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    Maaaaan, looks like i missed a good day on TAY :(
    stoopid work and having to be on MobileTAY.
    I miss being more regular

    EDIT - page get? really? okay fine!

    Last edited 15/09/14 5:12 pm

      lol nice work sire ;)
      It has been rather hectic in here today! Probably spurred on by my creative genius this morning! ;)

        The worms Hat? looks amazing man, good work!
        I saw you playing Worms reloaded either yesterday or the day before and thought "man, i should really play that again!"...
        so many games to play, so little time :P

          haha yeah! that one! A mate of mine has always been obsessed with worms, and he gave me a copy of revolution a while ago so he could have some one to play against. He gave me clan wars this weekend, which is the newest one I think? When I found out it supports steam workshop, I figured I might as well do something! Been ages since I made game content :)

      Your face scares small children and you talk funny.

      And I appreciate that.

        I was going to come up with a witty reply and attach a image of the Swedish chef for comic effect... i couldn't come up with anything, but did manage to loose my shit a bit too much at this in the process...
        So i'm just going to leave that there instead

    Funny how many people only access Tay while they're meant to be working. I wonder how much Tay "costs the nation" as they like to put it.

    Edit: Considering we have a few Public Servants here it literally is costing the nation. Stop wasting my tax dollars guys! *shakes fist*

    Last edited 15/09/14 5:24 pm

        I can go one better personally. I'm running cluster jobs that take upwards of half an hour to run completely.

          I'm running 15 hour queries at the moment...

            See those are the ones you set up and then do other work. 15-20 min jobs you can legitimately slack off, it's not long enough to switch gears.

              Yeah, it is an issue when they take that long.
              That's my 'your answer is in there, please go away until tomorrow'

      Okay, so if I'm honest with myself I probably spend 2 hours a day at work here (my job is incredibly boring). They charge $120 per hour for my work so each year that's...


      Wow. Between just myself and @phlaiman we've already topped 100k so it would be reasonable to assume a million plus per year is wasted on Tay.


        You can add my $0 to the mix! I work hard for those dollars!

      I only get $20 an hour so I'm not as costly as you guys :P

      ...probably spend more time on here though >_>

        Hey, any contribution to placing dollar values to our lack of productivity is more than welcome.

    Due to TAYpreciation I have several games from humble bundle I dont want/dont care for/regifting like a poor santa. Anywho who wants some GAEMS!

    heres the list
    - Bioshock: The classic the original the almighty Bioshock
    - Crysis 2 Maximum Edition: Its Crysis that game that kills computers (also have origin code)
    - Mirror's Edge: That game that gives you vertigo (Also have origin code)
    - Civilization V: The Mac daddies of stratergy games more popular but less deep younger brother also comes with the gods and kings DLC
    - The Darkness 2: The sequel to that game where you can summon tentacles from your spine


        Was that you asking for it or were you just saying Civ?

          Just saying Ciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiv, Because I love it so.

            In that case I will take your copy of Civ V if you are willing to part with it @coldcamv

    My throat is killing me, and my head feels like it's starting to hurt...

    Do self serve checkouts have a way of detecting what fruit/veg you have or is it basically just an honesty system? There doesn't seem to be anything stopping me scanning the $6/kg (which is INSANE) golden delicious apples through as $2.78/kg pink lady apples!

      nothing that I'm aware of. Unless they're microchipping the fruit, but that's doubtful.

        having said that, there's usually a staff member nearby, and they could be watching, so probably not worth it unless you're really desperate.

          Obviously I wouldn't be scanning mushrooms in as carrots, but in the case of two kinds of apples that look exactly the same + being fairly busy I don't think anybody's going to think twice :P

      I imagine a fair amount of people would attempt that. I guess whatever the supermarkets are losing from that, they're gaining more in not paying so many checkout operators.

      Confession: I once bought fancy bread rolls and input them into the self-serve checkout as the cheap bread rolls.

      I'm sorry D:

        Can I get a price check on two grapes?

        Yeah, you heard me. Two measly, stinkin' grapes.

      Both supermarkets have a flag set up if you to try to scan through too many cheap p/kg items (like onions, potatoes, carrots etc) particularly if the weight is higher than 'normal'. Machine stops and calls operator over to override.

      Read that on a news article somewhere a bit after they started becoming more common.

        So... what you're saying is, put them all through in separate transactions. NOTED.

      Far as I'm concerned you should get it cheaper if you serve yourself anyway.


    I'm all alone in here (echo: hereherehere)

      Ooooh, forgot it was Monday. Might skip it this week. Eating a late dinner and then Destiny!


          I might join

          Sorry I didn't stay long

          Last edited 15/09/14 8:54 pm

            Thanks @scree, that was fun. You're awesome!

              I'm not very good and I couldn't stay long as I have cosplay stuff to do

                I think our skill levels are comparable! It was a good competition \o/

                  As long as you had fun. I know what it's like to what for someone to come on and no one does

      Next week I intend to play, I forget what my Nintendo I.D is but once I've worked it out, I'll come and play lol

    John Oliver reads fan mail, but because no one sends mail anymore, it’s all from YouTube comments.


      And now I've fallen down that rabbit hole.

        On the plus side there's not too much to get through... or is that a minus?

          First one, then t'other.

      But, but Freeze, I fell down the John Oliver rabbit hole a month ago. Please don't make me go there again. No, Freeze, no! No! FREEEEEEEEZE!

      Look what you've done to me, Freeze! LOOK AT ME! Look at me and say to my face that you haven't made my day infinitely better by subjecting me to another John Oliver marathon!

    Dinner for Mum? Aced. She took the leftovers home! (oi, that was my lunch!)

    Powalen's Trademark Super Wonderful Fried Happy Rice never fails. Except all those other times.

      Do you have any special ingedients? Mine has to have chinese sausage and those baby prawns you get in a tin.

        Not particularly! I usually just chuck in whatever I have :P As long as it's got lots of oyster sauce!

        Mixing ginger in with the eggs makes them pretty yum too.

    Just pre ordered Fantasy Life and Bayonetta 2 :D So keen for Bayonetta, and I've thought that Fantasy Life looks pretty fun and interesting for a while now, so I though I'd give it a go!

    Just leave this here...

      Actually... just the whole album:

        WELL LEFT! I'm running a bit of Rufus on the Gym Playlist at the moment, had a few people Shazam it while in here whilst listening to Sundream lol

    Well, I just spent like four hours reading a new webcomic I only found out about today. I had plans for tonight, and now I've ruined them.

      What, you don't believe I had plans? I had a hot date tonight.
      ...Odd date.
      ...Dinner with friends.
      ...Dinner alone.
      ...Watching TV alone.
      ...Alright! I'm just going to sit at home and ogle the ladies in the Victoria's Secret catalog!.
      ...Sears catalog. Now, would you unhook this already, please?! I don't deserve this kind of scrutiny!

      Which comic?

        I'll never tell. >:D
        Truth be told, I don't think it even has an official name.

        Last edited 15/09/14 11:27 pm

    I thought regular Chaos Faction 2 was fun on it's own. Then I tried multiplayer splitscreen with my friend today. Holy crap that was fun. As fun as Smash Bros.

    So I now have 101 movies on blu-ray ugh, where does it stop?!

      That's twice as many as I have...

        What can I say, I like JB's stupidly cheap sales, 2 for 15, 2 for 20, buy 2 get 1 free.. It's basically the only way I buy them too haha.

      I have none.
      I should really get a blu-ray player one of these days, huh?

        Considering they're about as cheap as 50 bucks and brand name ones as cheap as 70, yeah :P

      I have sooo many DVDs; I even bought one last night truth be told (Seven Samurai) and it's not even the first copy of that film that I own.

    Missed two and a half whole pages of TAY today, can't be bothered reading it all, just skipped to the last page.

    In other news, @greenius made me order Xenoblade Chronicles. Thanks man, now I 'm gonna have to cancel my Hyperule Warriors pre-order, no scarf for me :(

      Are you still buying Hyrule? It's $59 at Target if you can live without the $40 scarf :D

        Don't know, I'll have to see how finances go, stupid rego's due this week too.

        $59 is pretty good, but I kinda wanted the scarf.

        Just looked on OGS and they've got it for $55, less the 10% discount. That would make it $49.50. Hmmmmm.

    Finally! Ozgameshop finally had both Catherine and Punch Out (Wii) in stock at the same time! And during a 10% off sale as well! Lucky!

    @fled @grandmasterb-funk @liondrive @phoenix @platinum-urchin @thecracks

    I don't think I can afford to come to the meat. It's going to be pretty busy week, since I have a maths test tomorrow that I need to study for and a mock job interview on Wednesday I need to panic for. It seems foolish to socialise, considering how important this week is. Sorry.

      You didn't even tag me :'(

      There's no meat organised yet anyway

        Oops, sorry. I knew I was forgetting something when I started tagging people.

    Just got a PSN Friend Request from someone called Trikeabout, with the message "KotakuAU". Anyone know who he/she is?

      I've had a few of those, I assume it's from the KotakuAU Destiny clan.

    Holy crap! Ozgameshop are asking $42 for the Captain America Disney Infinity figure. That's more than double what EB are charging o.O

    Hit level 20 in Destiny, now I have to unravel the quagmire of light levels to go higher. \o/

    On the weekend, I had to go to the 20th birthday party of some family friend. I don't like parties. There was loud music I didn't like and people I didn't know walking around. So instead of interacting with anyone, I stayed in the furthest corner and listened to Zeitgeist. I think I made the right choice.

    Thanks for the help with the weekly hard-mode strike mission @os42 cause that was bloody hard :)

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