoying. :(

          Yeah, they're a little on the whiny side. Some other songs aren't quite as bad I don't think, but I enjoy them all enough to put up with it :P

          Actually the main thing that bugs me about them is the drum machine. Wish they had a real drummer.

      I hear the kids are all talking about this upcomer Nicki Minaj.

        You've never let me down yet, I'll just look it up on Play Music....Oh gods, Freeze! Why? WHY?!! :P

      are you a Devin Townsend fan? He has a lot of amazing stuff that can be rather heavy at times (Especially Strapping Young Lad)

        Loved SYL when I was younger. Not a fan of much else Devin-related and never could understand his near-godhood status amongst certain circles. Your suggestion is much closer to things I like than anyone else's though. :D

          Have you listened to Ziltoid? Might be a good one to try kinda catchy, pretty heavy and very silly because it's a themed album about Ziltoid the Omnicient who is an Alien who is also an amazing guitarist and he comes to Earth for our Coffee. Captain Spectacular is the hero who attempts to save the World. But if you didn't like his stuff you might not like it anyway :P. What else...... I know you like Tool, do you like Puscifer? They've got a few albums and an E.P out now.

            Not fond of Ziltoid or Puscifer. Looks like our tastes don't cross over very far. :( I really appreciate the recommendations, though!

      what're you in the mood for? Most of the stuff I'd recommend I'd wager Mr Strange has already tried :D are you much into prog metal at all? Not so much Dream Theatre, more Vanden Plas sort of stuff?

      I'll reel off a few bands though :P

      Pagan's Mind
      Shadow Gallery
      Time Machine
      Time Requiem
      Madder Mortem

      If you ever wanted to listen to thrash though, I'd be able to help a lot more :P

        Oh wow, I hadn't had any viable suggestions yet so I looked up some suggestions from Play Music and was actually already listening to Pagan's Mind when I clicked on your spoiler. :D Enjoying them so far.
        Which also reminded me the new Aeon Zen is out(it was listed in the 'Similar Artists') so I can listen to that, too. \o/

          Enigmatic Calling & God's Equation are my favourite albums. Saw them all too briefly'll come to me...*looking it up*....Sonata Artica. Forgot they played that gig :-D

          Circus Maximus also coming up in similar searches, they're fairly decent

            I quite like Circus Maximus. Their vocalist is pretty incredible.

      Have a feeling our taste differs in some respects, but my cousin turned me onto these guys. Some of their stuff ain't too bad. :3

        Moonspell are pretty good. I prefer more uplifting stuff these days though which is why I mainly go for Power Metal. I think I even caught a bit of Moonspell live on the first 70000 tons Of Metal, though.

      what are your tastes?

        I'm in love with power metal, also extremely partial to folk metal. Vocals are my hook into things though so I need at least a mix of clean and growl vocals to be able to listen to a lot of something. Like I love Amon Amarth's music, for example but can't listen to more than one or two songs in a row because my ears find the vocals exhausting.
        My favourite bands are Sabaton, Haggard, and Eluveitie. My current can't stop listening to bands are Twilight Force and Pathfinder.

        Last edited 08/09/14 2:02 pm

          ahhh. things i have no idea about lol.

          i keep listening to bands like almost human, powerglove, the one ups, NESkimos etc. yes, im truly geeky :D

            I recently heard about a band called Machinae Supremacy who apparently do game-related music as well. Thanks for reminding me about that...I can add them to the list now. :D

      What are the kids listening to these days? Uhh... well I broke down and listened to the Kill la Kill soundtrack last night. It has bagpipe metal, Strange! Bagpipe metal!
      Okay, don't want to listen to that? Erm... What is Love is pretty good. The Back to the Future soundtrack is good.

        I have Kill la Kill here ready to watch but I keep forgetting. I should watch it, shouldn't I?

          Oh yes. Definitely yes. Just don't be put off by the, uh, costume design. However, I think there is a valid reason for them being there. Some people won't agree with me, but I think Kill la Kill is an allegory for body image and society's view of what people should wear. I think there is some very nice subtext there that some people might miss. There is also some kickass female empowerment stuff that I quite like. Most people love it for the action.

          Oh yes, the action. Magnifique. The action is made all the better by the superb pacing. The action starts out rather low-key, then goes more balls-to-the-wall crazy increasing increments from episode to episode. You'll watch the final episode and wonder how the first episode was about a boxing match.

          There are a few problems though. The budget is spread unevenly, so the fourth episode looks far far worse than episode three, for example. There is also the main character. Sure, Ryuko Matoi has a lot of character, (I even compared her to Max Payne, minus the alcoholism at one point) with some complex motivations and multi-layered psyche, but she doesn't have a lot of personality.

          However, I should probably create a trigger warning for episode 16. That episode is messed up. Don't read the Crunchyroll comments on that one, the commenters completely missed the mark.
          I should also inform you that it incredibly easy to get spoiled on YouTube. You should probably watch it before it becomes ruined for you.

          Regardless of the problems I mentioned, there is a gigantic list of pros I haven't scratched the surface of. The end credits music is incredibly mundane in a good way, as it juxtaposes against the awesome battle sequence you just saw.
          Also, that soundtrack. It's the most multi-genre soundtrack every created by man. Bagpipe heavy metal, techno square dancing, traditional Japanese, riverdance, James Bond-eque marching band symphonies, sweeping orchestral, french horn blasting, and a club song entirely in German that I have almost memorised the lyrics to. I should mention that I listened to the entire damn soundtrack yesterday for the fifth time since April.

          WATCH IT.

            I am going to watch it. Which Is why I didn't really read your comment, just skimmed through to end so I could still go into Kill la Kill fresh and without any preconceived notions about it. :)

              Good idea. Perhaps bookmark the comment to see whether you agree with me once you've seen it all?
              You know, I should get around to Attack on Titan.

        In my mind there is an epic heavy metal band out there somewhere made up of a bagpipe, an accordion, a banjo and a harmonica.

          Excluding the kazoo players, are ya? No, no, it's fiiine. No feelings hurt. None. Honest.
          *turns away to get something out of eye*

            That's what they get for fraternising with the tambourines.

    Talk about super suck. One of the fans on my video card fell off yesterday :( Dun think I can fix it either :| Typical that it'd happen just AFTER I can't afford to buy a replacement any more. Thankfully I still have 2 fans on it, but no doubt it's gonna put some stress on the card :(

      I hear mini desk fans at hi speed will fix that problem. :P

        I was thinking of digging out one of my old case fans, and using blutac to stick it to the underside of my card like I did with my 6800 ultra. it worked well (actually cooled the card more efficiently than the original fan) but I have to see if I still have one that works, and then hope it actually fits.

      Out of curiosity, is it a Gigabyte "Windforce 3" style card? I've just heard a not insignificant number of stories of fans falling off those.

        as a matter of fact it is! this is the first time I've ever heard of a fan falling off one though!

          Back when I used to hang around on OCAU I saw a number of instances of that specific fan type having issues. To the point where I saw documented evidence of one card with the fans being solely attached by some kind of glue and nothing else. Under load / heat the glue melted, the whole fan assembly fell off, the card died. The thread was about them trying to get a refund from MSY.

          I'm in the market for a new GPU (2 weeks until the 970/980 presser!) and every time I see those Gigabyte cards and feel tempted I wonder to myself if they'd fixed the issues. Sounds like maybe not.

            well mine's an old gtx580. I've used the windforce cards in quite a few builds in the past, and I've yet to hear anyone else complain about losing a fan. Considering they have 3 fans on them, they are really quiet, and cool much better than most other models in the same range. I was looking at getting a 780 a few weeks back. I'd still go for the gigabyte if I could afford it. I've had this card for probably between 3 and 5 years now, so I'm not surprised it's starting to have little issues like this. I've found in the past, that the fans on my gpu usually warp and seize up before I get to this stage, so if anything, this has actually been one of the best graphics cards I've ever bought.

              Oddly enough it was the 580 specifically that I saw having issues because that's what I was looking for at the time. Ended up with a couple MSI cards instead. Might have just been something weird with the 580s. :)

                All the other windforce ones I've put in have been 670's - 780's. (All done this year I think). Haven't had a single complaint from any customer who's got one thankfully!

              Rumour has it NVidia are announcing a new line of cards this month (the GTX9x series, skipping the 8 for some reason) and that usually drives prices down, if you can hold off buying a replacement for a few weeks you might save a bit of cash

              In the short term, you might be able to bolster the cooling with something like this

              Last edited 08/09/14 12:05 pm

                yeah well technically the titans are the 800 series I think, hence the jump. I'm gonna have to opt for the old blutac method I think. Can't even really afford to be spending the $18 for something like that atm. Waiting on centrelink to pay me something, but until that happens, I have like $300 to live on. Hopefully comes through soon, cos I got rent due in the 21st, and I can't pay it unless they pay me! Eeep!

                Presser/reveal is on the 19th from what I've seen. From how I understand it they're skipping the 800 series because of the architecture being used for the 800M series being the same as the 700 series or some-such nonsense.

    Weekend stuff. Stayed up way too late Friday. First, Band Girl was online that night, ended up surviving that somehow. Then friend got his girlfriend to get Skype which I said was going to be a bad idea and I was right. Stayed up waaaay too late talking. Saturday was lost to the kind of exhaustion+boredom combo where you don't feel like doing anything, everything's just dissatisfying.

    Sunday was up early to visit Dad's parents, that was surprisingly ok. They're usually pretty down and stuff especially with failing health and all that, but this time it wasn't all that bad. Nonno got all talkative again going into one of his spiels (The Professor, as Nonna likes to call him when he gets in a lecturey mood :P).

    After that it was up the coast to have lunch with the other side of the family. Sister was down for the weekend, which I wasn't expecting. She and her boyfriend weren't in the door for five minutes before my cousin, while listing his birthday presents, announced that one of them was a blowjob. Family gatherings, hey? :P Ate waaaaay too much. His girlfriend made this bearded dragon shaped cake which looked great enough as it was, but then when cutting into it it had "guts". Chopped up strawberries and snakes and sour worms. Pretty good. Also we had mars bar slice, and mum made fritoli that turned out pretty well (even if there was a minor disaster at the start when she tried to move them about in the fryer with a plastic spatula, destroying it). So explosively full afterwards, certainly not helping climbing tonight.

    Also, cousin's girlfriend has her dog from Melbourne up here now, she was along for the visit too. A sausage dog. Those things look silly, and like they shouldn't exist. Completely different personality to their other dog though (dunno the type, but she's much bigger), funny watching the two of them together. Especially the little one's bewilderment at the larger one spazzing out and doing laps of the verandah. Also also, showed off my pornoclone again to the others who hadn't yet gotten to see :P Aunt's reaction was best - she was visibly taken aback, hand to mouth and everything.

      I must have missed the bit where "pornoclone" was explained. o_O

        One of my college friends found on tumblr a couple of gifs of a gay pornstar who looks exactly like me. Albeit far more ripped, and tanned, and lacking in arm+chest hair.

          Ah, yes. Now all that's left to do is find your "Ted Mosby: Sex Architect"

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