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    Errrrrggghhhh! This Theatrhythm CD has Something To Protect on it.

    *puts on repeat*

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      The Remix CD is a bit confusing. Its 6 songs running for 15 minutes total. The Series Prelude one is great but the others don't really sound like they changed up all that much. What were they trying to achieve here? It's like they wanted to do something but got tired after the first song and went home after slapping a few more on it.

      Apparently there's no preorder bonus if you price match, so I missed out :'(.

      And it looks like they ran out of the Hyrule Warriors bonus too D:

      To play Theatrhythm at midnight or not... Hmmm!

    Shockwave Flash Player is crashing on almost every site I visit in Chrome, does anyone know how to fix it?

    Edit: Won't let me open Internet Explorer either.

    Edit Edit: Nevermind, seems to have fixed itself. Went to shut down and it wouldn't, so I forced it to, took out the battery and restarted. Don't know what was causing it.

    Last edited 18/09/14 8:51 pm

    Wow, has anyone read this article:

    Y u do this Kotaku.

      People within an industry communicate?


        The way they're doing it is highly unethical and bias. Oh and I'm pretty sure it's illegal.

        Last edited 18/09/14 8:34 pm

          BIased in favour of common decency and not listening to internet idiocy?

          Those devils.

            The problem is, with their power they actually shut down game developers they do not like for example but not limited to TFYC.

            They also had no problem reporting a supposed rapist and portray him as
            already convicted. later they retracted the statement but noted "oh but
            if you are a man you should go to jail willingly even if you are not
            guilty," so that other women that were really raped fear their rapist
            getting free.

            They do not report impartially and they discuss on
            what to report, so basically if one newspaper is against you every
            newspaper is against you.

            This in connection with their unfair treatment of groups that to not fit their bill (either by political
            views i.e. deviever or by something else i.e. TFYC) get shutout

            These things lead to two cases that directly affect the costumer
            1. Smaller amount of games being produced
            2. Less diversity in games
            and to one very important other case:
            Anyone they want to silence is silenced and they did that before.

            Of course, I'm commenting on the Kotaku website so I nothing but expected to be met with downvotes.

              Pretty sure that's the case with all mainstream media, government, schooling. Nothing new here.

              Honestly, the reason you are being downvoted is that you're attempting to reprosecute an issue many of us are tired of.

              I read your article, and it's not particularly revelatory.

      Seriously, this is your first post in TAY? You should probably recognise that trying to fit in with an audience here is the first step to being listened to.

      Also all I hear is "boo hoo, I think this is illegal." Show me the law that says people in an industry can't communicate with each other or agree on things. Relevant since this is by the guy that runs that whole group.

      It's not some kind of secret illuminati that want to change all your games or something bullshit like that.

    Double J is doing 1994. Forget TV, I am listening to the radio tonight! Currently playing is PARKLIFE!

      Forget TV?

      Sounds like perfect time to turn on the SNES :P

        Or at the very least, a SNES emulator. Er. For playing totally legal homebrew carts. Yes.

    I have to listen to a 1 hour discussion from UTAS to pull out stakeholders for their learning management system to draw up a stakeholder analysis. Its SO BORING :l

      My middle brother had to sit through a half-day seminar on water sustainability. (He's in an x-ray clinic.) Apparently the entire thing was purely philosophical and jam-packed with buzz-words.

      I was able to talk my brother out of plans to abduct the presenter, then dangle him out the side of a van parked on the edge of the cliff, so my brother could scream at him about 'what the fuck is a sustainable business personality and what does it mean in terms of practical implementation'.

    Okay, so there's a lot of articles about females in the industry or something. To be honest, I don't really care. I play games I want to play, regardless of the gender they are aimed at. Whether the protagonist is female or male doesn't really bother me. Whether it's a shooty game or sims, I don't care. I think people are thinking too bloody hard about the whole thing and to be honest, I just don't care. It's a hobby I love doing and all this stuff shouldn't matter. In the end they are just pixels on a screen.

    Except revealing armor for either gender. It's stupid.

    So, 4 sets of DLC announced for scarf hyrule warriors already.
    Guess Nintendo have finally found this 'internet' thing they've heard so much about.

      What are they?

    Okay guys, next time a Fiasco game comes up, jump in. That was just fantastic. Have not laughed that much in a long time. @coldcamv's character was amazing.


        Anyone wanna use Giovanni's hot tub? Waters still lukewarm! Not you Jack you still owe Giovanni one I repeat ONE rubber ducky! The moustache NEEDS the rubber ducky



    @freezespreston as Slick Ernie, sleazy sex toy salesman. A scumbag with a long trail of lawsuits behind him, he also pushed Leslie off a stage back in high school but convinced her to settle
    @beeawwb as Jack "Hammer" Smith, Rival pornographer and drug dealer. He entered business with Slick Ernie 4 years ago, but was screwed over when Ernie's Bamboo-based sex toy line was unsuccessful
    @coldcamV as Giovanni Roboski, Moustache enthusiast drug addict who relies on "Hammer" for his steady supply of party drug Red-Eye. impulsive and not all there, he's also smitten with flight attendant Leslie McNair
    Myself as Leslie McNair, flight stewardess on Panther Air. A fading beauty, she's walked with a slight limp ever since that incident back in high school (and the unsuccessful surgery she had to correct it in Mexico).

    Highlights: (slightly adult)

    Giovanni getting the first taste for free and hurtling headlong into a lifetime of addiction
    Leslie having Slick Ernie's bag searched in the middle of the airport and it being full of pornography, resulting in Slick Ernie being strip searched
    Giovanni attempting his pick up lines on "fading beauty" Leslie: "Her beauty is like a sun... that's just exploded" before succumbing to his fear of air travel and going on a Red-Eye fuelled rampage
    Jack "Hammer" convincing Leslie to help him in his mid-flight plan of revenge against Slick Ernie
    Leslie failing to convince Slick Ernie to come to the secluded attendants cabin through conventional means...then succeeding in the most debasing way possible

    The results:
    Slick Ernie, having been introduced to his bamboo sex toy product in the forward cabin by Jack, losing it all from a series of lawsuits and living out his days hobbled in a home
    Jack convicted of his mid air assault and spending his days in prison, his porn and drug empire crumbling
    Leslie, sick to her stomach thanks to debasing herself for revenge, fired for her involvement in the scheme- and finding out a month later that the sick feeling she's still feeling is because she's pregnant with Slick Ernie's baby, and
    Giovanni, Tased in the middle of his rampage by an Air Marshal until his moustache fried, escaping the conviction on drug charges but serving community service for endangering people on the flight.

    Certainly a Fiasco!

      What the.....

      Sounds like Cards Against Humanity in live action

      Last edited 18/09/14 11:50 pm

        No, it's much better than CAH.

        When we used up most of our positive outcomes in the first act, the second act was always going to go south spectacularly

        Difference is Fiasco only gives you 10% of the needed material. The other 90% is made up on the fly by all the players. That mess up there is pretty much all us.

          Its like improv if no one had improv training and everyone aims for the craziest possible outcome

      Now I've got a bit of a handle of the game mechanics hopefully I can be a bit more proactive next time. I kind of painted Ernie into a corner by making him more the plot device rather than a starring character and couldn't really advance the story on my own.

        Eh, sometimes that's what the story needs! I think the two leads were probably Leslie and Jack, with Ernie just an antagonist and Giovanni cutting a swathe through the lot of them on a drug fuelled rampage!

          Taurine. Giovanni was innocent! #FreeGiovanni

          I feel Giovanni was the enigma of the group he doesnt like anything but give him enough red eye and he might try and take on a taser

    Any of you marvel puzzle quest people playing in the current event?
    I think the difficulty on this round has been upped or something. Twice now, I've had a team of 1 lvl 70 character, and 2 lvl 55 characters, and I'm getting my ass kicked by 3 lvl 30 characters :|
    Worst and most wall punchingly annoying, was when I had psyloche (sp?) and Nick Fury and one other down to 27 health. Next turn the computer unleashed 15 powers on me in a single turn, absolutely destroying me :| WTF?!

      Children of the Atom or the deadpool one?
      What you described to me generally happens when I'm going up against a high level storm. Get a run of green and then the can hit multiple lightning strikes. Each one giving AP so they ac just wallop. Always target storm first

        the deadpool one. In the second round of this event I've had my ass handed to me by so many low level characters it's not funny! I dunno how they managed to do that one when he only had 27 health left though. I had 3 characters, each with over 2000 health, and he smashed all 3 of them in a single turn. Total BS!

        Last edited 19/09/14 8:59 am

          You get them occasionally but multiple times sucks.
          Played half a dozen missions this morning on the way to work and didn't have any issues, but my guys are a bit higher level so might have just steamrolled before it could happen.

          Man I want colossus from children of the atom

            yeah! that would be great! i couldn't believe he had 12000 hit points in the team up challenge!! what a machine!!

              Well he was level 130 or something stupid like that.
              But that toss ability, stun a member of your party for 2 turns then they deal damage and can use any power for free

                yeah that was pretty sweet stuff! Doubt I'll get my hands on a Colossus any time soon though. Stranger things have happened though! If I can't get him, I'd love a deadpool. That whale.. man.. BAM!

      I did find the Fury Node in Heroes and Doom node in Villains pretty difficult, but it sounds like I'm running a higher average level roster.

      I just managed to pick up the progression reward Yellow Colossus cover this morning, which is cool because I missed out from the Heroic.

        The Doom one handed me my ass on a platter first go, but second round I smashed the whole team in 4 moves! :0

    Morning, folks! I hope this day finds you good and proper?

      it did, I was trying to hide from it but it found me,

        Well hiding under the dinner table was a rookie mistake. THAT'S WHERE EVERYONE LOOKS FIRST!

          *flips table* I guess now it's time to face the day head on "Come at me day!" *raises fists*

    Dire Wolf's epic internet struggles:
    So last week Destiny was running fine for me. A couple disconnects during multiplayer matches, but that was it. This week however I've been having a lot of problems. Lag, disconnects, trouble logging in etc. At one point when I logged in yesterday a little error message came up saying I had a NAT 3 connection. I googled the problem, and found out that's the worst type of connection. Luckily, both Sony and Bungie offered advice on how to fix this. Following that advice did not go well.

    Two hours of messing around with ports and router settings later, my internet completely died on me. I don't know if it was something I did, or my net just being stupid (it does occasionally disconnect at random), but none of the usual fixes were working. I finally ended up calling iinets tech support at 2 in the morning. Got connected with a very nice woman who was able to help me fix my problem after about another hour of mucking around. Turns out there was a single box in my modem settings that wasn't ticked, and that's what was screwing everything up.

    The customer service woman asked if there was anything else she could help with, and I mentioned the random disconnects, which lead to her asking what devices are connected and how the family uses them, which then lead to her helping me increase the speed of my net. It's still not super fast, but it's gone up from about an average of 2.5 mbps to about 4.2 mbps (at no extra cost), which is nice. There's an even faster option, but reading the website it sounds like that may come with some other issues, so I'll see how this new speed goes and maybe try the faster speed later if I feel I need it.

    One things for certain though, this whole ordeal has just reaffirmed my hatred of all things networking.

    Moving on; speaking of Destiny, I was able to hit the crucible mark cap again this week, and that let me buy 3 pieces of purple gear from the Dead Orbit vendor. I'd hoped it would put me up to level 26 so I could think about trying raiding, but it only leveled me to 25. Hopefully when I level up the gear it'll give me that extra light I need to gain another level. Also, I'm still playing at a NAT 3 connection, but I played a few hours this morning and didn't get many connection problems (aside from getting kicked out of a game once), and the lag wasn't too bad, so I guess I'll just learn to deal with it. I'm still often hitting top of the leader boards with the lag, but it's a bit annoying because it often screws up my bladedancer special.

      You up for some co-op Destiny this weekend bro? I should be spamming it later tonight from about 7pm onwards =]

        Yeah. I'll be on just whenever, so if you see me online feel free to chuck me an invite.

      Woo for internet fixing!
      I finally managed to fix my chat issues briefly last night by bypassing my router entirely. Maybe I too should hit up my ISP for settings.
      Kinda bummed tho: maxed vanguard marks and got to rank 2! But on closer inspection all the ideal gear for my build is at the crucible vendor :/
      We should pvp sometime.

    *strums guitar*

    Come on people now, smile on your brother. Everybody get together, try to love one another right now...

      The last time I tried that I got 3 to 5 years and had to put myself on some "register"

    Last night @FreezeSPreston @redartifice @beeawwb and I played Fiasco, at one point we had to stop because we were all laughing too much, anyone who gets the opportunity to play this game must play this game! Its crazy good 10 outta 10 would red eye rampage again

    GUYS I'M BACK! Work can no longer pull me away from all of you!!

    On a side note I managed to rush finish Destiny yesterday and with help from Stickman on Wed =] What do I do with/in the game now? =_=

      Welcome back! Will our Tau Fire Warrior ever return from deliberating with Captain Porky? :)

      I've nowhere close to finishing lol. Haven't done any of the two Venus strikes, haven't even touched Mars. Just got lvl 19 haha. I keep joining with lover level people, it's fun. :)

        Log on tonight around 7ish! Hopefull dire's there as well and we can just queue up for strike playlists! =D

        Also when you finish make sure to equip your favourite primary gun in the Black Garden level in Mars because soon as you kill the boss you get a special weapon that's the same type of rifle as your equipped primary. I was temporarily using a pulse rifle and ended up with that instead of the auto rifles I always use *ragequit*

          Ok I should hopefully be done with my errands by then. Thanks for the tip.

    Disney Infinity thoughts so far: Only had a few hours with it, but so far it seems like a pretty solid game, I'm liking the addition of skill trees, and Hulk is amazing. That said there is one thing I don't like and is really ticking me off. Every so often Nick Fury will pop up and tell me that "It's time we get down to defeating the enemy", it wouldn't be so bad, but whenever that happens my character freezes and can't move till he shuts up.

    Other than that one minor annoyance I'm having a fair bit of fun with it.

    Hooked up my 3DS to my PC's sound system last night and played a bunch of Curtain Call.
    First and foremost, if you're a fan of Final Fantasy or of the first Theatrhythm, you'll probably love this.
    Secondly, they included Answers (FF14: ARR Intro) in the game. Such an amazing song, and now I'm sitting here staring at the re-subsciption page for ARR.


      Theatrhythm is amazing at making you want to play Final Fantasy games again.

      So many songs on this one too, I got kind of lost. I did laugh when I found out you have to play enough to unlock the ability to buy DLC.

        Yeah, that was kind of odd. It only takes a couple of songs, but I am curious as to why they chose to do that.
        Which characters did you start with?

          Squall, Cloud, Zidane and Terra.

            I couldn't go past having Cloud as party leader. Not just because he's a personal favourite, but his summon is Knights of the Round :D

      You just inadvertently provided the best reason yet to get Smash 3DS - plug it into the sound system and play the soundtrack.

      Did they add the Levequest music from ARR? Because that was also an amazing piece.

        Haven't unlocked everything for it, but be great if it was there. I'll let you know!

    MUST....Stay....awake..... *face hits keyboard*

      Late night?

        been running on <4 hours sleeps for the whole week and have to train for a national university competition happening next weekend /o\

          Yikes, sorry to hear that man :(
          I'm antsy myself being unable to play LoL for this entire week due to recall. Monday is when it ends

      Seconded. Dunno how I'm going to get through the day.

    Good morning garbage bins :(

      Well, that escalated quickly.

        I slept through my alarm and had no time for cuddles and was half way down the road before I remembered it was bin day. Sigh.

        But it's Friday, so yay. I'll try to hunt down an animal to pet at lunch.

          I could go with pet huggies every day, I'd be a much happier robot if that happened

          The best thing about living in a unit block is that one unknown person puts all the bins out for me every week! I never see them do it either, it's magic.

          ...I really hope they don't move out :P

          Last edited 19/09/14 9:26 am

      Ahh bugger it is bin day today thanks for the reminder.
      *runs bins out in time for garbage person*

      I ... I'm still not sure if this is an insult.

    My grandmother's 91st bday party last night was the first time I tried strawberry mousse. Really nice stuff! Their choice of crumbs to coat the chicken parmas with needs work though.

      Too thick or too fine? I crumb everything with Panko now and it's the best. Also, happy birthday grandma! 91, wow.

        Too dry mainly, couldn't bring it down easily without a drink afterwards.
        Apparently I really made her night being able to attend so there's that, she thinks very highly of me :)

          Ahh, I see. No coming back from that. And that's lovely, but now I'm thinking Grandma's Boy...

            *shrugs* Well I've never been that popular with the ladies anyway, this just seals it

              Well you're popular with one lady at least! :D

              Last edited 19/09/14 9:28 am

                Redacting that comment, sorry my depressed side is starting to show again

                Last edited 19/09/14 9:32 am

                  I didn't see this comment, but sorry if I offended! Was just messing around.

                  @powalen All good, not your fault. It was just a short comment about the situation with my ex in relation to that, best I just keep it out of TAY

    what a coincidence! My grandpa had his 85th bday last night and we had strawberry mousse cake :D

      reply fail to @tech_knight because I can barely open my eyes

        I can forgive it... IF you get yourself the amazing power of a coffee, or tea to mitigate this affliction of "tiredness"!

          *Zapz uses coffee* *it was not very effective* because I had 2 already and third one is sitting on my desk

    Nice people are the best, I was having tremendous trouble booking accommodation for some dudes at work because they had given me no notice and it's in a popular holiday spot during school holidays. Managed to magician a solution and found a short term rental house, the owner is the nicest, most helpful & kindest person I've dealt with in a long time. Instantly put me from panicked and irritated to calm & really happy, I think he could tell I was stressed and even gave me a discount on his already great prices. I love how simply being nice really does rub off on others. He had a cool name too, Holger. Thank you Holger for being a champion and giving me someone to aspire to be like.

    Last edited 19/09/14 10:02 am

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