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    Huh. It was about 30 degrees and hot yesterday. I was worried that it would be hard to go to the WAFL Grand Final with such heat. Now it's 22 degrees and raining gnats and frogs. I don't think I'm going anymore.

    I don't know if I'm happy about this. On one hand, I'm happy because going to this thing was stressing me out big time. On another, I'm rather sad about it. It probably would have been a really fun experience, and my mum wasted her money on tickets for this thing.

    Also, this is the second WAFL Grand Final in a row to get rained on. Experts claimed that this lowered the crowds by 10,000 last year. How many will the rain drive away now? I doubt the AFL commission are going to give WAFL any more money than they already were getting after the small crowds.

    Went back to Spotlight. Came back with $90 worth of materials >_>

    Also went via Kmart for a $5 pair of shoes, and Big W for a price-matched Hyrule Warriors.

      Photobucket? That would be the perfect thing to link on Twitter? ;'(

        Maybe if you came to PAX.

          Maybe if you find me a job where I can save some money and pay my own way. *waits* :P

            Btw, three-day passes still seem to be available.

            Did I hear it's your birthday soon? ;D

              It's not even remotely close. :P

              But no, please please don't.

      Whatcha making?

      (or is it a secret again? give us clues so D.C. can guess it for us!)

        The clue is... the colours.

        Also I totally can't remember if I mentioned it before but I'm fairly sure I might have.

          You probably have, but I don't really frequent TAY during the week (unless I get a notification) :P

          It's probably some old-man retro game character or something! (I have no idea)

        I'm guessing by the post, that he's going for Link, as dressed on the cover of the pictured game
        Either that, or maybe the animal crossing dood!

        Last edited 21/09/14 6:54 pm

      Woohoo! Sew All The Things!

        Maybe not your butt though.. that could have dire consequences!


          This was my effort today: A Shirred Panel

          Last edited 21/09/14 10:13 pm

            That looks fancy.

            Is all that ruffling your doing?

              Yep. It's actually quite straightforward to do - you use an elastic thread in the machine and it scrunches up as you sew. It's part of a waistband.

                Oh, so it stretches it out for you? I always wondered how you'd go about attaching a strip of elastic, I mean I figure you stretch it out as you attach it but it sounds like the kind of thing you need at least three hands for.

                  The internet is teaching me how to sew:

    So I went to the Royal Melbourne Show yesterday. I pretty much only bought showbags with lollies from my childhood that's a pain to get otherwise. I also bought one for my Mum. We tend to divide them anyway. For example I bought the bigger wizz fizz bag because it had a 6 pack of sherbet cones which I know she adores. She got those. I also did the super trail show bag and we divided the free stuff. Luckily because their was two of us, things that were like samples, we got two of.
    The whole point was for Mum to have fun and I think she had a great day! I was absolutely stuffed though because I had been pushing her around in the wheelchair.

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