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  • Good morning everybody! I didn’t sleep well last night, so I’m extremely tired and will likely be spending time out of mind for the rest of the day. So, in lieu, a weekend update. How was yours?

    Mine was pretty good all things considered. Played Fiasco on Friday night which turned out to be all kinds of hilarious. Who knew that being a scheming, new-tits-having, possibly-addicted-to-sex-being, absolute horrible wretch of a human being could be so much fun? Perhaps most enjoyable though was creating a Twitter account for Becky Hardcastle. Who says Fiasco characters disappear when the game is over? 😛 Also joining the TS3 server and being greeted “Hi, Becky!” was awesome and made my day.

    Lots of Star Citizen ranting goes here. Spoilered because it was too much.
    Then Saturday morning Star Citizen 0.9 dropped, which meant it’s time for some racing, as well as my first experience using a joystick in something like 15 years. Now, I spent a few hours playing Murray Cup racing over both Saturday and Sunday, so let me sum up my experience.

    Load. Smash. Respawn. Zoooom. Smash. Respawn. Zoooooooom. Smash. Respawn. Practice practice practice. Smash slightly less. Do a complete lap. Smash. Respawn.

    The game really highlights for me that skill trumps ships every time. But it also shows how practice has real, tangible benefits. After a few hours practice I could consistently get 1:30 lap times, and even came 2nd a couple times against actual human beings. Progress! Then, I got a new profile for my joystick which turned down the sensitivity and within 3 races I was down to sub 1:20 times, and a few races later a new personal best of 1:11. The fastest I’d personally raced against online was 1:08, so I’m happy with that progress.

    Also, for anybody considering either an M50 or a 350R, here are my thoughts on both.

    M50: Holy crap. Handles like a dream. Takes corners tight and it’s so small that you have a lot of room for error. Doesn’t handle high-G changes as well though and maybe I just need more practice rolling to minimise G-forces but I found myself slowing down a lot in some maneuvers.

    350R: In theory has the same top speed as the M50 (300m/s) but accelerates LOTS faster. Seriously, hit the afterburner and you’ll be at top speed in a few seconds. Unfortunately this also means that you can REALLY feel the effects of mass. I found myself having to turn early because inertia played so strong a part, and with the larger body size I found myself crashing a LOT more. Now, granted, most of my practice was in the M50 but I did notice one weird thing. At high speed I found myself fighting to keep the 350R going in a straight line. It felt like the ship was shaking apart around me (and the audio seemed to reinforce that) and it was like there was a beast contained in the engine struggling to get out. I have a feeling that somebody who takes the time to master piloting a 350R will have a good time. I don’t know if that’ll be me.

    Saturday was also football watching day. Much yelling at the TV. Positively in the first half. Negatively in the second. Bring on 2015.

    Then finally Sunday was fortnightly games night. 3 games of 7 Wonders, followed by dinner and then watching MXC. Was going to play Catan but called the night early due to tiredness. After which I was then unable to sleep. Dammit!

    Finally, I’ll leave this picture here for @edenist who wants proof people have played Gitaroo Man.

      • I know, right? Picked it up randomly in 2002, it was sitting on a shelf at EB and I thought “well, maybe that might be fun” and just loved it. Also have the soundtrack CD sitting around somewhere, still break it out for a listen every now and then. Fun memories.

        • I could never find it to buy but my local Blockbuster had it.

          I contemplated stealing it but my conscience got the better of me.

      • Gitaroo Man was rad.

        I could never find a copy though. My friend had it, but by the time I got a PS2 (I started into that gen with a Dreamcast and then an Xbox because I like to pick winners) it was out of print and extremely rare. 🙁

    • Does Star Citizen 0.9 let you remap stick buttons yet? As in properly not with some stupid XML workaround

      • You can now select between multiple popular preset control schemes. This represents the first pass at personal customization the full version of which will be coming shortly, planned for patch 13.1 which will allow you to completely customize your control scheme.

        Not quite yet. Personally I’d prefer to have roll mapped to the twist portion of my joystick, and strafe to the hat, but I can wait for proper remapping. No biggie for me personally.

        • Nothing is ever set up properly for me so I really need to remap everything. No idea what it is, maybe my giant monster hands, maybe it’s being mental, maybe it’s a left handed thing even though I’m effectively self-taught ambidextrous thanks to there effectively being no such thing as left handed peripherals most of my life (and the few that did exist were utter shit). Whatever it is. everything default is always off.

    • Well, looks like I’ve been put the hell in my place :p

      Good job, I’m impressed!

      Also, how do the latest builds of Arena Commander play? I’ve not played since they first released the first DFM part, which was pretty clunky. I want to be wowed by the game, so I’d rather wait until it felt much more playable until I picked it up again.

      • Chalk and cheese. I’ve had more fun with AC in the last 2 days than I have since it first came out. Maybe that’s because I’m finally using a joystick, maybe that’s because they’ve made substantial improvements, maybe it’s because racing is far more appealing to me than dogfighting.

        Whatever it is, the new build is great stuff.

  • So in under 2 hours on Saturday, I spent all my $700 worth of gift cards, so I had a pretty fun weekend getting it all set up, putting all the 40k pdfs that I have onto the tablet and getting my Vita sync’d with my PSN ID. Sunday was a great day to wash the car as well. More eventful than most weekends I have. Though now I’m going to be sad because recall starts today for me :(.
    Hope you’ve all had an enjoyable weekend.

      check out persona 4 golden buddy its like $30 in JB and its the best game for the vita 😛

      • Couldn’t see that game, the JB I went to had less than 1m width games section and over half of them were shitty games I didn’t want. EB almost had the same problem yet they had a better selection of games, especially with their starter packs (Which EB are still the best at).

        • Yeah you will find most stores have very limited vita section. Despite that, the downloadable titles more than make up for it.

          • Well downside to that is that 1: the pack only came with a 4GB storage card so I might need to upgrade before I go into that, and 2: PSN still uses only credit cards to purchase doesn’t it?

          • Ah I could just buy PSN cards instead, I’m really personally wary about ordering online with anything that’s not Paypal supported. Part of my paranoid and pessimistic nature 😛

          • Well that’s good! I haven’t been playing my PS3 much or keeping up with PSN so I had no idea 🙂

          • 64gb card is an awesome investment if you can go digital-only. 4gb is enough for like one game.

            Don’t forget to also look into the PSP lineup, there’s some fantastic games in there too. Though the PAL selection is a bit more limited than the US one, there’s still some great stuff there.

          • I’m guessing getting PSP games for it is digital only?
            Also where can you recommend getting a 64gb card from should I decide to go in that direction?

          • Digital only for PSP, yes. I could give you some recommendations for good PSP and PSV stuff if you’d like but for PSP I’m not sure what’s on the PAL store and what isn’t.

            64gb cards at one point were Japan-only but I think they’re more widely available now? I got mine from nippon-yassan and it cost me about $100.

          • @negativezero
            Only saw as high as 16GB in JB’s catalogue IIRC. The 4GB came with an indie starter pack from EB. If it’s one thing EB does well it’s their starter packs for consoles with a good selection of games to go with it. I’ll hold off for now until at least 32GB comes available somewhere I can actually go get then I’ll go nuts with PSP titles :). Thanks for the info!

        • Nice! I spent the gift card I had from work like, almost immediately. You have excellent self-control! You mentioned recall? What’s that?

          • 24/7 out of hours support for customers, which means I can’t play with friends in games that I cannot pause for a whole week. It’s not the customer calls that bug me, it’s the level 1 and 2 support guys that are bloody hopeless in telling me the issue and unable to fix simple issues themselves. Basically half an hour is spent at least figuring out what the actual problem is since it’s either not in clear english or the details are missing entirely

  • Hey Hey TAYbies (goofy laughing), how were your weekends?

    I mostly played Destiny, a bit of Disney Infinity and drunk beers. All in all a pretty good weekend.

    Anyone here tried Surgeon Simulator? Downloaded it last night, started it up, but it was too late so I didn’t really do much, looks like a bit of fun though.

    Also, Hyperule Warriors and Disney Infinity 2.0 hype. Anyone else picking either of them up? You still getting Disney Infinity @pixel_the_ferret_viking?

    Also also, @welbot posted this on the twitters, but I’ma steal it. What better way to start the week than 50 odd minutes of polkas 😛

    • Surgeon simulator is fantastic, my favourite pass time is pecking all the unnecessary organs out through the ambulance doors when they open!… Also yep still on for Disney Infinity, hoping to scrape money together for the Guardians of the galaxy playset as well!

      • Ordered Groot as my bonus figure from EB, hope I’ll have enough money for that playset too as well as Drax and Rocket.

        • Oooohhh jelly! I’ll have to wait on the next paycheck before increasing my collection 😛

    • Hyperule Warriors! Although I bought it delivered from EBGames so I probably wont get it until Monday next week.

    • I plauyed surgeon for a couple minutes while semi-tipsy. It was fucking awesome.

      10/10, would rummage through (and drop hammer in) intestines again.

  • Morning all! My entire work group has been shifted to another building, and now there are way too many people around me. I miss the old building – it was nice and quiet there. Surviving by erecting a shrine to my kids with photos and incense.

  • Morning all..

    hope everyone is well! as for me?

    Shattered. Convinced my 3 mates to grab Destiny, strike teams limited to 3, not 4… WHO DOES THAT???? >.

    • Yeah it’s a real pain. It’s a pain that you can’t do anything other than raids in more than 3…would love to go patrolling in a big team of 6.

    • I don’t mind the 3 man fireteams, but I don’t like how some of the crucible matches only take 1-3 man fireteams. I want the option to have 6 of my friends take on each other (or is there and option for that that I’m missing?)

    • Hopefully you can organise who gets to play (or split into two teams) without it causing trouble. Unlike with my old friends, where after I organised a LAN decided I wasn’t worthy of playing ODST with them.

  • Hey all hope you had nice weekends. Mine was pretty hectic, managed to hit level 20 on Destiny (loving every minute of it), played the new Fifa 15 demo (also enjoying that a lot), downloaded and played (for my iPad): Blek, Monument Valley, Hitman GO and Plague. Also had a pretty big night out on Saturday for a birthday, I wasn’t in a very good state :S and went go karting last night.

    Finally, I’m hooked on the book ‘What If’ by Randall Munroe. I saw it mentioned on here I think by @beeawwb. It is absoultely fantastic.

      • It took one game of getting used to, but now I really like it. There seems to be quite a lot of little things which make it a real improvement to Fifa 14. The actual gameplay feels a bit different to start with (I guess it could be described as more ‘real/life like’), but once you get used to it then it’s really fun. All in all, it’s made me even more excited for the full game so it must be somewhat decent!

      • Yeah Monument Valley is so nice. Only got it late last night, put my headphones on in bed and got so immersed in it that I’m paying for it today with tiredness.

  • Morning taydudes/dudettes!! How was everyones weekend?

    I had a blast on Friday night playing Nintendoland, MK8 and Mario 3D World with a couple of friends, mostly lazed on Saturday playing Destiny and watching season 2 of FRIENDS, that was really fun. Hot breakfast on Sunday and then more Destiny and played a bit of Halo Reach for comparisons sake. It definitely hold up nearly 5 years after release, although i’m so glad that Destiny doesn’t have the framerate issues that Reach did at times.

    Planning on buying some thermal paste this afternoon and pulling ye ol Phat PS3 apart and replacing the paste and cleaning as much dust out as possible. Any of you guys done this before? My background is IT, so i’m not too worried about the process. Just wondering if anyone has any specific tips.

    • Indeed I have done. A couple of tips:

      – There’s no guarantee you will bring the thing back to life (if it is dead, that is)
      – After you pull apart the unit using the correct guides, clean off all old thermal paste thoroughly with a bit of methylated spirits. Don’t forget to clean the heatsinks also!
      – Only use Arctic Thermal 5! I opened one unit that and found that someone had previously tried to repair it but used some white pastey shit that was everywhere. Only use Arctic Thermal 5!

      I regards to application:
      – Only use a small amount like this and spread evenly to the edges of the CPU/GPU

      Reassemble and power on! 😀

      • Only use a small amount and spread evenly to the edges of the CPU/GPU with a credit/plastic card or the like. It makes it easier.

        • If there’s a Korean takeaway near you, get some of their chopsticks – thin and flat. Perfect for spreading thermal paste.

          I used to do this for hours on end, ughhh.

        • Thanks,

          Yeah it isn’t dead. It just gets warm and the fan winds up like a leaf blower when playing very intensive games like Uncharted etc. I’d also like it to be a bit quieter for watching blurays etc. Awesome, was planning to use arctic silver 5 as i have used it on my PC build and it worked a treat.

      • All done and dusted!! (Literally)
        The fan and headsinks weren’t too dusty, but there was an incredible amount of dust spread throughout the console, the power supply had stacks of dust in it. The old thermal paste was so dead that it had turned into some kind of evil super-super-glue.

        The GPU and CPU were stuck to the heatsinks so damn hard, and there isn’t really any room to wiggle the motherboard to break them free. So pulling the mainboard off actually bent fins on one of the heatsinks. (Which i straightened up afterwards). It literally felt like there was a screw holding the middle of the GPU to the heatsink. Lol

        The console runs much cooler/quieter now, even playing Uncharted 3 for 30 mins didn’t cause the fan to reach hair dryer mode. Destiny hardly pushed the fan speed/noise at all.

  • Could any android users help me out?
    Trying to use the play store but it just says “Authentication required. Sign into your google account” but does not give me anywhere to sign in.

    • Go back to the desktop & open settings, scroll through and find the accounts section and there should be a google option in there, it’ll be a master login for everything google related on the device

    • I dropped $10 without realizing it at woolworths the other day, and found it on the baggage counter before I left. Does that count? Sure felt like a win to me!

    • I tried to correct for inflation, but failed to find the $10.32 that I needed in order to make the story work.

      • Ugh, my girlfriend gives me unbelievable amounts of strife over never having enough cash in my wallet… The most recent moment was yesterday when we went to Ichiban Boshi for lunch (the upstairs one) and had about 3 bucks in my wallet, yet had plenty of money in my account…

        Only then did I realise that it’s cash only 🙁

        So then I missed out on Ichiban Boshi and had subway instead 🙁

  • Destiny!

    I was thinking that TAY is actually a good space to try and organise things.

    Vault of Glass opens on the 16th; which means possibly tonight, but that might be a bit late to start for most people. So I want to organise at least 1 fire team for Tuesday night. That also gives people some time to do some least minute farming of they are trying to get crucible or vanguard gear.

    We probably want an even spread on classes, but post interest here and we’ll see what we have.

    Edit: Level requirement is 25.
    This is partly why I’m just looking for interest right now and partly why I think having at least 1 extra day is a good idea.
    The weekly limit on vanguard/crucible marks is 100 each. And the factions sell chest/arm/leg legendaries at 65 marks a piece. This requires Rank 2 with a faction, so perhaps some grinding is in order. We could run the Strike playlists tonight for rep + vanguard marks to help get people geared.

    Edit2: The fastest way to grind rep is to do patrol missions. These will grant either 10 or 25 rep. Currently I haven’t noticed any rhyme or reason for difference in reward value. Advantage of Patrol missions is occasionally group events will start. These grant good XP, and there’s a daily bonus for getting a gold rating.

    PvP grants 10 rep & 2 crucible marks for a loss, 25 & 3 for a win. Crucible Marks are required for buying from Dead Orbit, Future War Cult or New Monarchy.

    Heroic Strike Playlist can be used to earn Vanguard Marks. This uses a sliding scale, I believe it’s 2 marks for each 2 levels greater than 20 (so level 22 strike grants 2 vanguard marks). Additionally the daily heroic mission and weekly heroic strike grant bonus marks/rep.

      • Hunter, currently lvl 23.

        Lightspeed is keen too but we were thinking Wednesday.

        Ima try and get some Crucible armour to go up a few levels after the shit fight we had with that heroic strike the other night.

        EDIT: Lightspeed is lvl 24 Warlock.

      • I’d love to; level 23 warlock, but need another 1k vanguard rep to buy legendaries. I think I’ll be grinding for a while yet.

      • I’m keen to do this, at the moment am only level 20 but will grind to play!

        Edit: I’m a Hunter, Gunslinger Subclass

      • I’d definitely love to join in for raid on Tuesday and dungeon farming for raid prep. Level 24 Hunter Almost 25 feel free to add me on xbox live if that’s your platform. GT Train Monkey

    • I wish the game made it easier to gather strike groups with friends / clan members. I want to do some strikes (level 14 Titan, still dicking around in the story on Venus and haven’t done the Moon or Venus strikes yet) but I don’t want to play with randoms. 🙁

      • The fact that clan recruitment and management is handled via the website is a bit weird in and of itself. We’ve got heaps of people in the KAU group, but maybe only 50% of them appear as being in the clan (some are in other clans, that’s fine, but some still appear clanless in game).
        It would be nice if there was a kind of clan “chat channel” for organising groups and what not.

        Also, Moon strike is stupid hard. Just in terms of the types of adds the fight throws at you.
        Venus strikes are relatively easy by comparison.

        • Yeah, the fact that the clan is utterly irrelevant to your actual gameplay as far as I can see (there doesn’t even seem to be a list of people in your clan that you can see) let alone that there’s no simple “looking for group” system for it is a huge oversight and makes you wonder how they could have not noticed the problem, have they ever played an MMO?

      • I’ve always found it pretty easy with friends. You hit the triangle in orbit and see your friend list with currently playing Destiny at the top of the list. Inviting to your fireteam sends a PSN request, which is naff, but if they’ve set their fireteam to public join or friends-only join, you can just jump in and join them through that menu, if they’re not full, thanks to being in a strike or something. I’ve been teeing up most of my groupings that way, crashing and being crashed by friends. That’s one of the better parts of the game.

        • That’s fine for grouping but I don’t feel comfortable just dropping into people’s games if *I* want to run a specific thing. I want to be able to set up something that tells my friends ‘NegativeZero wants to do this strike with you’ or something. Or a way of marking yourself that you want to run it.

          • Yeah, I think the ‘invite’ thing would be your best bet. I think a lot of us are pretty much game to do whateverk I don’t think anyone would be put out much – or at all – if you indicate that you actually have a preference for doing something you want to do. 🙂

            Even if that’s not everyone else, I put my hand up for that. Invite away.

    • In my experience, the 10 rep missions are the scavenge (triangle symbol) and kill-10-rats (cross-hair/reticle symbol) beacons. Possibly the scout-area and download-data missions (compass symbol and ghost-icon-kinda symbol respectively) give 15? But more likely 10. Which is frustrating when they send you ten minutes drive away through a bunch of enemy-infested buildings to get there. The 25 rep’ers are the mini-boss kill icons. They look like a star-in-a-circle symbol.

      Generally if you clear an area’s scavenge and kill missions, you’ll be left with compass/download missions, and after moving to one of those new areas, you’ll find an assassinate mission.

      Also, anyone who equips a PVP faction rep-gaining class item (see the vendors, they sell them for glim, no rank required) can have their patrol-mission rep added to that PVP faction.

  • Morning errbody hows every little thing?

    My weekend was good! Friday i had the day off so went into the city with Cathryn so she could pick up her diploma then spent the next few hours being badgered by all the girls at her school, then we got a boost it was delicious and then we went to her dads for the weekend and we had thai green curry for dinner.

    Saturday we got up early and went to the 1000 steps, even at 8am the place was packed and it was a struggle to get a park. After the hell that was walking up and down the steps I went and got a slurpee (lemon lime and bitters) we then chilled around the house and i kicked the soccer ball around for a while. Then I came in and started Destiny, told cathryn I was only gonna play for a little bit to try it out and ended up playing for 8 hours, level 10 hunter, having fun with the game, had some awesome dance parties with @greenius and @AlexPants but then turned it off when our friend came over and i was being anti social, also because o wanted a mcflurry delicious mcflurry.

    Sunday we slept the entire day not getting up till 1 and when we did get up we walked to the shops to get chips and gravy ate that for lunch i kicked the soccer ball round some more while cathryn watched lilo and stitch on the treadmill then we left to go to her mums for dinner.

    A Monday question because of my new found looking into wasteland 2, what game series would you like to see in that genre ala fallout tactics

    • More of a genre than a game specifically, but would like to see a modern military shooter, something like Rainbow 6 or Full Spectrum Warrior.

        • I just wish it was still playable. @Longjocks and I wanted to play it in coop but it was a nightmare to get running, the audio was buzzing like crazy even after the audio mods specifically designed to stop the audio buzzing, the saves stopped working and now gamespy is dead there’s no multiplayer at all (pretty sure LAN wasn’t an option even if the other problems were conquered).

      • I’d just like to see some kind of information about the non-deathmatch portion of the new rainbow six, if indeed there actually is one

        • I can definitely second the recommendation for Door Kickers, top little game.

          That’s a playthrough of a level, or more accurately a replay. It plays somewhat similarly to Frozen Synapse with a pause & order style though works in real time rather than turns. The replay is fast but with planning the missions take a good 10-20 minutes to do cleanly

    • Based on that article the other day, I’d quite like to see gears of war done as a turn based tactics game

  • Oh. Other Pokémon progress:
    – trained up the first two members of my PAX team, got some pretty good results in the battle maison.
    – got ditto safari now. Anyone wants dittos with specific IVs, I can farm to help out.

  • Morning TAY. I had a fairly decent weekend. Made a decision that I’m going to do a barista course at TAFE when I’ve saved up enough money. Also found a coffee machine that I want to buy from Kogan. I’ve also worked out that I’ll be looking for a job as a barista once I’ve completed the course.

    Also slowly getting through Watch_Dogs. In act 3, and 50% of the way through the game. Really enjoying it and the soundtrack is great. So many bands I like. Is the season pass worth buying?

    The only downer on the weekend was that Melbourne Storm lost and are out of the finals. At least the Hawks are playing in the preliminary finals next week. And that’s pretty much all I have to say.

  • So I fell off my no-fast-food diet wagon this morning and bought a hash brown. The decision was validated when I insta-won a prize in the McD’s Monopoly thingy.

    But what is Zinio, and is a 3 month digital subscription a good thing? :\

    • According to my brief googling, Zinio is a digital magazine subscription thingy. Looks like you have a 3 month subscription to a digital magazine.

      • Work computers can’t access the Zinio store, so I have no idea about the subject matter of the magazine(s) on offer. Trying to decide whether Mrs Shane would like it or whether I should just give it away here.

        • Top sellers
          Car and Driver
          Consumer Reports
          Cycle World
          Family Handyman
          Fast Company
          iPhone Life
          Maximum PC
          Men’s Fitness
          Men’s Health
          Men’s Journal
          Motor Trend
          National Geographic Interactive
          OK! Magazine
          Outdoor Photographer
          PC Magazine
          Photography Week
          Popular Mechanics
          Popular Photography
          Popular Science
          Sound & Vision
          Star Magazine
          Vol 6, No 5

          • Thanks. There’s nothing in that list Mrs Shane would be interested in, and soft porn notwithstanding, nothing for me either.

  • I didn’t get in as much Destiny as I would have liked over the weekend. My wife hurt her leg and can’t sit in the computer chair for long periods so I figured I might as well use the PC to play Minecraft instead of having her watch me play Destiny missions she already finished. I’ve been playing on Zetrox2k’s server and still haven’t replaced all the diamonds I lost when I fell into lava last week. I’ve tried to enchant a pickaxe with fortune but I keep generating efficiency/unbreakable. Don’t get me wrong, those are great enchants. But I want to generate mad diamonds yo, and grinding levels past 30 is a pain in the ass.

    This morning following a discussion about how terrible pandas are at breeding I was thinking about how it’s been awhile since I’ve watched Fight Club and how I should get on that (since it’s a pretty good movie) then specifically I started thinking about the bits where there were inserted frames of Brad Pitt in the scenes where Edward Norton is having his breakdown etc. prior to the actual “Tyler Durden” introduction, which of course led me to think about how Tyler has a job at a cinema and inserts frames of penises into kids movies.

    Specifically I dwelt on the phrase “they don’t know they saw it, but they did” and that prompted me to think about the scene in the 1991 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie where Raphael meets Casey Jones and part of their fight banter is:

    “A Jose Canseco bat. Tell me… you didn’t pay money for this.”

    Now I’m vaguely aware of Jose Canseco’s existence as a baseball player (partially in part to that line from the movie) and presumably if he had his own range of sporting equipment he was a fairly successful one. The thing I never understood in the context was whether said equipment was nay good. From the age of 9 or 10 or whenever I saw the movie I’ve lived with two possibilities.

    1) Jose Canseco baseball bats are extremely good quality and expensive, and Raphael has doubts that Casey Jones, a masked vigilante/thug would spend money on sporting goods with the intent of hitting people with them.


    2) Jose Canseco bats are extremely poor quality and Raphael is expressing derision that anyone would use them, even in the context of a weapon for the purpose of masked vigilantism (especially since the turles are themselves masked vigilantes with good-quality ninja weapons and Raph is at that time frustrated over his missing sai).

    I figure both possibilities are equally likely, so I’ve decided that I am happy living in a world where the explanation remains uncertain. Even if the writer of that line told me directly what they meant, I think my view would be unchanged.

    I also played Desert Golfing this morning.

      • I recently started farming since it offers XP and I wanted to stockpile some leather and wool and feathers. I’ve found several spawners (spiders and skeletons) but mining them destroys them doesn’t it? If I wanted to make an XP farm I’d have to make it around the spawner?

        • Yeah, you build your ‘farm’ in place around the spawners. Easiest way is a drop pit that almost kills them, and a set of lights on a circuit to turn the spawning on and off. Let pit fill, finish by hand.

  • Destiny is consuming me in a very dangerous manner.

    Just like my Kirby will consume all who oppose him come October.


  • Good morning pups. I hope everyone is well this lovely sunny day.

    My weekend in a nutshell:
    – Watched Chef; a decent movie. Kind of like a mashup Ratatouille and the food truck episode of Bob’s Burgers, haha.
    – I pre-ordered Zac Gorman’s ‘Invasion of the Candy Snatchers’ comic book. It’s a gorgeous looking graphic novel set in-between Costume Quest 1 and 2! If you liked the game, you should check it out!
    – I had serious grown up discussions about very exciting plans for the future, so that’s keeping me happy.
    – Decided I don’t care for Destiny, but Minecraft is pretty neat (I like to get on the bandwagon reaaaal late).

    • If you are interested there’s a TAY minecraft server hosted by @zetrox2k

      Also, we are pups now? I thought we were kittens? So confused!

      • All we know, Nob, is that you’re fuzzy, some people like it when you lick them and occasionally you poop in inappropriate places.

  • *insert shameless self-promotion here*

    The perks of being a wall flower at the party of a generation.

    Hope you guys are well? I didn’t play any Destiny this weekend. I was busy on Saturday and I feared I had fallen behind my usual gaming pals levels on Sunday so didn’t bother. (Which was stupid, cause now I fear I’ve fallen even more behind. *flails arms around*) Been playing Mairo Kart online with a newbie though. It’s stressing me out a little. I don’t want to kick their ass every race but we’re clearly at different levels. Turned down AI though and now he can atleast kick the asses of the other characters. (EXCEPT HE DOESN’T YET. D:) He’s getting better though.

  • Morning all, How was everyones weekends?
    I’m still waiting on Destiny to download (3GB Left!) I think I’m almost through my first playthrough of Wolfenstein: New Order, and eager to see the differences in timeline 🙂

    I had planned a super special surprise night for my boyfriend on saturday night to celebrate him getting permanent residency, and then he comes home on friday saying he wants to go out to dinner. Long story short, I consumed a lot of alcohol and food on the weekend. and laser tag too, I’m very sore because of that.

  • I’ve been progressively watching Season 3 of Legend of Korra over the past week and I finally finished it over the last week. My thoughts below (delicious, spoilery thoughts):

    Called it on the “evil” application of Air bending. I figured that if Blood bending was a thing, sucking the air out of someone’s lungs would be shown eventually.

    I was surprised that they actually killed off characters in a way that was completely known to the whole cast. Season 1 and 2 didn’t really have any deaths per se, excluding the final scene of Season 1, whereas they went the whole hog in taking down the Red Lotus group.

    Lava bending seemed stupid until I realised that it made sense for Bolin as he was descended from both Fire and Earth parents. It does make it seem a little silly though as they’ll now have to come up with a brand new type of special bending for Air (aside from Zehir’s flying) to balance everything out.

    Overall, I enjoyed it although the shorter seasons as opposed to the original Last Airbender are becoming incredibly formulaic. I was disappointed that the whole spirits living in the real world didn’t really change much on the whole.

    TLDR: Quietly optimistic for Season 4 but hopefully they try a few new things that aren’t a bit generic.

    • Season 3 was great. Better than the second by a mile. I really enjoy Korra, not as life changing as The original series but it brings a lot to the table and is genuinely fun to watch.

      • Out of all of Korra, I’m leaning towards season 2 more as my favourite. The story was more in my ballpark as my favourite part of Last Airbender was the finale of Season 1 with the attack on the Northern Water Tribe.

        Season 3 was very good although (mild spoiler for those who haven’t finished it)

        I’m getting a little sick of Nickelodeon ending seasons on cliffhangers for the world at large. If they had full 24 episode seasons I think it wouldn’t be so bad.

        • For me s2 had 2 episodes that were animated flawlessly and were perfect, then the rest of the story was ridiculous and over the top. Seriously giant blue fighting korra was dumb and so out of line with what the show had been doing.
          just my opinion though

          • All of the episodes before those two were done by Studio Pierrot. Those two (and most of the remainder of the season) were handled by Studio Mir. Mir has done all of the rest of the show.

            The difference in quality is ridiculous. Nickelodeon has really done as much as they can to screw with Korra, including rushing production and forcing them to use an inferior production studio.

            The release schedule for season 3 followed by the switch to online only was nuts. On the plus side, there’s basically no wait for season 4. On the less plus side, that probably means season 4 is the end of Avatar.

          • Oh I agree. I liked everything up to that last point because it kinda felt more doom and gloom type of fate of the world story. S1 and S3 didn’t really get that for me.

            I’m also a sucker for Varrick antics so S2 was fine by me.

    • I read your spoiler because after watching season 1 of Korra I decided I wasn’t really into it because it felt all really humdrum mechanical compared to the excitement of discovery that Avatar possessed, but after reading your post (despite having stuff spoiled for me) I think I might give it another go.

      • Season 1 was a little bland and it didn’t help that the main villain was very, very generic (also voiced by Steve Blum so it took me out of it a litte). Season 2 was where it changed me back to liking the Avatar world again.

        I don’t want to give away too much but there are two episodes of Season 2 that are stand-outs for me and I think you’ll really enjoy them.

        • Considering that there are really only two good episodes of Season 2, it doesn’t take much to guess which ones you’re talking about. :p

    • How brutal was the death of that fire bender (the one that can explode things with her mind. I forget her name). I honestly didn’t expect to ever see someones head explode in a Nickelodeon cartoon

      • Yeah no kidding. I saw the metal cover her head and my first thought was that is a terrifying way to go.

        The water bender getting electrocuted was pretty in your face as well which was surprising as you don’t expect Nickolodeon to do that at all.

          • I was kinda gla that mako used lighting bending, I mean its shown in like the second episode of the first season that he could do it on cue so why wouldnt he do it, maybe he didnt want to kill?

    • The fandom was speculating that Bolin would get lava bending for pretty much the whole season. Also, it’s closer to water bending than to fire bending (changing the heat/form of the thing they’re bending is bread and butter to water benders).
      They also really don’t have to balance out advanced techniques. Water bending started off with ice/steam bending, healing and then got blood bending added to it. Fire bending only has lightning bending. Earth bending has metal bending and now lava bending. Air bending has flight and possibly spirit projection. If anything, fire bending is the one that needs to catch up.
      As for the actual season, it’s the best one of Korra by a long shot. I really enjoyed it.

      • They do have combustion bending (the sparky sparky boom thing) although that seems to be an ultra-rare genetic thing rather than just training. I do agree that Fire needs something to make it cool again and I’m betting the Zuko has a few new tricks now that he is a super-old badass.

        The spirit projection just seems to be connected to anyone with a strong tie to the spirit world. It doesn’t seem to be tied to a particular bending. On a side note, I love that they brought Iroh back for a little bit.

        True, I hadn’t thought that about lava and water synergy. Makes me wonder if the next season will have some sort of quasi-Avatar person who can also combine elements in various ways.

        • I forgot combustion bending. That was silly of me.
          Only Jinora has shown off the spirit projection thing. Everyone else they’ve shown has only been able to meditate to get into the spirit world, they haven’t been able to astral project and see things in spirit form in the real world.
          They actually introduced the concept back in season 2 of TLA. When Iroh taught Zuko how to protect himself against lightning, he said that he developed it based on water bending techniques. They bring it up again in season 3 when Zuko teaches it to Aang.

          • They hinted that Iroh may have had some sort of spirit ability as he could see spirits even when he was in the real world. Aside from that though, it’s really up in the air about what is possible and there could even be a lion-turtle that teaches spirit bending. Heck, removing someone’s bending was just an extremely advanced application of water/blood bending so anything could happen.

            Yeah I remember that episode with the lightning redirection. It’ll be interesting to see what else comes up with bending crossovers.

          • Zhao explicitly said that Iroh had been to the spirit world. Removing bending was using blood bending to make the chi-blocking tricks permanent. It just goes to show how clever you can be when you start working out how this stuff can be applied.

    • I tried to get into it when it first started airing but I couldn’t make it through the first episode, something just seemed really off about it all. Felt very disconnected from the first one (which I really liked).

      I guess I should give it another go at some point, since the first series was pretty rough at the outset as well IIRC.

      • The main thing that the Last Airbender has over Korra is that they have so much more time to develop the story. Korra feels rushed occasionaly but it has trimmed the fat a lot and there is barely any filler, unlike the Last Airbender which had more than a few “nothing happens” episodes.

  • Favourite shows on TV at the moment?

    True Detective! Orange is the New Black! House of Cards! Mad Men! Game of Thrones!

    But the best of them all? The Leftovers. I’m in love. It feels like a more deftly written Lost. (Nothing about the premise is familiar, Lindelof has just learnt some things since then.)

    • Also, really love Josh Thomas’ Please Like Me. It’s brilliant. Which is a rare thing to say about Australian TV.

      • Please like me has converted me, its the exact tv show i would want to make. Its clever and so well written and acted. I mean josh and his mate in the house are besties in real life so thats why their chemistry is so good but all the other aussie actors are fantastic. Best show to come out of australia in a long long long time.

      • I want to like it, I really do.
        I just can’t stand Josh Thomas >:(
        Everything else about the show is fine, I just can’t watch Josh freaking Thomas without getting unreasonably annoyed >:(

        • Not your show then, friend. This is all Josh Thomas, all of the time. If it’s any thing solace, he’s supposed to be somewhat abrasive and self-obsessed.

          • I just hate (in the show) his stupid voice, stupid whispy hair, stupid face, stupid choice of clothing, stupid personality, stupid luck (I’m straight, yet I get this hell handsome boyfriend without trying), and basically everything about him >:(

            He is just so unlikeable, which is a shame, cause I actually like the story of the show, and the other actors.

          • Were you a fan of Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation at all?

            Nothing but Shaun Micallef ragging on Josh, it was great 😛

    • True Detective! Sons of Anarchy! I’d also say Mad Men, but I’ve fallen a couple of seasons behind with that show.

      Almost all of my favourite shows have endings.

      Is TV really still being made?

          • I would go back to The X-Files!

            Aaron Spelling pioneered the thing,
            Now there’s TV’s praise to sing,
            Lots of good stuff on the air,
            You best believe I care.

            That’s all I’ve got for now. Coming to Broadway in 2015.

          • Can’t stand that show. Sorry!

            Edit: I tried to watch it for the first time recently. Maybe it just didn’t age well.

          • Don’t have to like it, just the way it was cast and shot that makes it the start of the golden age for me. 😀

    • Sons of Anarchy.. That’s like it that’s on TV atm that I watch.

      Fast N’ Loud is too, but I don’t watch that for the enthralling in depth story that the show is very strong in, I just watch it for the pretty cars.

      • So good right, i was talking about it on friday and the whole show just created a feeling of unease, but you couldnt turn away from it. The mix of amazing characters interacting and a great story to push it all forward was just sublime.

    • I’m ashamed to admit it, but Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23. I’m a little smitten with Dreama Walker! :0

    • Mad Men fo sho’.

      I’m up to episode 11 of Season 1, and I’m in love. I have been tried to combing my hair like Jon Hamm to try and gleam some of his coolness onto my own head.

        • Spoilers for S04E12 (final)
          I can’t really remember much of it to be honest. That was where Frank gets better, right? I thought it was a bit of a cop-out, but ultimately I’m glad because he’s a pretty important character. A horrible person, but I like the character 😛

          Can’t remember anything else that happens! If you jog my memory I could comment more thoroughly.

          • Yeah, no, that’s what I was getting at. Total cop-out. I get that he’s central to the show it just felt cheap. And yeah, I love his “antics” but sooner or later he has to get his comeuppance. I mean, eventually we have to stop rooting for Walter White and start rooting for Skyler. 😛

    • Supernatural! The story of two hunky men whose love knows no bounds and their emotional battles with a high….. I mean monsters and demons and slaying action…. *cough*

    • The Strain is the only thing currently (as in new episodes, I’m a big fan of a lot of the shows mentioned) running that I’m digging.

    • I ended up really loving Leftovers. The last two episodes were near perfect. (spoilers for those two follow)
      At first I was thinking the flashback episode was unneccessary as we already knew most of that stuff already from little flashes and conversations, but actually seeing the context of all the disappearances and realising the connection of them all being unwanted at the very second of the Departure was pretty powerful. The final episode was a good finale as well, in that it rounded up nicely in case there wasn’t going to be a second season, but still left questions. Smart.

      • Loved how the mother screamed Jill. Felt so damn pained. She knew that the Guilty Remnant were as good as over. Loved the whole Nora Durst narration that seemed like a suicide note, only to reveal that it was Lori who was walking to the ocean. Great, great ending.

        • I was just reading up a little on it, and apparently the first season covers the entirety of the book (which I guess is why it finishes nicely) and the second season will be completely uncharted territory. So now I’m scared the second season will suck.

          • Oh, that’s very, very cool. The co-creator of the show is the author of the book, so I think it will be in safe hands. And I’m happy I won’t have to avoid book spoilers every where now. Worst case scenario? It won’t be as good, atleast we have a near flawless first season. 🙂

    • Watching Eureka at the moment. I really like that show but last touch with it when I had way too many shows to watch. Mrs Tigs bought the rest of the season the other day so watching it all from the start.

      Haven’t really had any show jump out recently as a must watch, schedule is all over so haven’t been watching much on a regular basis

      • Loved the first few seasons of Eureka. We bought the first season on DVD for my daughter for Christmas last year and she was an instant addict. 😀

    • Totally hardly watch anything any more. Mainly because the shows we *did* watch all got pushed around the place then went to other channels then they stopped marking the repeats as repeats and we just cbf trying any more 😛

      Last Leg is pretty great. And I finally watched the first episode of this season of Dr Who on Saturday.

      Also I like Suits, but we’ve fallen behind and need to track down what we were up to.

  • Cannot stop laughing at Greg Norman even though I shouldn’t be.

    He put a picture on instagram of himself taking a chainsaw to some trees on one of his properties with the caption “Never let others do what you can do yourself.” Nice sentiment.

    Next day another picture comes up of him in hospital after nearly cutting his arm off with the chainsaw.

  • Morning Taybies, how are we all?
    Saturday night i got to try a game of Star citizen co op Vanduul Swarm with @rize, got one game in before they turned off the private servers due to load issues (aaaahhh alpha) and holy Shish kebab was it amazing! Combat is soooo gooood in that game now… Sunday i didn’t get to do any gaming due to helping my sister in law with moving, which suuuucked but oh well… How was your weekend?

  • @negativezero and any other tech heads…

    any suggestions on where to buy a cheap Microsoft Office 2013 professional licence from?

    legit, no dodgy dreamspark copy…

    • Can’t you subscribe to office for $10 a month? Granted, that’s $10 a month on an ongoing basis and you have to use One Drive, but the software will always be up to date and it beats paying hundreds of dollars in a single hit.

    • PCCG have it for $425. RPP in Australia is $600. Legit retail copy.

      I haven’t had to pay for Office in nearly five years (have a complete MSDN license for personal use) so I’m not sure where is a good spot to get it legit any more, haven’t had to do comparative shopping.

      If I didn’t get stuff through MSDN I’d probably just go Office 365 personally. I don’t really use anything in the suite for personal stuff except occasionally Excel.

    • Can you get access via your work and the Microsoft Home Use Program?

      Assuming you work for someone else…

  • Morning, TAY!

    Over the weekend I played a lot of games \o/ Dishonored is still a pretty cool guy. I was basically forced to play it because my Internet got disconnected by a technician somehow /o\ No Minecraft.

    Luckily I managed to download the Smash Bros 3DS demo before my internet died. It’s pretty fun! Villager is the best character. I really enjoy the little mini-game of planting a tree, watering it and then chopping it down to fall on top of someone. So rewarding when you get that big hit! Just the idea of fighting by growing a tree in the arena then chopping it down is great. (And of course, I set it up so that the demo shows up when I streetpass people today. Hope to make some people jealous :P)

    Also, cooking dinner for my Mum tonight. Must not fail. Must impress. Must show her how to properly cook a damn steak 😛

  • Last night I watched Chronicle. It’s actually kind of not terrible. Especially when you consider that it’s a found footage superhero movie.

    I only ended up watching it because it was written by the guy that did this summary of Death and Return of Superman.

    Annoyingly, Chronicle has a lot of elements from a story I tried to write once. So, at least I know that there’s no point working on that ever again. Also it’s confirmation that telekinesis is just a great blank slate superpower to work with.

    • I really enjoyed it but I feel the ending was extremely rushed, I think they should of taken the Unbreakable approach and not tried to give such a definitive ending.

      • Unbreakable. <3

        I hear that Unbreakable was just act one of a three act script. It’s the only part that Shyamalan liked so he cut the rest.

        • It’s probably for the best. If there’s one thing the world doesn’tneed it’s an excuse for Shyamalan to make more movies.

          • A film exec somewhere said that exact same thing right before we got The Happening, despite the fact they’d seen Lady in the Water.

            Still waiting on someone to make that rumoured Last Airbender movie though.

        • yeah this is apparently what happened, and it worked really well, you dont need a 3 act super hero movie for it to work, an origin story can be amazing self contained.

      • Apparently a sequel is in the works for Chronicle with different writers. I thought it was pretty self-contained. Not sure how the hell they make a sequel to it.

        • I guess the origin of their powers wasn’t really explained past they went near a space rock, so there is that to work with, someone finds another rock like it and the survivor from the first film has to stop them, or you know completely balls it up and do whatever they want ha

          • I don’t the powers really needed explanation. The movie was about how the characters developed after they got their powers.

            That’s why I don’t like the idea of a sequel. I just don’t see how to continue the story in a thematically similar way without retreading the same ground.

  • Any one watching season five of Boardwalk Empire? Really feels like a reboot. Perfect time to jump on board if you’re not keen to watch the first four seasons.

  • Morning TAY.

    So Saturday I caved and bought a Destiny PS4 bundle, really enjoying it so far just got to level 8 on a hunter last night. I’m very impressed with the skies and visuals in general, however I need to get used to playing shooters on a controller : /

    Former PC master race, now I’m a filthy console peasant with no friends on PSN 🙁 plz send hugs.

    • I too am a master race fps guy but am enjoying Destiny a lot, except for breaking my controller’s trigger the other day. Piat420 if you want to add me, also check out the Kotaku AU clan for Destiny, lots of activity there.

    • You can add me, I s’pose… 🙂
      PSN = liondrive
      I’m a level 15 Hunter, though I’m starting my subclass, so don’t have any abilities at the moment (it’s making everything super hard).

      • Oh god, I felt the same way. No grenade? NO DOUBLE-JUMP?!
        On the plus side, any alts you create will be able to choose your preferred subclass right off the bat. Unlocking Defender on my Titan meant that when I had a level 2 Hunter, I was levelling him as Bladedancer straight away.

  • One thing that really annoyed me about Alan wake was that the DLC levels were absolutely amazing and took the game to an interesting level. It’s a disappointment that more of the game wasn’t like the DLC

    • I loved Alan Wake but thought the DLC was a little hit and miss. Didn’t mind American Nightmare but it had the same problem as the DLC, felt like more stalling instead of moving plot forward. Great games though.

  • I only just learned that apparently TPG is doing a fibre rollout of their own.

    There goes my hopes of them just disappearing from Australia.

  • Wasteland 2 this week! *flails arms around* I suspect this game will get me all the way through to Alien: Isolation.

    • I’m hoping for it to get me through until Dragon Age: Inquisition, personally.
      I will be all RPG overloaded, and that’s okay with me.

  • Weekend wound up pretty packed, which I wasn’t expecting. Saturday had everyone all frothing at the mouth over the Smash demo, my friend invited me round to his place so we could play it together. Ended up doing that for maybe three hours or so, it was pretty good. The default controls they’ve given it are retarded though, will definitely be changing those in the full release.

    His girlfriend’s dad bought him a pair of tickets to this Sci-Fi Classics concert by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, just out of the blue because he thought it’d be something he’d enjoy. His girlfriend ended up sick though and made him take me instead. It was really good, the conductor was entertaining as always and live music is always good. Really enjoyed Blue Danube, Thunderbirds, Batman (Keaton one), and it was great to hear Star Wars done live. Fearing I’m getting too well practised at being a stand-in boyfriend/girlfriend though 😛

    Talking with friends after getting home, one of them was talking about some metal bands that he saw that night. For some reason it occurred to me that he might know of this band I saw in Brisbane back in 09 who I hadn’t been able to find trace of since. So I told him what I could remember of it – where and when I saw them, that they were called something like Voltare or Voltaire and that they were a three-piece band from Melbourne with a bald guy on guitar and a girl on vocals who was pretty amazing, she sung really well as it was but then would jump into (some really good) growling and back again like it was nothing, and in general was just a really good performer. I’d done a couple of searches on them from time to time but had never really been able to come up with anything. In all of a minute or two, another friend jumped in with a facebook link to the band’s page (actually called Voltera. FIVE FREAKIN YEARS LATER AND SHE MANAGES TO JUST JUMP OUT OF NOWHERE WITH THAT. A little later, the guy I’d directed the question at realised he’d actually seen them before, and enjoyed their show. I made a comment saying I’d happily see them again, then he pastes this thing they’d put up just last month saying that this is their final year as a music group, and they’re going to become some kind of charity/humanitarian organisation or something instead. I always seem to have the best timing with these things 😛

    I hadn’t been able to find much about the other band I saw that night either – The Kidney Thieves. It was hard to find stuff on them because there was another bigger band called just Kidneythieves, though even excluding that specific term I’d never been able to find much. So I figured hey why not see if she can find anything on them? Same. God. Damn. Thing. All of two minutes and she’s telling me that they’re still around but now known as Osaka Punch. Cannot believe it, I kept my searches simple and yet ended up with mostly irrelevant results really quickly, but somehow she throws in one or two extra terms and ends up with an answer right at the top. Totally out-googled. But hey, at least my five-year mysteries have been laid to rest.

    Sunday, I heard a friend mention he found some cheap games at Big W. So went on one of my shopping treks, searching through five differnt stores around me. Of course, I get a call from Wingman right as I’m about to leave, trying to get me to come hang with them down in Campbelltown. Campbelltown? Who the hell goes to Campbelltown? I want my shop time though, so just tell her I’ll call up when I’m done 😛

    Kinda went longer than I expected. Ended up with a whole bunch of curiosity pickups for $10 each – RE Revelations for Wii U (already played the hell out of the 3DS version, but I kinda want to see how this one turned out), Splinter Cell Blacklist since a friend keeps saying that it’s really good, Anarchy Reigns because Platinum, and Star Wars Kinect because OMG STAR WARS DANCING AND IT’S CHEAP! Then I also found a store with Rhythm Heaven Wii and Zack and Wiki, and felt that even though I already have both they were too good to leave behind 😛 Figure one of my friends will be interested, if not then they’ll make good prize fodder for our next meetup.

    Called up to see what my friends were up to, turns out they’d just put Wollongong Guy on a bus and were pretty much done for the day. I was in Liverpool now, so kinda close by, figured we could still meet up and do something. But god damn did it take forever to sort something out. And then to actually meet up. I was ready to leave the shops at 4, but we didn’t end up meeting up til 6. Apparently there was a cheap cinema nearby and I was keen to check out TMNT, but they weren’t so much. And then it turned out the place was booked out anyway, but they were even less willing to go to Event. We ended up just having dinner there, then went to San Churros for dessert which was HUGE MISTAKE. Fondue for two, shared between three, and it was still way too much. So badly ready to explode afterwards. Was good though, churros are the best.

    Then I ended up giving Wingman a lift back to her place while her boyfriend went in his car. So of course it turned into a race 😛 His car easily outperforms mine, and he was being a cheeky bugger the whole way. But in the end that was his downfall, he ended up getting to a set of lights first while my hanging back let me go through them at full speed, going straight past him and leaving him with no further opportunities to get ahead. Totally won 😎

    • I like to think I’m too mature to succumb to the idea of “racing” especially when I’m in a dinky 4-valve compact car and I’ve got wankers around me in sports cars breaking the speed limit to make a big show of how they can get around me if they want (in fairness the stretch of the Hume highway I live near SHOULD be an 80 zone and 70 is a pain to stick to so the cops love setting up speed traps there).

      BUT I loved it last night when some douchebag in some sports car zips past me taking the curve at 90 when I’m deliberately sitting around 65-68, slams on the brakes when he sees the speed trap warning signs (hopefully too late), speeds up again after the trap zone just to get to a red light at the Meccano set, then still hasn’t taken his foot off the brake when I’m cruising through the now-green light.

      • That’s why I love my Ute. I’m generally what my wife calls a Grandpa driver but sometimes I like showing the tools in their tarted up little hatches just what difference a big powerful stock motor makes over a stressed and overworked little engine.

    • What did you think of RE: Revelations? I picked it up in the weekend Steam sale and I hope to enjoy it as I’m a pretty big RE fan. I’m also starting to get on the hype wagon for Revelations 2 however hearing the words Capcom and episodic content don’t fill me with confidence.

      • Huge fan. One of the best games on 3DS, top production values. And really felt like it was built for handheld, especially with the whole episodic format. It used the Circle Pad Pro really well too. Loads of content, actually it’s my most-played game on 3DS. Spent maybe 150 hours on it according to the game clock I think, with 60 of those on the campaign (still yet to do a run through on Hard mode) and the rest on Raid mode even though I never took it online at all.

        I’m totally pissed that they’re not bringing Revelations 2 to either Nintendo platform. But then if they’re delivering it episodically then I probably wouldn’t want it anyway. At least not until the whole lot was bundled as a retail release.

        • Oh wow that is quite a bit. I hope it’s as good on PC although it can’t be any worse than RE 5 with GFWL *shudder*.

          I’m going to remain cautious and probably wait and buy the bundle. Still excited for more Claire Redfield though. And Barry Burton’s daughter should be pretty cool (I hope she ends up with her dad’s magnum :P).

          • Have you played Mercenaries? That’s another 3DS favourite for me. Especially getting to play as Barry.

            He has a melee attack called the Burton Boot!

          • I’ve only played the Mercenaries mode from 4 and 5. I loved playing as HUNK although my hopes of his story getting expanded on are slim to none.

  • ~30 something thousand books, DVDs, CDs & stuff to pack up into boxes & stuff.

    this week is gonna be shitty.

    hows things with you lot?

    • THink of all the remembering you can do. I would come help you if i could. Have fun buddy and hugs to you.
      Also to @cakesmith who is moving.

  • Started a Hardcore character on Diablo 3 last night and got to level 15. Decided on the Monk mainly because it was the only character I hadn’t started yet. Seemed like a decent choice for a hardcore run. He heals faster than he gets damaged and has some nice AoE attacks but struggles to hand out much damage to the bigger guys one on one making it a grind. The hardcore option really does add a tense feel to everythin making every elite mob a worry even though I’ve never really died to one before. I will panic when a Nemesis decides to visit. Everyone do me a favour and don’t die for a while okay?

    • I’m tempted to start one but then I remember my level 60 character with 10ish paragon levels on PC that died and just cry.

    • When I found out about the Nemesis I immediately began feeling bad about all the Nemeses I’ll be sending everyone’s way when I get the game, so I hope everyone’s already done with it before I start playing, too. 😛

      • Usually they’re a tonne of fun and a good challenge (except @ynefel’s one that took 3/4 of the multilayer party out in one shot) but I’m kind of terrified of them if I’m not allowed to die.

      • I’m actually kinda looking forward to seeing more of those. I’ve only encountered one on my own and was able to kill it pretty easily and got mad lewts from it, so hopefully the others will be OK!

    • Hardcore can be pretty fun as long as you play it safe and don’t Leeroy Jenkins every single mob. 😛

  • I didn’t realise Outlander was pretty much just a romance with a touch of history and fantasy thrown in to dress it up until it was too late. I’ve kind of grown to like the show, in spite of myself. I blame the theme song for hooking me. I’ll always turn the volume up for the intro theme and won’t let Mr. Strange skip it. 😛

    • I feel the same way about GLEE!
      I didnt really want to watch it but then i eventually caved and watched a few episodes with the missus and in spite of my hipster-esque like of pretty much just electro pop music and well written scfi or anime i really like it. The show makes fun of itself and i can sing along every 5-10 minutes.

    • What kind of monster skips opening credits! They set the tone! They’re sometimes the best part of the episode! They stay with you years after the show! REMEMBER THIS, CAUSE I DO?

      Still planning on watching this. I’ve decided I’m at the age where I don’t give a damn if any one finds me less manly for watching romance stuff. XD

      • I always just sit and listen to the Uncharted menu music for a while before I start playing. So good 🙂

        • Haha! Me too! It’s always the worst when a game will go to a teaser trailer or something after a little inactivity. I’m here, I’m just listening to music damn it. 😀

          • Video game soundtracks I really have a love for. One that I’m listening to a lot is the One Finger Death Punch soundtrack, epic kung fu music! xD

      • I’ve been at the age where I don’t give a damn if anyone finds me less manly for anything for a while, now. 😀

      • Also, watching things with Mr. Strange kind of sucks sometimes because he’ll often skip opening credits that have awesome songs, and he’ll almost always ruin the end of movies or thought provoking shows by talking or making a stupid “joke” the very second it’s finished.

        Edited because grammar typo. Don’t want the Grammar Nazis to get me! 😛

    • Listened to an interview with DIana Galbaldon a while back.

      Apparently the Outlander fanbase is a split between soccer mums and soldiers.

  • Hola Tayberinos

    Had a busy weekend. Friday we Fiascoed (will repost the writeup as a reply to this) which was good fun. Giving @beeawwb and myself a character connection through the object “new tits” gave him licence to be a scary, scary ambitious lady. Would be keen to run another fiasco later this week if anyone is interested.

    Saturday went and gave blood, then in the afternoon went to a Steampunk thing at the railway museum (my costume: I dunno, I’ve been going to these things on and off for five years now, and I find sometimes they just seem to be “we’re in costume lets take pictures” which can be a little dull. still, got to go look at all the old trains.

    Last night, pub. Also lots of writing selection criteria and Destiny over the weekend.

    A monday morning question: FIasco uses playsets, which have Relationships, Objects, Needs and Locations related to a setting. What would you put in a TAY playset? The Oar of thorns? Popcorn? The location being “where I found $10?”



      @trjn as Jeff Herbert, local news anchor and serial sex addict trying to end his career in peace
      @beeawwb as Becky Hardcastle, ruthless and ambitious reporter for channel eleven, previously fired thanks to Jeff
      Myself as Horace Bergman, Journalism professor at a local university. My best days behind me, I’m having a torrid affair with Becky and paid for her breast implants. I’m also considering Jeff for a Peabody award which I’m on the committee for
      and my mate Dan as Redmond Herring, Herbert’s protege and junior anchor who’s trying to take Herbert’s job…and his wife

      Herbert convincing Rupert Murdoch to have Becky reposted to Alaska
      Becky confronting Herbert about their fabricated lovechild…and being introduced to Jeff’s sex swing
      Bergman confronting herbert in the make up chair only to be rebuffed, then trying again live on air to much better results, only to be screamed at in the parking lot by Becky
      Redmond sweet talking Herbert’s wife Mitzi into leaving herbert for him and convincing Becky to back him for the anchor chair

      Key plot points:
      Becky’s new jacked up “plot points”
      Mitzi’s charity for overprivileged children in New York
      The remarkable Ham sandwiches they serve near city hall
      The Peabody awards and their use as a missile weapon
      The football team’s Rohypnol party

      and the result?

      Herbert posted to Alaska community radio, slightly brain damaged and syphilitic
      Becky a rising star on the talk show circuit
      Redmond got Herbert’s girl and his job
      and Bergman? well, he stuck to his guns on integrity and had the schaudenfreude of watching Herbert’s downfall. He also kicked Becky out, but his wife Maude has questions, as do the tenure board at the university…

    • Karaoke with Charisma checks.
      The Oar of Thorns would be like seeking the Holy Grail.
      Popcorn is a replacement word for “Rations” whenever @mrtaco is in the party.
      Bunny and Freya would be the adventuring couple that search long lost temples for artifacts called “Board games”.

        • An evening of people repeatedly saying “no, I don’t want to have sex with you”… ah, it’s high school all over again.

    • I’d be keen for another round of Fiasco, for sure. Just got to keep in mind work nights, so may need to start a little earlier. Possibly.

      Had heaps of fun though. It was really good for me to get my head around a new character on the fly and having to “be” her for a few hours. I can see regular games as being very helpful practice for other, more long term, RP sessions (e.g. Pathfinder).

      • I’ll probably have to sit the next one out, if only to make room for other people.

        Working out who the character is -on the fly – is definitely the hardest part. Once you get rolling, well, it’s just rad.

        • Yeah, goes without saying (but saying it anyway) that people who haven’t yet had a turn get absolute priority. 🙂

  • A couple of nights ago someone retweeted a Herald Sun Halfwits tweet saying to arrest. Everyone leaving Australia for Syria or Iraq.

    This morning Abbott announced he was doing just that. Parody is becoming prophecy.

  • So Freya has a work thingy down in Melbourne this weekend. We’re driving down on Friday and I have to find a way to occupy myself during the day on Saturday and Sunday.


  • I was just given some “Telephone Hygiene Wipes”. Why do these exist? If your phone is that dirty, I think it’s time to get a new phone.

    • Points you in the direction of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy…

      From Wikipedia: The Golgafrinchan telephone sanitizer is in the novel The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. By tragic coincidence, after all the telephone sanitizers were sent away with the rest of the “useless” Golgafrinchans, the rest of the society died off from an infectious disease contracted from an “unexpectedly dirty” telephone.

  • *turns on laptop*
    “Hmm, haven’t allowed Windows to update in a while…”
    *runs updates*

    *computer reboots*
    *computer bluescreens*
    *computer attempts to reboot*
    *computer won’t start windows*

    “Welp, that’s why I resisted updates for a while. I should know better by now…”
    *force reboot*
    *computer won’t start windows*
    “Well, crap.”

      • Windows 8.1, bluescreen was dominated by a smiley face, and rebooting gets as far as a blinking cursor on a black screen. No Windows at all. Trying to find a recovery disk to put on USB to attempt a recovery… MS used to host them somewhere for free download… f’d if I can find ’em now, tho…

        • windows 8 is a very different beast. In one of the windows you get in the blue troubleshooting screen, there should be a refresh windows option. that wont trash your files, but will likely get you back in to windows. If it fails to refresh, then you’ll need a disk

          • Yep, that was the plan. I do love how much troubleshooting information is given to the user nowadays… said no IT guy, ever.

            Aaaand, every official method I can find says I need windows to be able to make a recovery disk, or to download an ISO. As the only computer I have access to atm is an RHEL box, that is very helpful. This is getting ridiculous… maybe I can download it through their IE testing VMs…

  • Troll sakurai strikes again, this time in the form of the fact that not even the masterball in smash 4 is safe from goldeen, possibly from watching twitch plays pokemon. Man, will we be safe from more trolling, oh wait no

  • Page 3 repost.

    I’m going to be in Melbourne this weekend with nothing to do. Freya is doing a work training thing on Saturday and Sunday. Board games should happen. Just need someone to volunteer a place for board gaming to happen.

    I can bring pretty much anything in my collection that people want to play too.

    EDIT: Worth mentioning that Saturday is better than Sunday because we’re going to have to head straight home as soon as her course finishes. You know, 10 hour drive and all that.

  • The Dota subreddit had a survey about matchmaking rating. There was a question at the end if you think you should have the rating that you have.

    Like everyone else, I said that I should have higher rating than I do.

    You see, I have an MMR of 2936. That’s somewhere in the average range (I think it’s meant to be 2500-3000 is average). Considering I started with a rating in the 2600 range, that’s a pretty okay improvement.

    Here’s the rub though. Your MMR only really ever goes up (or down) 25 points at a time. I’ve played on 29 ranked games with a winrate of 72%.

    I don’t think that I’m that good but a winrate of 72% is just silly. Once I play more ranked games, I’m sure it will settle down.

    The weird bit is that I play significantly better in solo ranked games than in random team games with TAYbies. I think there’s just some switch where I decide to take the game seriously that fails to turn on if CJ is in the game. It’s the only explanation for the difference in my performances.

    • Isn’t it pretty much how it goes for new ranked players, you start lowish and work your way up? It would make sense with the 72% win rate as you know what you’re doing (Based on what I hear anyway)

      • Low tier supporting is pretty simple: ward, stack, gank. It’s easy to make it seem like you know what you’re doing when there isn’t much to do.

        I was going to say that I tend to fill in whatever gaps the team needs but my four most played heroes are all supports and nearly 10% of all my games are on Ancient Apparition (if you exclude Ability Draft and All Random Death Match, it’s probably more than 10%).

        • So far my LoL ranked style of play is pretty much the same as yours but with a large champion pool to compensate for all roles. I don’t ever call my lane until it’s my turn to actually pick in the order, and I can competently do every role now even jungling (My early game still needs work but I’ve gotten fairly better in jungle ganks). It’s been serving me well so far, I’m in Silver II and I’m at 1/2 wins needed out of 3 games to get to Silver I. In low elos however, Leona support is just too strong, good thing I can play as her very well 🙂

          • I can play quite a few heroes pretty well. It’s just that I pick based on my team composition:

            We have a lot of early push/team fight? Shadow Shaman or Witch Doctor.
            They have great initiate? Disruptor.
            I have no idea what either team is trying to do? Fuck it, AA.

  • two whole pages of TAY to catch up on? AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FO’ THAT

    *goes off to do canadian things such as freeze to death*

  • I just got swooped (twice) by a Mynah bird. It made a clicky/rattle noise at it flew past my head.


    And that more or less sums up my day thus far. How are you all on this lovely spring day?

    • Shit, there’s always that one small animal that infuriates you to no end. I can confidently call a certain squirrel in my nearby park my goddamn nemesis, the way it chitters and THE FUCKSTICKS DID YOU THROW AN APPLE AT ME I WILL GODDAMN END YOU I WILL VIOLATE EVERY GODDAMN ARTICLE IN THE GENEVA CONVENTION SO YOU WILL DIE THE WORST DEATH

    • Fucking Plovers are my mortal enemies. They even sound angry. They used to nest on the roof of the factory I worked in years ago and we spent our lunch breaks being abused and taunted by them.

      “Hey, I’d never thought of that before. Let’s get him next time, fellas!”

    • I was swooped by one of them last summer and the blighter actually drew blood. Those things are vicious.

    • Cool story, but we can improve it quite easily without any falsehood involved:

      “I just got attacked (twice) by a Dinosaur. It made a clicky/rattle noise as it went for my head.”

  • So, I went to OzComicCon yesterday and managed to rack up 29 streetpasses in one day… Now what do I do with them? 😛

  • Thinking I should organise another Freeze meat but got it into my head no one would want to come unless I wait another month or two.

          • I got this.

            Hot outside aside from me, singing and shine and late for this, von 99 said luft balloons; you would sing well who’da thunk. Then, super lies with curdle links, singing and shine and late for this. Von 99 said luft baloons, dust for us from who was c***.

            That’s close enough, right?

          • Heiß draußen abgesehen von mir, Gesang und glänzen und zu spät für diese, von neunundneunzig die roten Luftballons; Sie würde gut singen wer hätte das gedacht. Dann, super liegt mit gerinnen Links, Gesang und Glanz und spät für diese. Von neunundneunzig Luftballons, sagte Rot, Staub für uns aus, die war fotze.

          • What kind of English is that? Go back to Commieland with your Commanian language. If you want to sing here learn English, is it so hard?

            Fotze. Fotze bear? Wokka wokka wokka! 😛

  • Afternoon all, hope you’re all travelling swell like.

    This time last week I was aboard a train of hype, laden with NOS and jet engines for Destiny. Now the train is chugging along steadily with a small coal supply, is this how I’m supposed to feel a week after a 10 year game?

    • Hey, it’s that guy from the blog! I’ve refreshed every ten minutes since you posted it and can’t find any updates. What you been doing? EXERCISING?

  • It looks like my plans to do a barista course will have to be shelved for a little while. I just got my power bill, so I’ll have to pay that first. 🙁

    • The path to Baristahood ain’t an easy one! If it was easy, we’d all be baristas! I believe in you, friend!

  • I finished my lunch but I’m still hungry. But I have (non-freezer :P) donuts I might heat up and I might also make up some custard in the microwave with custard powder. Dessert is a lunch thing, right?

    • Yes, it’s got the DC foundation stamp of approval!

      My lawyers tell me I have to tell you I’m not affiliated with the heart foundation.

      • You should be…my diet is approved by you and I’ve outlived almost everyone in TAY already! 😛

        • Pretty sure you’ve outlived virtually everything in the universe by this point!

          (I almost missed this one. Never could have forgiven myself if I’d squandered an opportunity to remind you of how pitifully quick the degradation of energy in the universe is compared to your near infinite lifespan.)

          [I sometimes worry that this joke might be getting stale, but then I remember that your memory’s grown feeble by this point, so you hopefully can’t remember anytime I’ve made these “jokes” before.]

    • Wendy’s here have started serving fresh hot cinnamon donuts topped with soft serve and chocolate sauce…

    • I love my new routine of my daughter bringing her brother home from school, while I take him to school(it used to be the other way around). It’s the exact time I used to have to leave right now but instead of walking up to the school, I’m sitting down eating donuts and custard. 😀

  • TAY RPG 40K Rogue Trader tomorrow night at 8pm AEST.

    @freezespreston @rize @tech_knight @pupp3tmast3r @sernobulus @f4ction

    Battered and bruised, you have recovered the energy source from the crashed Ork ship and you can head back to Hive Nadir.

  • So I just bought wild boar, goat and a crocodile leg from an amazing new butcher specialising in game. 😀 😀 😀

    • Crocodile tastes like a cross between chicken and duck. It is super tasty.

      Now I want crocodile burgers dang it.

      • Goat curry is just the best.

        Crocodile is a very mild favour that gets overtaken by whatever you serve it with. Only really good for skewers soaked in whatever sauce.

        • Yeah, I’m going to make a goat casserole tonight with half, and then a goat curry at the weekend with the rest.

          Probably something fancier with the boar, maybe a ragu with chestnut polenta. I’ll just barbecue the crocodile leg with a little salt and eat it as is to get the flavour for the first time.

          Thanks for the encouragement guys!

    • Goat Souvlaki (oh alright, call it a kebab then).

      No seriously, goat kebab with garlic sauce and fresh salad stuff in there. Absolutely…ugh.
      Damn me living in a place with a severe lack of goats.

      • This sounds unbelievably good. @janexo you must do this so I can live vicariously through you guys!

        • Haha, I think skewers are on the menu too! I bought 500 grams, so I might do a few little meals, rather than one big dish.

    • Where is this butcher (you were brisbane right?). For science and totally not going to go spend a heap of money on meat that my wife won’t eat.

        • Eww, I hate veggies 😛
          I just don’t like the idea of hunting :\
          Poor little animals, running around all free and happy, then BLAM they’re dead.
          It’s sad :'(

          • Protip: If a cow is running, it’s not happy. Same can probably be said of boars, pigs, sheep and etc.

          • You know what I meant.
            I despise hunting.
            Like, I hate it, I hate hunters, I want every poacher wiped off the face of the earth.
            So maybe don’t joke about that with me.

            (I get that hunting isn’t the worst thing ever, but I don’t like the idea of killing wild animals)

          • I literally just said don’t joke with me about it.
            It’s not a joking matter to me.
            It makes my blood boil.
            I’ve been trembling with anger since this conversation started.
            That’s how much I despise poachers, and how much I hate hunting.
            It’s inhuman (to me) to hunt and kill a wild creature.
            I get that farming animals is still inhumane, but the difference is that that is their purpose, and I like to (naively) imagine that the animals at least had a good life, or that being killed was the most humane thing for them.

            I’d be a vegetarian, but I don’t like vegetables and I would starve without meat :\
            It’s a necessary evil for me.
            But I will never eat game.

          • But how am I supposed to alienate myself from my friends if I can’t make inappropriate jokes? YOU’RE MAKING THINGS DIFFICULT FOR ME >:(

          • I totally 100% agree with you. My mother went on a six-month tour through Africa last year, and she said one of the highlights was her little tour group stumbling upon a poacher’s camp, calling the police and having them arrested.

      • I have no issue with hunting, if it’s for food purposes and done sustainably.

        Trophy hunting or wanton killing, however, I find incredibly distasteful.

        • This. I’ll eat anything (not a huge fan of kidneys though and tripe can fuck right off) but killing something for the sake of it? I don’t get it*.

          *Spiders I fully understand and condone.

          • Spiders aren’t alive, they move because they’re animated by dark, evil energies and hatred for the living.

          • CANETOADS. Ugh. Murder every last one of them. I don’t care how inhumane the murder is – just get rid of them ughhhhhh.

          • Yup.
            Every time I come back to QLD I always make time to stomp the guts out of the nearest cane toad that I can find.


          But seriously, I agree with you.

        • What if it’s going hunting, but you’re not going to eat it yourself?
          Still no issue?
          So, the person doing the hunting is purely doing it because they enjoy it.
          But hey, someone’s going to eat it still, so it’s fine, right?
          So, there is nothing wrong with someone hunting and killing an animal, for the soul purpose of fun (for them), so long as someone else eats the meat, who didn’t have to get their hands dirty.
          That’s what this is.
          That’s what your fine with, right?
          Just so I’m clear.

          • I don’t have an issue with people enjoying hunting. It’s sure not my thing, at all, and I have serious reservations about how it’s regulated, but: Humans have been hunting since the dawn of time.

            I don’t mind people hunting as part of a wildlife control strategy, or hunting for food. Again, it’s not my cup of Earl Grey, but If people are going to hunt I’d infinitely prefer the animal to be used for a purpose. That includes meat, and I don’t particularly care if they eat it themselves or sell it.

            What I object to is people hunting for sport, and people hunting in an unsustainable manner. You don’t think that’s reasonable?

          • No, I don’t think that’s reasonable.
            Look at what’s being hunted in this situation.
            Animals that have specific farms set up, for each, for the purpose of food.
            So, why hunt them when they don’t need to be hunted?
            It’s cruel, is what it is.
            Feigned freedom for an animal only to be shot down, for fun, under the guise of hunting for food when it’s unnecessary.
            And you don’t have a problem with that?

            The “dawn of time” argument is, at best, piss-weak. I think we’ve evolved a bit since then Red, don’t you?

            If you’re so desperate to eat a food that has to be hunted, at least have the guts to kill it yourself.
            How else would you appreciate the gravity of the situation?

            Anyway, I’m wiping my hands of this disgusting subject

          • Nope.

            Here’s the truth. We eat animals. Do I think hunting is the best way to get meat? No. Do I begrudge others doing it? Not really.

            To pick a specific example: I eat Kangaroo- lots of kangaroos are hunted. Sure, in an ideal world, we’d farm them, but we don’t. Most Kangaroo meat is from population control efforts. This does not particularly bother me.

            As for the kill it yourself argument, that’s really ancillary to this discussion. I’ve already stated I personally don’t want to go hunting, but that’s a taste thing, not a moral thing. I just don’t see it as fundamentally wrong, as you appear to.

      • The only thing stopping me from being a vegetarian is I currently don’t prepare my own food. When that day comes, I’ll be judging you meat eaters silently. Until then? Who wants burgers! 😀

        • There was a girl in my Honours year whose project was to raise a chicken and to see if she was able to kill it for meat. I really respected that project, and even just hearing about it opened my eyes a little to the idea of personal responsibility. I’m not sure I could kill my own meat.

          • I often wonder how much meat people would eat if it weren’t packaged up nicely in anonymous little portions that make it easy to disconnect yourself from its origins.

          • I wanted to make an off-color joke about choking the chicken here but I can’t tease one out.

            But more to the point, there was an excellent anime earlier in the year / last year that tackled this too, and it was quite interesting. Silver Spoon. Kid moves from the city to an agriculture-focused high school and one of the subplots involves him rearing a pig from the point it’s born as a piglet, and struggling to figure out how he feels about the fact that it’ll end up as bacon.

          • Maybe because I grew up in a farming town right near an abattoir that I can handle it? It’s tricky though. You quickly grew to understand what’s a pet and what’s your livelihood.

            I can absolutely tell you that cows are assholes (not dairy cows, but cattle). I have the bite marks to prove it!

          • Yep. I spent a lot of time being shipped out to my grandfathers farm and quickly learnt to leave the cows alone. Also that pigs are awesome. Loved spending time with them.

          • My ex used to live on a farm. She happily told me about how they’d pick a cow to kill and then once that was done her dad used to take to it with a chainsaw to start dividing it up into more manageable bits. Painted quite the picture.

            Never got to see it when I went there to visit though 😛

    • That sounds pretty amazing. The most exotic thing I’ve ever eaten is kangaroo.

      That impresses Americans, but that’s about it.

    • I like crocodile. Buffalo is also good, as is Venison. Also tried emu, ostrich, kangaroo, wallaby, rabbit and goat. Most unusual ‘meat’ (not sure if it counts) I’ve eaten is crickets. Had them in Thailand, deep fried. Kind of like chips with legs.

  • Finding out some people are crazy awesome makes meeting all the douchebags worthwhile. Met GF’s cousin yesterday for the first time and i was a little dubious because her other cousins who live here seem kind of vapid. Very attractive and vapid i might add.I get on okay with them because im also attractive but i digress.

    Anyway her cousin is crazy awesome with loads of great stories and experiences and it was awesome listening to them. She told a stories about when she was backpacking through Serbia and Europe and how a Italian nun taught her how to pee standing up. It just made me go wide eyed at the possibllities around me and how I’m anxious to discover all this for myself.


    Question 1: Does Your Cause Require an Elaborate Conspiracy Theory to Be True?
    If you answered yes, it’s probably bullshit.
    For instance, let’s say there’s a movement called #GamerGate, about irate gamers protesting the lack of ethics in gaming journalism. OK, sounds like a good, simple cause. Now, let’s say the specific ethical breach that enraged them is about a feminist indie game designer who a bunch of gamers already hated supposedly gaining control of the gaming media through her vagina — all of this based on the conjectures of a guy on YouTube who also seems to think government scientists are involved. As in, apparently there’s a secret DARPA project to brainwash gamers into, uh, being more tolerant of women. The bastards.

    For a site that is predominately stupid jokes (and smug hipster rants about how much music they know *cough*todbrown*cough*) sometimes they just hot the nail right on the head while making the nail look like an idiot.

  • On the flipside of all the meat talk, I’m now eating an incredible orange at my desk. It tastes so good – I’m eating it whole (peeled, of course) and my co-worker said it sounded like I was making out with it, ahahah.

  • Oh, so I was bored, so I watched the Despecializ(s)ed Edition of Star Wars the other day.

    It’s been a few years since I last watched the movie, so there were a coupla things that I didn’t remember, and a few things I knew were missing from the crappy updated versions (I’d never seen the original Solo shootout, only the two edits, so that was a little different).

    There’s also some scenes where it’s glaringly obvious that they’ve been rescued from different sources, since the video quality can swing wildly. On top of that, as much as purists might like to disagree, a lot of the special effects have not aged well, particularly the fact that blaster shots really don’t sit very well in the 3D space, and there’s some obvious shortcuts with how some of the disparate elements were put together in post.

    Add to that the fact that the plot is a clichéd mess, the main character an annoying jerk, and the fact that the single lightsaber battle looks like it was choreographed by strapping swords to a pair of drinking bird toys, and I really don’t know why anybody likes it.

    I’m just fucking with you, it was still rad despite the fact that it’s pretty terrible, really (not its score though, I have no complaints with that).

    • Yes, the models haven’t dated that well. But neither has the 1997 CG that replaced it. Additionally the practical effect stuff has a lot of charm to it IMO.

    • I don’t care what you say. On the big screen, the Death Star trench run is one of the most exciting things ever. Yes, yes, the music is a big part of it, but whatever. I <3 my Star Wars OT.

  • When I make labels for my quilts (you’re supposed to sew a label on saying what it’s called, who made it (including who designed it, and who quilted it, if it wasn’t you. Which is another reason why I like making it all up myself, less things to have to put onto the label! ), when it was made and where it was made. For posterity and such.
    I always put my real name on the labels, not “Strange” (which actually feels more like my real name these days, but that’s not the point :P) and obviously I take pictures of my quilts so I was thinking it might be time to not be so secretive about my real name on my blog. Or maybe just start labeling the quilts with “Strange”. It is less letters, after all. 😛

    • Labels are harmful, Strange. WHEN WILL THE PREJUDICE END?

      I know what you mean about names though. I’ve got a friend who calls me Dan and I always look around for @dkzeitgeist. ALWAYS.

      • Man, I often ignore it when people use my super secret name, I don’t necessarily associate it with myself.

        But that’s not thanks to here or anything, that’s just because there was another Sean in my year at high school, and odds were if somebody called out our name, it would be to him, since he was far far cooler than me, and that’s stuck with me for the five years since then.

      • That’s a good habit to get into.

        Always be on the look out for me.

        You never know when I might strike.

    • StrangestItches might not want to be the label you put up for posterity…. 😛

      But if you wanted to keep your RL name off your blog, you could always hilariously pixelate all the photos. All of them.

    • You make quilts? That’s so cool. Do you hate quilt covers? Or do you know some sort of quilt-industry insider secret to getting the dang things to stay on?

      • Haha, I wish I knew how to keep quilts inside quilt covers! Mr. Strange always manages to get his side of the quilt lost. 😛

        But no, the quilts I make are on the patchwork side of things. So a warm fluffy layer sandwiched between two layers of fabric and secured with stitching, then bound with more fabric on the edges to finish it off. Here’s a link to some of my quilts:

      • Once she reveals her real name you can all call her by the shortened version I use and it will be awesome. 😀

        • I said I’d be not so secretive on my blog, not that I’d have some big reveal of it on here. 😛

        • This is the most anticipated announcement in all of TAY history. A truly historic moment. Upon utterance of @strange’s real name, scientists expect many to fall to their knees. Others to openly weep with joy. All will gain pure enlightenment and ascend to heaven.

          But no pressure.

          • However, a small faction believe it will usher in the end times, and have started a religious cult somewhere in the outback for whenever the inevitable happens.

  • I think Star Wars was perfect in it’s late 90s form: updated psecial effects, a couple of extra scenes that were still basically true to the original. I was even willing to forgive the song and dance routine in Jabba’s palace at the beginning of RotJ.

    There are only two things I will not forgive:

    1) the insertion of the Vader “NNNNNOOOOOO” when the Emperor is electrocuting Luke, a pointless throwback to Vader’s loss-fuelled “NNNNNOOOOOO” at the end of Episode 3, a throwback that didn’t need to occur because Episode 3 came after and seriously did Lucas think we needed an extra clue that Vader was upset in that scene? No dialogue could improve on what John Williams’ score accomplished in that moment.

    2) the insertion of the Hayden force ghost at the very end of RotJ. It simply doesn’t make sense, and erases Anakin Skywalker’s redemption which – when you look at the series as a 6 epsiode arc instead of just the original trilogy – is the WHOLE FUCKING POINT. Instead of having a good man die in Luke’s arms on the floor of the Death Star, Luke has to live with the ghost of his whiny teenage father in his pre-Vader state. Obi-Wan told Luke in episode 4 that Vader killed Anakin and that was “true” because Obi-Wan and Yoda both believed Anakin beyond redemption, that only Vader lived inside that suit of armour. Luke rose above their fears and redeemed the Skywalker legacy.

    *shakes fist*


    You know. I honestly haven’t watched any of the Star Wars movies since episode III came out. Maybe I should just let this go and forget Star Wars ever mattered.

    • I like to think the post stands on its own. We all have deep Star Wars thoughts from time to time. I often wonder if the Cantina band ever got that record deal.

      • Yes, but they ended up spiralling into a pit of despair after nobody liked any of their other songs. They were known for decades as the biggest one hit wonders of the galaxy.

    • I kind of agree, and if I had a chance, I’d watch an older version of Star Wars. I’d probably watch the original version, if I had unfettered choice. But I’ve stopped being mad at these changes.

      They are almost all very silly and entirely nonsensical additions and alterations: Han shooting second, Sy Snootles dancing, Vader’s NOOOO and Hayden’s cameo… but ultimately, those moments comprise a few seconds of a six hour epic that is largely untouched and still a stirring epic story.

      I’ll be getting tickets the next time they’re on the big screen, and it doesn’t matter what version they are; I’ll still enjoy the hell out of them.

      • I guess my issue is that the few seconds I personally object to disrupt the greater story. I object less to seeing them than I object to the fact that I embrace the entire saga as a coherent story, and the principles behind that story are undermined because the creator decided a few creative alterations were in order.

        I’m trying to think of another saga I could ruin with a few pointless changes and honestly I can’t actively think of a way to ruin another franchise as comprehensively as George Lucas did by accident with Star Wars.

    • That point 2, it also felt like they kicked the original actor for ghost Anakin in the balls with that change, just drop him entirely and put the guy who did a worse job with more face time.

      • It’s also utterly unnecessary AND breaks canon even further in that Vader/Anakin never learned the trick to doing it from Yoda. Plus the fact that it ruins everything by making Anakin look as he did in Episode III and absolutely missed the point as a result: The whole idea was that you see Anakin – played by the same actor who was in the suit when Luke took his mask off – except this time he’s whole and complete, and not the scarred and ‘more machine than man’ force of evil that Darth Vader had been. That was the climax of the whole fucking story. The original trilogy was about the redemption of Anakin Skywalker, but Lucas took away the moment that you actually see that he was truly redeemed! You saw him joking and laughing with Obi-wan and stuff, that they were friends again and everything. Throwing Ep III-era Hayden Christensen in there with that evil fucking shit-eating grin instead was like shitting on the whole coda of the trilogy.

    • Those two things are bad, but I am also still upset about Han not shooting first, the shitty scene they added where Han steps on Jabba’s tail because when they filmed it Jabba was a fat man and not a slug and the fact they replaced the original ending theme from RotJ with a different piece of music. No more ewoks singing.

      Some of the Special Edition changes are actually really good. The wampa in ESB is much improved. The fix-ups they made to the snowspeeder cockpits and stuff were pretty important too, no more randomly transparent bits. The changes they made to the set backdrops in Cloud City are great too, removing big areas of white panels and turning them into windows so you can see out into the city.

      The bulk of the changes in special edition really are just clean-ups or visual enhancements. I don’t really mind those. The shit that annoys me is where Lucas decided to change or add things that weren’t originally meant to be there.

      The *only* scene which they added that I thought was a good addition was the one toward the end of ANH, during the preparations for the battle of Yavin, where Luke has a chat with Biggs. That added a bit more to Biggs as a character, instead of having him come out of nowhere. I was always a bit bummed that they never added one of the other scenes that was shot and then cut from the film, which was right at the start, where Biggs and Luke are on Tatooine and Biggs tells Luke he’s off to join the Rebellion and that Luke should join him too. I feel like that would have provided extra context and made him a more important character, rather than the original cut which makes Biggs just seem like another wingman.

      • That extra scene with Biggs at the start of episode 4 would have also fixed the context for Luke’s whiny “power converters” line. In it’s current form you see that and you’re like “dude, calm the fuck down, go get your power converters another day, they don’t sound that exciting”. Owen calls him out on it saying “you can waste time with your friends later” which doesn’t really make any sense. you get from context Luke is lying but it’s just so random you get hung up on the whininess of Hamill’s delivery. In the original script it was “don’t like to me Luke… (&c)” because Owen assumed Luke was lollygagging but the whininess is explained because Luke really wanted to hang with Biggs who was about to leave possibly forever.

        There’s also the fact that Luke wanted to join the Imperial Academy to become a pilot and was already experiencing some confusion about Biggs’ joining the rebellion. What Stormtroopers then later did to the homestead giving Luke a reason to go with Obi-Wan to Alderaan cements it, obviously, but that single missing Biggs scene really decomplixifies Luke as a character and makes him seem like a weak-minded flip-flopping fool who just does whatever he’s told. Which, granted, is about par for the course in the Skywalker blood when you look at his bonehead of a father.

        Luke’s heroic genesis: Owen says stay here, I can’t go! Now Owen’s dead, I’ll follow this crazy old man my uncle has been warning me about my whole life!

        Anakin’s villainous genesis: This old man says he’s totes the good guy even though he’s been keeping his power a secret and we know there’s a dark lord out there who’s a master at manipulating people. What’s that? Kill younglings? Yes, master.

        • To be fair, at that point Anakin knows that Palpatine is a Sith Lord, but he helps him anyway because of his misguided desire to prevent the future he saw happening. Also he was already shown to be a complete psychopath in Episode II.

      • I don’t know. The effects being occasionally naff just added to the charm for me. Star Wars was never particularly good. The script is decent, the acting passable, the score iconic and the effects clever but flawed. It didn’t need to be fixed. It didn’t need improvements. The rough edges added to the charm and if there’s some special charm to Star Wars that just cannot be replicated.

        Also, Han shot first. That’s just basic characterisation.

        • Han shooting first was an important character moment in the terms of A New Hope because the protagonists had just made what seemed to be a too good to be true deal with a stranger who shortly thereafter gunned down a guy without a second thought. In context of A New Hope alone, that scene was supposed to make you wonder if they’d made a mistake trusting him. It’s basically impossible to view that way knowing Han becomes a hero of the rebellion and all but in context of Ep IV it’s really quite important, the edit to that effectively removed the possible tension for anyone seeing it for the first time

    • I own the new Blu-ray Complete Saga box and the 2008 DVD box of the original trilogy. My dad has some old VHS releases.

      The 2008 release is the best but you have to watch the bonus discs not the feature film discs to see the saga in its unaltered glory.

  • Blergh. I fear I’ve posted way too much here today. My stupid gravatar is everywhere. And I’ve added nothing substantial. I’M SORRY GUYS! D:

    • Don’t be a doofus. Did anyone tell you you posted too much? Is there a whole page of you just talking to yourself? No? Then don’t worry.

    • It’s like you’re right her with me.

      What are you doing? You’re not authorised to be here!

    • One thing you need to consider is did you make someone’s day a bit brighter, either with a joke, or a nice comment or an interesting discussion. If the answer to any of those is yes, you’re not wasting anyone’s time. I for one appreciated the reply you made to my comment about having to wait to do the barista course. Keep doing what you’re doing.

    • Do you like Green Eggs and Spam?

      I do not like them, Dan-I-am.
      I do not like Green Eggs and Spam.

      Would you like them while you play?
      Would you like them in your TAY?

      I do not like them while I play.
      I do not like them in my TAY.
      I do not like them here or there.
      I do not like them anywhere.
      I do not like Green Eggs and Spam.
      I do not like them, Dan-I-am.

      – Dedicated to @greenius.

      • Enough drama that I really don’t want to do it again. 😛 The time-consuming part was acquiring a Windows install USB drive, cos “you need windows to download windows” for some reason. In the end I could only make a 32-bit install drive, so couldn’t refresh/restore/recover with it, had to go CLI for diagnosis and fix. (As someone that works heavily with Linux, Windows’ CLI is just different enough to be disconcerting… it’s like a “command-line uncanny valley”)

        All worked out, but I’ll be converting that flash drive to a x64 install disk asap, just in case.

        • What update caused the problem? Realistically speaking people blame windows & it’s updates all the time but decades of experience with it has taught me that it’s almost always hardware that’s the problem, usually RAM. It might be an idea to get memtest & run that overnight to see if it picks up any problems.

          But having done the Windows to Linux CLI thing, I definitely know what you mean, really similar but just different enough and it’s worse if you’re a network engineer since it’s also really similar to the Cisco IOS but also just different enough again…

          • Still not sure – whatever it was it wiped the Boot Config Data.
            A quick search shows there was a BSoD issue with a few of their updates around a month ago, which they had to pull back, one of which was KB2975719, which Windows Update is telling me is currently an “important” update that needs to be installed, but is also in the update history as “succeeded”. I suppose that’d be my first guess.

  • Would Top Gear without Clarkson be Top Gear any more? Hammond is dreadfully boring by himself and May while interesting isn’t exactly entertaining. It’s the three of them bouncing off each other that’s great. Sure he’s a tool but that’s the heart of the show. Otherwise you have an incredibly dull show purely about statistics and ride feel.

    • Yeah, basically Top Gear would just not work without that trio. The reason it’s so popular is because their antics and their trio of upper class twits approach to everything works so well. That’s what people are there to watch. The car stuff is secondary.

      Firing Clarkson would kill the series. If they did it they might as well shitcan Top Gear entirely.

      Being an offensive dickbag is basically his entire gimmick so I don’t think we’ll be seeing much Top Gear in the future 🙁

    • I wouldn’t watch it without Clarkson. I’m sure a lot of people wouldn’t either. They’d be better off cancelling it than replacing him.

    • Spot on! on a regular episode i always think the “news” section is the best due to the way they just bounce off each other, and same reason why the specials work so well as well…
      But Clarkson is not going anywhere, he’s been with Top Gear for what? 20 – 30+ years?

        • Oooohh i just read that… I don’t think anyone could really replace him though… i just wouldn’t be the same… anyone remember when Top Gear (revamped) first started in 2002 without James May? but that other guy? yeeeeaaaah not great

        • Over that slur on the Burma special or something?
          It’s kinda stupid – if it’s what I assume it was, the bit where he said it was a short shot, separate from pretty much everything else. There is no way whatsoever that it wasn’t deliberately left in.
          The BBC are just using it as an excuse.

    • I do like James May in his other shows (like Man Lab) but I’m with you. Without Jeremy, it would be rather shite.

      • James May can easily carry a show on his own, as long as that show isn’t Top Gear.

        Clarkson is an asshole. A complete tosser. The whole show only works because of the chemistry between the three personalities and without his Clarkson-ness, it just doesn’t work. Seriously, look at all regional variants of Top Gear. They all toned down the Clarkson and they all suffered for it.

        I’ve always said that the show is the most expensive mid-life crisis in the world.

      • I used to like games, until I got bored with them…
        I used to like TV, until everything started sucking…
        I’m still yet to meet Crazyguy1989 and Crazyguy1991, though.
        I reckon they’ll know something.

        I sold my PS3 and all of the games, I removed all of my Steam games from my PC…
        I’m just kinda in a rut at the moment.
        I try to start playing them, and I get distracted…
        Then again, having ADD doesn’t exactly help, though neither does having been off medication for four and a half years…

    • *looks at own posts* I wouldn’t say I’m contributing anything useful except for the case against me if I ever end up in court accused of something.

      You’re okay Crazydude.

    • Just cause you don’t talk up a storm does not mean you are not welcome.
      Plenty of quiet types around.

    • Didn’t see the original comment, but just know that you’re a cool dude!
      You like cars! and simulators! so do i! 😛
      I don’t talk a lot about them because they tend to bore people to death, and we never did get any of that racing done together, but hey, there’s some common ground 😛

  • Maaaaan, looks like i missed a good day on TAY 🙁
    stoopid work and having to be on MobileTAY.
    I miss being more regular

    EDIT – page get? really? okay fine!

    • lol nice work sire 😉
      It has been rather hectic in here today! Probably spurred on by my creative genius this morning! 😉

      • The worms Hat? looks amazing man, good work!
        I saw you playing Worms reloaded either yesterday or the day before and thought “man, i should really play that again!”…
        so many games to play, so little time 😛

        • haha yeah! that one! A mate of mine has always been obsessed with worms, and he gave me a copy of revolution a while ago so he could have some one to play against. He gave me clan wars this weekend, which is the newest one I think? When I found out it supports steam workshop, I figured I might as well do something! Been ages since I made game content 🙂

      • I was going to come up with a witty reply and attach a image of the Swedish chef for comic effect… i couldn’t come up with anything, but did manage to loose my shit a bit too much at this in the process…
        So i’m just going to leave that there instead

  • Funny how many people only access Tay while they’re meant to be working. I wonder how much Tay “costs the nation” as they like to put it.

    Edit: Considering we have a few Public Servants here it literally is costing the nation. Stop wasting my tax dollars guys! *shakes fist*

  • Due to TAYpreciation I have several games from humble bundle I dont want/dont care for/regifting like a poor santa. Anywho who wants some GAEMS!

    heres the list
    – Bioshock: The classic the original the almighty Bioshock
    – Crysis 2 Maximum Edition: Its Crysis that game that kills computers (also have origin code)
    – Mirror’s Edge: That game that gives you vertigo (Also have origin code)
    – Civilization V: The Mac daddies of stratergy games more popular but less deep younger brother also comes with the gods and kings DLC
    – The Darkness 2: The sequel to that game where you can summon tentacles from your spine

  • Do self serve checkouts have a way of detecting what fruit/veg you have or is it basically just an honesty system? There doesn’t seem to be anything stopping me scanning the $6/kg (which is INSANE) golden delicious apples through as $2.78/kg pink lady apples!

      • having said that, there’s usually a staff member nearby, and they could be watching, so probably not worth it unless you’re really desperate.

        • Obviously I wouldn’t be scanning mushrooms in as carrots, but in the case of two kinds of apples that look exactly the same + being fairly busy I don’t think anybody’s going to think twice 😛

    • I imagine a fair amount of people would attempt that. I guess whatever the supermarkets are losing from that, they’re gaining more in not paying so many checkout operators.

    • Confession: I once bought fancy bread rolls and input them into the self-serve checkout as the cheap bread rolls.

      I’m sorry D:

    • Both supermarkets have a flag set up if you to try to scan through too many cheap p/kg items (like onions, potatoes, carrots etc) particularly if the weight is higher than ‘normal’. Machine stops and calls operator over to override.

      Read that on a news article somewhere a bit after they started becoming more common.

  • Dinner for Mum? Aced. She took the leftovers home! (oi, that was my lunch!)

    Powalen’s Trademark Super Wonderful Fried Happy Rice never fails. Except all those other times.

    • Do you have any special ingedients? Mine has to have chinese sausage and those baby prawns you get in a tin.

      • Not particularly! I usually just chuck in whatever I have 😛 As long as it’s got lots of oyster sauce!

        Mixing ginger in with the eggs makes them pretty yum too.

  • Just pre ordered Fantasy Life and Bayonetta 2 😀 So keen for Bayonetta, and I’ve thought that Fantasy Life looks pretty fun and interesting for a while now, so I though I’d give it a go!

  • Well, I just spent like four hours reading a new webcomic I only found out about today. I had plans for tonight, and now I’ve ruined them.

    • What, you don’t believe I had plans? I had a hot date tonight.
      …Odd date.
      …Dinner with friends.
      …Dinner alone.
      …Watching TV alone.
      …Alright! I’m just going to sit at home and ogle the ladies in the Victoria’s Secret catalog!.
      …Sears catalog. Now, would you unhook this already, please?! I don’t deserve this kind of scrutiny!

  • I thought regular Chaos Faction 2 was fun on it’s own. Then I tried multiplayer splitscreen with my friend today. Holy crap that was fun. As fun as Smash Bros.

  • Missed two and a half whole pages of TAY today, can’t be bothered reading it all, just skipped to the last page.

    In other news, @greenius made me order Xenoblade Chronicles. Thanks man, now I ‘m gonna have to cancel my Hyperule Warriors pre-order, no scarf for me 🙁

  • Finally! Ozgameshop finally had both Catherine and Punch Out (Wii) in stock at the same time! And during a 10% off sale as well! Lucky!

  • @fled @grandmasterb-funk @liondrive @phoenix @platinum-urchin @thecracks

    I don’t think I can afford to come to the meat. It’s going to be pretty busy week, since I have a maths test tomorrow that I need to study for and a mock job interview on Wednesday I need to panic for. It seems foolish to socialise, considering how important this week is. Sorry.

  • Just got a PSN Friend Request from someone called Trikeabout, with the message “KotakuAU”. Anyone know who he/she is?

  • On the weekend, I had to go to the 20th birthday party of some family friend. I don’t like parties. There was loud music I didn’t like and people I didn’t know walking around. So instead of interacting with anyone, I stayed in the furthest corner and listened to Zeitgeist. I think I made the right choice.

  • Fuck, I’ve spent the last two hours watching Good Luck Girl! (Binbougami ga!)
    Haven’t laughed this hard in ages.

    ANI-TAY page 5!

    What anime have you been watching lately?

    • I don’t watch anime anymore, really, kinda lost interest. I watched s2 of the Legend of Korra, if that counts?

    • Sword art online 2
      Free! Eternal summer
      Akame GA Kill

      Those are the only ones i have been watching from the new season. Nothing else really has taken my fancy.

    • A lot, but I’ll just say the most recent

      Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta
      Space Dandy
      Doctor Who (David Tennant era)

    • I’m trying to enjoy Attack on Titan (watched it in Japanese with subtitles, watched it in English), but I just don’t like it 🙁

      Rewatched Samurai Champloo a couple weeks ago in a binge. So good.

    • Last I watched was Attack on Titan. If I get the time, I’ll check out Kill La Kill, the new Appleseed film and maybe Ghost in the Shell Arise.

    • I generally follow 7-10 shows weekly and another 4-6 in 2-3 episode bursts each season. There’s often no real method to it, I will quite often watch shows that are complete shit on a regular basis because they’re dumb and I can switch my brain off while watching, and stuff that’s actually really good will often not get the regular viewing treatment.

      My regulars at the moment:
      – Fairy Tail
      – Hunter X Hunter
      – Akame ga Kill
      – Barakamon
      – Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
      – Locodol
      – Sailor Moon Crystal (though this is every 2 weeks)
      – Tokyo ESP
      – Prisma Ilya Zwei (just finished)
      – Hanayamata
      – Blade Dance (because I hate myself)

      Stuff I’m watching in bursts:
      – Aldnoah.Zero (it’s fantastic but often a bit heavy)
      – Zankyou no Terror (same issue)
      – Glasslip
      – Re: Hamatora
      – Rail Wars
      – Argevollen

      I was finding the pacing in SAO II just as slow and unengaging as the first series, so that’s going to get a marathon viewing at the end of the cour, and then maybe I’ll watch the second cour regularly next season if there’s less that holds my attention.

      Periodically I go back and finish something I left half-done (due to various issues, a lot of last season’s stuff I didn’t finish for example) and I will sometimes stockpile some shows for a rainy day and blast through them in a week or so as well. Can’t tell you what the last one I pulled off the backlog and finished was. Often it’s “I should finish season 1 before season 2 starts” situations.

  • Just found out that the noisy neighbours next door moved out today. VICTORY!

    I hope the next ones don’t suck.

  • “Have fun at Uni tomorrow. Don’t stay up too much later”

    Am I the only one who thinks they act like a mum to their best friend sometimes? 😛 I say that but then I remember that I’m the one who on multiple occasions has had a plate of steamed green vegetables shoved in front of me and an “eat this, it’s good for ya”…

  • It’s been a good couple of weeks. Was retweeted by Tim Schafer last week, Ragnar Tornquist responded to my tweet this morning. (Designer of Dreamfall and The Longest Journey.)

    I now designate this page:


  • Work computer upgraded to IE11.

    Gonna listen to all the Zeitgeist. I FINALLY get to hear the Rocketman graveyard story. \o/

  • How the heck does Microsoft expect to make 2.5 billion from Minecraft in half a year? Start charging a weekly sub? Force everyone to rebuy it? Just break into every owners home and steal all their stuff to pawn off? Every swing of the pickaxe now costs $0.01?

    • Admittedly I only skimmed through the articles, but I didn’t see anywhere where they said that they expect to make their money back in six months.

      But if that is the case, my guess is they’ll somehow make the Microsoft version far superior so it’s the only version any Minecraft fan wants, and we’ll see Xbone and Windows phone sales go through the roof this Christmas.

      • In their press release about the sale, Microsoft said they expect to break even on this acquisition by the end of this fiscal year

    • Merch. Merchant is the big profit item, which is why the deal is more about the IP than the creators.

    • They didn’t just get Minecraft. A lot of people will jump at new Mojang games without questioning it…but focusing purely on Minecraft, you have no idea how popular it is with school kids. I’m literally doing a budget right now to purchase several hundred licences and some educational crap for one of my schools, with roughly 9 more already saying they want it too.

      • This.
        It could be a fairly decent long term strategy, getting your hands on the favourite game of almost an entire generation. Use it to guide them towards your hardware, software, concepts.

        How it helps break even this fiscal year I don’t know.

      • It’s not the purchase I’m questioning but the amount of money they seem confident of making in such a short time.

        • It does seems far to high. That is a profit of $50 to be made from everybody who has purchased the game already. Minus whatever they do in new sales

          • I saw some crazy figure like Minecraft on PC currently pulling in about $300k/day with no indication of slowing down. It makes an estimated $26k a day on iOS. It remains a top seller on consoles (even factoring in people who already own it on 360/PS3 only pay an “upgrade” fee to get it on Xbone/PS4).

            You’d think everyone in the world who wants to play Minecraft already has it, but apparently that’s not true.

            Add in the opportunity to make official merch more readily available, reaping all the profits associated with texture pack and skin DLC etc. and there’s a goldmine there waiting to be tapped. They just need to be careful not to drive off the audience. Hopefully they don’t start charging for things like access to mods or force people to buy skins on PC instead of making their own but it’s not the end of the world if they do.

          • Case in point, my wife was saying last night “who’s even left that hasn’t bought Minecraft?” then in the next sentence, with no trace of irony, mentioned how she’s going to buy her own license so she can play Minecraft on her gaming laptop instead of piggybacking off my account. I did that palm-up sweeping hand movement which I believe is the universal gesture for “see?” and she still didn’t get it.

            We’ve already bought Minecraft 3 times between us and will soon go for a fourth.

          • That figure would put Mojang at making more money annually than any bank, oil, or drug company.

            I’m dyslexic it appears.

          • $300,000/day is $109,000,000/year – apparently that’s about on par with what it made back in 2012 and I would suggest it has increased in popularity since then, not just seeing more PC licenses but also growing on consoles and iOS, alongside the inclusion of a subscription fee for Minecraft Realms.

            In contrast, Westpac made around $6.8 billion in 2013.