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    Huh. 16 emails in my inbox. NOOOOOPE.
    *tries to quietly slink away*

      Thank you so much for not doing this 20mins earlier :P

      I get approx 100-200 new emails every day. Try that on for size.


          Haha, I wish. It's all work and I'm the filter.

          About twenty or so are support tickets, five or so are spam, the rest are a mix of random enquiries bypassing helpdesk and network monitoring.

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    So I pretty much aced my mock job interview for school. Surprised myself. Way better than the
    D-grade mock interview I had last year. In the last one, I stumbled at the first question, and didn't recover, swearing all the way. Shameful display.

    That is all. GET HYPE!

      I still haven't gone and finished the first one :/. I ended up stopping after my mage died last playthrough. I got boxed in :P

    Disneh Infiniteh hype y'all! Today's the day \o/

      standard disney, or this the new marvel one?

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        Marvel of course you silly sausage. I blow my nose at you.

    Boo, my old CRT TV has gone mad, over the last few months it started doing things like turning itself on if left in standby mode, then the remote died, then it started changing channels by itself and occasionally makes weird static noises....... IT'S POSSESSED! . Now I'm going to have to go back and find that article about making old games look decent on HDTVs.
    Edit: Tempted to rip it open and fiddle about since it'll probably cost me money to get rid of. Side note, last time I went to the dump they were refusing CRTs in their "Treasure" section and were telling people to just throw them in the pit, there was about 500 of them getting pushed around by a bulldozer.

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      There's a good chance you could pick up a cheap replacement CRT from Cashies? I picked up a $5 computer monitor once, best $5 I ever spent.

      I have an 80cm panasonic progressive scan crt tv you can buy if you want!

        I also have a 34cm one I would love to get rid of if you prefer something smaller!

        Ooh... what kind of inputs and stuff does it have? 4:3 or widescreen?

          it's widescreen. has 2 or 3 component sets, composite, svideo and maybe something else? does up to 576p i think. was my gamecube and wii tv :)

          Last edited 18/09/14 11:54 am

            Sounds like a pretty good set. I got one a year or two ago, has 3x composite (with one of them as s-video), 2x component and 1x HDMI, takes up to 720p/1080i. It's awesome and all, but it bugs me to know that somewhere out there is a 32" model, I think that one's only ("only") 29". Also a 32" 4:3 one would be nice, get that extra vertical height. A SCART input or two, too :P

            Currently got everything hooked into it, from NES through to Wii U.

        how much were you wanting for them out of curiosity?

          I'd probably want $80 or so for the big one, or $20 for the 34?

    So I have finally finished the first difficulty of One Finger Death Punch and have moved on to difficulty two... I can barely keep up now, it's so fast! There's also one more difficulty higher than this?! /o\

    Dear Gooky,

    I suspect your friend might be obsessed with you if she scours the internet for naked pictures of you. I can safely say I don't do this for any of my friends. :\

    Just a heads up!

    Your pal,

      That might explain why the air conditioner went nuts at his work yesterday. It was compensating for the heat generated by those searching for such materials with anticipation :P

      It's ok she is just looking for naked pictures of people. And sometimes finds people that happen to look like me.


    Caught another shiny this morning!
    Still not the one I want though. Today was fletchinder.

      I know these words but I can't unravel this particular riddle. I assume you rescued a shelter dog!

        I wish. Can't get a dog until we get a house.
        Not long now. Then we get greyhounds.

          To race? MONSTER!

            Ex racing. Give them a nice retirement.
            They sleep all day so it won't be so bad on them when both owners are working full time initially.

          Greyhounds are beautiful! Oh, so sleepy and affectionate and lovely.

      I've still never even seen a wild shiny through all the games I've played.

        On average it takes me about a week to find one (and that's with the shiny charm doubling the chances)

    Hi Gang, Dan here.

    I'm raising money to fight the Dan of diseases, cancer, and wrote all the details up yesterday.

    Unfortunately the post went into moderation so take a gander this morning ya silly gooses.

    Good morning, standard poodles!

    Yesterday I had a wicked awesome nose bleed and had to stay home and play Minecraft all day. HA.

    Can anyone recommend me some good gaming podcasts? I feel like every one I listen to dies soon after I start! (RIP Weekly Geek, Fangamer, Weekend Confirmed). Thanks!

      All you need is Dan and Karl's Zeitgeist. No gaming, all of the time!


        What a friggin' pair of hot idiots.

        Indeed it's like an episode of Seinfeld in a podcast :P

          Except good!

            *sighs and grabs an empty bottle to fill with cold water*

            You don't like Seinfeld?

              It's not that I don't like it, it's that I hate it with a fiery, fiery passion. :P

                ARGHHHH! It's so good!

                  If you like terrible things and you're a terrible person, sure! *folds arms stubbornly*


                  If I had room in my notebook I would add an exclamation point.

                Hahah, oh dear. Can I ask, and I don't mean this with any rudeness or anything, but are you young? Like, under 24? I only ask because I've found that people who enjoy it tend to be 30 + (with exceptions, of course).

                Do you like Julia Louie-Dreyfuss? Veep is a very good show.

                  I love JL-D, she's the only thing I like about the show. I'm 29. It's not that I don't get the show, I just don't like it. I understand what it's doing. :P

                You're not alone @dc! It does nothing for me either :\ Can't stand that show

      While it's not always about games it is reliable to make you turn it off in frustration:

      I guess it depends on what you like but I find the Roosterteeth podcasts to be pretty good.

      Pixel-Otaku is run by some TAYbies, and is in its ninth season!

      Also Dan and Karl's Zeitgeist if you want to feel good in comparison to someone.

      Last edited 18/09/14 9:28 am

      Standard poodles?

      I ... I'm not sure if this is an insult.

        No! They're beautiful dogs! Have you seen them? Oh man. I saw a lady walking hers on the way to work and I just about tackled it after she said I could pet him.

        It's better then being an irregular poodle.

      Does it have to be gaming podcasts? That rules out Rooster Teeth Podcast, Cox n Crendor In The Morning, and Dan and Karl's Zeitgeist.
      If it has to be a gaming podcast, TGS/Co-optional Podcast, is pretty good, provided you want it to be 3 hours long and don't like slightly irregular timeslots. (Both the TGS Podcast and the Co-optional Podcast are the same thing with the same cast, but it changed names 62 episodes in)

      Here's a quick sample of a legendary moment from the podcast.

        I was looking specifically for new gaming podcasts, but by all means, bring on any other recs too!

    I like to think Dan and Karl's Zeitgeist is more like Roseanne. Speaks their mind, but endearing at the same time. Fictitious Roseanne is just the best.

      It's fitting because I'm already named Dan and Karl is an offensive, fat loudmouth and we're basically married.

        I think you need to recreate the opening credits as a promo! I'll play DJ!

          Or second Becky. Not first Becky.

      Not a fan of real life Roseanne?

        I heard she used to yell at the writers and is mean.

          She's super... motivated to get what she wants. I like her, though, because she refused to take any nonsense from the male staff/writers. When she took over the show she fired a lot of the male staff who had been sexist/abusive towards her.

            Joss Whedon had his first writing job there. Can't think of a more feminist guy. He said he was disappointed at the experience. Never meet your heroes and all that. I hear what you're saying though, sounds like it could be a hostile place. In spite of that it's a writing room that produced many show runners of now. Chuck Lorre, Amy Sherman-Paladino, Joss Whedon. :D

            I should say that I love Roseanne the person, just don't think I'd want to meet her, is all. :D

            Last edited 18/09/14 9:54 am

              @janexo Chuck Lorre is DC's favourite.

                He did some amazing things in the '90s. Dharma and Greg for one!

                  My world view was shattered when I discovered that he was the one behind the TMNT theme.

                  I didn't know what to think of anything any more.

              You're right - from what I understand he was there during second year or so, when things were still pretty volatile, which I'm sure made things sour. It's such a good show, though. I can't imagine many long-running shows that were that intense for comedy that wouldn't have had a hard behind-the-scenes environment.

                Yeah and her voice clearly got through too. It's a show that pioneered what it was to be a normal, blue collared type. Tackled issues and didn't feel very sitcomy with a high concept set up or any thing.


                  Until the last season. :P

      You've just redeemed yourself by acknowledging the greatness of Roseanne :D

        You've just redeemed yourself by acknowledging the greatness of Roseanne. ;)

    As if I needed affirmation, I still dislike getting blood drawn, the minor panic attack on the drive home wasn't helpful either.

    Requests, anyone? Probably going to be a one hour show, not in the mood for doing things right now.

      Paperback Writer - The Beatles

      It's been long enough, I think, since this was last played.

      Seasick Steve - Started Out With Nothin

      The Cruel Sea - Better Get A Lawyer

      Last edited 18/09/14 9:57 am

      Landslide -- Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac

      Anything by Faith No More, (Mike Patton not Chuck Mosley please)

      Alpine - Gasoline (rediscovered this the other night)

      Fury, Oh Fury - Nico Vega

      Someone Like You - Kings of Leon.

      Mirrors- Justin Timberlake

      man i think im becoming less hipster. I have barely kept up with new releases for indie bands this year and even albums i have been looking forward to i have sorta skipped. makes me sad but im sure ill start enjoying random hipster music soon and detest the radio again.

        8 minutes is far too long for a single song, not happening Rocket, buddy

    I found some Jerry Seinfeld common ground. I love this. <3

      Jerry always was annoying. It was all about Kramer and Newman and the terrifing amount I could relate to George.

        Jerry was the worst actor, by far, but they never hid that. Elaine, George and Newman, aw man. I loved any time that George or Newman were theatrical, singing and dancing or skipping.

      And some common ground for people who hate Roseanne:


      It's the writing, man.

      Watch the Chinese Restaurant episode and tell me it's not brilliant.

      It changed comedy in so many ways.


    Last edited 18/09/14 10:06 am

      I was so hesitant to click those links.

      But it's so big.

        So was I.

        links didn't live up to my expectations of Evil Monkey manhood. I am disappoint.

    I haven't had a chance to update to iOS 8 yet, but I just saw that you can now save gifs in notes! Awwww yissssss. No more crazy text message threads to myself to save gifs :D

    I guess this is a bad time to mention that I've never watched a full episode of Seinfeld. I tend to miss the boat on a lot of popular culture so it's not very unusual.

      They show repeats every night at 7:00!

      I never used to like it but I've found myself watching it again now and actually enjoying it :P

        Ah but you assume I actually watch television. :P

        I loved it when I was in high school, which meant I was one of about 4 people in my year who actually did.

          My year 12 jersey had Soup Nazi across it. I got pulled up a lot by confused/concerned teachers.

      I missed it too. Only seen about three full episodes, one of which was the Soup Nazi one - and somehow saw it maybe three times :/

      Never really liked it though. Much prefer Curb Your Enthusiasm.

        So what's your cosplay? :P


          This has nothing to do with Seinfeld.

            BOOO! You said you've probably said it on TAY already, I just missed it :'(

            I NEED TO KNOW! (not really but I'm curious and since I'm not actually going to PAX you might as well tell me, right? :D)

              Well actually it's you specifically that I'm avoiding telling the most, mainly since you started asking the most :P Felt kinda bad about being avoidant to Scree before, feels like it can get a bit annoying after a while. I mean it's kind of a thing... I don't really like showing my hand before it's ready to be revealed, I dunno if that's because of the idea of creating a sense of expectation or just wanting to keep the surprise fresh for the proper reveal, but... yeah. It's a nasty habit I've picked up and can't seem to shake.

                God, you monster! Think of scree!

                  That's the problem!

                  She's commented before something along the lines of having great expectations, I've gotta be able to meet them now :P

                  Then you won't be disappointed by getting no answer :coolface:

                Well I have no expectations on the quality of the cosplay, but ALL THE EXPECTATIONS IN THE WORLD TO GET A PROPER ANSWER (pls)

                Not really... I'll get over it.




      I hated it when it first ran but my SO watches reruns after reruns of it, so I sort of had to start loving it. Now I catch myself thinking, "could I pull off an Elaine costume for Halloween?"

      I only see segments cuz my step dad watches them, that's all I've seen. But holy shit did I want to shoot George and Jerry in the face because they irritated me so much I got physically ill watching it.

    @beavwa @greenius @jordi @ other Tales TAYbies: New Tales of Zestiria trailer & character reveal.

    Also January 2015 release in Japan and there are strong rumors right now that bamco might be looking at a worldwide release for it.

    Last edited 18/09/14 10:45 am


        Looks like it's not Worldwide. But they're saying it'll be out by Summer 2015 for US and EU so six months later at the outside.

        At this point it'll probably be the swan song for my PS3 too, now that Persona 5 is PS4-bound.

      Bamco? I could get behind this new nickname. Doesn't have the same ring as Namcer Banders, though.

        Namdai Bamco changed their name recently. They were Namco Bandai outside Japan, and Bandai Namco inside, and it was confusing, so they changed everything to follow the Japanese order.

        And now they're Bamco.

    Formatted my pc, now I can't seem to find one of the driver cds for the graphics card.

      You'll need to download an updated driver regardless, so just go straight for it and chuck the CD.

      If you know the model and make just get it from the vendor website

        These days, just knowing the brand is enough and Windows is pretty good at detecting what model certain things are anyhow. Chasing up drivers was probably the easiest part about reformating when I did it a month or so ago.

          I would say Windows does well with that about 80% of the time. The other 20% is either not identifying the device, or installing the wrong driver (which I used to believe wasn't a thing until my current job).

            I never use Windows to actually put the drivers on but I think device signing is kind of not shit these days.

              Oh, it totally still is, even on brand new hardware. It's honestly amazing that it is still not perfect because it's such an obvious thing to do. Still, it's better than it was so there's that.

      Generally speaking, if it's AMD or Nvidia - they have a single driver installation package that covers just about all models (within reason). If it's AMD (Radeon), go to and get the latest Catalyst package (14.4, from memory), and if it's Nvidia (Geforce) go to and get the latest package from there. (340.52, if memory serves)

      manufacturer drivers are generally rubbish old drivers. go to or amd website and download the latest from there!

    @beavwa @budgieishere @chuloopa @coldcamv @crazyguy1990 @greenius @jordi @negativezero @pixel_the_ferret_viking @scree @smurfydog @tech_knight @tigerion @tofu @zetrox2k @f4ction

    Just following up on this and seeing if there are any particular games people want to try out:
    Ticket to Ride+1910 expansion/TTR: Europe+1912 expansion/TTR: Marklin,
    Dominion+Prosperity & Intrigue expansions,
    7 Wonders+Expansions,
    Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small,
    Shadows over Camelot,
    Battlestar Galactica,
    Arkham Horror,
    Power Grid,
    Escape: Curse of the Temple,
    Discworld: Ankh Morpork,
    Discworld: The Witches,
    King of Tokyo + expansions,
    Ghost Stories,
    Space Cadets,
    Formula D,
    King's Vineyard,
    Pandemic + On the Brink & In the Lab expansions,
    Forbidden Desert,
    Forbidden Island,
    Ladies and Gentleman,
    Settlers of Catan,
    Last Night on Earth,
    Alhambra (Big Box version),
    Carcassonne (Big Box version),
    Galaxy Trucker (Big Box version),

    Because I kind of have to pack them in the car if we want to play them. If none of the names mean anything to you, general things like "a game where you shout at each other" or "a game where things happen" might be good enough :p

      Yes, this thing!

        Can you text me the address? Mostly so I don't have to write it down or manually add your number to my phone.

        Hey f4ction, how much space do you have?
        Mrs Tigs and I are interested as we might be out at Kensington anyway. So we would have Tiglet and her big ass pram and don't want to crowd things if you have a small place like mine

          It's a 2 story loft thing so should be ok.

      I wouldn't mind trying out one of the forbidden games.
      K2 and Ghost Stories could be interesting
      Mrs Tigs would be interested in Discworld: The Witches and I really enjoy Galaxy Truckers.

      That said I have no idea how long we might be there or when we would arrive.

        Sure, I can bring all of those. Don't know what we're actually going to get to play but we'll definitely have some options.

          Cool, I'll probably bring a few little things like Gloom and Chrononauts
          Maybe castle panic as that is a nice easy one to learn and play

      wish I could come, but I'm out of the city for the weekend

      I'll most likely be there, and I was thinking of bringing over Heart of Crown if anyone is interested in that. Though I do need to find some time to update the pasteups for some of them beforehand.

        Which one is Heart of Crown?

        The way I see it, there's no harm in bringing whatever you please. If people are interested, they'll play it. If they're not, well there's always next time.

          This. I have all of it but haven't sleeved & done paste-ups for the base game or 2nd expansion yet as I have run out of sleeves. :( (3rd expansion is stand-alone and is basically Intrigue to the original game's Dominion)

          I think I've described it on TAY before. It's not filled with overly pervy art like Barbarossa / El Alamein and it's not a simple Dominion clone like the Tanto Cuore games. You play as basically a kingmaker - the emperor of the kingdom died, and there was no clear heir. Multiple princesses have a claim to the throne, and you have to back one of them, gather support for her and crown her before the other players.

          At the base of it, it's a deck builder like Dominion, but it has a greater emphasis on strategy and and card comboing than Dominion - simply stacking money and victory point cards isn't a good approach. There's only 5 of each of the action cards you're playing with rather than ten, and they're randomized and the randomized pile is used to build a market of up to 5 types of card, rather than everything being available to buy. Each princess has her own unique powers, ranging from really simple - one of them just requires you to obtain less points to crown her - to fairly strategic - one of the expansion princesses can mark a type of card in the market as contraband, making it more expensive to buy. Additionally when you nominate a princess, you have to devote enough money-generating land cards to do so, and the lands you use are removed from your deck to form her realm, allowing you to store a card from your hand in that location, and then play it on a subsequent turn as if it were in your hand.

          It's really fun. About as easy to learn as Dominion but IMO with a lot more depth and a lot less of Dominion's issues around not really knowing how you're going relative to everyone else unless one player has run away with the game, and the general feeling of not being interested in what other people do on their turn.

          I also have Kunitori Kessen which is another deck-builder, but is team-based - you're basically fighting the battle of Sekigahara, except in true Japanese fashion all the generals and lords have been genderswapped. I have no idea whether it's good, haven't played. Also haven't had a chance to add paste-ups to the cards yet. IIRC the art wasn't too over the top but I'm a bit desensitized to it. I might check again if that sounds interesting.

    Nova? NOVA! NOOOOOOVAAAA (@novacascade) any chance you're able to assist me with travel related research? I'm in the process of finding the cheapest flight to Copenhagen, with minimal stops/layover time... Is that something you can help with? (it's completely cool if you can't) and since I'm only in the need for tickets, no accommodation or anything, am i better off just going through the airlines instead rather then a travel agent?
    Any information is greatly appreciated

      Sure, I can have a quick look for you. Throw some dates at me (not the fruit).
      Booking direct is probably ok for flights only. If you have any problems, your agent is only going to be talking to the airline anyway. If you don't want to have to deal with that, an agent can help though

        We're looking at something like: departure 13/12/2014, return 02/01/2015... 2 adults etc.etc... We flexible with about a day either side of the dates above... Cheapest i could find myself so far is Singapore Airlines so I'm interested to see what you can come up with

          You're in Melbourne now, aren't you? My brain defaults all searches to Sydney, lucky I caught myself.
          Most direct, you're right Singapore is probably the best option, but holy crap thats expensive if we're looking at the same ones. I'm seeing them as $2930 pp.
          The cheapest I can find with good connection times is with China Southern and Air France, but it does mean going via Paris as well as Guangzhou in both directions. They are around $2160. China Southern has a bit of a dodgy reputation because they are so cheap, but one of my colleagues flew with them and said they were quite good. Only thing is because they are so cheap, they are always jammed full.

            Fair enough, thanks for that! It's a great help... I'll do some more research (talk to wifey) and make a decision... Again thank you so much

    Woo, get to pick up Curtain Call at lunch time!

    Blergh. Email from head office directing us to put up all the Christmas stuff immediately.

    How about no? It's freaking September.

    Last edited 18/09/14 11:35 am

      It'd be weird to put it up early October, let alone now.

    I spent longer than i would like to admit getting 2 evee's with wish on them, luckily i was rewatching chuck while it was happening so i didnt get too bored. I cant play pokemon tonight cause i have a birthday dinner for gf's cousin.I am sad about this, mostly because her family make her angry and i cant say anything but also because i cant play pokemon.

    Last edited 18/09/14 11:40 am

      Best thing about this grind is you can do other things at the same time.

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