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    Enjoying my last hour of being alone for the next two weeks by eating chocolate, and sewing with my music turned up louder than the neighbours would probably like it to be. :D

      I'll be alone for the both of us!

      living the dream. You listening to taylor swift too??

        Not yet, but I'm sure I'll be subjected to her many times over the coming weeks. :P

      Oh gods, that means that soon there are going to be kids running around outside my flat all day.

      I need a gaming headset.

      Guys, these Marvellous Creations Carnival edition chocolates are the best ever. They have chunks of Fizzy Fruits type lollies in them!

      Edit: I'm saying this as someone who doesn't exactly love chocolate but just ate nearly half a block of the orange flavoured one....

      Last edited 19/09/14 2:44 pm

        I've been resisting those...
        Willpower ... crumbling ...

        I tried the Cola one yesterday. Pretty good stuff.

      Hooray that means the Monday morning drive to the north shore is going to get a whole lot less busy!



      Something you've wanted to say on TAY, but haven't?

        sometimes. not often though. TAY is generally a nice place & I don't wanna mess it up with my bullshit contrarianism.

      Why 35?

        there is literally no real answer to that. it was the first thing I saw when I was signing up to the site.

        sorry to disappoint.

        Because he needed to cover the fact that he's 12.

          says the 8 year old Dan.

            I'll get my brother to bash you.


                probably not though. my dad would be fucking useless in a fight.

                  I think as a kid I would've preferred to see my dad get his ass kicked cause I'm a terrible son. :P

      70/2 or 5 x 7?

      CHocolate or Peanut Butter?

      IS this a pimple or a boil?

      Next time we Fiasco would you like to join us?

        5.9160797830996160425673282915616 ^ 2

        CHOCOLATE. I have such a sweet tooth.

        it's a wasps larva

        dunno what that is, but sure.

      1. Liberate the Manus Island detainees, or incarcerate the Liberal Party in there with them?

      2. Fondest dream for the future?

      3. Where do you see yourself in eight point five years?

      4. How many times has The Lesser Evil been borrowed now?

      Last edited 19/09/14 2:06 pm

        Freedom > incarceration in all circumstance.
        I wouldn't wish that bullshit on anybody. Even politicians.
        let them suffer the consequences of the inevitable Royal Commission & live out the rest of their days knowing that they're gonna be remembered as criminals against humanity.


        Edit : fondest dream? owing a home. living with a puppy & kitty, still having rad friends with whom I eat tasy foods & drink tasty beers & watch / play music with. pretty much don't wanna grow up.

        8.5 years... just finishing up a law degree. then... I dunno. finally getting out of library work & into something else.

        Last edited 19/09/14 2:27 pm

          "owing a home"

          This made me laugh... then cry... because I owe the bank so much money.

      How do i learn how to be a hipster like you?

        How to be Me,
        by Me.

        1. stop giving a shit about what people think about you
        2. do whatever makes you happy
        3. but don't do what you want at the expense of others
        4. explore culture things that you don't get exposed to
        5 have an open mind
        6 don't hate on stuff you haven't experienced
        7 recognise thet you don't know everything & never will
        8 learning new stuff is fun
        9 hang on to shit you like, just coz you find something new doesn't mean the old has to go
        10 get rid of bad shit. its just holding you back.
        11 pretnted you're cool & extroverted & you will be.
        12 angry isn't a bad thing. fear subdues, anger enflames.
        14 spontaneous & impulsive makes for some interesting times
        15 counting is for squares
        16 make mistakes. learn from em
        17 hug people. pat puppies. not the other way around

      Okay, real questions:

      Why haven't you been as active on TAY lately?

      and the best question: What's your favourite thing about yourself? And you can't say "Beard".

        dunno. reasons. all the old guard are on twitter & they're the ones I know, so that's where I talk to all you funky people mostly now.
        also, time & work.... not very conductive to TAY-ing.

        I like lots about myself. Beard is one thing. I like being anti-authoritarian. I'm sort of ok with people. I'm not an idiot. I'm a good person, or at least I try to be. I get shit done.

        but yeah... mostly its the beard.

      You've been given the power to remove one thing from the world forever, be it an object, person, emotion, abstract concept, entire species, whatever you like.

      What do you choose?

        hate. fuck that shit. what even is the point of hating things? dislike? sure. but hate? who has the energy to dedicate to that sorta thing?

      What is one of the funniest jokes you can remember off the top of your head?

        software developer is heading out to the shops, as they're leaving, their partner says 'get bread, & if they've got eggs, get 12'

        dude comes home with 12 loaves of bread.

      You've been granted a wish of your best day ever. What would this day involve?

        whatever made it the best day ever would probably be a bit of a surprise. I like surprises.
        so I dunno.

        but a pretty damn good day would involve sleeping in, café for tasty food & coffee & doing a crossword, going to a puppy park & playing with all the doggies, lunch with friends, playing / listening to music all afternoon, beers, head out with people at night, watch shows, talk shit & generally just enjoy the people I'm lucky enough to know.

          Cool, so when are you dropping by cause that sounds amazing!

            i'll be down your way some time soonish, I think. probably. maybe. but yeah... we should drink beers when that happens.

        I think this question should be an 'Off Topic' question for sure.

      How do you get the first comment on a Gizmodo piracy article every time without fail?

    Just FYI I've been thinking about being the one to put together the write-ups for our W40K sessions, given that you've got the recordings up that'll make sure I don't miss any key details. I don't want everyone who doesn't have the time to watch the 2+ hour fortnightly vids just miss out on the shenanigans, besides they've been pretty much hilarious almost every session.

      If you feel like, be my guest. You can be as detailed as you like as I have no issues at all with doing up a write-ups. Don't feel obligated to do it though as I don't want you to feel like you're forced into doing it.

        It'll give me some extra distractions especially during recall weeks anyway, so I'm happy to attempt it. I'm not going to do it in Jarallius' words, cuz I doubt they'd make any sense in the long run :P

    Just passed the 1000th hole on Desert Golfing. My average is pretty much bang on 2.4. #goty

      Up to Hole 573 with 1387 shots, so average of a bit over 2.4.
      Worst hole took 17 shots
      Longest run of Hole-in-ones was 6 in a row

        That's good. I think I had a 20 shot hole :s. Unsure of my consecutive hole in ones, it would be 4/5 though I'd say.

    Oh man I didn't even put any of these doughnuts in the freezer.

    So I'm making this game that basically just has a wall and a shelf, then a stack of books slide in from the right. They slide off to the left when you've chosen your answer and the next lot comes in.

    I've given it a pretty cool sense of depth by using five layers of parallax, with the shelf being at the front, then random objects like an apple or quill being behind that, then the book spines, then the book pages which kind of peek out from the side as they slide across, then the wallpaper at the back. It looks super cool in motion and I'm stupidly proud of it and the others here are all pretty blown away by what I've done too :P

      So talented... I get to build Pivot tables and conditional format numbers all day. /o\

    3rd times the charm
    Im Hotross?

      How many tries did it take to read the news perfectly?

        Im gonna be honest i fucked up saying the first line about 7 times. Also because of the way i wrote it i wanted to read it really fast and i said things wrong a few times.

      Did you kick that idiot from yesterday in the teeth?

        Not yet. although because he is basically a redneck im not sure he will have any.

      Whose idea was the HotRoss Report?

      Also, it's brilliant. Wait, that's not a question...
      It's brilliant?

      How long do you think it will be before the tables turn and Dan and Karl become your opening act?

      Last edited 19/09/14 3:19 pm

        I told dan something about my old hometown and he asked for a news segment, probably partially as a joke. He liked it so he put it in the show. Its just kind of fun to be silly and creative. :)

      Why did you put a question mark after I'm Hotross?

      What's the best gift you have ever given someone else?

      What makes you laugh the hardest?

        The best present i have ever got someone actually happened this year. I drew a shitty stick figure version of katy perry and my sister and put it on a shirt on red bubble and sent it to my sister for her b'day. Thinking that's was her entire present she rang me up and called me a moron. She didnt see the katy perry tickets taped to the lid of the box :P

        My best friend and i went to get maccas for breakfast one day, he walked up to the lady at the counter and asked for a coffee. She looked him dead in the eye and said

        he replied no coffee, again she replied juice. This exchange went on for a full minute until he finally conceded yeah a juice. I laughed nearly a whole day at that exchange. Im kinda weird

        Last edited 19/09/14 3:31 pm

      I'll ask you two questions I asked @35

      Peanut butter or Chocolate?

      Would you like to play Fiasco next time we do one?

      What are you doing this weekend?

      No seriously - I'm in Townsville this weekend, we should catch up, and you can tell me how cute my babby is because it looks nothing like me.

    Because I'm not down with Commonwealth politics, and I'm done talking like a pirate, here's an update on the Undad #2 Artist Search.

    I've heard from 30 artists so far. Keeping track of it all in a spreadsheet. Most from Deviantart, some from LinkedIn, and a couple from Facebook. Of those thirty, I've narrowed the field accordingly.

    * 5 stupidly talented people who should be earning more than I'm offering (including a lovely artist couple from Mexico who cut their normal rates in half because they are crazy excited about Undad - definitely the nicest folks I've come across so far)

    * 10 more who could do the job quite well

    * 15 whom I don't particularly want to work with

    Have started to commission artwork from them, a sort of audition for the role. I've only received two so far, but they both look goooood. People skills and language barriers might be the deciding factor for some of these artists, though...

    I hope the Kickstarter makes a few of its stretch goals so I can hire artists for Issues 3-5 as well! :P

    Last edited 19/09/14 3:16 pm

      So proud of you, Shane. Glad you're doing another Kickstarter. Can't wait to see the Shane writing/commission artist one-two punch! :)

        After the last Kickstarter, I promised myself I wouldn't try crowdfunding again.
        But then I'd promised myself a long time ago that I'd never write zombie fiction.

        Undad is just making me break all my rules.
        Should be good, though. Some crazy cool talent, like I've said.

      Well done!

      When is your kickstarter up? (or is it already up?) I've got some shiny money that has your name on it! (your name is Elizabeth, right?)

        It can be if it means money.

        Last time, I think one of the biggest flaws was just how much of the project was still up in the air.

        I'm doing things differently this time. I'm locking an artist down before I launch the campaign. I've put up the first forty pages of the story online for free. I'm setting the goal lower than I did for ATKM, with defined stretch goals and incentives to reach them. I've jettisoned the moral argument of paying artists, and am focusing on delivering content (the moral stuff now happens behind the scenes).

        Last edited 19/09/14 3:26 pm

          To be honest, I think the main flaw with your previous one was that it was a bit preachy. It didn't make people want to help you out, because you made them feel bad about themselves.

            I felt like it was aimed maybe a little too business side of things.

            I'm not sure exactly what you mean. It was certainly never my intention to guilt anyone out. Can you elaborate on that at all, please? I definitely don't want to fall into that trap again.


            Last edited 19/09/14 10:33 pm

              It wasn't anything I could really pin down, more of an overarching feeling from the Kickstarter page as a whole. Probably because a lot of the emphasis appeared to be on the message of paying artists, and not enough on the actual book people were being asked to help fund. I said as much at the time.

              I read through your new one though, and it had no such preachy feeling. Instead of making me want to back away slowly from the project page, it made me want to contribute, and I'll be more than comfortable to share and promote this new one on social media.

    Since I haven't self-promoted here in a couple of days:

    DC rambles about Transistor

    DC rambles about LIMBO

    Happy Friday, folks. Hope the weekend treats you kindly.

      Is there spoilers in the transistor piece?

        Not any thing massive, but more than you would otherwise know at the very start of the game. I would skip if you've made it this far knowing nothing. :)

    Light grey concrete should be banned. Several minutes after going outside, I'm still half-blind.

    L4D2 multiplayer should happen this weekend.

    Just sayin'.

      I would!

      But I can't.

      I've even got a new mic and everything.

    Email from steam: A game on your wishlist is on sale
    Me: That seems relevant to my interests
    Steam store: Lol nope

    Edit: Oooohhhhhh and road redemption hitting early access. Kickstarter win, Awwww yeah!

    Last edited 19/09/14 4:00 pm

      "A game on your wishlist is on sale!"
      Ooh, what is it?
      "This game is not available in your region"

        "A game on your wishlist is on sale!"
        I love a bargain!
        "Price: Still Over $10"

          "A game on your wishlist is on sale"
          Ooo awesome!
          *Price now matches the US*

            I don't know if I should upvote or downvote you all

    WTF! Just got booted out of Disney Infinity and my PS4 displayed error (CE-34878-0). Went to restart it and it says that my save is corrupted. Please, someone tell me that this can be fixed and I don't have to delete my save and start again.

      Probably detected that your age is above the recommended age for the game and locked you out until you play the game with kids. :P

      Edit:read Disney infinity as destiny.

      *slinks into corner*

      Last edited 19/09/14 6:46 pm

    Pretty fucked off right now. Probably over 8 hours of play, and I have to start again. because of a corrupt save. Even all my figures have reset their levels, had Hulk almost at level 13.


      I thought the figures saved separately to the main save?
      Or is that just skylanders?

        I thought so too, but no it doesn't look like they do. Skylanders do though.

    For my info systems management class, our major assignment is to come up with a strategic project with some kind of innovative ICT implementation. I'm still a bit confused about what our group is actually doing but it's something to do with cafe's and coffee and ordering, so I have to conduct "research" by going to cafe's and ordering different types of coffees that vary in complexity of remembering wtf they actually are and monitor the whole process.

    I am shit scared of cafe's. The people in them scare me and I have no clue how to order a coffee. I look at coffee menus and just think "which one's the one with coffee and a bit of milk? I can't ask for coffee and a bit of a milk, I'd probably get slapped with a scarf"

    The other members of my group, and the teacher, couldn't be more enthusiastic about it :l Their immediate thoughts were "this will be cool!" My immediate thought was "this will be expensive :l"

    Ugh. I have it rough.

      Half strength Decaf soy mocha.

      Had a work colleague order it once, I looked at him and in my head said "are you fucking joking?" the words out of my mouth were "what's the point? No caffeine, half the coffee taste and chocolate mixed in... Can you even call it a coffee anymore?"

        that sounds... omg why would you do that? I'd rather have a glass of water, I'm sure it's more enjoyable!

    Hey @dc... Wasteland 2 is out now. @dc?

    *stares at the @dc shaped cloud of smoke where @dc stood not 2 seconds ago*

      Still unsure if Steam release is early access or not. *flails arms* Definitely is out on GOG though! :D Thanks for the heads up!

      Last edited 19/09/14 5:21 pm

        It was out on Steam (i.e. updating) when I posted that. Maybe I got lucky and got home the minute it became active.

        If you want some sneakernet I can always download it for you and transfer via USB?

          Nah, that's okay. Thanks friend. Will get it during off-peak tonight. Will be out all weekend any way so no rush. :)

        the game isn't marked as early access anymore so I would assume not.

    Just got this in my email so figured I would pass it along. Not sure if your kids are into octonauts or not but there is a special event that will be on at the aquarium during PAX. On between 11am and 2pm so could be worth keeping in mid while you are planning

      Wait wait wait wait. What day and where's the aquarium?

        It's not far from the CBD. If you have a Merlin Pass you can get in, and I do, so it is on the cards for Mr 3 and me during PAX weekend. We also have a Taronga Zoo Friends pass, so if we get a letter we can get into the Melb Zoo (in the City North).

        I figure Mr 3 is not going to cope with all PAX all day, so I have to organise some other fun things for us to do.

          My wife and girls are coming down to Melbourne but aren't interested in PAX. The girls would be very interested in Octonauts however.

            I was just looking and I think @tigerion has his weekends mixed up - the Octonauts thing is on for the School holidays, it will be finished by the time PAX starts. BUT the aquarium is pretty easy to get to, and the Sydney Aquarium has improved immensely since Sea Life took over, so I would say that the melb aquarium should be a good experience too.

            Mr 3 and I will definitely be going to the Zoo at some stage (I'll decide once I've seen the PAX schedule and work around anything I'm really keen on doing), I just read on the zoo website that kids under 15 are free on weekends, so that might make a good option for your family for Sat or Sun.

            I already have free admission and Mr 3 goes free (for a few more months at least...), so we might even do a couple of little trips.

              Right you are,, sorry for the misinformation. Saw it went into October (when PAX starts) and then it went through to the 5th which is 'after PAX ends'

      Thanks! I will have a look at that. Mr 3 does indeed like the octonauts. I think they had a similar thing at the sydney aquarium (also run by Sea Life)

    I guess I'm going to the West Australian Football League (WAFL) grand final this Sunday, despite never watching a WAFL game in my life. I will have to catch a a bus and a train! D: And be in a stadium! D: And I'll be forced to eat meat pies! D: And I'll be outside! D:

    I have no legitimate reasons to be terrified by this, but my brain disagrees.

      Carn Subiaco!

        I don't have a clue what teams to support, but I think I might go for East Perth because Subiaco has a worse guernsey. (Although every team seems to have a terrible guernsey. East Perth might have a cool guernsey if they got rid of that ugly EFFC logo) Plus, not supporting royalty can get you arrested in certain countries. Can't take the risk.

          I'm only saying Subiaco (if Peel or West Perth were playing I'd go for one of them) because I'm not going for East Perth. East Perth are the feeder team for the Eagles. F*** the Eagles.

    I have a new post up on my blog again, but I haven't posted it here because there's no picture of myself in it this time. :P

      What am I going to objectify now, Strangey? DID YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT THAT? :'(

      While I'm talking about my blog, I'm curious if anyone who reads it ever clicks on the links I have. Some of them are links to places that explain what I'm talking about, while others are obligatory links to the people whose work is inspiring what I'm doing. I'm just wondering if it's worth continuing with the explanatory links.

        I don't click on the links, no. Buuuuut, I'm not your target demographic. Sewing types probably love it.

    OH MY GOD!


    Came sooooo close to getting an iPhone 6 today! One of the admin ladies ordered me a work phone and noticed that there was an iPhone 6 option. I fly out on Tuesday so she tried to get one ASAP (by Monday) and the place they were getting them from couldn't get one by then.

    I think she ordered a peasant 5S instead :P


      5S is still pretty great. That's what I have and I love it. :D

        It's obsolete and useless. How could you love something that terribly 12 months ago?

          I'm a hipster who's into retro gadgets.

      Can I have your obsolete HTC One M8? Pleeeease..? :D

        Google Cardboard is so kewl! (except the HTC M8 is too big :D)

          Not as big as the iPhone 6 Plus! That thing is a damn Apple Galaxy Note.

            Can someone tell me why they bumped the screen size for 6+ significantly but it still has the same number of app 'slots' on the home screens as a 6?

            I get there is more space when your using the apps... but just seems weird that they didn't add an extra column...

    Well, I basically just broke my school laptop a week before I had to hand it back this morning.
    I thought the laptop bag was zipped up, I swear! I didn't think it would fall on the pavement!

    I managed to back everything up, but the charging port is ruined, so once the laptop runs out of battery, it's dead. I can get it repaired, but it means I won't be able to work on it for school next week, when I really need it. Ugh.

    Only had four doughnuts left, so went around to the other side of the office and offered them to the six people there. STILL ENDED UP WITH ONE LEFT! Why is it so hard to give away freebies?

    Obviously, that last one came home with me and has now gone into the freezer.

      I was just about to post about more freebies!

      Got a free work shirt yesterday that celebrates the project, YESSSSSSSSSSS!

    Trying to get my old TV tuner working as a capture card.
    *fingers crossed*

    Couldn't believe it this morning walking from the carpark to work - even in Orange there was a queue of 40 or so people outside the Telstra shop waiting for an iphone 6. 40 people. IN ORANGE!!! Madness...

    Saw the article this morning that FF XIII is coming to Steam. Kinda want to pick it up. Especially if it stays at around $15. Didn't own a 360 or PS3, so never had a chance to play it and it looked pretty good to me. Never played a Final Fantasy before. I know a lot of people have played it before, what did you think?

    EDIT - Holy shit!! We've been having some internet connection issues in my house recently. Telstra tech came by this morning to fix it, ended up installing a breand new router, and now I'm getting 2 MB/sec downloads from Steam. Incredible. It used to max out at about 500KB/sec

    Last edited 19/09/14 6:39 pm

      Yeah, there was a huge line at the Telstra shop in front of my shop in the dinky little center I work in.Took about 2 hours for them to clear it.

      Don't get me started on FFXIII. First Final Fantasy I ever disliked. Attempted a few times now to finish it and keep getting 80-90% through before I can't take it anymore.

        Well in that case, maybe I start with the worst and it gets better with time :)

      XIII-2 >> XIII > Lightning Returns

      XIII-2 is like a better XIII but Lightning Returns is so different it's hard to compare it to the others. It had some good parts but also some really unpolished WHYWOULDTHEYDOTHIS parts

      Just don't go in expecting much and you'll be pretty happy :) (and not massively disappointed like everyone on the planet :'( )

      FF XIII is a very unpopular entry in the series. It has a few fans, but the majority of people hated it for what has been described as a poor story, terrible characters, CoD-esque linearity, lack of variety, bad dialogue, terrible characters, ho-hum soundtrack and general sense of tedium. Regardless, it has its fans. Definitely don't take my word for it - I've never played it - I'm merely echoing what other people have said about this game.

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