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    I've discussed it a bit with @gingerchris86 who has graciously accepted the invitation to join in the 40K RPG shenanigans. He'll be introduced in the next session.

      Welcome to the complete and total madnessepic team of filthy xenos and a maladjusted Nigel Thornberry Tech Priestgreat warriors and both technical and psychic minds of the 40K universe! Looking forward to who @gingerchris86 brings to the team! :)

      It'll be interesting to see what sort of character he rolls. I mean, as long as it's not chaos/warp, because I think the Eldar would flip out :D

        It's too bad he couldn't be that entertaining ork you killed xD

      There's not really anything I can say except good luck @gingerchris86 ... you will need it. =P

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      Did faction die while I wasn't looking?! NOOOO FACTION!!

        He voluntarily bowed out to focus on other things. I figured I'd ask around because there was a heck of a lot of interest when I originally floated the idea.

          He can go be a bodyguard for Porky, that'd be a good way for him to be bid farewell. :)

    ARRRRR! Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!

    Got my three pieces o' pirate gear together and stopped by Krispy Kreme at the station, now got my dozen free doughnuts to share around. I love getting free stuff for acting the fool :P

    Wonder if Possibly Italian Girl would like one...

      Shiver me timbers, I completely forgot.


      Unfortunately, Don't Get Fired Day is taking precedence over Talk Like A Pirate Day for me :(

      You realise you have to call her PIG now? But that's okay, Piglet is a great nickname. Also, OoooOAooooOOOooooOOo Gooky has a giiiiiiirlfriend.


          Hah. Just thought that Italian girl + Gooky/MrTaco = Calzone.

          Calzone-ship full steam ahead. :P

      Italian Girl? I'm sure you'd like to YARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR with her, amirite?

      Also, explain, I have popcorn to much. :D

      Lets go illegally download some TV shows / movies guys. WOOOO!

      oh wait, wrong pirate.

        Talk like a pirate day you say, hmmm?

        'Just finished season one of G.O.T, still waiting for some seeds to come online to dl season 2'.

      *tries to type in a strong Welsh accent... flounders between incomprehensible gibberish and straight up racist... gives up* *requests people imagine the Welsh accent*

      Edward was a pirate, right?

        I thought he was a vampire.

          *stubbornly maintains Welsh accent* Kenway... not... um... sparkly weirdo? I'm not up on the Twilights, but I'm fairly certain the dude with the crystalline skin condition wasn't Welsh.

      Pirate Party Australia is founded on the basic tenets of:

      -Freedom of culture and speech,
      -The inalienable right to liberty and privacy,
      -The protection of the freedoms provided by the evolving global information society,
      -The transparency of institutions, and
      -The restoration of the freedoms and balance lost through the encroachment of harmful and -overbearing intellectual monopolies.

      Wait, wrong pirate party.


    er, I mean


      Man, infinity is sooooo much better then i expected, unfortunately i couldn't afford the guardians playset yet, but i will need to get it!... Although i accidentally ended up spending 3 hours in the INterior instead of the campaign XD... also realised that when it comes to the toybox, i am the least creative person in the world!

        i am the least creative person in the world!

        Oh I wouldn't say that. You know in the Lego Movie when Emmet puts two bricks together and throws it. That's about the extent of my creativity.

    Because it's Talk Like A Pirate Day, has anyone else been watching Black Sails? I'm really enjoying it at the moment. The music is great, I think I've mentioned that the composer is Bear McCreary. It's basically a prequel to Treasure Island with some real pirates like Anne Bonny thrown in. Lots of violence and sex, but that kind of fits with the piracy theme. Also cool to see an Australian actor in a fairly major role (Toby Schmitz as Jack Rackham). I really can't wait to see how the show develops over time.

    EDIT: ARRRRR me hearties.

    Last edited 19/09/14 10:41 am

      I watched the first episode and it didn't grab me. But that was before I'd played ACIV:Black Flag. I might like it better now.

        Yeah, same for me. I think I watched the first four episodes and it didn't have enough to keep me watching. I'll give it another go one day.

          I've found that because Treasure Island was a book I loved growing up, I'm interested in seeing how the characters develop. The only other show I'm watching at the moment is The Strain, so I may as well keep going with Black Sails.

      What sort of show would you say it is like.
      A piratey version of .....................

    To celebrate 300 posts sharing with you wonderful people and a desire to delay the inevitable throng of working on a huge project I would like to submit myself to an Arrrrrrrrsk Me Anything!

      how high performance are you (scale 1-10)? :P

        I rate myself a solid 7.5 out of 10. My choice of name was a little play on my working in elite sport and and fitness, I competed in The Worlds Toughest Mudder a couple of years ago so I try to keep my name to remind me about the HEADY DAYS OF YESTERYEAR!


      Also, if you could choose out of the following, which one would you rather have: peg leg, hook for a hand, or an eyepatch (with associated missing eye)?

        There was a girl I used to have a crush on growing up called Yarr, so I'm definitely a YARRRRRRRRR. Definitely a hook so I could rappel down a rope, and drop down into a somersault roll so I could look hella cool.

      What's something we don't know about you?

      Where do you see yourself in five years?

      What is your favourite game of all time?

      When are you going to upload your blog?

      Something you've wanted to say on TAY, but haven't had the nerve?

      Favourite TAYbies?


        Favourite TAYbies?

        *cracks knuckles behind HP*


          I lived in East Timor for a time in 2011 running a soccer program/coaching/healthy eating program for kids in Baucau and Dilhi. That was pretty awesome, pretty grounding to go on Holiday to N.Z, Hawaii, etc. and then live with folks who have infinitely less material goods and are probably happier on the whole than a lot of westernized folks. Great great, beautiful people.

          In five years time I hope to be working in Higher Education, running health and wellbeing programs.

          Favourite game of all time is X-Wing Alliance, if there is a game that's better than flying in and out of the Deathstar I'd like to see it. Current best and fave game is Europa Universalis IV, I will take over all of Eastern Europe as Burgundy if it is the last thing I do!!!

          Lol, you are actually making me pretty keen to put some stuff on it again! I'm going to put some new photos of me on the blog (in high res lol) so it looks professional!

          Something I've wanted to say on TAY... Many times when there has been something important pop up on TAY which has created some passionate debate, I normally have no idea what is going on lol. I try and stay away from mainstream media (I'm a hipster brah) so I miss a lot of headline stories, so when I get into TAY (ie. Zoe Quinn) I am not privy to what is happening and therefore I feel like I shouldn't add my opinion on something I don't know about or have a theory on. I will save this question and then post it as my rant when I feel strongly enough about something to say. Maybe I could say I was impressed with your photo of your shaved head, your selfie game is strong friend.

          Favourite TAYbies? Holy crap this is tough, I read TAY for a month or two before I joined in so it's cool to be chatting with people who've made me laugh before. I won't say I have favourites, but I like the different stuff people bring to TAY. For example I am a ladies man first and foremost, so it's really cool to see ladies like @strange, @cookingmama and @janexo talking about cool stuff I'm interested in (TAY's voice of reason, Fitness enthusiast & Talking about Game cooking recently, respectively) is all cool too me! It's pretty awesome that most of their partners use TAY as well, one day I'll convert my girlfriend to enjoying gamer culture so it can be something we can share rather than her feeling as it's 'gaming or her'. I am hanging out with @jackunit13 on Xbone which is awesome to have a friends that talks on Xbox Live lol, Those @redartifice, @gooky, @shane, @liondrive, @stickman and @dc are all cool guys too. Also @powalen too for having a Caterpie gravatar with a top hat, mad respect. I know I mentioned nearly everyone on here, but I like pretty much everyone lol.

            You're alright, HP. You're alright. xo

            Online tonight too if you keen. Maybe some strikes with Mactash? Whatevs the case, we'll be on.

              I'll be on tonight I reckon, I haven't played all week so I've built up some quality brownie points.

            I get it....

              Oh god, I had you I swear. I must have taken it out and didn't put you back in there, I had written I liked your takes on parenthood and posts about all different stuff (crazy movie titles, cd reviews, etc. lol). Please forgive me!

              *manly hugs* I feel your pain dude.

                B-ob I've liked your content as well, refer to previous upvotings! :P

                  The day I put stock in what others on TAY think of me is...

                  ... Who am I kidding. It's every day. I need your love.

            Yay! Now Highperformance AND my mum both think I'm cool!

              Making your way in the world \o/

       takes everything you got. Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot. Wouldn't you like to get away...?

                Wait. Were we not singing the Cheers theme?

      Where do astrophysical neutrinos come from?

      The Higgs boson makes absolutely no sense. Why does it exist?

      What is your proof of the Riemann Hypothesis?

      Last edited 19/09/14 10:59 am

        Coproral Higgs and the bosun made bebbehs.

        1. I assume they come from Jimmy Neutron's neighbour, Ned Flander's calling him a Neutrino?

        2. Let me strip this one back, how do we know if IT exists? Let's strip it back again, how do we know WE exist? Let's strip it back, How do we KNOW? Let's strip it back, How do we...

        3. I'm not going to even try and wrap my mind around that one, as a personal trainer I my mathematical prowess involves counting to ten and after that anything else is a struggle lol.

      What's your favourite animal?

      What celebrity/famous person do you find the most attractive?

        Favourite animal; I used to love Turtles growing up probably because of an unhealthy obsession with the Nina Turtles. However now as I've grown older I'm pretty fond of dogs, for the most part they are really happy to meet you and the love is unconditional. I think that's a pretty awesome way to be dog/human/whatever.

        Oh god, so many good choices. As I have alluded to I am a ladies man, so I think there are tonnes of attractive women of many nationalities. If I was put on the spot like I am now, I'd have to say Carrie Bickmore because my folks watch The Project and whenever I walk past the T.V I'm enamoured. She's 8 years older than me, but I feel that she could teach me much about the world lol.

      What would my life be like if I robbed the Kwik-E-Mart?

        It'd look something like this I believe:

      Dogs or Cats?
      Favourite sport to play and favourite sport to watch. How intensely do you follow that sport?
      Do you still do personal training?
      Do you feel like slapping thin unfit people when they mock more fit larger folk?
      Favourite type of exercise?
      If you had the chance to be stuck in 1 game for 48 hours what would it be?

        Dogs, erryday. I have a little Brittany Spaniel named Arny and my sister has a chocolate lab named Ollie. Two of the best dogs I could have hoped to have met, Ollie's so happy to see you when you come home and Arny is so mild tempered he's great around little kids. He's had a tough life so he's just happy to be lol.

        Favourite sport to play is Soccer no doubt about it, although I'm getting into my riding a bit more now my club has been shut down (financial irregularities, not my doing lol). I play pick up games at the park though so that's cool. I love watching NFL but I think Soccer still gets me the host hype too watch

        I still do P.T, I'm thinking of giving it away this year so I can concentrate on my management role because I'm forgetting stuff and not enjoying doing the sometimes 16 hour days. I have some great clients though so it would be with a heavy heart.

        This^^^^^^^^ I spend a lot of my time trying to impart a different philosophy for clients about exercise, I mean it's great to feel physically attractive by virtue of exercise however I despise hearing people laughing at overweight people. Whom may be happy within themselves, which I think is more important than fat shaming people. Different body types are able to eat truckloads and not gain weight where others can look at food and put on weight. It's unfair and petty, my masters is in Exercise Physiology so we look at the clinical reasoning for weight gain and psychologically and physically it's very hard for people to keep on top of it. I can tell with certain body types if people are physically active whether they are skinny or perhaps overweight, I think exercise should be an adjunct to keeping you healthy. A better measure of health is physical fitness rather than stomach circumference, as many studies are now showing these days.

        ^^ TL;DR yes, I would like to slap them with some knowledge lol.

        Fave type of exercise; Soccer and Cycling

        Stuck in 1 game for 48hrs?: X-Wing Alliance, flying around as Ace Azzameen would feel pretty damn awesome.

        Are you exercise enthusiast? Guessing this by your questions only!

          i do enjoy exercise but don't get a chance to do anywhere near as much as I like.
          The questions were more due to comments you had made and wanting to get your thoughts on things you are knowledgeable and passionate about


    This week, Americanisms are apparently "wrong", Hot Ross Reports on the weeks events in possibly the greatest 30 seconds of audio ever committed to 1 & 0's, Karl dares friends to jump off high stuff & we answer the most divisive & important question of all time:

    Which way do you put a new roll of toilet paper?

    Better come up with some new questions for my inevitable AMA you toilet obsessed bunch of nuts.

      After hearing that bridge story I'm convinced Karl is a terrible person who wouldn't have my back if we were in dangerous situations. D:

      Seeing as you are big about freezing Doritos, how do you feel about frozen doughnuts?

        I'm super keen to test out this brilliant idea but I've only got a Coles Express near me and they don't sell shitty donuts, just glazed yeast rings.

      Dear @dkzeitgeist,

      Just one bit of critique for your podcast. I found that I was unable to concentrate on the discussion between yourself and Karl. I recommend moving the HotRoss report to the middle or end of the show, so I can at least have the energy to pay attention to you guys , rather than be recovering from the fatigue of climax after listening to the HotRoss rap.


      Up to S5 EP6 of your podcast, loving it so far. Keep up the good work! I sat in a corner listening to it at a party instead of socialising. I think I made the right decision.

        Zeitgeist also makes amazing party music.

        Just put your iPod on shuffle and crank the sass!!!

    Well that didn't take long. Already finished all the missions in the Avengers playset (only 35 missions), just got collectibles, challenges, and a few extra character specific missions when I pick up Nova and Rocket Raccoon.

    On to the Guardians Of The Galaxy playset.

    Question: who is doing martial art here and how did you get into it?

    Edit: Answer to self: I'm doing Kendo because of.... philosophy

    Last edited 19/09/14 11:30 am

      I took one class of jiu jitsu when I was a kid. Ask me any thing!

      Last edited 19/09/14 11:25 am

      Nothing at the moment but I did a range of them growing up
      Shotokan karate then Ken Do Kai
      Tried a little Muay Thai at uni but didn't like the atmosphere
      Was doing Kendo for a while about 4 years ago but dropped it when Mrs Tigs needed treatment for a brain tumor and I started a company

      Did Hapkido (Hapki-yusul style - mix of traditional HKD, Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo, Kendo, Qi-gung and Tai Qi) for a bit over ten years, stopped cos a number of things changed for the worse over a short time period - the association's syllabus made some changes I didn't agree with, the dojang near where I worked closed down, and I didn't have the time to commute to another dojang.

      I got into it because my Dad, who did Taekwondo when he was younger, wanted me to be more active, and socialise a bit, and Hapki-yusul was a relatively peaceful non-competitive style.

      Have tried a few others, including six months of Capoiera (too tiring), 18 months of Kempo (way too vicious and competitive), a couple of classes each of Aikido and BJJ (similar enough to just make me want to go back to HKD), but generally nothing fit me as well as HKD, so I couldn't really get into them.

        It sucks that you had to stop :(
        Do you still self train?

          Unfortunately, don't really have the space for it. Some of the basic patterns (katas in some arts) require not much space, but because the central principle of the art is manipulating the opponent's momentum/energy, most of it is either partner-oriented or requires a fair amount of floor space. :(

        I've heard this from a lot of guys who were heavy in Hapkido, my girlfriend is doing it now and has to commute 50 minutes to her Dojang which is cray.

        Last edited 19/09/14 12:32 pm

          Yep, that sounds familiar. My closest's about 30 mins from work, but the class times mean knocking off two hours early two or three times a week, which isn't something I can do.

      I train on babies and I seem to be doing pretty okay. Hardly ever lose a fight.

      Nvm thought you said marital arts.

      Last edited 19/09/14 12:25 pm

        That will be next week's question :P

      I'm doing boxing training at the gym but that's really more cardio than actual fight training. That said I wouldn't be too keen to fight me and that's not just because of the paradox it'd create...

      I took a class in Brazilian jiu-jitsu then stopped because they wanted $110 a week

        the hell??? that's like 3month's fee for me. Do they pay their coaches or something?

          Yeah plus their areas are state of the art and have multi time chanpions as coaches and at one point a former UFC fighter was a coach there forget which one but

            Oh... my club is an university club but we are blessed to have several top Australian kendoka training and coaching us voluntarily!

      I did about two lessons of karate when I was six! My memory is hazy, but I'm pretty sure I was so good I had mastered it by then.

      Or maybe I was just terrible at it. The latter seems unlikely, though.

    Was just thinking about this last night, poor @strange
    Finally gets around to making a blog post say look at me talent and hard work I have put into this. See my creativity shine and let me show you what I can do and how passionate I am about it. And what does she get from her loyal readers in return
    O M Geeee ur so hot baby

      Hey man, I flailed my arms at real names too.

      I also liked what she did to the shirt but thought it would be creepy to say that. XD

        So you are afraid to say the did nice work on the shirt, but more than happy to tell her she has sexy nostrils :P

      Clearly the real story here is that time she did that thing with a guy then a bunch of stuff happened then it all proved the corruption amongst the sewing elite controlling what we know but no longer.

        Apparently there are even emails. EMAILS

          Shhhh! Don't mention the emails, everyone will want one!:P

            I'll take an email..i only get spam so a real email is a welcome change

      I honestly thought that spoiler was going to say something about Itches....

    Where's Shane? HAS HE FALLEN DOWN A WELL!


      Send it to Penny Lane where he's studying to become a paperback writer.

        Perhaps he's gone for a trip in his yellow submarine. Probably hard to get reception down there.

      Lifeline Bookfair today! I just got back.

      Love not needed, but send money!

        No, I'm sending my love down the well! GET DOWN THERE, FOOL!

          Is that just a euphemism for standing by a well and masturbating? Frankly you're overambitious if you think you're going to fill up a well!

          Last edited 19/09/14 1:28 pm

      Someone get Lassie!

      Send Lassie if he has fallen down a well, may be a tad more useful. She could then possibly find someone who may be able to help.

    I did a mixed Japanese martial art class for a couple months. (mix of karate, judo, juiu jitsu)
    Pretty fun, got the first proper belt. But got to be too much hard work after a full day of actual work.

      I got pushed into a karate class by a friend. It was off-season, and I was terribly unfit and was blowing hard during drills. Senpai then matched me with a disabled guy for sparring, who had crippled legs. He beat the crap out of me with his massive arms, so I kicked his legs, collapsing them and sending him to the floor. Got berated for taking advantage of an opponents weakness being a dick and never went back.

      Last edited 19/09/14 11:58 am

        I think I speak for everyone when I say...

        MONSTER! :P

          In my defense, he actually gave be a bloody nose. He had trained his upper body pretty hard to compensate for his legs.

        Sounded like your Senpai was not very experienced in coaching by matching a beginner against a disabled.

    I think I am done with Destiny. I came to the realisation that the only reason I was playing it was because I spent money on it, not because I am having fun. There are too many small things in that game just irritate me too much. I have however started playing Diablo 3 on PS4 again, people should join!

      I put Destiny back on the shelf yesterday. Reached twenty. Did all the story missions. Did all the strikes. Not one to overstay my welcome. (ALSO WASTELAND 2!) I wouldn't mind trying Diablo 3 coop now that I gots me PS+!

        Don't completely give up on it, I'm going to need other people for raidy stuff one of these days

      Do a Hardcore run with me!

        But ... I like my sanity.

        How is your monk going?

          I haven't had a weapon drop in nearly 10 levels and it's taking me forever to kill anything.

          Last edited 19/09/14 12:39 pm

            do you do many rifts? that's where I'm finding most of my stuff, got a sweet double handed sword last night that summons a demon who connects to with with one of those chains like some mobs have so I can run around damaging people caught between us. I've mainly been grinding rifts and using blood shards at the merchant that accepts them, seem to get 1 legendary about every 30th things she makes for me.
            Last night we did a rift and I got 3 swords, a necklace, some boots and a ring all legendary. My sister got 2 weapons (for a monk), a belt, a helmet and a ring. We're on Torment lvl 3.

            Last edited 19/09/14 1:16 pm

              Hardcore is a separate game to everything else. Can't do adventure mode until you finish the game again. Can't trade stuff between characters. Paragon levels don't apply to it. No rifts until much much later.

                oh, sorry didn't realize you were talking about a hardcore run. No advice there, I don't think I could do it, 1 death and it's over nope, I'd cry.

      Blah. No-one wants to play PC any more since the upgraded console version came out.

        I'm kinda tempted but not that interested in paying $40 for the expansion.

        I'm a master race fanboy but something just feels "right" with the console version. Plus the ability to roll is amazing.

          And that whole not needing to worry about lag if you want to play single player?

      I haven't played since the weekend and I'm not really missing it a lot. But I think I might finish the story before ditching it at least.

    Annoyed at EB Games today.

    Yesterday I picked up my preorder of Theatrhythm Curtain Call, first thing I immediately notice is that it was a grey import with a very obvious Australian Classification sticker on it so I figured to myself 'Its fine Square Enix were obviously to lazy to print AUS PAL covers even though for the last game they reprinted the covers.

    Today I walk into JB HiFi to browse... I see copies of Curtain Call with proper AUS PAL covers. -.-

    Lets hope I succeed in returning my copy tomorrow, small OCD of mine but I believe I have the right to get a proper copy.

    Last edited 19/09/14 12:20 pm

      It massively bugs me that my copy of the first Theatrhythm from Big W has the sticker instead of the printed label. I UNDERSTAND YOUR DISCOMFORT ENTIRELY!

      All my 3DS game boxes get scattered in a drawer somewhere. All the games are in a case with the system. Doubt I could even tell you what mine had.

      What shit me was when I specifically went out of my way to pay EB more for a local copy of Harvest Moon since it was for a friend's present, and when they cracked open the sealed case, it was an EU import.

      THIS actually really infuriates me, also. Last I checked EB were charging $109 for the collectors, is this correct? Screw that if it's an import, I can get an import for $59 if I really wanted one.

    Guys. You guys.

    One of my clients. His last name? Pun. His last name is Pun, you guys. Pun.

    I'll send you his contact details, @shane.

      Send them to me too. For reasons. *looks up bounty hunters*

        "Hello? Yes this is DC. I need another favour. I need this guy...exPUNged."

        Well I tried.

    Ok since I've clearly missed out all the Destiny recruiting and raiding and striking teams, where do I sign to get raid ready for Vault of Glass? Anyone in the kotaku clan putting a group together?

    What's that noise... *looks out window*

    A couple of guys outside performing the haka. Ok then.

    Dunno what kinda official recruiting there is, maybe post on the clan page?
    What level are you? A few peeps are around 24-26 but don't think anyone is raid ready yet.


      What's going on?

        Surprisingly little. It's a very quiet Friday afternoon.

          Weekend imminent! Got any plans, buddy?

            Bowling tonight for some reason, Hyperule Warriors, and Red is going to take the podcast through an RPG session somehow...

              All that and more, next time on AlexPants!

    Hooray for Dick's Shitty Deals.

    The $75 headphones I've been keeping my eye on for a while (since mine are broken) are on sale for 30% off! Now only $70 at Dick Smith.

      someone there doesn't maths good.

        you'd think they'd do better, considering they sell calculators.


        "For extremely high values of two." One of the first things I learnt in my engineering course.

      What ones are they? PCCG have the Sennheiser PC320s for $99 and if they're even half as good as the PC360s I have, they'll be an amazing set and well worth paying an extra few bucks for.

      The mic on the PC360s is without question the best mic I've ever owned and that includes a discrete battery powered mic that I had with a video camera some years ago which I used to love until it broke (that's not a euphemism), if it's an indication of the level of quality Sennheiser put into their mics, the 320s should have a damned good one.

        Just need a replacement set for my broken ones I use out and about / on the train.
        They've been $75 at JB ever since I broke the current ones months ago. Would have snapped them up for 30% off that.

    Where's the new BF Hardline Video article? I want to discuss this!!

    I feel entitled to content, but I shouldn't have to pay for it, because I think the provider's business model is broken.


    Last edited 19/09/14 1:35 pm

      Damn straight!

      *downloads Lesser Evil torrent*

        I know it sounds stupid, but if one of those ever does actually exist and gets some attention, I think I'll be brushing away a little tear of pride... as I file copyright infringement notices.

          I could upload one for you? Get the ball rolling?

          Last edited 19/09/14 1:36 pm

      "You wouldn't steal a handbag. You wouldn't steal a car. You wouldn't steal a baby. You wouldn't shoot a policeman. And then steal his helmet. You wouldn't go to the toilet in his helmet. And then send it to the policeman's grieving widow. And then steal it again! Downloading films is stealing. If you do it, you will face the consequences."


        *hides stolen helmet behind back*
        *slow dripping onto floor*

    Haha, at work I do some data entry, sometime people will stick a post it note on some paperwork that says "to be entered". A dude just walked past me and he must have sat on one, he's walking around with "to be entered" on his ass. I do not like him so I didn't tell him, instead I will continue to take great amusement from it.

    Starting to have second thoughts about Hyrule Warriors Scarf Edition.
    Seemed OK for $20 more, but Target will be selling the game for $59, which means it's over $40 for what will likely be a collectible but ultimately unusable scarf.
    Plus there's already US$20 of DLC lined up, so we can expect 25 or 30...
    Dropping from scarf to normal could just about pay for one of those Pokémon games in November. Or more than 2 amiibos...

      I had to cancel my Scarf edition to be able to afford Disney Infinity.