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    I'm staying with friends at Arrow on Swanston: Pretty good daily rates esp when split x ways.

      I miss Stephen Amell's abs Arrow!

        I can't fathom there's folks who find that level of buff good looking. It creeps me out. :D Don't mind me, I'm just trying to make the scrawny thing a social norm. The dungeon tan too.

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          I'm a straight male, but Stephen Amell is a very, very good looking man.

          I don't at all find Arnie/Stallone levels of muscles attractive, but Mr. Amell's face is very handsome so I can overlook the overmuscledness. :P

          I can't even imagine how bad it must be to be in a relationship with someone who has to keep up those levels of muscledness, either. You'd never be able to eat anything fun together, and they'd be spending so much time maintaining muscles they'd have no time for you.

        You mean that show where the guy does the Salmon ladder and occasionally fights crime?

          There's crime? All I got from the ads was the salmon ladder.

          Edit: damn autocorrect

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    It's the Pax. The G-23 Paxilon Hydrochlorate that we added to the air processors. It was supposed to calm the population, weed out aggression. Well, it works. The people here stopped fighting. And then they stopped everything else. They stopped going to work, they stopped breeding, talking, eating. There's 30 million people here, and they all just let themselves die.

      Sounds like a suspiciously appropriate correlation between TAY and PAX. D:

        PAX North is still not a thing.

          Why you gotta be like that, Red? WHY YOU GOTTA BE LIKE THAT?

          I'm even more scared of PAX North now. I'm afraid it's where all the ones who had a different reaction to the PAX ended up. D:

        But that would mean we have nearly 30 million people lurking! D:

        And I'm pretty sure we're living here, not dying.

          I'm dying from friendship overload! It's real thing! Just like PAX North!

    Oh man, I've become of of those people. I'm wearing my finest clothes around my house because I have no where else to be. :D :) :| :( :'( :D

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      I just wear whatever is clean whether it be my finest clothes or some dingy hobo rags, I'm very fashionable you see.

        My finest clothes is only a moderate step up from my dingy hobo rags. :P

        If I am down to my nicest t-shirt and jeans combo with nowhere to be then I will remain in my towel until the dryer is finished.

          Wearing a towel is unacceptable. I might see a reflection of myself in the mirror and who needs that?

            So what you're saying is you don't want to have a towel obscuring the view.

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      I fear this is too much information. XD

        Whatever happened to that person you were "snuggling" with

          Turns out it was a psychotic break conjured from crushing loneliness! :D :) :| :( :'( :D

            Dan, I know I say this all the time, but goddam you're great.

              That's what the psychotic manifestations used to say too!

              Thanks buddddddy. Appreciate that.

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    I'll be hosting a panel at PAX this year. It's called Board Games with Bun and will run over the full three days. The aim of the panel is to discuss and demonstrate a wide range of board games with a panel consisting of literally anyone who wants to join in.

    The highlight of the panel will be a game of Two Rooms and a Boom involving every single person we can get to join in.

    Oh sod it, who am I kidding? There will be multiple games of 2R1B. But when's the best time to get everyone together for it? Saturday morning perhaps?

      Wow, nice job scoring a panel at PAX! Who'd you have to pay/sweet talk to get it?

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        It's not an officially sanctioned panel. It's more of a desperate cry for attention.

          Sounds like an official panel.


      That sounds like a kinky hotel thing that you're organising outside the normal convention hours.

      Your panel ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

      Will you be playing any games that won't take too long to play (or are drop-in/out)?

      EDIT: Assuming this is played at actual PAX and not before/after :P

      Last edited 17/09/14 2:54 pm

        Almost definitely. Things like Hanabi, Love Letter, Coup and The Resistance are all fairly short and 2 Rooms and a Boom has an explicit timer.

    PAX planning?

    Wondering which would be easier less hard between finding yellow boots and just attempting to make them myself.


    OCT 31: The opening pool party kicks off at 1pm, then our key note speaker Amy Hennig will address the crowd (still at the pool)... then we will have a gourmet dinner at Hungry Jacks.
    NOV 1: Avoid eye contact with everyone.
    NOV 2: Avoid eye contact with everyone.

      Cool. Oct 31 at DC's place. I'll act as a bus driver and pick everyone up. Who is in?

        You don't know where I live.

        Did I ever tell you guys about the time Freeze sent me a text message with a picture of my house and no text?


      NOV 3: Apologise to Mr. Neighbourson for using his pool while he was on holiday.

    PAX planning?
    I'll be living about an hour away, in a house, or a townhouse, not entirely sure which one yet...
    The only thing really in my control at this point is a Pokémon team. So yeah, I'll probably keep spamming you lot with updates about that.

      I spend 2 hours hooking a evee up with wish. without natures or IV's done yet. I also have to get 48 BP to get volt switch for my jolteon. Lots of work. Fun wor though i just like having goals in the game again. :)

        Tip: once you've got two semi battle worthy mons, do the multi battle at the maison, choose no for someone local joining, then pick an AI partner with latios. Sit back and let them wreck face, collect your 48 points.

        Oh you already got one? Well done!

        You can get a lot of good-IV Ditto for breeding from the GTS if you filter by level. The Friend Safari Ditto are always Level 30 and they're guaranteed to have a couple of maxed-out IVs.

          ... I have access to a ditto safari now too. That helps.

            Oh yeah! Even better.

              Although, I'm not a different region, so no masuda method for you from my dittos.

    I've got a bounty to complete in Destiny to earn 9000 XP without dying. I keep getting to 8000+ and dying. The game gets kind of stupid hard to solo at the higher level story missions.

    Last edited 17/09/14 2:12 pm

      I don't even read the bounties. I accept them all and if I accidentally complete one, so be it!

      I just do patrols for that one. Usually have a bunch of other things to get out of the way at the same time, like headshots or double-tag fusion-rifle kills and sometimes even patrol missions.

        The double fusion kills one is an utter pain for me. I tend to be shooting from long enough range that the fusion gun isn't useful, and when I use it it's to close in and take out something big.

          That farming exploit article today? That would work for the fusion kills too.

            Oooh. You're right, it would. Probably the two-mobs-with-a-super thing as well. I almost never use my super.

            I did it that way today, seemed to work out OK.
            That said, I was fairly horrified to look at my PVE k:d ratio afterwards.

          The fusion rifle kills are easy as hell to do in the cosmodrome with fallen shanks, in the Divide in particular you get 2 pairs of them in relatively close proximity that cluster neatly together, die with one shot and respawn rapidly

    PAX Plodding!
    Should I Cosplay? If I do it'll be Harvest Moon. Because... I like Harvest Moon a lot and it's easy.

    Pro: I'm participating!
    Con: It's not Star Citizen related and that's the impetus for my trip.
    Pro: ???
    Con: ???

      What does the costume look like?

        This guy:

          With this hat:$(KGrHqRHJEMFGTSHZ!HcBRptV6D8-g~~60_1.JPG

          And maybe this scarf:

          So all I'd need is to find some overalls. I have the shirt and shoes already.

      I miss Harvest Moon on the Gamecube. I had a cow called Moopy. I miss Moopy

        Here's a moopy cow for you then.

          lol flappy cow? Think I'll pass ;)

            Don't know what you're talking about. It clearly says Moopy. :P

    Hey @dc , you have no interest in Hyrule Warriors do you?
    Jimu is coming over to my place on Saturday to have a go, you're welcome to attend if you like, you don't even have to play Hyrule Warriors we can just like hang out and such.

      Hey @gutsoup! I hope life is treating you good and proper?

      Not a fan of Zelda or Dynasty Warrior, alas. Thanks for the offer. In a shocking twist I have weekend plans already, too. It's rare and weird, I know. Friends birthday thing, alas. You so kind though. :)

        oh well, thought I'd offer. Glad you have plans, hopefully you have some good fun.

    Slowest day ever.

    I so badly need to sleep.

    so Saturday night at PAX is SCree's karaoke and bowling thing
    anybody doing anything on Thursday, Friday or Sunday nights. Because i suggest drinking at a pub and colourful stories.Any ideas?

      I thought meeting with randoms and going to the pubs and restaurants while still in costume was what happens.

      I'm free Friday night at this stage, up for drinks. :)


      Friday would be a good pub day in costume- Halloween.

        Oh wow, I hadn't even realized it was Halloween on the Friday.

      At this point I've only taken the Friday and Monday off (+Tuesday is a public holiday in Melbourne) but was tossing up also taking Thursday.

      Last year a bunch of us went to Bar Robot on the Thursday night (I think it was the Thursday?) and ate edamame and drank sake and yelled at each other over the way-too-loud music. Can't remember if you were with us for that or not.

      I'm just hoping I have time to find a new place to live and move in pre-PAX so I can take the train in and not have to worry about not drinking too much or staying out past my old man bedtime.

    mmm looks like I'll be in Perth for at least another two weeks :/. To stay or not to stay over a weekend? I need some serious handheld games though (Theatrhythm soon OMFG!)

      gonna be in the city late-ish tomorrow (like last time)

        I fly out Thurs evening. Will be back next week though and it seems like I'll stay over the weekend. Keen to do touristy stuff?

          I see... you could've just said you were not up for, you didn't need to leave the state.

          Maybe up for next weekend? Too far away to know what I've got on.

    Destiny tidbit:

    Strange coins and motes of light (spent on ultra-powerful gear from the weekend vendor - NOT THE COSMETIC STUFF OMG I WASTED SO MANY) are awarded for your first gold-rating on a public event, per day.
    You can predict where events are going to kick off by following this schedule:

    You'll only get one reward per day, but if you have alts, you can earn that reward on each of them and put the reward in the bank, to be retrieved by your main who is desperate for dem epix.

      How do I spend dem coins to get epix?

        There's a mysterious shady vendor who turns up in the Tower on weekends. Well. Saturday, anyway. Friday and Sunday are a bit iffy. His name is 'Xur' or something, and he's very reminiscent of the hooded salesman from Resident Evil 4. Strange Coins and Motes of Light can be traded in for legendaries and exotics. Armor and weapons. I have a suspicion that his stock will vary, week by week.

        Last edited 18/09/14 9:21 pm

          Now, I have heard this but looked around for him in the Tower last weekend and couldn't find him. The guy sounds like a shady drug dealer who only wants Bitcoins lol. I'll find that man and get my legendary, exotic Diamond Hand Cannon,

    So PAX plans just to repeat my post from last page, I'm staying at the Urban Central Backpackers with some friends about 2 mins walk from the con centre $50 a night because im cheap!

    Pox plans: I'm going to infect all of you
    PAX planning, hey? ...crap, I still need to figure out how I'm getting down to Melbourne. At least I have accommodation!

    ...I should double check where I'm actually staying. I've totally forgotten.

      I'd suggest you probably should take a bus. If you take a plane how would it land if it always has a rize?

      You should drive me down!

        Last time I looked it was a comparable cost between driving and flying, with the obvious bonuses of flying being faster, more comfortable, and I don't have to do stupid-arse hook turns.

          Yeah, it usually depends on numbers. For one person, flying is definitely the way to go, two goes either way, and three and up is better in a car (assuming you have an even vaguely decent... mileage? kilometreage?).

      Want to carpool??

        I'm running the default position that I shouldn't share travel or accommodation with people because screaming baby (at least for the trip back) :P

    I swear last time I looked Hyrule Warriors was getting released on Friday...this one extra day of waiting displeases me slightly.

      Since I've now dedicated this page to asking stupid favours from you, can you buy me a copy and drop it off? Plox & thx.

      wait, it's released Saturday? Shit, we're going to the show that day

      I'm getting it delivered so it wont arrive until Monday for me /o\

        I've gone with Scarf Edition, pickup from EB cause I have most of the weekend alone so I'll be playing the hell out of it.

      I miss games launching on Thursdays.

      Curse you, eShop. But especially digital copies of retail games.

    2 Rooms and a Boom!

    Okay, so I should probably explain what this game is if I'm planning to rope every single person I know into playing it.

    It's a social deduction game (like The Resistance or Werewolf) where 6-30 players are randomly dealt role cards to determine if they are in the red or blue team. Players are then split into two rooms, nominate a leader for each room, bicker amongst themselves for a bit and then the leader decides on several hostages to be sent to the other room. Rinse and repeat several times and then there's an explosion.

    You see, one player on the red team will be the Bomber. The red team wins the game if the Bomber ends up in the same room as the President (one of the members of the blue team). The entire point of the previous rounds is to plot and scheme so that what your side wants to happen, happens.

    You're allowed to show your card to whoever you want and say whatever you want to do this. You can mutually agree with someone to show each other's card (or just part of it).

    Wild accusations and arguments are encouraged.

    On top of the President and Bomber, there are literally dozens of special roles that can be added into the mix. There can be neutral, grey, players that might have to publicly declare who they think will win before the bomber explodes, a player that forces everyone they show their card to to swap cards with them, players that try and be the leaders in their room every round, players that have to show their card to anyone that asks and players that can't show their cards to anyone under any circumstances.

    Oh, and each round is done on a timer. The first round is 5 minutes then 4, 3, 2, 1 ... BOOM!

    I'm trying to work out the best way to get this to work with a bunch of people who have never played it before (including myself). So get excited.

    Edit: So them games are pretty good eh? I like the ones where things 'splode

    Last edited 17/09/14 3:54 pm

      TAY's continued usage of 'dickman' pleases me immeasurably.

      EDIT: Now your edit makes me look like a crazy(er) person.

      Last edited 17/09/14 3:58 pm

        I'm sorry, I thought I snapped up my comment fast enough, sorry. But yes I do like using the word Dickman :D

          Someone will always see a comment before it's edited. Always.

            yeah, I should just stick to my usual method of writing enormous posts then deleting them before I post them. I swear I'd be on like 50,000 comments if I didn't self moderate.

    Hi Gang, Dan here.

    If there's two things I hate in this world it's children and cancer.

    Thing is, if you leave a kid be and let it grow up it becomes an adult. And sometimes, if you deprive them of sunlight, friends & interaction with the opposite sex, they can turn out to be radical grown-ups like me, Dan.

    But if you leave cancer alone, oh man, that shit just gets worse, spreading it's insidious self until all the good things are replaced by an incurable, dark disease. Kinda like me, Dan.

    That's why in October, I'm doing the Great Cycle Challenge to raise money to fight kid's cancer.

    Look, it's no secret that you all want a personalized picture of me in Lycra and that's why I'm offering all donations a picture of me, Dan, sporting my skin tight & bulge (I guess?) accentuating cycle suit. Please see example "The Scar Jo" for the bounty that awaits those who donate.

    BUT WAIT JUST A GODDAM SECOND! If you donate over $100 you can dictate the pose of your personalised Dan in Lycra photo. HOLY MACKEREL WHAT A DEAL!!!

    So head here and donate so that we can increase the chances of a bunch of socially awkward kids making it to adulthood to become more like their, and your, hero, me, Dan.

    Oh, and ‪Fuck Cancer‬

    Last edited 17/09/14 4:08 pm

    I was just about to hit peak first world problems here, guys. I came *this* close to complaining about the fact that chrome on my phone has changed, so it now takes two presses to refresh, and that it took me 2 minutes to find it.

    Thankfully I didn't because I would have looked like a right arse.


      Totally a first world problem, but I was internally complaining about the exact same thing. Also the fact that it takes an extra click to get to my bookmarks now (they used to just come up on a new tab!)

      I've gone back to Dolphin Browser :P

      The dropdown menu acts on first press (ie. you can swipe from the dropdown button to the option you want), and the refresh button ends up over the top of the tab-count. So you can swipe from the dropdown button to the tab-count button and it will refresh, cos the dropdown will overlay the refresh button before you take your finger off the screen.
      More fiddly than just hitting the old refresh button, but (subjectively) easier than two separate presses.

    huh. I just read a big ass post from Dan about Cycling, now it's gone, he's a wizard, possibly from the moon.

      Right? I was worried that listening to a dozen episodes of Zeitgeist today had made me mad!

      I KNOW RIGHT!?

      It's gone into moderation for some whacky raisin.

        I also cannot confirm nor deny that I am a Wizard.

        I am, however, NOT from the Moon and am 100% Australian.

          Doesn't matter if you came from the moon, as long as you didn't travel here in a boat.

            Imagining Tony Abbott's great great great great great grandkid with a "Stop the Spaceships!" World Government election promise.

            Ships aren't technically boats, right?


    PAX friends, just a minor word of advice: when planning your accommodation, remember PAX is at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Center in South Wharf, about 5 mins walk from Spencer St / Southern Cross station in the CBD. It is not at the Melbourne Exhibition Center which is in Ascot Vale and is a fair distance away from the CBD.

      It's also not at the 'Melbourne Center for Exhibitions' OR at the 'Convention & Exhibition Center of Melbourne'!

      Checking google maps to double ccheck, yeah we have it right.

      Where the shit is the tram stop for expo centre, though?!? Also public transport directions not working ffs.

      Last edited 17/09/14 4:53 pm

        There's a tram stop right out front, between it and crown.

          What POS public transport is this, that it's not working on google's services. :\ This is so frustrating, because their website blows too. Ugh, I'll work it out closer to the date - looks like we gotta swap trams only once and roughly 20m ..

            Where are you staying?

              Tune Melbourne. There's a station right around the corner. Looks like I gotta head south, swap lines, then head west until convention centre.

        The tram stop marked Casino/MCEC/Clarendon St is right outside the entrance. Also the trams and trains are integrated into Google Maps and normally they work correctly.

          Thanks. Weird about Gmaps, it hasn't been working for many months now.

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