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    Oh hey, it's Thursday. I am a... wait, what am I? Ok, at the moment I could maybe say I'm a game designer. Though that'd feel like a lie :P Gamer? No, they're dead. Game collector? Peripherals enthusiast! The old go-to would have been musician... or programmer... costume maker? Purported Lothario, and/or Casanova :P Serial complainer?
    Identities are hard.

    I am a Gooky, ask me anything!

      Whats your favorite instrument and what is your fave piece of music to play??

        Piano's my main, but I have a tonne of fun with the accordion. Would really like to put a bit more effort in and get better at it.

        Favourite piece to play... that one's hard. I can't seem to be unable to play Maple Leaf Rag, no matter how long I go without playing I can always jump back on the piano and bang that one out like I'd never left. Sidewalk Blues is probably my "best" piece, it has a whole lot of intricate layering between different rhythmic lines while playing through which I love to listen to. Stomp de Lowdown Blues is probably the most fun to play, since it's more energetic and likes to bounce around the place.

      1. For $35,000, would you go for three months without washing, brushing your teeth, or using deodorant? Assume you could not explain your reasons to anyone until after the three months is up.

      2. If man evolved from apes why do we still have apes?

        1. Funny story, one time for some reason or other (back while I had literally nothing to do and no reason to go anywhere) I went about four weeks without a shower. Dark times :P But yeah it wasn't really that bad, I'm sure I could last the three months if I was once again at home doing nothing.

        2. I think it's kind of like how I've still been using Windows 98 for the last decade. Some people just don't see the need to upgrade.

      Is it hard to hide your secret career as a pornstar? How do you deflect your nosy friend who keeps digging up your work?

      Edit: asking for a friend.

      Last edited 18/09/14 12:01 pm

        I find the best way to hide something is to keep it in plain sight. That's why I've got this great story about how there's this doppelganger of me out there somewhere, it's been going down a treat.


      Always a relevant source of information to judge character - how do you wipe?

        First you pick up whatever medium is going to be used for the wipe, then you place it against the surface you want to perform this action on and apply pressure, while moving your hand across and dragging the medium along with it. Be sure not to use so much pressure that this movement becomes impossible, or damages the medium especially if you don't want to touch the surface with your hand.

      Why do you continually shoot down my advances?

      Favourite movie? And why!

      If you were to be reincarnated as any animal of your choosing, what would you pick?

      What's your favourite thing about yourself?

        1) Because I'm too cowardly to just come outright and say it.

        2) Oh god, actual hard questions. Um. I'm not entirely sure I have one, actually. I mean I usually struggle with questions of favourites because I'm indecisive and can't just pick one thing over all others, but in this case I'm finding it hard to even think of a shortlist. I guess I don't really movies much. I really liked Shawshank when I saw that, it used to be an easy go-to for a favourite. Oh actually around the same time I ended up seeing this movie called Interstate 60, I remember it being kind of influential at the time. Introduced a bunch of ideas about perspective and stuff or something that I'd never really considered, so that was cool. Otherwise if I keep scrolling through the IMDB top 250... Pulp Fiction? I dunno :P

        3) A dragon. Or if it has to exist, then some kind of bird. Probably a bird of prey. Because being able to fly would be awesome, and being able to go really fast is also fun. But then I guess if you're a small bird like a sparrow or something then your apparent speed would also be quite fast with the smaller proportions.

        4) Dammit this is even harder than the other one :P Can I be all mopey and say "nothing"?
        Actually I guess there is one thing. I feel like I can be seen as a dependable and loyal friend, always there to lend a hand or offer a lift or whatever, stand by them as best I can. They always seem to make a big deal of things like that, but I dunno. It never seems like much to me, it's just what you do.

      Why "gooky? "

        I ask them the same thing all the time :P

        It's a short version of my usual username, which has its roots in a mispronunciation of my real name by my cousin when he was little ("Gookas"). Totally has nothing to do with Asians, which I only found out was a thing years after adopting the name.

      Since @liondrive appears to have missed this one, I'll be the one to ask the heavy-hitting questions. *Ahehm-hem*
      Pepsi or Coke?

        That is a hard-hitter. In that I dislike cola and do not drink either :P

        But that said, in terms of the basic versions, Coke > Pepsi. But then if you bring variants into it it gets trickier. Diet Pepsi < Pepsi < Coke < Pepsi Max < Pepsi Next < Vanilla Coke < Coke + Southern Comfort. But either way I'd rather have something else.

    After @benny's post last night, I was wondering if anyone could pick me up a copy of Infamous: Second Son. It's still $49 online, and that $27 offer is too good to pass up and I don't have a JB Hi-Fi near me. I'm willing to pay postage if we can work that out. The only problem is I wouldn't be able to pay you back until next Thursday (payday). Any assistance would be appreciated.

      I think the offer has expired, unfortunately. I bought mine online yesterday, so if the price is now showing $49, it has likely gone back up. D:

        Damn. Worth a try. I don't really need it at the moment, but it would have been great to get it that cheaply.

      Yep, expired. :(

    Preparing for Destiny's endgame: gearing up with rep, Or "How I learned to stop worrying and love the Wall of Text".

    There are currently 5 major factions in the Tower who'll sell you gear: Vanguard, Crucible, Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, and New Monarchy.
    All factions restrict their goods to people who have reached an appropriate standing with them. Armour at Rank 2, weapons at Rank 3.
    Vanguard require you to purchase gear with Vanguard Marks, all others require Crucible Marks.
    The reputation required to reach those ranks can be earned in a few ways.

    Crucible reputation can be earned by participating in PvP and completing PvP bounties. This is probably the most straight forward faction.
    A win in a crucible match nets you 25 Reputation and 3 Crucible Marks; a loss nets you 10 Reputation and 2 Marks.
    You can also win gear after each match, but there's no rhyme or reason. However there does seem to be a very reduced chance of greens - you're likely to get level 18-20 blues or blue engrams, very rarely you could earn a legendary engram (but it's probably only got a rare inside).
    Bounties are worth 50 or 100 reputation, depending on their difficulty.

    Vanguard Reputation can be earned by completing mission in Patrol. Most missions are worth 10 reputation, although the missions to kill a specific target are worth 25. Earning a Gold rank when participating in a Public event earns you a small number of Marks (2 or 3, iirc), I'm not sure if it provides a small boost to reputation. You also earn reputation from PvE Bounties - again in amounts of either 50 or 100.

    There's a limit of 100 of each Vanguard and Crucible Mark you can earn each week (weeks start on a Tuesday night). So you could chase reputation with two factions, as long as one of those factions is the Vanguard, since the other factions will be competing for your currency.

    The remaining factions require some Glimmer before you can start earning Reputation. Each Faction representive sells two different "class armour" pieces (Cloak, Bond or Mark). These are only different on a purely cosmetic level. From memory, one of these will set you back 2500 glimmer. While you've equipped one of these banners ALL reputation you earn will be for that faction.

    Prices for legendary faction gear are uniform: Weapons cost 150 marks, Helmets cost 120, and Leg, Chest & Arm gear costs 65 each. So really you just need to pick a faction and start getting reputation. For now you probably just want the gear for the Light increase, and aren't too interested in min-maxing the other stats or affixes. It's worth noting that all items in a particular faction "set" mostly don't have supporting affixes. For example, I'm currently wearing arms and boots from the Vanguard, the arms have Increased Scout Rifle reload speed as their primary affix, the boots have Increased Ammo reserves for Pulse Rifles. If you're looking for synergy, you'll need to woo each faction. However, I think that subclass synergy is even more important than ammo reserves for the right weapon type. I'm currently finishing off my Defender subclass and I can start to see what perks I want active. My build will focus on defense, so I want my super and my melee to be used as often as possible, grenades are not a priority, so (after +Light) I want gear with Intelligence and Strength. I had originally rushed rep with Dead Orbit, since I liked their scout rifle, but their armour has Discipline and Strength. Vanguard (for Titan) has Int and Str, so I spent the last few days working on that rep instead.

    So, what's the best way to get rep?

    Crucible - well, I think everything's been said already; you're just going to have to sit in PvP queues. I'd probably recommend finding a game type that you enjoy and just stick in that. I enjoy Control the most. It's also worth using the Crucible playlist from the left-hand side of your Location map. That's a randomised playlist but offers bonus XP.

    For everything else, I think that Patrol + Bounties is the fastest way to do it. I can complete a few 10 Rep patrol missions much faster than I can get 10 rep for a Crucible loss. But there's a lot more to consider than just grinding. Have you been looking at your Grimoire cards? Weapon, Enemy, and Location cards all Rank up based on kill count to offer you bonuses. In particular, Rank 2 enemy cards grant you extra glimmer when killing that enemy type while you have a glimmer boost active (Ether Seeds, etc). The Moon is an ideal target for farming Fallen, as they are almost exclsuively the only enemies on the surface. Furthermore, all patrol mission beacons are on the surface - with only 3 or 4 missions total that require you to go underground. The surface has a nice loop, so you can pretty much just keep on killing. And so far I've only seen two different types of Public Event on the Moon, both in the same area on the surface. And definitely try and clear all your bounties each day, since those provide big bonuses. Ranking up Location cards gives you an increased chance of finding bonus resources (Spinmetal, etc.) in any harvest node or chest for that Location. There also seems to be some speculation that maxing out a Location card to rank 3 slightly reduces the chance of green engrams and slightly increases the chance of purple engrams. I feel this is urban rumour, as it's certainly not documented anywhere by Bungie, but worth speculating on as it would seem to encourage you to max out the rank on various Grimoire cards.

    Once you've got one or two pieces of +Light gear, you should also consider the Strike Playlists. There are 4 difficulties (I believe starting at Level 18 and increasing by 2 for each playlist), and all but the first grant Vanguard Marks. The L24 Strikes grant 25 rep and 6 Vanguard Marks, which is really nice.

    I think that's just about everything I know. The best advice I can give is: It's a marathon, not a sprint, so pace yourself and set incremental goals. Pick one faction and work on that, aim to hit your 100 mark weekly cap, etc.

      PvP is making my head hurt for various reasons, so I'm going to mix Vanguard and Dead Orbit rep, I think. Will likely be doing those via 24 (Tiger) Strike Playlists, and mixing up daily/weekly stories/strikes with whatever bounties I can just manage doing those things.

      EDIT: Thanks for the write-up too - super informative and extremely useful. /brofist

      EDIT EDIT: Re-reading that sounds like I'm planning to do DO and Vanguard simultaneously - I know I can't - just planning to alternate.

      Last edited 18/09/14 12:09 pm

      PVP OP, yo.

      Also, Legendary Engrams may contain faction armor/weapons. That is all.

      Any tips on a good PvE way to get strange coins? I've been trying to find public events, but the schedules aren't all that specific, and the drops are random (though motes of light and ascendant shards are useful, too). Weekly heroic only gives the coins once a week, I think... not that I'd want to do it more than once a week, anyway - so damn stressful.

        My tactic for public events is to hit whichever has the days patrol bounty and try and hang around where the public events happen.

        You can couple that with the usual "Kill X Y times without dying" etc bounties and knock a few things over in one spot.

        Besides the weekly heroic strike I got majority of my coins from blue item decryption, so finding a solid farming spot might yield results.

        I feel that, at the moment, Strange Coins aren't highly farmable. Probably with good cause.

        Gold Ranking a public event does have a chance and, as mentioned by Dan, it's probably good to try and find a patrol that'll let you complete a few bounties simultaneously.
        And, as mentioned by distantdrop, blue engrams can decrypt to coins.

        Farming for engrams is pretty useful, since each decrypt gives you rep with the Cryptologists and at each rank-up they'll send you a thank you in the form of more blue (sometimes purple) engrams.

        Edit: Oh, but I don't think it's necessarily worth grinding specifically for Coins/Motes. If you're grinding for some other purpose, those coins are going to come anyway - and at the moment you can only spend them on the weekend.

        Last edited 18/09/14 2:16 pm

          Not looking to farm, just hoping someone knew of a way to get past the need to upgrade my legendary equipment to gain levels - hence looking for coins to buy exotics - because my attempts at scavenging resources have been extremely slow going. Spent 4 hours last night looking for public events (found three but got no coins), and in the downtime I got enough XP to unlock about five upgrades across all my gear, but only enough resources and glimmer to afford one of them. Considering I went through the story getting more than enough glimmer to get every upgrade I unlocked, it's a bit of a pain to be broke and resourceless now that I've actually got the legendaries I'd spent the last week or so striving for.

            Refer to my notes on ranking up grimoire cards - particularly enemy cards. Glimmer becomes heck easy to farm. The biggest hurdle for me has actually been weapon parts. Ascendant Energy/Shards aren't easy to farm, but you only need them for the top ranks after you've unlocked the main bonuses already.

            To start, I'd recommend farming Fallen on the Earth Patrol, since they're the lowest level so you can get your kill count up quickly. Might even be worth running the level 8 strike a few times, since you'll get either an Ether Seed or House Banner drop from Sepiks Prime. Once you've got a bunch of Fallen grimoire cards on Rank 2 and a few Ether Seed boosts, I'd head to the Moon Patrol where you can easily stack glimmer farming and rep grinding (and maybe bounty/public events on top of that).

              Oh, I've got 100+ weapons parts, but nothing to spend them on... haven't really found an upgrade to the Stranger's rifle.
              Most of my Fallen grimoire cards are rank 2 already (only exceptions being Captains and Servitors), and was essentially doing just that while waiting for public events on the Moon yesterday - wasn't running too many missions, tho, as I wanted to stay in the event areas, which would have killed the cashflow somewhat.
              Thanks, I'll run some moon missions tonight with ether seeds active, and see how it goes.

                If your Fallen cards are ranked up, maybe try Venus. If you head left out of spawn you get to a kind of mudflats/acid pools area that leads to the cave network where the House of Winter skiff is. Don't worry about venturing into the caves though, since there are no markers in there. However, In that outside area there are 2 or 3, plus 1 guaranteed Major Captain. There are about 4 spawn points across that field for Fallen and they respawn pretty quickly, plus there's an event for a Spider Tank there. Also plenty of Spiritbloom.

                Last edited 18/09/14 5:36 pm

                  Oh, that place where the cliff goes up to the Archon strike mission? That's a good circuit. Spent a while there doing the "kill 3 or more enemies with your super 20 times" bounty, very fun jumping off that cliff, firing my ult and vaporising all but a couple of enemies below in one shot... then going back up the walkway killing everything in sight; by the time I got back to the top, my super'd be charged, and the guys below would have respawned. Rinse, repeat. Might be worth a shot for a change of scenery - the Moon is ever so grey. :P

                  Didn't know there were any pub events in that area, though...

    To join Gooky in the funs:

    :)-\-< . . AMA!

      Who is your daddy, and what does he do?

        He died when a bear went on a rampage and smashed Branch Man Sr to pieces with a swipe. :'( RIP

        Last edited 18/09/14 12:07 pm

        [in your best Arnie voice, of course!] :D

      Do you feel you AMA has less relevance than Gooky's due to not being a page get

      How much would it cost for you to build your ultimate gaming rig?
      Can you play games that don't look great or does that really detract from the experience?
      Dogs or Cats?
      Favourite sport to play and favourite sport to watch. How intensely do you follow that sport?

        Yes. :( My awesome-level is much lower than his. Although I have emotes so there's that.

        Gaming rig.. hm. *Quickly researches* Probably just under $10K. That's 4x GPU's, Devil Canyon i7, SSD's, more storage and single 4K 60Hz+ monitor. Didn't count a couple hundred more for expensive wheels and various controllers, or those racing seats etc.

        Yes I can play old-school graphics games. I've run N64 games via emulator, and some NES/SNES - I like the gameplay. But there's an awkward point around the PS2-era where a lot of games had shit graphics and shit gameplay/controls, which really detracts from the whole experience and makes some nigh on unplayable. It makes me mad if the latest games have shitty graphics, but I'll still play em if they are fun. One recent example was Skyrim.

        Equal on dogs/cats. I don't like slobbery dogs, so I'd choose that. Cat have the benefit of being mostly self-maintaining, but then they don't give you attention like dogs. Depends on my life situation at that time I suppose.

        I don't play many sports any more nor watch them really. :( I'm pretty lazy! I played lawn bowls, basketball, tennis.. I watch the big tennis matches sometimes, along with cool stuffs like ice hockey. Intensity is above average, if I actually get into watching it.

      Favourite OS?

        Win/OSX = Win.
        Android/iOS/WinPho = Android
        PS3/X360/XB1/PS4 = PS3

        Overall out of all OS's currently, Android.

      If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?

        Created a black hole which killed all mankind.

        There's actually a legit answer to your question, though, if it's completely worded. :P

      I left my makeup in your bathroom again last night.

      Can you please not dress up like Dr. Frank N. Furter again this time? I'm still paying for the therapy from last time.


        Ha, funny, gf was joking how she wants themed bday party and how i'd make a good Dr Frank N. Furter. :(
    Bloodborne TGS live stream right now for anyone lacking anything better to do right now.

    Bandwagons are fun, ask me some Q's about radio or whatever, and I'll A them or something.

      Do you actually work in radio??

        I volunteer at my local community radio station for no pay, so yes, I 'work' in radio.

          Cool stuff! What kinda things do you do? Line up tracks, commentate, interview..?

            Announce tracks, (I also insert a few songs of my own choice), I read a community calendar once, I have to announce things like weather warnings and lost/found pets when we get them, that's not as fun.

      Ever get tempted to go on a rage fuelled swear rant on air then leave and never go back?

        Not yet, I like it here, it's good fun and not overly stressful.

      What kind of listenership do you guys have?
      Is the volunteering gig step one of a career ambition for you?
      If you could work in any field, any job, any city, what would that look like?

        Good amount, some stores in town play us, most play the pop station in Pt. Augusta.
        It started as something to do during my gap year after I finished High School, but now I kind of want to get into voice work.
        I'd like to work closely with computers, though IT is always made out as some kind of nightmare,
        I'd like to do that. Unsure about what city. Or perhaps as a voice actor, that might be a cool career.

      Do you have a voice for radio?

      What about a face?

        I put on a confident voice, affirmative yet not aggressive, you should chat on teamspeak sometime and I'll give you a demo.
        I try to smile while doing voice work, makes it sound a bit better, more cheerful or something, when I sound angry or stressed you can really tell, so I try to avoid that.

          Do you get weirded out by the sound of your own voice? If you even have to hear it that much.

            I'm weirded out that my voice sounds deep when I'm listening to it after the fact, it sounds higher in pitch in my head. But never when speaking live, more I get embarrassed if I mess up, make a stupid mistake or fuck the playlist or something.

      Why can't I tell your voice apart from Ser Nobulus's?
      Why don't you let me call you Luci?
      Thoughts on cabbage?
      Where is Amelia Earheart?
      Potato chips or corn chips?
      If you had the offer of Kyle Sandilands being your co-host, would you take it?

        I have no clue, we sound nothing alike.
        When I was younger people would call me Lucy to rile me up, let's just say it works.
        Thought the merchants of the aforementioned vegetable are funny, I have no love for the vegetable itself.
        Reports vary, most say somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, my guess is that she's rockin' it over Narnia.
        Corn Chips, add some salsa, grated cheese, chuck it in a preheated oven for 12 minutes on 180 C (fan forced) and enjoy.
        The day I am required to work alongside that disgrace to media is the day I give my two weeks.

        Sorry for putting this off for a week, I wasn't checking the TAYs at all.

    For my Theatrythym Collectors. I was really worried that the case would be standard size only as it didn't say XL anywhere on the notes but luckily it's plenty big enough.

    And pretty.

      Ah awesome, that's good to know. I don't really have a use for the case at the moment because I already have a Persona Q hard case. Maybe I could have a case inside a case.

      Oh really? They said it was only sized for standard 3DS :(

        There really isn't all that much difference between the two. I mean a hardshell yeah you won't be able to squeeze an XL into that, but most softer cases will easily take an XL.

        I still use my carrycase for my Phat to cart around the XL, they're actually pretty similar in size too :P

          If I'd known that I would have gotten the Theatrhythm one to go with my AU 3DS XL, to go with the Persona Q one I'm getting for my US XL.

        That's what I thought, I was all ready to give it away to whoever wanted it too. I've been using the cable case that came with my Pc tower so happy days.

        My first carry case for my XL came with these cool foam corner/frame which allows me to use XL cases for the standard size, pretty useful.

        Edit: or were you upset that you didn't order it due to believing is was only standard size?

        Last edited 18/09/14 1:34 pm

    I goofed and forgot that I'd already downloaded the new drivers months ago.
    Yay for backups! \o/

    I absolutely love We All Become from the Transistor OST. <3

    Last edited 18/09/14 1:24 pm

      Such a good game, such a great soundtrack.


        *puts on hipster glasses*

        Particularly love We All Become, since I listened to the trailer music like 600 times, and so the different harmonies throughout it surprise me and stuff. It's great.

      Too bad it's so short, I really like it!

        Yeah, I somehow got eight hours out of it though. More than I got with Bastion. :)

      When you speak, I hear silence...

      I also really like the glitched version of In Circles -

    So while out on a walk to get lunch with my colleague a little boy got his glasses knocked off his head and onto the concrete of a very busy walkway. I managed to rescue those glasses before anybody stepped on them accidentally and gave them back to the kid with a smile, didn't even get a thank you from either the kid or his mother, she seemed 120% focused on the glasses themselves, might as well have not existed at all.
    Humans... seriously :P

      Well, perhaps you shouldn't have knocked them off in the first place. Geez.

        After their lack of gratitude it was tempting to knock them off the kids head again, this time by my hand, but due to the Tech Knight's code I cannot do that as that would be dishonourable.

        Last edited 18/09/14 1:50 pm

      Doing nice things regardless of the people you are doing them for is hard. I helped a little kid one day at the sbeach cause he fell down and his mum gave me a death stare. Probably because she assumed i was a child snatcher. People are very defensive around kids so its hard to get to angry. Good on you for being a nice person techy. You are a honorable robot.

        They weren't damaged either I had a quick look before handing them back. Oh well, I've done other things over my tafe years like escorted a girl home cuz she just missed her bus and it'd be a full hour wait for the next one. Another example that I called a taxi for a foreign high school girl while I was on the way home from tafe at 10:30 at night. Just couldn't leave them on their own in both instances.

        I once heard this heart-breaking story about a trucker who saw a small child wandering along the side of the road. For fear of being labelled a predator, he didn't stop to help. He later heard that the child died, and he killed himself.

        Edit: spoiler tags because way too downer.

        Anyway, the point is that it's still better to help if the opportunity arises. Even if you won't be thought well of for it.

        Last edited 18/09/14 2:27 pm

          Lots of men fall into that mental trap, even I did for a time, but then I thought of this to add to my code:
          I would still stop to help that lost child, take him straight to the nearest police station and pray I don't get arrested under that above false pretense, because how can your actions of helping a lost child get home be wrong?

          Apparently this is a major factor behind the decline in male teachers, too. It's certainly one of the things that shuts down my occasional interest in becoming one. That, and... I know very many teachers. My Mum is one, her friends, some of my highs chool friends... I actually know what's involved in being a teacher, and how much they get paid.

          And knowing that? All I can say is: Fuck. That. Noise.

          Most people know precisely dick about how under-appreciated teaching is as a job, how much you're obliged to do out of hours, unpaid, and how dire the hassles and challenges are. Especially with problematic parents and idiotic syllabus changes to match the corporatization of schools.

            It's one of the main reasons I backed out of the primary school teaching route.

        People get very defensive in general especially if they feel they can't reciprocate. I think it's just a human thing, but it especially happens when it relates to their kids.

          It took me a looooooooooooong time to realise that most people don't need reciprocation for nice deeds. Just acknowledgement is plenty.

          I used to get all worked up trying to figure out their angle, and then retaliate (that's how I thought of it) with so much generosity that there was no chance that I could owe them anything.

          Thanks, mum and dad.

          Last edited 18/09/14 2:39 pm

            That's crazy talk! Familiar crazy talk! (*remembers buying @strange Ni No Kuni*) :D

              Are we still doing that "Twins!" thing?

              *looks at Xenoblade*

                That was a Christmas present for Strange. I only gave it to you because Mr. Strange trumped me. *shakes fist* :P

                  That's okay. I've already accepted that I'm not good enough for anything but scraps and leavings.

                  Last edited 18/09/14 3:05 pm

    TAYlist for the 18th of September 2014 TAYlist - the TAY Playlist, sponsored by radio Q&A on Page 13

    ACDC - Are You Ready
    Fleetwood Mac - Landslide (Requested by @dc)
    Supertramp - Bloody Well Right
    U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday (Requested by @tigerion)
    Scarlett Belle - Closure
    Cruel Sea - Better Get A Lawyer (Requested by @freezespreston)
    Beatles - Paperback Writer (Requested by @shane & @dc, you pricks)
    Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone (Requested by @codenameduchess)
    Hoodoo Gurus - Come Anytime (Loved that show with this song as the theme)
    Faith No More - Ashes To Ashes (Requested by @gutsoup, certainly isn't the David Bowie song)

      Thanks man! I love that song! :)

        about 150% better than the dixie chicks version.

          You know it. I love it most when it's the stripped down acoustic version that Stevie Nicks does live.

          Wait. @dc..DC....D.C....Dixie....Chicks....

          It all makes sense now.

            DC... Dixie Chicks... Moseying... Circling wagons... My god.

            I don't even know how that remotely relates to any thing Freezey. Explain. I didn't even request that version?

    Miku Hatsune to peform live on The Late Show with David Letterman.

    We're now officially living in an early 90s science fiction novel.

      This reminds me of when David Letterman did those little skits with Homer/Stewie rattling off things on a list. He looked far 'I'm too old' for this shit.' I imagine it'll be the same this time.

        I think the look will probably be more like "what the blue fuck is this shit?"

        Especially since all her songs are in Japanese. English language synthesis is way way harder than Japanese, it has an order of magnitude more sounds that need to be reproduced. Even though theoretically Luka can do English, it's still pretty heavily accented.

        Will be interesting to see whether Vocaloid is a dead-end technology or if there's still room to improve it. Despite the limitations, good composers can make Miku sound pretty good, and the more recent ones that used actual singers to provide the vocals like Gumi or Ia can sound pretty close to real when used in the intended vocal range.

    I accidentally stepped on and killed a lizard before. I feel terrible. I feel like a monster. :(

    Life is shitty how you can kill things accidentally. I can't even imagine the guilt of killing a person.

      Then it is a good thing that drifters don't count as 'real' people

      I know how you feel. Last night I came home to a towel covered fireplace, turns out an Indian Myna bird fell through the small hole in the roof somehow and got trapped in there. Downside is those birds are vicious especially when they feel they're cornered so it's too risky trying to get it back out without it potentially either hurting us or flying around everywhere and breaking so much stuff so they decided best to just let it die in there :(. It's sad but they're right, a lot of stuff would get broken and one of us could even lose an eye if we're unlucky enough.


          I spent that whole night thinking of ways I could get the bird out without risk with what we have at home but it's impossible to mitigate the possibility of it flying past me in fear and start destroying things. We have a lot of framed pictures/art in the house, and they'll most likely be the first to get hit given where the fireplace is. I'm really sad that I can't help it get back out into the wild :(

            Nature is cruel. It's like when my cats want to go outside into the front yard. They can't fathom why I won't let them. Just wish you could telepathically put a thought in their head why you do these things. :(

              Or just be able prove you're trying to help them get to safety instead of their instinct that I'm trying to kill/eat them.

            We had a baby one fall in our courtyard. I threw a towel on it, carefully bundled it up, carried it out the front and let it free.
            A few other mynas flew in and started attacking it. It made it to some undergrowth but probably died.
            Nature is indeed cruel.

        The brown mynahs? They are an invasive species. Don't feel too much guilt.

        Any native species I'd bend over backwards to help... But not those little brown bastards.

      You're not a monster unless you also ate it's bones.

      Oh DC. The very fact that you feel bad about accidentally killing something makes you not a monster.

      Sorry to hear, man.

      On the plus side, killing people is something we've been training for all our lives with video games! We probably wouldn't feel a thing. #FOXNews

    Bloodborne Collector's Edition announced.
    It's got an art book.
    And a steelbook case...
    And .... A (download code for a digital copy of the) soundtrack.

    Nothing there to get me rushing off to preorder it.

      Eh... kay... that's very whelming. :\



        "I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever be just whelmed?"
        "...I think you can in Europe."

      Yeah that's pretty meh.

        Just remembered something that makes it less meh - it's Bloodborne. Art direction should make for an awesome art book if they do it properly.
        Given that they're not even physically printing soundtrack discs though makes me think it'll mostly be lip service.

      Unless I get some cool in-game bling (like some sexy-ass Van Hellsing trenchcoat, shyeah!), that's not really convincing me to get the collector's edition.

      Totally buying standard, though.

        In game stuff is never worth it.
        If it's good, then the base product is crippled/incomplete without it.



    Some of you may remember that last week, I made one of my worst computer builds in my life, despite my year of experience. The computer I just built has basically alright cable management!
    I have redeemed myself!

    I'm way behind schedule on finishing games this year!

    Broken Age
    The Wolf Among Us
    The Walking Dead 2
    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
    inFamous: Second Son
    Tex Murphy: Tesla Effect
    Murdered: Soul Suspect
    Mario Kart 8
    Wolfenstein: The New Order
    South Park: The Stick of Truth
    Valiant Hearts: The Great War
    The Last of Us Remastered
    Diablo 3


    Pikmin 3
    The Last of Us
    Tomb Raider
    BioShock Infinite
    Zombi U
    The Cave
    The Night of the Rabbit
    A New Beginning
    The Blackwell Bundle
    Shadow of the Colossus
    To the Moon
    Dear Esther
    Remember Me
    Ni No Kuni
    The Walking Dead: 400 Days
    Gone Home
    Rayman Legends
    Beyond: Two Souls
    The Wolf Among Us
    Batman: Arkham Origins
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut
    Wind Waker
    Enslaved: Odyssey to the West - Premium Edition
    Goodbye Deponia
    Broken Sword 5: Episode 1
    Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag
    Super Mario 3D World
    Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons


    Chaos on Deponia
    Gemini Rue
    The Walking Dead
    Anna's Quest
    Mass Effect 3
    Sleeping Dogs
    Spec Ops: The Line
    Borderlands 2
    Kingdoms of Amalur
    Alan Wake's American Nightmare
    I Am Alive
    Beyond Good & Evil HD
    Rayman Origins
    Max Payne 3
    Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
    The Force Unleashed
    Batman Arkham City (PC)
    Quantum Conundrum
    The Dig
    Beneath a Steel Sky

    For the first time ever I've got a pile of shame too!

    Last edited 18/09/14 2:49 pm

      I hope for your sake that Legend of Grimrock is not on that list due to you having finished it, otherwise I am disappoint!

      Last edited 18/09/14 2:52 pm

        I haven't played it, but I feel bad about that fact. REDEMPTION? :P

          well i dunno... are you likely to play it prior to the release of 2? It's out October 15!! Day after my B'day!!! HYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYPE!

            Nah, I expect to be role playing gamed out by then. Wasteland 2 tomorrow! :D

              ahh fair enough. I'm thinking I might hold off on a new RPG til I get Grimrock 2 out of my system. Would hate to have it become available just when I tire myself of RPG's!

                Then there's an impending Dragon Age 3 on the horizon too!

                  Yeah I doubt I'll get in to it. The first one bored me to tears for some reason. Not sure why.. didn't feel... RPGish enough for me or something?

      Do you keep a list somewhere? I've forgotten exactly what I finished this year so far, let alone last year. I could list some of them but not all.

        Yeah, I have a list. One of many lists. Not to be confused with the list. *makes a note in Negs file*

          List of people not attending PAX North (it's a thing)?

            You're okay, Negs. You're okay.

      I think the only games I've finished this year are Wolfenstein, ACIII and Black Flag.

      That's some pile of shame there.


        Oh, these are the games I've played. I've got two games in my pile of shame. Haha!

    Any one else here pre-order the Mario Kart 8 DLC yet?

    I'm so excited for it! So excited I feel like going back to previous Mario Kart games and brushing up on the classic tracks, but then I don't want to spoil them either. It's a predicament.

    Also? Yellow Yoshi has assumed the role of my favourite racer!

    Last edited 18/09/14 2:50 pm

      I keep forgetting! :D

        We need to have a race sometime in Yoshi Valley with all different coloured Yoshis. IT HAS TO HAPPEN, POW.

          I used to hate that track because I got lost, but now I've found what I think is the quickest route... and NO ONE ELSE seems to go that way. Very odd, but the point is I like Yoshi Valley now.

            It's a beautiful track but once you work out the quickest route you never see at least half of it. I like that it diverges but it'd be better if there wasn't one way clearly superior to others. *shakes fist*

          But... but... but... but... that's not Toad.

      YES! I ordered it the moment I became aware of its existence.

      I haven't used any of the bonus Yoshi/Shyguy colours yet, but I've got the placeholder character and tracks on my roster every time I load the game up, and it's very exciting.

      Who knows if I'll even still be playing MK8 come May next year. Probably not :P

        New tracks will bring you back. :D

          I dunno. The final release occurs after Bloodborne is out. I'm not sure I'll ever be coming back from that... :P

    The Perth Summer is 22 days away. By Arceus, I don't want it to arrive. Perth was blessed with an extra long Winter, but the Summer will return, more terrible than ever. The mere idea of wind will become a distant memory, and we will be swarmed by flies and ants. All the best TV shows will be put on hiatus, and the air conditioner will stop working at least once.

    Whether you worship the Nine Divines, the Sept, or Arceus, your prayers mean nothing. Summer is coming.

      Good. GOOD!

        Did you miss the bit where I said Perth Summer? You do not know the horror.

          I long for any kind of Summer.

          Winter is the pits.

            Winter is the best. -25 outside, so cold that the snow that fell three weeks ago is still frozen, and dry enough that it actually still looks like fresh snow. Glorious.

            I miss Ulan Bator.

            But summer is the sweaty pits.

              So is the rest of the year :P

              Summer doesn't have the frostbite though!

          I remember moving from Tasmania to Geraldton back in 2000. We arrived in January. My school didn't even have air conditioning. That was a real shock to the system. My body was not ready for it.

            My school didn't have air conditioning for a while, either. I'm glad those years are mostly behind me, yetmy Career & Enterprise classroom still doesn't have an air conditioner, despite promising to install one by March 2014.

    Apparently if the interview I had today went well, I might have to take a drug test prior to getting the position. Gonna be a bit weird saying "Ok, well you're likely to find opiates and amphetamines in my blood" :0


        I take Oxycontin for my migraines (opiate - like morphine in pill form) and Dexamphetamine to speed up my brain, as the drug I take to reduce the frequency and severity of my migraines, slows my brain down and makes me zone out ADD style.

          Considering that's one of the most commonly abused combination it probably won't look good...

          Probably best to take a letter from your doctor pre-emptively.

          Last edited 18/09/14 4:04 pm

            yeah I'm thinking it might be best. I always get a letter from her when I travel too.

        I'm assuming due to medication
        Or you mean to the drug testing?

          yes medication. My doc can vouch for it, but I've never had to be tested before. Just can't imagine what their reaction will be when I tell them! Best I tell them before they get the results I guess, otherwise it'd look super sus!

            Yeah, Mrs Tigs was on the same thing before she got pregnant. She never had to do that either. She never had to fly internationally with them either which could be interesting. Especially since last time we fly the customs guys asked if they could use us for sniffer dog testing :)

              hahaha when I went to tokyo, I ticked the box that said are you carrying drugs. it didn't say what kind.. (like no examples in brackets afterwards saying if they meant illegal or not). Turns out they meant illegal! I got pulled aside and asked to explain! They were totally cool with it. I just said better safe than sorry. Soon as they saw it was scripted, they let me through.

                Yeah, I made us stand for half an hour in customs into Australia because I felt obliged to declare the drugs (gastric stuff and some painkillers) I'd been given for falling ill in asia.

            Get a med cert for them, before you take the test.

      TIL welbot is a druggo.

        Makes sense, they're to stop his mechanical implants from being rejected by his organic systems. He's a cyborg you see.. :)

    Hey comic book people, is anything here recommended

      I've always been a big Shadowman fan but depends on your thoughts on voodoo and death.

    Greenius Planning

    @fled @grandmasterb-funk @greenius @hindenlagen @phlanispo @phoenix @platinum-urchin @thecracks

    So far the (rough) plan for things to do is...
    - Casino

    - Shopping
    - Zoo, and
    - Royal Show

    - Boyhood

    This is mainly based off my availability (free Friday, free after 12pm Saturday, free after 6pm Sunday), since no one else has commited.
    Anyone else wanna tag along, or what?

      If you are still referring to the 27/28th weekend, I definitely can't make it. A shame, since all these things (sans shopping) seem so cool!

      Keep me in the loop, I'll have a better idea of my availability next week.

    Hey, you guys remember how I told you that someone booked out all of Kingpin and we were upgraded in the process?
    @lucifer9783 found out why.

      Should... Should I know who those people are?

        Ray and Jack are Achievement Hunters personalities.

        Ray and Jack have also done voicework for Red vs Blue.

        Caiti is Jack's wife, former head of the RToz community group, and both have done voices for RT's anime thing RWBY.

        Last edited 18/09/14 6:20 pm

        Ray Narvaez Jr and Jack Shannon Patillo are well-known employees of Rooster Teeth. (the company behind Red vs Blue, RWBY, Achievement Hunter, and the Rooster Teeth Podcast, one of the highest-rated podcasts out there) They are primarily involved with the Achievement Hunter division, which focuses on achievement guides, let's play, and other assorted gaming stuff. They also made the famous GTA V Heist videos, which a lot of people seem to like.

        Last edited 18/09/14 6:30 pm

          Oh. I have a Red Vs Blue dvd box here somewhere. It's pretty great. I have no idea what the other stuff is.

          Last edited 18/09/14 6:43 pm

            Rooster Teeth are a pretty large company. They have their fingers in a lot of pies. Apart from employing 50+ people, they have their hands in the let's play, podcast, webcomics, machinima, sketch comedy, news, anime, (if RWBY counts) reality shows, and girls in pyjamas playing games markets. They're also making a freaking movie. They're not just a company by this point, they are practically a conglomerate.

              and girls in pyjamas playing games markets.

              That's a thing?


                Everyone has a different fetish?

        You know how a couple of years ago, there were a bajillion videos out there of people trying to be funny over footage from video games?

        Rooster Teeth (a bunch of drunk guys from Texas) were pretty much the only people who were both a) funny and b) successful over a long period of time.

        Now they make Minecraft videos.

          Now they make Minecraft videos.

          That would explain why I don't really know.

        It's okay, I didn't know who they were either.

      Oh hey I love those guys.

      Though their fanbase is a bunch of creeps.

        Oh yeah, their fanbase is terrible. Nothing but people saying Jack and Ray should be fired and Gavin is too silly and Michael is too loud and Ryan is too evil and Geoff is god.