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    Bill Gates said that he wanted a new version of Mahjong on Windows. Someone in accounts misheard him

    Please be #pagesix

    Destiny, a week later. DC explores the spirit of cooperation in gaming.

    Today, in "When Australians and Canadians chat and misunderstand each others' phrases"

    Someone called out to me from their desk, and when I got to them, they started with "I threw a boner".

      Ah, but that's exactly what he meant! For non-canadians, let me translate. Some canadian phrases and idioms are slightly more obtuse than others, but I've a lucky little translation guide here that'll explain all.

      "I threw a boner" actually means...

      "I threw a boner."




      if that's your sorta thing, that is. I mean, if not, then fine. carry on. but I'm damn keen.

      Is it that time already? But Destiny...but Wasteland 2...but Destiny...but Wasteland 2...but my new save of Skyrim that I've been wanting to play for ages...

      Dammit video games industry for giving me no time to myself *grumps*

    I cut my finger chopping cheese, but I think that I may have grater problems.

    I knew a sesame seed once who was a compulsive gambler. He'd always think he was on a roll

    #dadjokepagesix #hi@strange

      Oh look, I have a notification!
      Wait a minute, we're getting awfully close to Page Six aren't we? Think I'll just ignore it for now. :P

    A man walks into a bar and orders helicopter flavor chips. The barman replies "sorry mate we only do plain"

    What do you call a quizmaster, with a quiz on tonight, who has all his questions in a file that Windows just made corrupt?



      Ouch. That's not funny at all.

        I can kind of remember them, but the problem is sneaking the writing of the quiz in while at work. But I think I can pull this off.

        You could say the matter is just...trivial.

          AHHAHAH! An old trick still works!
          If you doc file is apparently corrupt, either a) try to get it open as plain text .txt (and cut out all the formatting crap) or b) use an online converter to pdf (don't ask me why it won't do it as a local pdf conversion, it doesn't, but for some reason online pdf conversion works).


    Three fonts walk into a bar. The bartender says "We don't serve your type here."

    What do you do when a blonde throws a grenade at you? Pull the pin and throw it back.

    Page 6 life advice -

    If life gives you melons, you've got dyslexia.

      Or you're being roleplayed by @beeawwb.

      Last edited 16/09/14 12:30 pm

      So does that mean you can make demon ale?


        yeah ok, its a larger, but its shit. & reality shouldn't get in the way of a bad joke

      yo, @DC whats with the downvote, man? don't you like melons?

    A guy falls into a ditch and gets all muddy. He then goes to a bar and there bartender tells him "You can't come in here. You're all dirty."


    I'm reading a book on the history of glue - can't put it down.

    My kid Joshy is now 18 months of age. He enjoys jumping.

    Lately, he has started jumping on couches and my oh my you should see the smile on his face whilst doing so. I wish I pulled a smile that great for anything really, these days.

    So he jumps up and down on our couch and if I'm sitting around on our nearby armchair, I glare at him and tell him to sit down, menacingly. With eyes as large and creepy as Mr Bean's. Of course, being the obediently good boy that he is, he continues to jump and smile.

    It's when I start to get up and move toward him that he ever-so-quickly plops himself down on his bum, looks at me and shouts, 'Sit down! Sit down!' That smile is still there, though and the scene repeats as soon as I sit back down, myself.

    Page Six; fun times.

    Last edited 16/09/14 11:59 am

      I have no idea how you put up with that happening, not sure I'd be able to without losing my temper pretty quickly :/

      Edited to include the word 'armchair'. Anyone that saw the text before the edit, would have noticed *** in its place. It's my weird method of highlighting a spot in a piece that I write where I cannot think of an appropriate word, so that I know where to come back to.

        I'm glad you clarified that because originally I thought you were sitting on your nearby ass.

          Gold. Guess what? I've got that huge smile my kid had. :D

    So a drunk man brings a giraffe to a bar. He and the giraffe proceed to down many drinks in raculous but relatively peaceful fashion, and the two stumble out into the street; however, the giraffe falls down, unable to get back up. The bartender says to the man, "Hey, you left your friend lyin' down there!" The man responds, "He's not a lion, he's a giraffe!" - now that's a site for sore eyes.

    @freezespreston @rize @tech_knight @pupp3tmast3r @sernobulus @f4ction

    Haven't heard otherwise yet so it looks like we'll have a full group for Rogue Trader tonight.

    That's good. You'll need it. >:D

      What the hell do you mean by that? ;_;

      Looking forward to seeing what happens next!

        It's a secret. I could be planning something quite devious or I could just be trolling you all.

        I'm getting all Alpha Legion up in here.

      Note to self: next important story character Pop introduces don't hesitate to shoot in the face with full salvo of missles.

        Note to self: arbitrary killing of characters for no discernible reason is looked on favourably by Khorne.

        Make of that what you will. >:D

          Oooooh shit.

          Amarach is gunna get aaaangryyyyyy...

            Do you know what Khorne hates? Psykers. :P

              That's ok, I'm willing to offer blood to make up for it.

              It'll be the blood of his followers, but still.

      Well if the last 2 sessions are anything to go by I will need to reroll a character.

        Fate point!

          I've got none left!

            You can still burn them to stay alive, in a manner of speaking. It just reduces your total available pool from that point onward.

      I don't know if I'm going to stick with Rogue Trader, tbh. :x

        Is timing an issue or just not feeling it?

          Just not feeling it, I think

            My bad. I know it's tricky trying to run a bunch of shorter sessions rather than big, long ones but that doesn't excuse me for doing something that you're not enjoying. I'm sorry that it's not quite what you're used to but I won't begrudge you if you want to pull out.

              Nah man, it's nothing you're doing. I think I just prefer RPG sessions in real life.

                I'm not going to lie because I agree with you 100%. Nothing quite compares to getting people together and rolling physical dice and roleplaying through ridiculous escapades.

                I hope you manage to get your real life RPG group going again soon. And thanks for being a great member of our few sessions.

    Page 6! Why did it have to be page 6!

      What has 6 wheels and flies? A garbage truck.

        Just the worst sorts here. :'(

          A sausage speaks to another about parenting. "My kids are horrible," one states. The other scoffs in disbelief. "You're kidding me? My brats are the wurst!"

      Well we've had TV page 2, sausage page 3, and anime page 5. It all ends eventually.

    Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was outstanding in his field.

    Slept like a log last night ... woke up in the fireplace.

    What cheese can never be yours? Nacho cheese.

    A man walked in to a bar with some asphalt on his arm. He said "Two beers please, one for me and one for the road."

    First day of calculus summer session today...

    (Right before I leave)
    Mom:Be safe driving over there
    Me: Ok, Mom
    Dad: Be safe deriving over there
    Me: Goddamnit

    @aliasalpha: This might interesting you, pal?

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