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    Fuck, I've spent the last two hours watching Good Luck Girl! (Binbougami ga!)
    Haven't laughed this hard in ages.

    ANI-TAY page 5!

    What anime have you been watching lately?

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      I don't watch anime anymore, really, kinda lost interest. I watched s2 of the Legend of Korra, if that counts?

      Sword art online 2
      Free! Eternal summer
      Akame GA Kill

      Those are the only ones i have been watching from the new season. Nothing else really has taken my fancy.

      A lot, but I'll just say the most recent

      Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta
      Space Dandy
      Doctor Who (David Tennant era)

      I'm trying to enjoy Attack on Titan (watched it in Japanese with subtitles, watched it in English), but I just don't like it :(

      Rewatched Samurai Champloo a couple weeks ago in a binge. So good.

        Who is your favorite character in Samurai Champloo and why is it Mugen?

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          Haha, Mugen is pretty spunky, but I like Fuu - I like anyone who enjoys food the way she does.

      Last I watched was Attack on Titan. If I get the time, I'll check out Kill La Kill, the new Appleseed film and maybe Ghost in the Shell Arise.

      I generally follow 7-10 shows weekly and another 4-6 in 2-3 episode bursts each season. There's often no real method to it, I will quite often watch shows that are complete shit on a regular basis because they're dumb and I can switch my brain off while watching, and stuff that's actually really good will often not get the regular viewing treatment.

      My regulars at the moment:
      - Fairy Tail
      - Hunter X Hunter
      - Akame ga Kill
      - Barakamon
      - Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
      - Locodol
      - Sailor Moon Crystal (though this is every 2 weeks)
      - Tokyo ESP
      - Prisma Ilya Zwei (just finished)
      - Hanayamata
      - Blade Dance (because I hate myself)

      Stuff I'm watching in bursts:
      - Aldnoah.Zero (it's fantastic but often a bit heavy)
      - Zankyou no Terror (same issue)
      - Glasslip
      - Re: Hamatora
      - Rail Wars
      - Argevollen

      I was finding the pacing in SAO II just as slow and unengaging as the first series, so that's going to get a marathon viewing at the end of the cour, and then maybe I'll watch the second cour regularly next season if there's less that holds my attention.

      Periodically I go back and finish something I left half-done (due to various issues, a lot of last season's stuff I didn't finish for example) and I will sometimes stockpile some shows for a rainy day and blast through them in a week or so as well. Can't tell you what the last one I pulled off the backlog and finished was. Often it's "I should finish season 1 before season 2 starts" situations.

    Just found out that the noisy neighbours next door moved out today. VICTORY!

    I hope the next ones don't suck.

    "Have fun at Uni tomorrow. Don't stay up too much later"

    Am I the only one who thinks they act like a mum to their best friend sometimes? :P I say that but then I remember that I'm the one who on multiple occasions has had a plate of steamed green vegetables shoved in front of me and an "eat this, it's good for ya"...

    It's been a good couple of weeks. Was retweeted by Tim Schafer last week, Ragnar Tornquist responded to my tweet this morning. (Designer of Dreamfall and The Longest Journey.)

    I now designate this page:


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      @mrtaco, you should hop on Twitter but only if you want to.

        Yeah, you don't have to hop. But you should definitely sign up and start posting on Twitter. You can be sitting, though - I repeat, you don't have to hop.

    Working from city today... Already thinking about what I should get for lunch.


      If you want fast food, Oporto. Best chicken cheeseburgers, aw man.

      Otherwise, maybe find a nice Vietnamese place and get some bánh mì or pho.

        pho is like my fave food. Its a little more shitty than ramen because they braze the beef and the texture is strange but the actual pho soup is nicer than most ramen.

          You have to watch out for the special pho. You never know what you'll get!

          Bánh mì are the finest lunch in the world. Esp with enough chilli to make your nose run.

            Is Chef's surprise pho a thing lol

              I don't know about Chef's surprise, but generally special pho comes with the special ingredients - unless you're keen on offal, it's best avoided.



        I used to be all about Oporto's strip subs. But then they went away and overall quality of the other stuff has kinda gone downhill too :/

    Work computer upgraded to IE11.

    Gonna listen to all the Zeitgeist. I FINALLY get to hear the Rocketman graveyard story. \o/

      Rocketman's old neighborhood has the least-threatening mafia I've ever heard of.

    How the heck does Microsoft expect to make 2.5 billion from Minecraft in half a year? Start charging a weekly sub? Force everyone to rebuy it? Just break into every owners home and steal all their stuff to pawn off? Every swing of the pickaxe now costs $0.01?

      TL;DR version:
      * Getting their fingers into the market for in-game items currently operated by players
      * Making Minecraft exclusively available on Windows phones, pushing hardware
      * Movies, merchandising
      * Ongoing sales
      * Squeezing Sony versions of the game to encourage exclusivity or extort massive fees
      (+ Presumably DLC)

      Last edited 16/09/14 8:40 am

        Also a Minecraft movie? The heck? Wouldn't that just be Ryan Gosling shirtless, digging under the sun, sweat glistening on hi......
        Why won't it come out already?

      Admittedly I only skimmed through the articles, but I didn't see anywhere where they said that they expect to make their money back in six months.

      But if that is the case, my guess is they'll somehow make the Microsoft version far superior so it's the only version any Minecraft fan wants, and we'll see Xbone and Windows phone sales go through the roof this Christmas.

        In their press release about the sale, Microsoft said they expect to break even on this acquisition by the end of this fiscal year

      Merch. Merchant is the big profit item, which is why the deal is more about the IP than the creators.

      They didn't just get Minecraft. A lot of people will jump at new Mojang games without questioning it...but focusing purely on Minecraft, you have no idea how popular it is with school kids. I'm literally doing a budget right now to purchase several hundred licences and some educational crap for one of my schools, with roughly 9 more already saying they want it too.

        It could be a fairly decent long term strategy, getting your hands on the favourite game of almost an entire generation. Use it to guide them towards your hardware, software, concepts.

        How it helps break even this fiscal year I don't know.

        It's not the purchase I'm questioning but the amount of money they seem confident of making in such a short time.

          It does seems far to high. That is a profit of $50 to be made from everybody who has purchased the game already. Minus whatever they do in new sales

            I saw some crazy figure like Minecraft on PC currently pulling in about $300k/day with no indication of slowing down. It makes an estimated $26k a day on iOS. It remains a top seller on consoles (even factoring in people who already own it on 360/PS3 only pay an "upgrade" fee to get it on Xbone/PS4).

            You'd think everyone in the world who wants to play Minecraft already has it, but apparently that's not true.

            Add in the opportunity to make official merch more readily available, reaping all the profits associated with texture pack and skin DLC etc. and there's a goldmine there waiting to be tapped. They just need to be careful not to drive off the audience. Hopefully they don't start charging for things like access to mods or force people to buy skins on PC instead of making their own but it's not the end of the world if they do.

              Case in point, my wife was saying last night "who's even left that hasn't bought Minecraft?" then in the next sentence, with no trace of irony, mentioned how she's going to buy her own license so she can play Minecraft on her gaming laptop instead of piggybacking off my account. I did that palm-up sweeping hand movement which I believe is the universal gesture for "see?" and she still didn't get it.

              We've already bought Minecraft 3 times between us and will soon go for a fourth.

              That figure would put Mojang at making more money annually than any bank, oil, or drug company.

              I'm dyslexic it appears.

              Last edited 16/09/14 11:30 am

                $300,000/day is $109,000,000/year - apparently that's about on par with what it made back in 2012 and I would suggest it has increased in popularity since then, not just seeing more PC licenses but also growing on consoles and iOS, alongside the inclusion of a subscription fee for Minecraft Realms.

                In contrast, Westpac made around $6.8 billion in 2013.

                  @freezespreston I was trying last night to figure out, assuming the $300,000/day figure was accurate, how long it would take to earn back $2.5 billion and instead decided maths is hard.

          Don't forget, there's a tonne of merchandise out there that would rake in money too. Foam pickaxes, creeper jumpers, etc. are still selling like crazy.

      They said that it will 'break even in FY15 on a GAAP basis'. That doesn't mean what you think it means. I thought it sounded crazy as well.

      What it means is that they will make as much or more money from investing the 2.5 billion into the acquisition than they would have made if they had the money sitting in the bank accruing interest.

      The interest they would have made on it is apparently about 25 million, so they're saying they will make at least 25 million from Minecraft in FY15. Which should be easy.

    Good morning pumpkins!

    Overnight I have developed a head cold and have a wanging headache. Eh. Did y'all see that shark game trailer that Luke Plunkett posted? I love sharks.

      The idea of playing as a shark trying to eat humans intrigues me. I too am fascinated by sharks and I'm surprised they haven't done something like this before.

      What the hell is a wanging headache?

      Did this happen?

        Wanging [adjective] pertaining to Wang [verb]
        To hit ones head (I wanged by head on the dang shelf!) and the resulting headache that ensues.

          It sounds like it should be dirtier than that.

          Personally, I'm going to choose to believe that it's the headache you develop when you're not really in the mood for loving. Or a dehydration headache after a marathon snuggle. One of those.

            I also have an Alexander Wang t-shirt that has "WANG 84" on the back like a sports jersey. People give me funny looks for that, too. I'm trying to retake the word, dang it - keeping it clean.


        Stayed up all night playing this instead of sleeping.

      I could definitely see some great multay-player matches in that games... But did you see how fast the shark moves? I'd be crapping my pants the entire time as a diver XD

      According to your previous explanation of puppies, this means you petted a pumpkin this morning.

        Well, I gave the pumpkin in my fridge an affection pet as I was getting my breakfast out!

    Thought about training a shiny Rapidash to go in the PAX team, just so I can call it Bad Horse.

    Now the Bad Horse song plays in my head any time I think about catching more shinies.
    I'm afraid there's no hope left for me now. Save yourselves.

      I bred 6 evvee's last night and hatched them all trying to breed a all evveeloution team. I think it might suck. or be badass, i cant decide.

        Problem with an eeveelution team these days is that you have to choose - you can't have all 8.

          Also i wanna get a few of them to have wish, since wish is a egg move i have to find a smeargle and sketch wish. Which is probably gonna be a pain. I say that but i had only clocked 26 hours in pokemon when i finished it and this is giving me incentive to do all the things i want to do but seem to annoying. I love pokemon.

            Anything I can do to help, give me a yell.
            I can reach back to gen 3 to get something if necessary.
            Right now I'm grinding shinies, not the most stimulating of activities. It's quite funny to watch people near me on the train to see how long they watch, waiting for something interesting to happen, before giving up and going back to staring out the window.

            Eevveelutions we don't have yet:
            - Ground
            - Rock
            - Bug
            - Poison
            - Dragon
            - Steel
            - Ghost
            - Fighting
            - Normal evolved form

            I want a steel one.

            I've got a million Wish Eevee from when I was breeding for a Vaporeon if you want one, Rockets!


                Coming up!

                (Won't be able to trade with you until at least after the 24th though. I have no internet at home until then!)

                  Now to find out how to competitvely battle. I am in a whole new world since my old strat was to just mega evolve charizard until i had no moves left.

        You son of a bitch.

        *deletes pokemon team*

        *tries to think of another team*

          DUDE DO IT, i probably wont get enough levels on them :P

        Wait wait, my original post wasn't dramatic enough.

        You SON OF A BITCH!

        *throws 3DS to the ground*

        *storms off*

        *slams door behind self*

          Free 3DS!

            Take it. It will be obsolete once the new "new 3DS" comes out. =P

            Last edited 16/09/14 10:34 am

    Last week I tried to get my sister to play Minecraft she said things like "it looks boring and stupid". Managed to get her to have a go at about 11pm on Saturday night, we played until 6am, another 6 or so hours on Sunday and half of yesterday. I think It won her over.

      I tried to get my girlfriend to play with me last week, we kinda built a house with mixed up wood planks... she wasn't enamoured which hurt :(

      Maybe I need to play creative mode with her so she can enjoy it a bit more without her getting scared when it gets dark lol

        aww, that's a shame, my sister was totally hooked, we've played a lot more since then, last night we went to play for just an hour or so and it turned into 5.

    Played a bunch of Warframe last night. I feel like I'm having more fun in that game than I should. That's not to say it's terrible, it's a 6 or 7 out of 10. But I'm having a great time just playing it, and grinding for gear doesn't yet feel like grinding.

      Playing along with a bunch of friends does make it much more enjoyable. I did the Alerts solo and it was much less enjoyable.

        I haven't looked into that but I think the issue was either a) I'd already done them and you hadn't, so it didn't let you (which would be crap) or b) you needed to form the party to get them done. Happy to try with you leading the party if/when we end up in that situation again.

          I think that was it, due to how the missions work in this game (The missions change to a higher level mission in that area after completing it the first time), it's based on your version of that area, doesn't matter if I got a quest on it or anything. It also works if I public join the mission too, but again, I went in alone ergo leader of my one person party.

        Running solo can be fun if you are at a lower level that needed. Adds a challenge and more likely that you could die adds tension. I find running with much higher level players isn't as much fun, you hardly get a chance to do anything as the rush ahead and just kill everything.

        Didn't help that I had just switched to a brand new primary weapon when I joined in with you guys so was doing very little damage.

          Yeah we kept getting OP randoms joining our party and destroying everything and even going as far as blocking my firing line so I don't get the XP for kills, really douchey move.

            I generally set my matchmaking to friends only unless I just want to rush an alert or something. Although I have to say that transientBro has be really helpful with putting up with my stream of questions

            Max leveled my bow last night so switch to a rifle which is an interesting change in play style. Although I have a crossbow under construction which might be an interesting mix.

      It's definitely a good-not-great game but there is simplistic joy in running around, shooting and slicing people. It also helps that there are very few weapons that feel the same and there are a few quirks that make things interesting.

        The Volt's Chain LightningShock ability is so satisfying to land xD

    Hi all.

    I'm back from my 5-day relax-a-thon to Gold Coast. We arrived with no real plans, but did some of this:
    - Dracula's Cabaret show - pretty damn awesome, it's been long time since I've seen a high-quality show like this. Got home at midnight and didn't even realise.
    - Various shopping and exploring of Pac Fair, Robina, Surfers esplanade etc.
    - A friend visited from Byron, so we went to Mt Tambourine. Sunday markets were on, and a viking festival we didn't know about! Bought some loot (friend has buffalo horn, gf has wool 'burberry' blanket thing), saw awesome skirmish, took nice pics.
    - Drank 5 or so 1L bottles of Sol because YOLO.
    - Gold Coast got a tram 6 weeks prior! $15 tram/bus day passes meant we had good travel options.
    - Much funs, good relax.

    What'd I miss? I see everyone is level eleventy billion on Destiny? :P

      @beavwa didnt pip used to work at the vampire cabaret? or did i make that up?

        Yeah, Melbourne one.
        That was when I used to spend a lot of time on TS - waiting up on a Friday and Saturday night to go pick her up around midnight - 1am.

      Wait, wait, wait.

      You were in town and DIDN'T let me know?

      For shame.

        :( I put up 2-3 TAY threads beforehand, and a couple of Twitter stuff. I have no idea who lives on Gold Coast (Bris is a decent trip away).

          Look, I'm not saying you're the worst person.


      Wait, there was a viking festival on?! Oh man, I was so bored this weekend. I could totally have persuaded Mr. Strange to go somewhere if he knew there was a viking festival on!

        I know one "Viking" festival on the Gold coast got banned a couple of years back because it was a thinly disguised white power rally.

      Welcome back! The Viking festival sounds pretty cool, I'd have to check it out next time I'm up there. The trams were good you think? Last time around when I was there they were about 6 months away from finishing off, and it looked like they were going everywhere which I think was a plus.

      Such fun, many relax!

        Thanks! Yeah viking festival was pretty rad, doont see that every day. Trams were very good - on-time, efficient. They go from Pac Fair up along the road, to pretty much every place we needed so it was handy. Definitely a nice relaxing break.

    So my Internet was disconnected on Saturday (accident by a technician apparently). When I called support on Sunday they said I'd be back online by Tuesday. But nothing! Called them again this morning and they said the next available appointment for a technician to come look at it would be the 24th. Argh!

    So yeah, my TAYing/Interneting will be work-hours-only for a while. I'll just be sitting at home after work watching *gulp* TV... I hope Dishonored has enough content to last me over a week because I don't have anything else installed to play!

    hmmm... I think i'm doing too much. I did a 18.8km fun run on Sunday, just enrolled in dancing to get bronze level in Cha Cha and Rumba by December, playing Tennis tonight, training for half-marathon for the melbourne marathon in October and going to gym for weights twice a week. I now have a nasty cough and my body hurts :(
    Must. Push. Through. *collapses*

      18.8 km fun run? Surely that's an oxymoron.

        When you start running that distance it's not fun but now that I'm used to it, it is fun :) The run was also along the beach so that helped :D

      no clubs around me are in season, i have been itching to get back into it for ages.

        Table tennis mang - it's table tennis season every season.

          You like table tennis because you can play with a beer in your hand. :P

    Star citayzens! Is there anyone that would want to attend this?
    should we try and get a group together?

      Already got a ticket. See you there, I guess!?

        Because I'm a loser i haven't bought my ticket yet because i didn't want to go alone :P, will purchase when i get home

          Haha, yeah I can understand that. I'm flying in from Brisbane specifically for Star Citizen stuff (with the PAX AU "event" on Saturday 1st Nov) so I don't particularly mind if I'm alone / losery. I'm used to it in any case. :P

            Craaaaaap, the SC stuff is not until Saturday? Maaaan, and i only have a Friday pass :P, oh well, live stream for me (if possible)

              The backer event will be Saturday PM and won't need a PAX pass to attend. Ticket information will go up on the RSI website this "Friday" (so Saturday our time?) according to the latest schedule. I'd say RSI / CIG will be on the showfloor of PAX for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


      Tickets are cheap as and I wanna go. Gunna grab one and then figure out if I'm free.


    Thanks to Ben Skippers article on online multiplayer now im getting all jittery for Tom Clancy's The Division :(
    Also more destiny which is annoying me because i cant play it

    How are people stacking up on Desert Golf? I'm on hole 261 with 665 shots in the bag, making my average shots per hole 2.56 (2 d.p). I love this game.

      Hole 290 with 855 (2.94/hole). I don't feel like I'm learning at all.

        Heh it does feel a bit like that at times. I definitely think I've got better at not overhitting it when I'm right next to the hole.

          i have hit 23 shots on two seperate holes and i get pissed because it makes my average go up so much :P

            I've done similar and it's infuriating! But then I feel like I get rewarded with an easy hole in one for the next couple of holes...

    Killed my very first patient in Surgeon Simulator \o/

    Edit: Also earned the Vworrrp Vworrrp trophy (Create a Time Lord). Don't even know how the hell I did it.

    Last edited 16/09/14 10:28 am

      Two hearts at the same time?

        Ah, that'd be it. Obviously a Doctor Who reference, but I didn't know about the two hearts thing. Only ever watched one episode of Doctor Who and I didn't like it (the one with Kylie Minogue and something about the Titanic).

          Ok, judging Doctor Who by one episode? Specifically that episode? You really are an evil monkey aren't you.

            Lol, not saying that I'll never watch Doctor Who ever again, but the one particular episode I decided to watch I didn't like.

            I have been told by a work colleague that that's not a very good episode, so I may give it another chance one day, trouble is finding the time.

            I watched three before I decided I hated it.

              Ive watched all the episodes from the 2005 series multiple times, i cant decide if i like it or not. Might have to re-watch it for the 100th time to find out.

      Did you go to gently pat him on the cheek but realised afterward you're still holding the scalpel? Cause i definitely did NOT do that

        Nah, hacked off the ribs, couldn't get the heart out, so I just dumped the second heart in the cavity as well as everything else I could pick up.

    Well, grinding rep was not quite as bad as I thought - can get about 100 rep an hour via patrol missions, so only need another 250 rep to buy legendaries (probably only 125 now, thanks to that heroic strike), so 5 hours for the full 1k rep I needed (a far cry from the 15 hours I'd calculated).
    Also, is everyone getting the same shaders, or am I just lucky to exclusively get ones that match my subclasses? Colour co-ordination ftw! :D

    I just had a quick flick though the Quickflix content (see what I did there?) to determine if I could be persuaded to move over from Netflix.

    A question to anyone with the Aussie company: is this really all the television content included in the $9.99 per month subscription package? I see maybe five or ten things that tickle my fancy but seriously? That's it? My favourites list in Netflix is in the hundreds, literally.

      I wasn't including content labelled Premium in that list; that's an extra charge.

      No. Quickflix really is just dismal. I really wish all these companies would stop bleating about the law and ethics instead of actually doing something to offer what people want. If your product is shit and no one wants it you deserve to go bankrupt.

        Cost saving is another big factor on why things seem so limited/broken as well especially with the larger companies, the product I'm supporting being a big example. Long story short, the portal for it's been left broken in a very stupid way and they won't bother fixing it because "There's no funding". Yeah cool, leave customers dead in the water without some very important functions because you're not getting paid to fix something you didn't bother to test properly to begin with.

        They do have a point in regards to netflix though.
        To try and get content they nede to by region specific access to the content which has a hefty price based on the stupid way we are setup over here.
        Netflix hasn't paid for that and quickflix can't offer of the shows without paying. Does make it hard to compete.

          Then that begs the question: if the industry is such a fustercluck and unprofitable over here why aren't they trying to fix that instead of using it as an excuse?

            They would be much better off trying to get better copyright laws enacted but the new players have no where near the sway of the established media companies.

            All they can do is try and get a level playing field with the existing service. I don't know what the solution is but I know trying to start a business where you need to pay for your product and your major competitor doesn't makes it bloody hard to be viable

      Don't join quickflix. They're awful.
      Don't even do one of their first month free trials.
      I did that, and despite cancelling it (you can sign up online but to cancel you have to actually call them. Companies who do this are so dodgy) they took out the next payment anyway. So I ended up having to call them multiple times before they'd do anything about it. Their customer service is terrible, and their digital viewing options were also terrible.

      Unfortunately, jealousy affects businesses in the same way that it does individuals.

      Yep, very anaemic. I cancelled a week into the free trial

    I've decided that once I reach my goal of losing 30 kgs by the end of the year I'm going to buy myself a new coffee machine. The capsule machine I have is ok, but I'd like to get a proper machine.

      You sure can do it :D, I've lost 31 kg's so far. Feels great doesn't it?

        It does. A few years ago, I lost 40+ kilos, but I put it all back on. So far I've lost 17 kilos, so my goal of losing 30 kilos by the end of the year is reachable.

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