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    I've just spent the last 4 weeks teaching (read: learning to teach) in a year 1 class. It's been crazy full on, but a lot of fun. I went on an excursion, had a sports carnival, got sick, went to mass (twice) (it's a catholic school). Quite different to the year 5 class I was in last year but definitely getting a lot out of it. 1 more week to go (which includes the last day of term and 2 pupil free days, so really 2 days to go, and half a day is taken up by a fete type thing, so 1 and a half days to go).

    I've been planning lessons almost everyday and getting resources together, and making sure all the evidence is there for when the uni supervisor comes to visit, so apologies to tWAybies/@greenius for not replying to all the talk about stuff. I still need to get through next week but I'll keep you posted.

      If we don't catch up again just make sure you save some time for Survivor :-)

    Huh. Just sat the kids in front of My Neighbour Totoro and they are absolutely enraptured. Can barely get a response out of them.

      I've been meaning to buy some Ghibli on Blu-ray for the kids ever since my son was completely entranced by Ni No Kuni.

        I've got Princess Mononoke and Kiki's Delivery Service here for them as well.

        I think Totoro might be grabbing them a bit since the girl's in it are roughly around their age and difference.

      My absolute favourite. I can't wait to show it to my little guy.

      I've never seen a Ghibli film. I should fix that at some point. Probably not best to watch my first Ghibli production at this point in my life, as I'd probably be unable to appreciate it.

    Wow, the next week is going to be incredibly busy.
    Saturday: Watch football on television, driving lesson, grieve the loss of my laptop
    Sunday: Watch the WAFL Grand Final in person (marking the first live football game I've seen in 7 years) driving lesson, grieve the loss of my laptop
    Monday: Driving lesson, struggle to finish schoolwork
    Tuesday: Deliver speech on the symbolic codes of the Mulan poster, Practical Driving Assessment
    Wednesday: Struggle to finish schoolwork, mourn the mistakes I made in my Practical Driving Assessment, possibly cook my own food (oh the horror)
    Thursday: Last day of traineeship, struggle to finish all my traineeship modules
    Friday: Who knows what happens here
    Next Saturday: Woo freedom! :D
    Next Sunday: AFL Grand Final!
    Next Monday: Oh shit, freedom. D:

    The four driving things in a row is going to be incredibly draining.

      Pretty sure the AFL Grand final is on the Saturday. But then two days of freedom in a row :D

      As soon as I had my license I noticed that all of a sudden driving wasn't so draining.

      Now I'm in a job that I need to drive to every day and I don't think about it twice. But driving twice a day when learning - nope.

      You'll be fine - plenty of advice on one of your other posts about it so I won't add any more. :)

      Freedom = too cool to meet up with us?

      I see how it is...


        I didn't want say why I won't be able to come that weekend, since I thought my Mum'd kill me if I explained why. But after some coaxing, she has let me explain it to you guys.

        @fled @grandmasterb-funk @liondrive @phlanispo @phoenix @platinum-urchin @thecracks
        The reason I won't be able to come to any meat within that period is because my mum is going on holiday at the time, and I'll be staying with an aunt. Transport during this period is going to be very hard. Regardless of whether I'm coming or not, I'm sure you will have fun without me.

          If I was able to go I would have been able to give ya a lift but I have my engagement party on the 27th. So hopefully greenie come back another time for a weekend.

          Is your mother a secret agent going on an assassination mission we can't know about or something?

    Got an email from that jb hifi music thing with Aphex Twin's new album mentioned in it. Apparently that's out. *downloads*

      Aphex Twin is still a thing? And you young kids like it/him?! What kind of warped universe are we in? I remember listening to Richard D James Album every night when going to sleep when I was about 21 or so....

        I'd never heard of Aphex Twin until last year when Oliver suggested I should give it a listen, so I listened to some of his stuff and thought it was extremely weird but really cool. I dunno if I'd say his new album is as weird from what I've listened to so far but it's still pretty nice ambient music :D

    Wait a minute, @dc...when did you start calling yourself "strange" on your tumblr thingy?! And what happened to the no-editing declaration. D:

      Stealing your blogging hits away!

        So Tumblr really doesn't give you many feed back options... There needs to be ways to express my appreciation! I'm trying to watch some of my regular Youtube vlogs but keep getting sucked into your posts.

        Your writing is seriously engaging. I just want to keep reading... then all of a sudden the post is over. :)

        Keep writing matey!

          Aw, thanks so much for that, man. Some days I feel a little defeated like no one is reading, but then people say kind things like that. Means way more than you know. :)

          Got plans for 2015 Year of the Hermit that might move the content elsewhere.

          Thanks again for the kind words and thanks for reading.

            Tired making an account to give more feedback (I'm serious about giving it...) and apparently I've created an account there sometime in the past.

            Password reset. Let the liking begin!

              I can technically turn on comments but I get scared of internet commentators. XD

                Fair call. Wife and I blogged for a month long food challenge we did.

                She veto'd sharing it with anyone other than our family and 4 or 5 friends for similar reasons.

                  It's a weird balance, though. I want people to read it. I just get scared of said people. :D

                  Oooh, what was the food challenge?

                  @dc $5 per person per day for all food. Tried to write a post each day about the food, budget and the challenges that went with it.

                  I enjoyed the process but writing isn't really my gig... Love cooking though!

    I just unlocked the right to purchase DLC in a game.

    Lucky me!


        Theatrhythm. It's kind of weird.

          YAY! You unlocked the Settings Menu :P

          EDIT: How are you finding the game? My first impressions aren't too good :(. I want to turn off the Summons and Chocobo thing since they always break the pace. I turned them off immediately on the original and apparently you can't turn them off this time :/. One of the FMS I did also had an airship and the angle the notes were coming from was all weird too D:

          Last edited 19/09/14 8:11 pm

            There's a option menu I haven't unlocked yet so maybe you can do it in there? I like the summons though so I tend to leave them on as the big damage they do comes in handy.


            The hold cursor during FMS is throwing me a bit and feels a bit sluggish.

            What the shit I've got like over 2000 Rhythmia and I still can't access half the menus?

            So... Many.... Songs...

            I miss the little mix and match lines before each stage. Squall would always ruin everything (Bravely... We take... Our Destiny... Whatever.)

            It looks much nicer.

            The addition of Super Criticals is annoying me purely because I critical everything but those and they won't activate on less. I get to excited and jump the gun.

            The Quest Medleys are rad. So much better than the Dark Notes. A lot more depth to the meta game.

            I really want to play Final Fantasy games now. VII and IX in particular.

            Last edited 19/09/14 8:39 pm

              Oh yeah FMS feels sluggish for me too. Like something about it is just "off". I never really bothered with abilities or items in the original and I much preferred the rhythm game aspect of it. I think in the original, summons actually got rid of some notes D:

          I ... okay ...


    Sounds like a recipe for adventure!

      Hipster's would be all over that faster than they can put their 3/4 length jeans on and pedal their playing card decorated fixies to the nearest shoe repair shop.

      Oh, and no socks allowed.

    Does anyone else play marvel puzzle quest? I just made an alliance in there under the name KotakuAU so yeah join if you want. It is private so I don't know how that works.

      I Joined :)
      Just needed to tick "search private alliances" and it looks like you need to approve people who join

        Awesome. You have also been promoted. I got lucky with the dead pool event and got the punisher.

          I got an upgrade for my punisher out of the deadpool event too!

      Sent request to join! Also just got a lvl 40 Magneto Classic as my daily reward!! Now all I have to do is decide who to get rid of to make room for him!!

      Last edited 20/09/14 6:23 am

      Do you play through steam or something else? I looked you up on my steam and it says you haven't logged in for 29 days!

      Out of curiosity, how many heroes do you guys have? @tigerion @mawt @strange

        On my phone I'm up to 30 heroes
        Steam not so much, maybe 10-12

          No way to use the same heroes on both phone and steam? Seems a bit silly...

        I have eight heroes, the highest level is only level 17. I've only been playing one or two games a day since the first couple of days I played.

          Looking forward to seeing how we go as an alliance now! Great to be in one with people I know instead of random's for a change!

            I have no idea how it even works. I avoided all the special events because it wanted me to create a username so I got scared. :P
            I only created a username so I could join Platinum Urchin's alliance!

              there are 2 kinds of events
              the single player ones are generally the ones I do.
              The other events are PVP I think (on the second tab in game). Occasionally I partake in a little action there, but generally I stick to single player. (Playing the events in single player still count towards your alliance points)

                PVP is only kinda PVP
                You fight other peoples team but it is all AI controlled, there is no actual multiplayer PVP
                Alliances are good, as long as somebody enters an event everybody gets a little something

                  yeah! that's what I was trying to say! ;)
                  And yeah alliances don't really require you to do anything except play, and you get bonus goodies !

        Let's see.
        I currently have 47 slots, but one of those is a double of oBW (1 cover only, for sharing the right Team Up power).

        I am fairly certain that the only heroes I currently don't have are 1* Black Widow and Yelena, sold recently to make space.

          wow! you must have been playing a while! I just sold lvl 15 Bullseye (the hawkeye dood) and also sold my level 45 Iron Man that I've had since day one!
          I really didn't want to get rid of him yet, but he had a level cap of 50, so figured there's not much left in him. Got rid of those two, to make room for my lvl 40 Psylocke, and lvl 40 Dr Doom Classic that I got last night!
          I did have Black Widow (the one in the black suit with the red cover) but I sold her to make room for someone a while ago. I still have another Black Widow though.. the grey one with the sniper shot power. I had Yelena early on in the game, but she was pretty shite, so got rid of her in favour of cooler heroes!

      Just downloaded it on my phone, requested to join alliance :-)

    Everyone is in their 20s on Destiny :(. Anyone want to party up tomorrow? I just reached Venus, I don't mind if you're a super high level, I just kinda just want to blast through the story.

      I was going to say yes, but I'll probably be playing Hyrule Warriors if I can be bothered leaving the house...

        @rize not getting it for you? :P

        I'd be playing Hyrule Warriors too but I'm using Destiny as my break

      Still playing at the moment? I can jump on now for a bit.

      I won't be on till Sunday but happy to have another Destiny buddy, add me Piat420

        I'm GreenCOD if I don't get the chance to add you first (gonna be Hyrule Warrioring!)

      Im still level 10 on the moon! *jumps out window crying*

        Don't worry I'm only level 12 and I just finished the Moon :o

        If you don't mind jumping ahead in the story (I think that's allowed?) feel free to join me! I'd offer to help you out but I don't have much time and I'd rather not re-play stuff for a game I'm not that into :P (sorry!)

        Selfishius :D


    Had my frozen doughnut.

    This is weird. Pow, you're weird.

    8/10, would probably have again.

    Wow so I read Page 1 and now it's Page 17. Destiny I want my week back..... Nah just kidding, but can I have next week please?

    With my laptop breaking this morning, I said screw it, and finally purchased Minecraft for realsies. I can finally play multiplayer! Can I be whitelisted, @zetrox2k ? I might not be able to play this weekend, but I'll try. I have plans.

      sorry man just saw this! whats your username

        It's Phlanispo, but I don't know if you will even be able to whitelist me, since the bank keeps refusing to let me buy the game.


            I think the bank has an automatic refusal thing because it's a Swedish game. My mum has to go to the bank to get this cleared up. It's annoying as hell.

              if you want, im happy to pay it for you and just paypal gift me the funds over the internuts.... let me know.

                Never mind, I finally got it to work. I think Mojang just doesn't take American Express credit cards.

                I don't have the server details. Any chance you could send them to me?

    After reviewing the season, I have determined my list of favourite AFL teams. At the risk of alienating everyone, I have decided to publish it.

    1. Gold Coast Suns
    Love the Guernsey, like the players, new team garners instant compassion, and the lifeguard motif is lovably dorky.

    2. Melbourne Demons
    Underdog status, potential for improvement under new coach

    3. GWS Giants
    Love the Guernsey, new team garners instant passion, love the club song so damn much

    4. Western Bulldogs
    I really can't tell you why

    5. Port Adelaide Power
    Old habits die hard

    6. Adelaide Crows
    One of their prominent players is called Dangerfield. Dangerfield.

    7. Nth Melbourne Kangaroos
    Always hated them, but started to like them after their performance in 2014's finals. The idea of a team not in the top 4 getting into the grand final was appealing, okay?

    8. Richmond Tigers
    2014’s rag to riches story is quite inspiring. RD13 – 3, 10.
    RD 23 – 12, 10

    9. Sydney Swans
    Decent Guernsey design, favourite of the top 4 teams in 2014. (Which isn’t saying much)

    10. West Coast Eagles
    Despite loving them 7 years ago, the love is now gone.

    11. Hawthorn Hawks
    Meh overall.

    12. Geelong Cats
    Dislike Tom Hawkins, dislike guernsey.

    13. Carlton Blues
    Hate Mick Malthouse, fairly indifferent to the club overall.

    14. Brisbane Lions
    Hate the logo with a passion, memories of Jason Ackermanis still affect my judgement, club song rips off the French national anthem of all things.

    15. Fremantle Dockers
    Love can die, but grudges are forevermore.

    16. St. Kilda Saints
    Never really liked them, dislike clash Guernsey, terrible team to boot.

    17. Essendon Bombers
    I liked them a lot until I read about the doping scandal.

    18. Collingwood Magpies
    Hell if I know why, but I hate them with a passion. Blame Anthony Rocca, I guess.

      What are you talking about Team From The Lower End Of The Ladder should be somewhere up the top of the ladder clearly you have no idea what you are doing and are an inept sportsballer who wouldn't even know how to something or other the points with the thing.

    I should not be allowed near my credit card while tired.

      What did you do?

        Just bought a new Graphics Card (GTX 970). I'd been planning to upgrade once they were announced, but I don't really have the spare money at the moment to afford it. >.>

          Ah yes. Looking forward to seeing how all the VR-related stuff on those turns out, and whether it actually works. Could probably use an upgrade from my 660 somewhere down the line.

    I cahn't stay madfh at you guys :)
    But I'm mad at you guys >:(
    But I love yo. Guysz :)

      what'd I do again? I fear I may have missed something important....

    Done, I forgiyou
    Just do.t do it again.!?!

    dat new Bloodborne trailer! Woweee

    I've always liked the animations in the Souls games but now it looks so smooth! Loving the setting too. Hngrh!


    I was in the car with Mum and my sister. We needed to get to Busselton (a town quite far away) in a very short time for some reason. We were driving along, before Mum needs to get fuel. I start panicking, because we need to get to Busselton quickly right now. In real-time the car gets refueled. Right before we set off, suddenly we are at the starting point. The dream pretty much resets. We start driving, before Mum says that we need to get fuel and new car lights. We drive to the same fuel station, and start refueling again. Half way through the agonisingly long refueling, Mum says to go get light bulbs for the car. I run off.

    Suddenly I'm in what looks to be Welshpool, surrounded by six-lane roads populated by a lot of car traveling at what looks to be 100km/h. I run across several of these roads, defying death by some very small margins. I get completely lost. I run and I run until I find a Bunnings Warehouse. I take this as a bad sign, even though Bunnings would be the perfect place to find light bulbs. Mum rings, tell me that yes, I should be going to Bunnings. She reminds me that I left my camel at the beach.

    I take a few turns, and suddenly I'm on a small coral beach. I find my camel. The camel has a rope tied around it. I pick up the rope and start leading it along. Then the rope snaps. I grab the rope again. It snaps once more. I continue the cycle of grabbing the increasingly smaller rope and having it snap until there is no rope left. I have no way of controlling the camel.
    At this point, I reach the road. Six lanes, plagued by traffic. The camel freaks out and runs across the road. I run after it without looking both ways under the mantra of if I chase after it, I'll have the same fate as the camel. And since the camel decided to run across the road, it probably knows what its doing better than I do.

    I run across the road with camel nor human dying. But the camel keeps running into carpark. Then the camel runs up to an empty parking space. And stands completely still. I pick the camel up the same why I would pick up a chair. Keep in mind that this camel was about 2.5m tall, so its legs were probably dangling all over the place. Triumphan I walk into Bunnings Warehouse.


    Howdy Gang, I just wanted to pop by and tell you all that you're almost as amazing as Pizza!

    Last edited 20/09/14 10:26 am

      The SBS television show? It is pretty amazing.

    When I bought Minecraft last night, the page told me that it was processing my order, and would send an email to me when I was able to download it. I still haven't received it. Annoying.

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