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    Was all excited to find out that The Eagles are making their way down here next year, then I saw the price for front row area starting at a whopping $684 and going right upto $1,014 for front row barrier.. I guess the pension fund needed some topping up eh guys..? Even The Rolling Stones only charged a max of $650?!

    I love The Eagles and would love to see them in concert, I even wanted to see if mum & dad wanted to go, but not for the price being asked. I suppose i'll Get Over It...

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      Eagles are an endangered species you know, that can't come cheap...

      That is pretty nuts. I've seen Metallica, Kiss and Rage Against the Machine, three of my very favourites bands, and I've never spent more than $150 to see each of them. General Admission, of course.

        That's the problem, these bands like Eagles, The Rolling Stones etc they don't do GA, they all have seating. I so wish it was GA. I'd pay UPTO 200 bucks to see The Eagles. They're a personal favourite and they're amazing musicians.

          Yeah, GA FTW.

          The Eagles are okay; a few of their songs I enjoy, the rest are pretty snooze-fest.

    I spent an hour+ on character creation in Wasteland 2 only to realise once it got in game that I had screwed up.
    My squishiest Ranger has no weapon training so currently has a stick equipped. The nerdiest, smartest Ranger with a silver tongue, who wants to be no where near battle because he has the least health has a truly terrible melee weapon. The Ranger I based loosely on @blaghman . So thanks for that, Glahman.

      I did that too, realised I had made my party members with overlapping points in lockpicking & safecracker.

      Last edited 20/09/14 12:13 pm

      Hehe I had a feeling I might do that so I made sure to give everyone a combat skill first. Mostly just handguns but my field medic just blew someone's torso clean off with a .38 pistol so I guess he's putting that anatomical knowledge to good use.

      My worry is that I'll end up lacking in non-combat skills because I've tried to spread things out a bit too much and only have one point in a few things. I'll probably suffer from the old 'jack of all trades, master of none' problem

    Pinapple M&Ms. What the shit.

      I have some! They taste like the pineapple bits in Cadbury Snack! So nice!

        Okay, I'm getting some of those! Best recommendation ever. Or worst what with the whole 'wanting to lose weight' thing. Are they at coles, woollies, pretty much everywhere?

          i got em at IGA, but I've seen em at woolies

    Ahhhhh Elite Beta 2 landing on the 30th!

    It's gonna add the combat rating system, faction reputation system, system discovery, system maps, 500 new start systems, Asp Explorer added to the ship lineup, ship modifications, ship wear an tear, new weapons (cargo hatch disruptor!), outposts, new station type, supercruise tracking, in-station newsfeed, different types of ring systems on planets...

    SO MUCH STUFF! Hype hype hype!


        Still on-track for 2014 release!

        Also with this newsletter they put the BBC Micro version of the game up on their store for free. Gonna check it out later.

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    I have figured out what appeals to me so much about Destiny.
    I have always liked the idea of MMO endgames - the endless horizon of challenging team based objectives and character progression. But I find the core gameplay of WoW style mmo's painfully boring and never really get that far.
    But Destiny provides that MMO style endgame I want, in a genre I like, with excellent core gameplay. And it doesn't take six months of quest grinding to get to the endgame point either.

      I dislike that random people can join your fireteam without you noticing for long periods of time.

        You can set your fireteam to not let randoms in.

        Doesn't help when someone you know joins, and you don't notice for twenty minutes though.

          There is that whole notice in red down the bottom that someone has joined your fireteam, also the name of a person shows up in green rather than blue (not that contrasty I admit but its different)

    Oooo I just got a lvl 40 Psylocke classic from a standard recruit token!! If only I had a spare slot!! Decisions decisions!!!!


        such a shame I can't give cards to alliance members :\ I get tons of em I have to sell or they just expire!

          I had to sell a heap of them as well. Would be good if there was a trading system I place not only for cover but also boosts.

            you can ask alliance members for boosts. dunno how it works though

            Last edited 20/09/14 3:35 pm

    Wow. That Dr Nerdlove article has the two saddest cases I've heard. What the shit is wrong with people?

      I guess some people just can't get out of their own heads. But yes, I just read that and there's more than just "I can't get a date" going on there. You have to wonder how these guys are able to go out and shop or work, because apparently talking to other people is too hard.

        Oh, I dunno. I can relate.

        Working, shopping, the day to day stuff, all these involve very surfacey interactions and procedures that can be learned, memorised and repeated with minimal effort and very little risk. Where there are established protocols of behaviour and clearly-defined boundaries, then even the most socially-awkward person (*raises hand, even though no one asked*) can get by with relative ease.

        But social interactions, particularly those that are accompanied by a reasonable chance of rejection, are harrowing and difficult for the anxious and uncertain. The boundaries are never clear and/or are always in flux. There are very few protocols that can be relied upon, and first impressions are very important, because you won't always get a chance to repair the damage.

        Talking to people often is hard for some people. And really hard for a few. Although that seems unfathomable to people to whom social interaction comes as naturally as breathing, it's true.

        If it weren't for online dating, which allowed me to make my first impression at a safe distance with text and time and a screen as buffers, I have no doubt that I'd still be single, and way too scared to make any kind of move to change that... no matter how miserable I was.

          I guess the thing is that I don't see dating as fundamentally different from making new friends. After all, your partner should have all the qualities of a great friend. Someone whose company you cherish, even when you are doing nothing. As a kid/teenager you get lumped in with the people who happen to live near you or go to school with you, and you have to just try fit in and hope to make some friends. As an adult, you can choose who you spend your time with, and that should be liberating!

          I acknowledge that it is very hard to meet new people, and to approach the ones you like and say, hey, want to have a coffee with me? I really struggle with reading subtle things like body language and tone of voice - I often get it wrong. But in the last few years, I've simply had to re-learn how to introduce myself to strangers and try to make new friends, not just for myself, but for my little boy.

          These things are always easier if a) your goal is to make a friend first and to enrich your life with people you like spending your time with and b) if you put yourself in situations where you are naturally going to meet people who have similar interests to you, and where you are going to be involved in social interactions with them, like a sporting team, or through a hobby. If you make a new friend, you can't lose - you've gained new social connections that will lead you to more adventures.

            I guess the thing is that I don't see dating as fundamentally different from making new friendsWait, how do you do that one?

    Well, there goes my Saturday. Thanks @platinum-urchin #marvelpuzzlequest

      I loaned you my level 50 Thor Modern for 24 hours apparently! Does that actually enable you to fight battles with him? Or is it just like a Boost you can use?

        I don't get to fight with him as such, but I get to use him as one of my team up abilities. I think he took out all three of the level 5 enemies I was facing \o/

    I'm sure there's soon to be some Hyrule Warriors pros reading this but...

    Does anyone know why some treasure chests can't be opened?

    EDIT: If anyone cares, I think I found out why! Each stage has a heart container and piece for a specific character and only that character can open the chest.

    Is anyone else using the Wii U Pro controller? I'm having some really weird glitchy issues with it and I don't know whether it's a software or hardware problem :/

    Last edited 20/09/14 10:01 pm

      Haven't started it yet. But am eager.
      Too much Destiny haha.

      thanks for the tip about the chests, that was driving me mad. Let me know how you go with the pro controller, I was going to buy one for 2 player, played a bit with wii remote and it's stupid, motion controls, who puts motion controls into a Warriors game, are they trying to give everyone RSI?

        Wait, motion controls on Wii Mote? GROSS!

        Had some controller issues persist so I think it's definitely a hardware issue, might have to get that checked while it's still under warranty... It's really infrequent and random though and resyncing it did fix it but it may become a big issue if I'm using it for games like Super Smash Bros online :(

    I added a few people off the TAYnames list on Xbox. However it was really just random. I did it hoping to find a few people playing Destiny. So let me know if you wanna play at any stage.
    Xbox Gamertag is FoxRiver

    Turns out the reason that I haven't been able to download Minecraft is because my payment was refused by either Paypal or the bank. I tried purchasing Minecraft again, but got the same result.
    I'll probably need to contact either the bank or Paypal.
    The reason it's being refused is probably because Minecraft is a Swedish game.

      Is there some kind of embargo against Sweden I'm not aware of?

        The bank probably blocks all international orders that aren't from the U.S. Not sure why they'd do that.

      I'm assuming you're talking about the PC version. I bought the PS4 version of the PSN, no worries.

        Yeah, PC version. The PC version comes straight from Swedish servers, so I guess some banks consider that a red flag.

    Investigatory mission to Spotlight. They seem to have all the right colours in spandex. Well, the red that I thought looked like a perfect ever-so-slightly-pinkish red turned out to be far more pink once brought out into the light. But the regular red will do. Stayed up way too late last night though and didn't have long before the shops closed. Should probably return tomorrow and actually get stuff.

    Also Hyrule Warriors, too late to grab that too.

      Have you played the Warriors games before? I'm interested in hearing people who haven't played them's opinions on Hyrule.

      Are you a Final Fantasy fan? Theatrhythm it up? You'd love from a pure music/rhythm fan perspective :D

        I haven't. And don't hold your breath for impressions either, I don't foresee any kind of game playing for a good while yet. Too much PAX preparation to do, and I still haven't even played my own copy of Mario Kart since the day it came out :P

        Not an FF fan. I did pick up the first game from Big W when it was cheap, after having tried the demo which I found boring at first but started enjoying once I got onto the harder difficulties. Can't remember how far into the game I got (haven't played it since before Luigi came out), but I found it hard to get over the sheer level of wank the game wanted to carry on with at times.

    Hi everyone. We expect to have a shipping update next week. We’re waiting for some information from our suppliers, which should come soon. Thanks for everyone’s patience.
    Amir and the Sixense team

    Last edited 20/09/14 6:30 pm

    Finally got around to watching the short film 'The Video Dating Tape of Desmondo Ray, Aged 33 & 3/4.' Someone on TAY linked it months ago, so I put in the watch later playlist. Then Dan talked about it on Zeitgeist I watched a few days ago, so I had to watch it.

    I'm not sure what to think.

    The past few games I've actually looked forward to playing, and the next few are all games on Nintendo platforms D:

    Mario Kart 8, Pullblox World, Theatrhythm, Hyrule Warriors, Super Smash Bros, Bayonetta 2, Pokemon, (and later on) Toad, Monster Hunter, XENOBLADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Zelda!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe it's because Nintendo games rarely drop in price, so I don't mind buying them at launch (especially when most of them are actually cheaper during that period :D). I've got a bunch of other games between them but eh, they were nothing I was really looking forward to and kind of just ended up getting. I know most of the other stuff I'm somewhat interested in will drop significantly in price anyway (all PC stuff) so I ain't too fussed.

    I think Bloodborne is my most anticipated game at the moment though. WOWEE!

    ninty fanboi'n all day erry day

    Last edited 20/09/14 10:04 pm

      If I've got enough money on payday, and Target still have it on special I'll pick up Hyrule Warriors this week, but I've got Forza Horizon 2 and Skylanders: Trap Team to pay for on the 2nd, so probably not.


      Xenoblade? I didn't know you're a fan.

    Man, YouTube's servers must be taking a beating. Ookla says my Internet is fine, but YouTube can barely render 360p.

    Day 1 of the Driving Test Tetralogy

    I suck.

      Manual or auto?


          Ahh if it was manual I might have been able to give ya a hand only cause I have a manual car. Try not to stress to much while ya learning the ropes. You will get the hang of it. Just have to give it some time.

    There is a Civ 5 mod that let's you play as Satsuki Kiryuin and her Honnouji Academy. OH MY GOD YES THIS IS PERFECT INJECT IT INTO MY VEI- Brave New World only?


    So, it seems that today is Talk Amongst Phlanispo...

      During the week, I stay silent, doing nothing but upvote from the shadows. My hunger for spam is sated by reading the posts of others. On the week's end, the reserve of posts goes dry, and I reveal myself. For you see, my true form is...

      Wait, that sounds terrible. Uh, I guess my true form is, umm...

      Huh, still terrible. I should conduct focus testing.

    I just can't help myself >_>

    Just placed a pre-order for a FIFTH copy of .5: The Gray Chapter by Slipknot all cause JB are running a comp online & are giving away some cool shit with every pre order. I did just order the standard edition this time though as a change.

    So that's now;
    iTunes Digital Deluxe (I wanted the few songs being offered without having to pirate them)
    Japan only edition
    Merch bundle with deluxe hard copy
    Deluxe copy from JB (so I can have it on release day)
    Normal edition from JB online (so I could enter the awesome comp to win stuff & get the pre-order bonuses)

    I got a bit of the ol quake 3 bug from its recent release of live on steam!
    Last night I dug out my retail q3 cd and installed it and Rocket Arena 3, started up a server and played a few really good rounds with a mate of mine! Was so fun! Been ages since I played RA3! Anyone else played it, or think they'd be up for a few rounds?

      I found a fanmade re-worked Xbox version, tried unsuccessfukky to LAN it with my PC. :(
      But yeah, I'd be up for a few rounds.
      I'll have to get RA & CPMA mods. :)

        I'm currently running it as ioquake3 with rocket arena 1.8

    Day 2 of the Driving Test Tetralogy

    I did immensely better today than I did yesterday. I managed to follow the speed limit, and I actually managed to stay inside my lane. WOO COMPETENCY!

    But there's one thing that's annoying. I'm supposed to check my mirrors before indicating, but it's so ingrained that I indicate before checking my mirrors that I doubt I will ever be able to get out of the habit.
    But let me defend myself here; isn't it better to indicate first?

    Scenario: I want to change lanes. I indicate to show the cars near me that I need to turn. I wait a second, then check my mirrors. By now, everyone has gotten the message that I wish to turn, and have slowed down to give me room.

    In the correct way, I am supposed to check my mirrors, then indicate. At the time that I checked my mirrors, no-one around me knew that I planned to change lanes. Therefore, when I do indicate, I don't know what occurs in the time between me first checking the mirrors and indicating.

    Is my way so wrong? On the outset, it seems like the smarter way.

      It doesn't hurt to quickly check your mirrors first before indicating to make sure changing lanes is even safe/possible. Who's telling you it's the correct way? Your instructor? I'd just do whatever they're saying because they generally know what the testers are looking for, but your way makes sense too. I can't even remember what I do (since it just happens) but I'm pretty sure I check mirrors, indicate, check mirrors again, headcheck, change lanes (when safe)

      Just make sure you actually indicate for a decent amount of time and change lanes when it's safe. It's surprising how many people indicate at the same time they suddenly change lanes. What's the damn point of indicating, then?! (this happened a lot in Perth :/ )

      I think the intention of having you look first is to make sure you've actually got room to move. I've seen people freak out when driving along side someone and they turn on their indicator to move in to their lane. It makes sense to look at what's around you before indicating really, cos if you check your mirrors, and see some dickface hooning up beside you at 200km/hr, you'd be much better off indicating after he passed, else he might slam on his brakes and cause an accident. Obviously that's on the extreme end of things, but does that make any sense?

      By now, everyone has gotten the message that I wish to turn, and have slowed down to give me room.
      Yeah, rarely works that way. That would involve other drivers being polite and courteous. Not just thinking about themselves.
      Good luck with that.

      You check your mirrors first to see if you're able to merge. I've had motorbikes freak out before because I've indicated as they've pulled alongside, intending to move over after they've gone past, but they think that I'm about to drive over the top of them because I haven't seen them.

      The habit of looking first is because you need to look at what you're about to do, see if it's possible. Then once you've decided that it is, you indicate your intent, then you carry out your intent. No point indicating if you're not in a position to alter course yet, that might just give other drivers the wrong idea if you don't.

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