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    Morning all.

    I caught three shiny ponyta yesterday.
    All I wanted was a shiny charizard...

      Surely you're some sort of wizard/elite haxxor. To not only get a shiny but three of the same Pokemon sounds extremely unlikely.

        Especially when 2 and 3 were in a row. Couldn't believe it.
        The game is trolling me because it's not the one I want.

          I just wish I could see a wild shiny (not including Red Gyarados) in my game one time.

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            I've only seen one shiny ever. It was a shiny Voltorb in Silph Co in FireRed. And it used self-destruct before I could catch it.

            D: D: D: D:

              Ouch, that's the worst.

            A mate got a shiny starter once then the uncatchable poocheyena in ruby was shiny for him too. Such luck

            I can sort you out with a full pokedex and a shiny charm at PAX - that might help.

            I've seen shiny Pokemon outside of the Red Gyrados!
            ...I had to use cheats.

    Good morning everybody! I didn't sleep well last night, so I'm extremely tired and will likely be spending time out of mind for the rest of the day. So, in lieu, a weekend update. How was yours?

    Mine was pretty good all things considered. Played Fiasco on Friday night which turned out to be all kinds of hilarious. Who knew that being a scheming, new-tits-having, possibly-addicted-to-sex-being, absolute horrible wretch of a human being could be so much fun? Perhaps most enjoyable though was creating a Twitter account for Becky Hardcastle. Who says Fiasco characters disappear when the game is over? :P Also joining the TS3 server and being greeted "Hi, Becky!" was awesome and made my day.

    Lots of Star Citizen ranting goes here. Spoilered because it was too much.
    Then Saturday morning Star Citizen 0.9 dropped, which meant it's time for some racing, as well as my first experience using a joystick in something like 15 years. Now, I spent a few hours playing Murray Cup racing over both Saturday and Sunday, so let me sum up my experience.

    Load. Smash. Respawn. Zoooom. Smash. Respawn. Zoooooooom. Smash. Respawn. Practice practice practice. Smash slightly less. Do a complete lap. Smash. Respawn.

    The game really highlights for me that skill trumps ships every time. But it also shows how practice has real, tangible benefits. After a few hours practice I could consistently get 1:30 lap times, and even came 2nd a couple times against actual human beings. Progress! Then, I got a new profile for my joystick which turned down the sensitivity and within 3 races I was down to sub 1:20 times, and a few races later a new personal best of 1:11. The fastest I'd personally raced against online was 1:08, so I'm happy with that progress.

    Also, for anybody considering either an M50 or a 350R, here are my thoughts on both.

    M50: Holy crap. Handles like a dream. Takes corners tight and it's so small that you have a lot of room for error. Doesn't handle high-G changes as well though and maybe I just need more practice rolling to minimise G-forces but I found myself slowing down a lot in some maneuvers.

    350R: In theory has the same top speed as the M50 (300m/s) but accelerates LOTS faster. Seriously, hit the afterburner and you'll be at top speed in a few seconds. Unfortunately this also means that you can REALLY feel the effects of mass. I found myself having to turn early because inertia played so strong a part, and with the larger body size I found myself crashing a LOT more. Now, granted, most of my practice was in the M50 but I did notice one weird thing. At high speed I found myself fighting to keep the 350R going in a straight line. It felt like the ship was shaking apart around me (and the audio seemed to reinforce that) and it was like there was a beast contained in the engine struggling to get out. I have a feeling that somebody who takes the time to master piloting a 350R will have a good time. I don't know if that'll be me.

    Saturday was also football watching day. Much yelling at the TV. Positively in the first half. Negatively in the second. Bring on 2015.

    Then finally Sunday was fortnightly games night. 3 games of 7 Wonders, followed by dinner and then watching MXC. Was going to play Catan but called the night early due to tiredness. After which I was then unable to sleep. Dammit!

    Finally, I'll leave this picture here for @edenist who wants proof people have played Gitaroo Man.

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      Hi Becky.


        I mean, heeeeeeey there. ;)

          Being a blustering asshole that everyone conspires against really is a little too easy to roleplay.

            Being a little too easy is a little too easy to roleplay.

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      Gitaroo Man is so good.

        I know, right? Picked it up randomly in 2002, it was sitting on a shelf at EB and I thought "well, maybe that might be fun" and just loved it. Also have the soundtrack CD sitting around somewhere, still break it out for a listen every now and then. Fun memories.

          I could never find it to buy but my local Blockbuster had it.

          I contemplated stealing it but my conscience got the better of me.

        Gitaroo Man was rad.

        I could never find a copy though. My friend had it, but by the time I got a PS2 (I started into that gen with a Dreamcast and then an Xbox because I like to pick winners) it was out of print and extremely rare. :(

      Does Star Citizen 0.9 let you remap stick buttons yet? As in properly not with some stupid XML workaround

        You can now select between multiple popular preset control schemes. This represents the first pass at personal customization the full version of which will be coming shortly, planned for patch 13.1 which will allow you to completely customize your control scheme.

        Not quite yet. Personally I'd prefer to have roll mapped to the twist portion of my joystick, and strafe to the hat, but I can wait for proper remapping. No biggie for me personally.

          Nothing is ever set up properly for me so I really need to remap everything. No idea what it is, maybe my giant monster hands, maybe it's being mental, maybe it's a left handed thing even though I'm effectively self-taught ambidextrous thanks to there effectively being no such thing as left handed peripherals most of my life (and the few that did exist were utter shit). Whatever it is. everything default is always off.

            Yeah, it's not ideal. Hopefully won't be too much longer as it's one of the most requested features.

      Well, looks like I've been put the hell in my place :p

      Good job, I'm impressed!

      Also, how do the latest builds of Arena Commander play? I've not played since they first released the first DFM part, which was pretty clunky. I want to be wowed by the game, so I'd rather wait until it felt much more playable until I picked it up again.

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        Chalk and cheese. I've had more fun with AC in the last 2 days than I have since it first came out. Maybe that's because I'm finally using a joystick, maybe that's because they've made substantial improvements, maybe it's because racing is far more appealing to me than dogfighting.

        Whatever it is, the new build is great stuff.

    If you follow me on twitter or fb, you've probably seen this, but figured I'd post here too!
    I'm making a hat for Worms Clan Wars atm!

    The things boredom does to me!

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      boredom makes me spin a pen badly and hit myself in the eye :P

      Oh that's really cool! Are you any closer on 3D rendering a kickass mech-like character? ;)

        hahaahh funnily enough, I started looking at schematics for it the other day.. then I got sidetracked

    So in under 2 hours on Saturday, I spent all my $700 worth of gift cards, so I had a pretty fun weekend getting it all set up, putting all the 40k pdfs that I have onto the tablet and getting my Vita sync'd with my PSN ID. Sunday was a great day to wash the car as well. More eventful than most weekends I have. Though now I'm going to be sad because recall starts today for me :(.
    Hope you've all had an enjoyable weekend.

      check out persona 4 golden buddy its like $30 in JB and its the best game for the vita :P

        Couldn't see that game, the JB I went to had less than 1m width games section and over half of them were shitty games I didn't want. EB almost had the same problem yet they had a better selection of games, especially with their starter packs (Which EB are still the best at).

          Yeah you will find most stores have very limited vita section. Despite that, the downloadable titles more than make up for it.

            Well downside to that is that 1: the pack only came with a 4GB storage card so I might need to upgrade before I go into that, and 2: PSN still uses only credit cards to purchase doesn't it?

              debit cards too.

                Ah I could just buy PSN cards instead, I'm really personally wary about ordering online with anything that's not Paypal supported. Part of my paranoid and pessimistic nature :P

              It also uses prepaid credit you can get from eb and jb

              and paypal as well now. PSN hass had Paypal support for about 3 months...

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                Well that's good! I haven't been playing my PS3 much or keeping up with PSN so I had no idea :)

              64gb card is an awesome investment if you can go digital-only. 4gb is enough for like one game.

              Don't forget to also look into the PSP lineup, there's some fantastic games in there too. Though the PAL selection is a bit more limited than the US one, there's still some great stuff there.

                I'm guessing getting PSP games for it is digital only?
                Also where can you recommend getting a 64gb card from should I decide to go in that direction?

                  Digital only for PSP, yes. I could give you some recommendations for good PSP and PSV stuff if you'd like but for PSP I'm not sure what's on the PAL store and what isn't.

                  64gb cards at one point were Japan-only but I think they're more widely available now? I got mine from nippon-yassan and it cost me about $100.

                  Only saw as high as 16GB in JB's catalogue IIRC. The 4GB came with an indie starter pack from EB. If it's one thing EB does well it's their starter packs for consoles with a good selection of games to go with it. I'll hold off for now until at least 32GB comes available somewhere I can actually go get then I'll go nuts with PSP titles :). Thanks for the info!

      Whoa, nice haul! How on earth did you get $700 worth of gift cards?

        Work rewards that I tallied up over the last few years of great work :)

          Nice! I spent the gift card I had from work like, almost immediately. You have excellent self-control! You mentioned recall? What's that?

            24/7 out of hours support for customers, which means I can't play with friends in games that I cannot pause for a whole week. It's not the customer calls that bug me, it's the level 1 and 2 support guys that are bloody hopeless in telling me the issue and unable to fix simple issues themselves. Basically half an hour is spent at least figuring out what the actual problem is since it's either not in clear english or the details are missing entirely

    Hey Hey TAYbies (goofy laughing), how were your weekends?

    I mostly played Destiny, a bit of Disney Infinity and drunk beers. All in all a pretty good weekend.

    Anyone here tried Surgeon Simulator? Downloaded it last night, started it up, but it was too late so I didn't really do much, looks like a bit of fun though.

    Also, Hyperule Warriors and Disney Infinity 2.0 hype. Anyone else picking either of them up? You still getting Disney Infinity @pixel_the_ferret_viking?

    Also also, @welbot posted this on the twitters, but I'ma steal it. What better way to start the week than 50 odd minutes of polkas :P

      Surgeon simulator is fantastic, my favourite pass time is pecking all the unnecessary organs out through the ambulance doors when they open!... Also yep still on for Disney Infinity, hoping to scrape money together for the Guardians of the galaxy playset as well!

        Ordered Groot as my bonus figure from EB, hope I'll have enough money for that playset too as well as Drax and Rocket.

      Hyperule Warriors! Although I bought it delivered from EBGames so I probably wont get it until Monday next week.

      I love surgeon simulator. Gifted a copy to a doctor mate of mine, he thinks it's hilarious

      I plauyed surgeon for a couple minutes while semi-tipsy. It was fucking awesome.

      10/10, would rummage through (and drop hammer in) intestines again.

    Morning all! My entire work group has been shifted to another building, and now there are way too many people around me. I miss the old building - it was nice and quiet there. Surviving by erecting a shrine to my kids with photos and incense.

      Ah the standard office worker set up. Excellent way to blend in to your new environment. :P

      People around me keep saying my desk is too clean because I don't have anything on it. Compared to everyone else though, it looks much nicer.

        I don't have kids so I set up a shrine to Transformers instead.

          I know I'd bow down in reverence at that shrine...

            It's currently only populated by a minor deity but it will be gaining its true lord and savior hopefully later this month when Masterpiece Wheeljack (aka the best transformers character) arrives.

    Morning all..

    hope everyone is well! as for me?

    Shattered. Convinced my 3 mates to grab Destiny, strike teams limited to 3, not 4... WHO DOES THAT???? >.

      Yeah it's a real pain. It's a pain that you can't do anything other than raids in more than 3...would love to go patrolling in a big team of 6.

      I don't mind the 3 man fireteams, but I don't like how some of the crucible matches only take 1-3 man fireteams. I want the option to have 6 of my friends take on each other (or is there and option for that that I'm missing?)

      Hopefully you can organise who gets to play (or split into two teams) without it causing trouble. Unlike with my old friends, where after I organised a LAN decided I wasn't worthy of playing ODST with them.

    Hey all hope you had nice weekends. Mine was pretty hectic, managed to hit level 20 on Destiny (loving every minute of it), played the new Fifa 15 demo (also enjoying that a lot), downloaded and played (for my iPad): Blek, Monument Valley, Hitman GO and Plague. Also had a pretty big night out on Saturday for a birthday, I wasn't in a very good state :S and went go karting last night.

    Finally, I'm hooked on the book 'What If' by Randall Munroe. I saw it mentioned on here I think by @beeawwb. It is absoultely fantastic.

      I was gonna ask how FIFA 15 was! Is it much of an improvement from 14?

        It took one game of getting used to, but now I really like it. There seems to be quite a lot of little things which make it a real improvement to Fifa 14. The actual gameplay feels a bit different to start with (I guess it could be described as more 'real/life like'), but once you get used to it then it's really fun. All in all, it's made me even more excited for the full game so it must be somewhat decent!

      Hitman Go is really neat. Monument Valley is good, too.

        Yeah Monument Valley is so nice. Only got it late last night, put my headphones on in bed and got so immersed in it that I'm paying for it today with tiredness.

    Morning taydudes/dudettes!! How was everyones weekend?

    I had a blast on Friday night playing Nintendoland, MK8 and Mario 3D World with a couple of friends, mostly lazed on Saturday playing Destiny and watching season 2 of FRIENDS, that was really fun. Hot breakfast on Sunday and then more Destiny and played a bit of Halo Reach for comparisons sake. It definitely hold up nearly 5 years after release, although i'm so glad that Destiny doesn't have the framerate issues that Reach did at times.

    Planning on buying some thermal paste this afternoon and pulling ye ol Phat PS3 apart and replacing the paste and cleaning as much dust out as possible. Any of you guys done this before? My background is IT, so i'm not too worried about the process. Just wondering if anyone has any specific tips.

      Indeed I have done. A couple of tips:

      - There's no guarantee you will bring the thing back to life (if it is dead, that is)
      - After you pull apart the unit using the correct guides, clean off all old thermal paste thoroughly with a bit of methylated spirits. Don't forget to clean the heatsinks also!
      - Only use Arctic Thermal 5! I opened one unit that and found that someone had previously tried to repair it but used some white pastey shit that was everywhere. Only use Arctic Thermal 5!

      I regards to application:
      - Only use a small amount like this and spread evenly to the edges of the CPU/GPU

      Reassemble and power on! :D

        Only use a small amount and spread evenly to the edges of the CPU/GPU with a credit/plastic card or the like. It makes it easier.

          If there's a Korean takeaway near you, get some of their chopsticks - thin and flat. Perfect for spreading thermal paste.

          I used to do this for hours on end, ughhh.


          Yeah it isn't dead. It just gets warm and the fan winds up like a leaf blower when playing very intensive games like Uncharted etc. I'd also like it to be a bit quieter for watching blurays etc. Awesome, was planning to use arctic silver 5 as i have used it on my PC build and it worked a treat.

        All done and dusted!! (Literally)
        The fan and headsinks weren't too dusty, but there was an incredible amount of dust spread throughout the console, the power supply had stacks of dust in it. The old thermal paste was so dead that it had turned into some kind of evil super-super-glue.

        The GPU and CPU were stuck to the heatsinks so damn hard, and there isn't really any room to wiggle the motherboard to break them free. So pulling the mainboard off actually bent fins on one of the heatsinks. (Which i straightened up afterwards). It literally felt like there was a screw holding the middle of the GPU to the heatsink. Lol

        The console runs much cooler/quieter now, even playing Uncharted 3 for 30 mins didn't cause the fan to reach hair dryer mode. Destiny hardly pushed the fan speed/noise at all.

    Could any android users help me out?
    Trying to use the play store but it just says "Authentication required. Sign into your google account" but does not give me anywhere to sign in.

      Check your main settings menu - there should be an accounts section with Google listed.

      Go back to the desktop & open settings, scroll through and find the accounts section and there should be a google option in there, it'll be a master login for everything google related on the device

    No one ever finds $10 any more. I blame the economy.

      I dropped $10 without realizing it at woolworths the other day, and found it on the baggage counter before I left. Does that count? Sure felt like a win to me!

      I tried to correct for inflation, but failed to find the $10.32 that I needed in order to make the story work.

      Do people still use cash to drop it?

        Ugh, my girlfriend gives me unbelievable amounts of strife over never having enough cash in my wallet... The most recent moment was yesterday when we went to Ichiban Boshi for lunch (the upstairs one) and had about 3 bucks in my wallet, yet had plenty of money in my account...

        Only then did I realise that it's cash only :(

        So then I missed out on Ichiban Boshi and had subway instead :(

          People who don't take eftpos don't want money!

            Or they are philistines... Or are laundering drugs... One or the other.

    Who on TAY is playing Destiny on PS3? (My fellow last gen peasants) Hehe

      Me and faction and mcgarnical are on PS3. I'm not sure if Masha has started playing yet too.


    I was thinking that TAY is actually a good space to try and organise things.

    Vault of Glass opens on the 16th; which means possibly tonight, but that might be a bit late to start for most people. So I want to organise at least 1 fire team for Tuesday night. That also gives people some time to do some least minute farming of they are trying to get crucible or vanguard gear.

    We probably want an even spread on classes, but post interest here and we'll see what we have.

    Edit: Level requirement is 25.
    This is partly why I'm just looking for interest right now and partly why I think having at least 1 extra day is a good idea.
    The weekly limit on vanguard/crucible marks is 100 each. And the factions sell chest/arm/leg legendaries at 65 marks a piece. This requires Rank 2 with a faction, so perhaps some grinding is in order. We could run the Strike playlists tonight for rep + vanguard marks to help get people geared.

    Edit2: The fastest way to grind rep is to do patrol missions. These will grant either 10 or 25 rep. Currently I haven't noticed any rhyme or reason for difference in reward value. Advantage of Patrol missions is occasionally group events will start. These grant good XP, and there's a daily bonus for getting a gold rating.

    PvP grants 10 rep & 2 crucible marks for a loss, 25 & 3 for a win. Crucible Marks are required for buying from Dead Orbit, Future War Cult or New Monarchy.

    Heroic Strike Playlist can be used to earn Vanguard Marks. This uses a sliding scale, I believe it's 2 marks for each 2 levels greater than 20 (so level 22 strike grants 2 vanguard marks). Additionally the daily heroic mission and weekly heroic strike grant bonus marks/rep.

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      Separate thread for PS4 interest.

        Hunter, currently lvl 23.

        Lightspeed is keen too but we were thinking Wednesday.

        Ima try and get some Crucible armour to go up a few levels after the shit fight we had with that heroic strike the other night.

        EDIT: Lightspeed is lvl 24 Warlock.

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        I may aswell put my name down (only level 24)


        I'd love to; level 23 warlock, but need another 1k vanguard rep to buy legendaries. I think I'll be grinding for a while yet.

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      Separate thread for XB1 interest.

        I'm keen to do this, at the moment am only level 20 but will grind to play!

        Edit: I'm a Hunter, Gunslinger Subclass

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        I'd definitely love to join in for raid on Tuesday and dungeon farming for raid prep. Level 24 Hunter Almost 25 feel free to add me on xbox live if that's your platform. GT Train Monkey

        Interested in xbox one raid/heroics or just anything destiny related GT Train Monkey

      What level is it for? Isn't it like 26 or something?

      I wish the game made it easier to gather strike groups with friends / clan members. I want to do some strikes (level 14 Titan, still dicking around in the story on Venus and haven't done the Moon or Venus strikes yet) but I don't want to play with randoms. :(

        The fact that clan recruitment and management is handled via the website is a bit weird in and of itself. We've got heaps of people in the KAU group, but maybe only 50% of them appear as being in the clan (some are in other clans, that's fine, but some still appear clanless in game).
        It would be nice if there was a kind of clan "chat channel" for organising groups and what not.

        Also, Moon strike is stupid hard. Just in terms of the types of adds the fight throws at you.
        Venus strikes are relatively easy by comparison.

          Yeah, the fact that the clan is utterly irrelevant to your actual gameplay as far as I can see (there doesn't even seem to be a list of people in your clan that you can see) let alone that there's no simple "looking for group" system for it is a huge oversight and makes you wonder how they could have not noticed the problem, have they ever played an MMO?

        I've always found it pretty easy with friends. You hit the triangle in orbit and see your friend list with currently playing Destiny at the top of the list. Inviting to your fireteam sends a PSN request, which is naff, but if they've set their fireteam to public join or friends-only join, you can just jump in and join them through that menu, if they're not full, thanks to being in a strike or something. I've been teeing up most of my groupings that way, crashing and being crashed by friends. That's one of the better parts of the game.

          That's fine for grouping but I don't feel comfortable just dropping into people's games if *I* want to run a specific thing. I want to be able to set up something that tells my friends 'NegativeZero wants to do this strike with you' or something. Or a way of marking yourself that you want to run it.

            Yeah, I think the 'invite' thing would be your best bet. I think a lot of us are pretty much game to do whateverk I don't think anyone would be put out much - or at all - if you indicate that you actually have a preference for doing something you want to do. :)

            Even if that's not everyone else, I put my hand up for that. Invite away.

      In my experience, the 10 rep missions are the scavenge (triangle symbol) and kill-10-rats (cross-hair/reticle symbol) beacons. Possibly the scout-area and download-data missions (compass symbol and ghost-icon-kinda symbol respectively) give 15? But more likely 10. Which is frustrating when they send you ten minutes drive away through a bunch of enemy-infested buildings to get there. The 25 rep'ers are the mini-boss kill icons. They look like a star-in-a-circle symbol.

      Generally if you clear an area's scavenge and kill missions, you'll be left with compass/download missions, and after moving to one of those new areas, you'll find an assassinate mission.

      Also, anyone who equips a PVP faction rep-gaining class item (see the vendors, they sell them for glim, no rank required) can have their patrol-mission rep added to that PVP faction.

    Morning errbody hows every little thing?

    My weekend was good! Friday i had the day off so went into the city with Cathryn so she could pick up her diploma then spent the next few hours being badgered by all the girls at her school, then we got a boost it was delicious and then we went to her dads for the weekend and we had thai green curry for dinner.

    Saturday we got up early and went to the 1000 steps, even at 8am the place was packed and it was a struggle to get a park. After the hell that was walking up and down the steps I went and got a slurpee (lemon lime and bitters) we then chilled around the house and i kicked the soccer ball around for a while. Then I came in and started Destiny, told cathryn I was only gonna play for a little bit to try it out and ended up playing for 8 hours, level 10 hunter, having fun with the game, had some awesome dance parties with @greenius and @AlexPants but then turned it off when our friend came over and i was being anti social, also because o wanted a mcflurry delicious mcflurry.

    Sunday we slept the entire day not getting up till 1 and when we did get up we walked to the shops to get chips and gravy ate that for lunch i kicked the soccer ball round some more while cathryn watched lilo and stitch on the treadmill then we left to go to her mums for dinner.

    A Monday question because of my new found looking into wasteland 2, what game series would you like to see in that genre ala fallout tactics

    Last edited 15/09/14 9:21 am

      More of a genre than a game specifically, but would like to see a modern military shooter, something like Rainbow 6 or Full Spectrum Warrior.

        Full Spectrum Warrior was a classic i wish they made more of them

          I just wish it was still playable. @Longjocks and I wanted to play it in coop but it was a nightmare to get running, the audio was buzzing like crazy even after the audio mods specifically designed to stop the audio buzzing, the saves stopped working and now gamespy is dead there's no multiplayer at all (pretty sure LAN wasn't an option even if the other problems were conquered).

        I'd just like to see some kind of information about the non-deathmatch portion of the new rainbow six, if indeed there actually is one

        Have a look at Door Kickers on Steam, it's not exactly turn based in the same way as Fallout, but it's top down like the old school versions;

          I can definitely second the recommendation for Door Kickers, top little game.

          That's a playthrough of a level, or more accurately a replay. It plays somewhat similarly to Frozen Synapse with a pause & order style though works in real time rather than turns. The replay is fast but with planning the missions take a good 10-20 minutes to do cleanly

      Based on that article the other day, I'd quite like to see gears of war done as a turn based tactics game

    Oh. Other Pokémon progress:
    - trained up the first two members of my PAX team, got some pretty good results in the battle maison.
    - got ditto safari now. Anyone wants dittos with specific IVs, I can farm to help out.

    Morning TAY. I had a fairly decent weekend. Made a decision that I'm going to do a barista course at TAFE when I've saved up enough money. Also found a coffee machine that I want to buy from Kogan. I've also worked out that I'll be looking for a job as a barista once I've completed the course.

    Also slowly getting through Watch_Dogs. In act 3, and 50% of the way through the game. Really enjoying it and the soundtrack is great. So many bands I like. Is the season pass worth buying?

    The only downer on the weekend was that Melbourne Storm lost and are out of the finals. At least the Hawks are playing in the preliminary finals next week. And that's pretty much all I have to say.

    So I fell off my no-fast-food diet wagon this morning and bought a hash brown. The decision was validated when I insta-won a prize in the McD's Monopoly thingy.

    But what is Zinio, and is a 3 month digital subscription a good thing? :\

      According to my brief googling, Zinio is a digital magazine subscription thingy. Looks like you have a 3 month subscription to a digital magazine.

        Work computers can't access the Zinio store, so I have no idea about the subject matter of the magazine(s) on offer. Trying to decide whether Mrs Shane would like it or whether I should just give it away here.

          Top sellers
          Car and Driver
          Consumer Reports
          Cycle World
          Family Handyman
          Fast Company
          iPhone Life
          Maximum PC
          Men's Fitness
          Men's Health
          Men's Journal
          Motor Trend
          National Geographic Interactive
          OK! Magazine
          Outdoor Photographer
          PC Magazine
          Photography Week
          Popular Mechanics
          Popular Photography
          Popular Science
          Sound & Vision
          Star Magazine
          Vol 6, No 5

            Thanks. There's nothing in that list Mrs Shane would be interested in, and soft porn notwithstanding, nothing for me either.

              There might be other less popular things is you search, but that was the most popular options

    I didn't get in as much Destiny as I would have liked over the weekend. My wife hurt her leg and can't sit in the computer chair for long periods so I figured I might as well use the PC to play Minecraft instead of having her watch me play Destiny missions she already finished. I've been playing on Zetrox2k's server and still haven't replaced all the diamonds I lost when I fell into lava last week. I've tried to enchant a pickaxe with fortune but I keep generating efficiency/unbreakable. Don't get me wrong, those are great enchants. But I want to generate mad diamonds yo, and grinding levels past 30 is a pain in the ass.

    This morning following a discussion about how terrible pandas are at breeding I was thinking about how it's been awhile since I've watched Fight Club and how I should get on that (since it's a pretty good movie) then specifically I started thinking about the bits where there were inserted frames of Brad Pitt in the scenes where Edward Norton is having his breakdown etc. prior to the actual "Tyler Durden" introduction, which of course led me to think about how Tyler has a job at a cinema and inserts frames of penises into kids movies.

    Specifically I dwelt on the phrase "they don't know they saw it, but they did" and that prompted me to think about the scene in the 1991 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie where Raphael meets Casey Jones and part of their fight banter is:

    "A Jose Canseco bat. Tell me... you didn't pay money for this."

    Now I'm vaguely aware of Jose Canseco's existence as a baseball player (partially in part to that line from the movie) and presumably if he had his own range of sporting equipment he was a fairly successful one. The thing I never understood in the context was whether said equipment was nay good. From the age of 9 or 10 or whenever I saw the movie I've lived with two possibilities.

    1) Jose Canseco baseball bats are extremely good quality and expensive, and Raphael has doubts that Casey Jones, a masked vigilante/thug would spend money on sporting goods with the intent of hitting people with them.


    2) Jose Canseco bats are extremely poor quality and Raphael is expressing derision that anyone would use them, even in the context of a weapon for the purpose of masked vigilantism (especially since the turles are themselves masked vigilantes with good-quality ninja weapons and Raph is at that time frustrated over his missing sai).

    I figure both possibilities are equally likely, so I've decided that I am happy living in a world where the explanation remains uncertain. Even if the writer of that line told me directly what they meant, I think my view would be unchanged.

    I also played Desert Golfing this morning.

      I need to get back on the Minecraft server and finish my XP farm. That could be useful?

        I recently started farming since it offers XP and I wanted to stockpile some leather and wool and feathers. I've found several spawners (spiders and skeletons) but mining them destroys them doesn't it? If I wanted to make an XP farm I'd have to make it around the spawner?

          Yeah, you build your 'farm' in place around the spawners. Easiest way is a drop pit that almost kills them, and a set of lights on a circuit to turn the spawning on and off. Let pit fill, finish by hand.

    Destiny is consuming me in a very dangerous manner.

    Just like my Kirby will consume all who oppose him come October.


    Good morning pups. I hope everyone is well this lovely sunny day.

    My weekend in a nutshell:
    - Watched Chef; a decent movie. Kind of like a mashup Ratatouille and the food truck episode of Bob's Burgers, haha.
    - I pre-ordered Zac Gorman's 'Invasion of the Candy Snatchers' comic book. It's a gorgeous looking graphic novel set in-between Costume Quest 1 and 2! If you liked the game, you should check it out!
    - I had serious grown up discussions about very exciting plans for the future, so that's keeping me happy.
    - Decided I don't care for Destiny, but Minecraft is pretty neat (I like to get on the bandwagon reaaaal late).

      If you are interested there's a TAY minecraft server hosted by @zetrox2k

      Also, we are pups now? I thought we were kittens? So confused!

        All we know, Nob, is that you're fuzzy, some people like it when you lick them and occasionally you poop in inappropriate places.

          Pretty much this.

          You're whatever critter I last got to cuddle before leaving for work.

    *insert shameless self-promotion here*

    The perks of being a wall flower at the party of a generation.

    Hope you guys are well? I didn't play any Destiny this weekend. I was busy on Saturday and I feared I had fallen behind my usual gaming pals levels on Sunday so didn't bother. (Which was stupid, cause now I fear I've fallen even more behind. *flails arms around*) Been playing Mairo Kart online with a newbie though. It's stressing me out a little. I don't want to kick their ass every race but we're clearly at different levels. Turned down AI though and now he can atleast kick the asses of the other characters. (EXCEPT HE DOESN'T YET. D:) He's getting better though.

    Last edited 15/09/14 9:37 am


      More short posts please.

        For you, any thing! :')

        "Feelin' fine."

        Last edited 15/09/14 9:47 am

      But I like playing with you! Was totes sad you were not on over the weekend. Tho blaghsy grudgingly kept me company.
      I is 21 now but still keen to run around with you.

        Maybe it's time to get back on this horse! :D

        I like playing with you too, Jo. Makings of a beautiful friendship! Maybe! :P

      I like your writing :) Infamous Second Son is sooooo good.

        Thanks for reading and the kind words, Jane. <3

          "Pacific north west? More like pacific north best, am I right? *shoots self*" made me snort right as the whole office went very quiet.

      You can't climb the Space Needle? D:

        I know, right? I hear that it's the only way they could get it into the game. That there were all kinds of restrictions the company who runs the Space Needle gave them. What's the point even being in Seattle then? *shakes fist like a crazy person*

        Thanks for reading too, Strange. I never, ever take it for granted and appreciate you willingly spend some time doing it. :)

          I skim a lot of it because spoilers though. So don't thank me yet. :P

      I didn't play much on the weekend either, I'm only lvl 15, maybe we can still team up.

    Morning all, How was everyones weekends?
    I'm still waiting on Destiny to download (3GB Left!) I think I'm almost through my first playthrough of Wolfenstein: New Order, and eager to see the differences in timeline :)

    I had planned a super special surprise night for my boyfriend on saturday night to celebrate him getting permanent residency, and then he comes home on friday saying he wants to go out to dinner. Long story short, I consumed a lot of alcohol and food on the weekend. and laser tag too, I'm very sore because of that.

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