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    @dc your downvotes shall not stop me. Page 6 forever!

      That was unfortunate timing.

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        I just upvoted you downvoting me. I confuse myself sometimes.

    Aw, that was over too soon. I hereby dub Page 7 to be the Page 6 SPILLOVER page.

      Edited away threats of violence. Seems that's frowned upon?

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        dude. thats a tad full on.

          *clenches fist* Page six just makes me so damn mad.

            I'm sort of impressed, actually.
            it really takes quite a bit for something to make me think 'wow. that was a bit wrong'

            good work.

              it really takes quite a bit for something to make me think 'wow. that was a bit wrong'

              Parliament shenanigans, obviously, but I cannot remember a single other incident where you spoke up like this. Not a single one. What @dc said must have been pretty extreme.

              *cancels planned trip to Qld*

                Aw, it was an intentionally over the top escalation on the punching right in the face joke, but admittedly crossed a line. I apologize. I'm not a violent guy. I just like inappropriate jokes, is all. :)

                35 being the one to speak up surprised me too and now I feel like a monster. D:

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                oh, I think some of the funniest stuff is things that cross the line twice. DCs thing was just so unexpected. perfect example of black comedy right there.

                but yeah... personally, I don't feel overly comfortable directing anything too horrible at actual people. faceless groups, imaginary & hypothetical people, or politicians (who aren't real people, they're parodies of people) are acceptable targets. I'm happy to swear at & call people out on their bullshit, but I draw the line at being aggressive / threatening toward individuals. that shit aint cool.

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            You should go back and read my page six contribution; it's a father-son feel good story at its very core.

              Your son's name humanized it. You were spared a downvote.

            How do you fix a broken pizza?

            With Tomato paste.


              Don't mind grumpy DC. I apologize for bringing TAY mood down.

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            Out of curiosity, why?

              I was wronged by a pun in the past!

                Like, were you tortured by one? What a weird pun-ishment.

                Hi DC!

        I saw the original message, and I just wanted to say:
        Friend, I will help you hide the body.

        No...! No, please don't put your hand in my pocket! NOOOOOOOOOOO GOD WHYYYYYYY

    Oh man, everyone is such high level on Destiny. :( Those 5 days have put me behind..

    Looking forward to home time and getting one more level to change my subclass - and then starting again pretty much! Sure, I gotta get food for dinner and make and eat it... but... gaems...

      Don't worry man, you're still higher level than me.

        Which console are you on? We can haz play together if you want. I like the whole scaling thing so level 20's can play with their just-starting pals, it's pretty neat.

          I'm level-don't-have-a-console-not-playing. :P

            Me too! We should team up!

              We'll be the best team ever! With blackjack... and strippers! In fact, forget the blackjack.

          Does it also scale you if you go back to a low level area solo, like Guild Wars 2? Cause I reckon that's brilliant.

            Not only that, you still get drops for your level when running low-level areas. It's pretty great.

              That said, I don't think it scales down your damage as well, just your defences... it's pretty easy to get swarmed if you wade in, but it's also very easy to take heads off left, right and centre and completely decimate groups in a few seconds.

                It seems like it might scale up the health of the enemies though. Case in point: I was in the middle of doing a story mission on the moon and someone joined me for it and immediately I went from needing one headshot to kill acolytes to needing two.

                  Maybe for story instance areas, where the fireteam are the only players in the area. Doing patrol missions and strikes, I've noticed no scaling when two or three people enter or leave the area. Only story mission I've repeated was the Black Garden, but both times I was in a 2-man fireteam, so the two difficulties would have been the same regardless. Given the area population in story instances is far more stable than patrol areas, I wouldn't be surprised if they scaled enemy health in those areas only.

      Finished the game last night after taking a few days off. So many high level people running through the tower now. D:

      Dude, I'm only on 7, myself. Haven't even hit halfway of the story yet, either.

      I'll help you level if I'm on. Just invite me to a chat party first & I'll let you know if I'm free.

      Gotta level for that Raid, yo.

      Yo. Yo.


      Just ate a massive Banh Mi.

      Feel good/bad.

      Like when I play Destiny.

      Video geams.

      I'm level 25 light and missed the first two days, so don't worry you can easily get 20 in 2 days, strikes gear you up pretty fast as well, or you could go hardcore PvP after level 7 however I don't think you get marks until 18.

      I'm still only level 14, barely played recently.

        Yah 14 here too. Maybe tonight? I'll only join people if I know I have a good hour or more available.

      If it helps, most high level folks probably won't mind hopping down to do your stuff. And it's not like you beceome super-powered death-gods like in WoW. Just... they'll probably steal most of your kills due to excessive headshot practice. I recommend soloing the story (and completing the bounties whenever they're up) for the atmosphere. After that, playing with friends puts a new spin on old missions.

    Lucky I was dressed today. I just had a call and a visit from the school to let me know that my 13yo daughter and two of her friends haven't been there all morning.
    The school called around all the parents (one of whom was apparently driving to a funeral and had to stop until they knew what was going on) to see if any of us knew, and left a message on my answering machine (because I never answer the home phone) to say to the girls that if they were hiding there, they needed to get back to school because they were in big trouble. My daughter doesn't have a mobile but one of her friends does, and I have her phone number so I texted them to get back to school, and I got a sheepish call back from my daughter.
    Just as I got off the phone, one of the teachers and the sister of one of the girls pulled up at my house looking for them, so I was able to let them know they were all okay and rushing back to school. The poor sister and the other parents were frantic. I also would have appeared way less credible if I was still in my PJs!

      Fun! @strange days indeed.

      Seriously, though, that's scary stuff. I'm not looking forward to my kids' teenagerdoms.

      Last edited 16/09/14 1:54 pm

        I have a feeling it's my fault for not being scary enough as a parent. So be a scary parent and your kids will be fine! :P

          My girls are terrified of me being angry at them. All that's achieved is made them more inventive at trying to hide what they're doing.

      Imagine the coming of age adventures they could have been getting up to!

      Eating fish and chips around the corner! Helping elderly ladies across the road! At church!

        I know you're joking around but this is exactly why I wasn't super worried, and not all that angry. I didn't go to school a lot in year 10 (she's in Year 9 so she's starting early, eek! :P) so I can't really judge her for something most people I know have done at one point or another.
        It's sometimes difficult as a parent to remember you did the exact same thing to your parents when you were your kids' ages but I do believe it's an important thing to keep in mind.

          I never wagged school and I regret it. I think I missed a fundamental part of growing up.

            Well I didn't do it the fun way with friends, I just snuck back into my house after everyone left and stayed there all day by myself, completely freaked out and paranoid my Dad would find me when he came back home for lunch. :P

          It's sometimes difficult as a parent to remember you did the exact same thing to your parents when you were your kids' ages...
          This one fact fills me with dread when even contemplating parenthood. If they were to inherit my traits... oh god.

    Hey gang,

    Big game sale at Big W right now.

    The following 360 games are all $10:
    * RDR Undead Nightmare
    * Rayman Origins
    * Bioshock Infinite
    * Worms collection
    * The Darkness 2
    * FF XIII-2
    * Dead Space 2
    * Dead Island Riptide
    (and more)

    I picked up Bioshock Infinite because there was only one copy left, and I haven't played that game yet (and the price!); and also decided to give Rayman one more chance. Almost picked up Dead Island and RDR too, but then remembered that I hate almost all zombie stuff.

    Last edited 16/09/14 1:48 pm

      BioShock Infinite has two of my favourite moments in games of last year. That opening. You've done good.

        I've been tempted a few times to get it while it was in the realm of $20-25. This was a no-brainer. I've been so patient, man. PATIENT.

      RDR technically doesn't have Zombies, only the DLC (Which i paid for but yet to actually play :/)... If you haven't played RDR at all and like the wild west.... DOOOOO EEEEEEEET!

        Undead Nightmare's pretty decent too. It's an alternate timeline that runs parallel with the core game, featuring familiar characters and places. It's funny. And over-the-top. And cool.

        Up there with Lair of the Shadow Broker and The Last of Us: Left Behind as best DLC ever.

        Though this is more like an expansion pack.

          I miss expansion packs. DLC almost killed them off.

            Yeah, I think the last good one I played was Dragon Age: Awakening. Better than DA2!

              I'm still annoyed at how much they fucked over Anders going from Awakening to DA2. :(

          I really liked how the gameplay even changed dramatically, even if it was by accident. During RDR I crept from cover to cover, planning every move but in undead nightmare it was mostly RUUUUUUN! turn around shoot, RUUUUUN! or shooting while running backwards, that got so hectic in the Survival mode.

          Yeah, Rockstar don't really do DLC, they do proper old school expansions. The Lost & Damned & Ballad Of Gay Tony for GTA4 were big enough to be small games in their own right, same with Undead Nightmare for RDR

      wait, you hate most Zombie stuff? But... but.... Undad?

        Here's a quote from my upcoming Kickstarter that will show just how much of a fussy and elitist prick I am:

        We all know that the very best of classic zombie fiction acts as a critique of human nature, of the collective human experience, a witty indictment of mob mentality, and that the small group of survivors acts as a microcosm of contemporary society, with all its tensions, strains and disagreements, and presents at its very core a species vainly struggling against extinction at the hands of its own darker nature.

        It might just be the impression I've got, but somehow I don't think Dead Island exactly aspires to this kind of storytelling. Zombies in games tend to mean infinite fodder for gratuitous gore rather than thought-provoking storytelling. And I'm not really interesting in grinding meat like that.

        Last edited 16/09/14 2:25 pm

          I think every writer has their own take on over done genres, too. A good writer will see potential even in something over done and Shane's a damn good one. :D

          well in that case Dead Island is not the best choice for you I don't think, terrible story, not thought provoking, it's just a mindless meat mashing gore fest, especially Riptide (I still like them though), . RDR Undead nightmare has some cool bits to do with the way people "adapt" in a world full of zombies.

      Stupid $10 games, making me dig through shelves.

      Disappointed there was no Metal Gear Rising or Catherine though, those would've been nice for $10.

      ALSO YOU SHOULD GET ZOMBIU! Best zombie game.

      And I suck at putting all thoughts into a post before hitting submit. And also actually hitting submit when I'm done.

      Last edited 16/09/14 3:08 pm

    Speaking of BioShock Infinite and Buried at Sea DLC:

    I love this so damn much. *swoon*

    Browsing a poster website, I click on their big Sale banner which takes me to the "College" section.

    The Most Popular categories section made me laugh.

    Margaret and David are leaving At the Movies and it's not being renewed.
    Man, I feel old for remembering that show on SBS.
    I haven't watched it in ages, but that show was like a nice old pair of slippers, y'know - not perfect, and not worn much, but nice that it was still around.

      Change?! I hate change! Fetch me my pitchfork and saddle up Patsy for we ride!

    To: All Staff
    From: Boss Man
    "My treat - do y'all want pizza or cake?"

    I really, really like my job.

      Can I have your job?

      Alternately, is there someone at your work who I could feasibly wear the skin of while impersonating them?

      From: All Staff
      To: Boss Man
      "Por que no los dos?!"

      Making you choose? WHAT A MONSTER!

        The factions will begin, the cakers vs the pizzas!

          Brothers and Sisters, we fight! Not for freedom! Not for duty! FOR CAKE!

          The last time someone said "let them eat cake", heads ended up rolling.

        That was his plan all along. Divide and conquer the staff! D:

          Then there's that lone guy who is all "Well I think we should have salad because salad is healthy!"
          (Hint: he's the first to be found bound and gagged in the disabled toilet on the third floor where nobody ever goes)

        It's not necessarily the 'mutual exclusivity' use of the word 'or'. He might plan to get them both.

          So naive in the ways of the world. :P

      Easy. Cake is horrible so pizza it is.

        What you got against @cakesmith?

          @pizzasmith is just way better.

            If this was a few years ago, someone called "pizzasmith" would now start hanging out in TAY for a while....

              Alt accounts were fun but now they're just too much work.

                I tried to make one for a quick joke a little while ago but I got as far as needing to create a new email address for it so that our gravatars wouldn't be the same and I just gave up.

                Agreed! I set one up to gift Dark Souls to @dc, and it took ages. Had to set up a new email address and everything. Way too much hassle.

                  That ended well.

                  THANKS THOUGH.

                  @shane Enough time has passed that I find it hilarious. :D

                  I hope I didn't come across as ungrateful. It meant a whole lot to me.

                  Last edited 16/09/14 4:07 pm

                  It also included the hassle of contacting me for the sole purpose of lying to me. I'll never trust you again! :P

              I know, such a thing would be truly ridiculous.

              Last edited 16/09/14 4:41 pm

    Anyone on TAY up for the Destiny weekly heroic strike on Xbox One before the week resets? otherwise I might be in for a lengthy solo :S I need dem exotic coins.

    Just add DistantDrop if interested.

      Will do! I'll try and level up by Sunday, I need dem coins auch.

        Unfortunately as of yesterday I switched to PS4 to play with another friend :S so I'll no longer be playing my XB1 account on destiny.

        If you still need help just msg me here or on ps3/4 on 'redrathi' I'd be more than happy to help.

    @beavwa @budgieishere @chuloopa @coldcamv @crazyguy1990 @greenius @jordi @negativezero @pixel_the_ferret_viking @scree @smurfydog @tech_knight @tigerion @tofu @zetrox2k @trjn

    So board game meat this weekend because Bunny and Freya are down for something.
    11am Saturday until whenever, I don't know. I'll be there as long as needed.
    22 Laurens Street North Melbourne (front door looks like warehouse backdoor... because it was).
    Google Maps link at the bottom. Totally easy to just get the train to North Melbourne station, about a minute from there!

    Call me on 0421 596 three double four if you need.

    We will play games! Like... Smash Up, Sentinels of the Multiverse, Adventure Time Card Wars (and Munchkin, if my delivery comes in) and whatever Bunny brings.,+West+Melbourne+VIC+3003/@-37.8080217,144.9455377,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x6ad65d3f85659215:0x189fd80ff4ff487c

      What's parking like around there? I'd probably have to drive over.

        The street is mostly industrial (warehouses being converted to apartments over time) so parking is plentiful at present.

      Bunny arrives with his board games.

        Oh god, he creates imgur 404s?! NOOOO!

        So fixing the URL.... haha, yep, pretty much what I imagined.

        Last edited 16/09/14 3:11 pm

      I too may drive in ill let you guys know closer to the date

      Games I'll definitely be bringing:
      - RAMPAGE!
      - Qwirkle
      - The Resistance
      - Coup

      I can bring in pretty much anything from my collection. So if people are interested in trying something out, say 7 Wonders with expansions, just ask and I'll shove them in the boot.

        A random assortment of games I own:
        Ticket to Ride+1910 expansion/TTR: Europe+1912 expansion/TTR: Marklin,
        Dominion+Prosperity & Intrigue expansions,
        7 Wonders+Expansions,
        Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small,
        Shadows over Camelot,
        Battlestar Galactica,
        Arkham Horror,
        Power Grid,
        Escape: Curse of the Temple,
        Discworld: Ankh Morpork,
        Discworld: The Witches,
        King of Tokyo + expansions,
        Ghost Stories,
        Space Cadets,
        Formula D,
        King's Vineyard,
        Pandemic + On the Brink & In the Lab expansions,
        Forbidden Desert,
        Forbidden Island,
        Ladies and Gentleman,
        Settlers of Catan,
        Last Night on Earth,
        Alhambra (Big Box version),
        Carcassonne (Big Box version),
        Galaxy Trucker (Big Box version),

        There are some other random smaller games too but that's most of the collection.

        I could bring by one of my werido Japanese dominion-likes if you want. Assuming I can go. Have to check. Technically supposed to be hunting for a new place to move to.

          Board games are more important than having a place to live.

            I have a place to live but it's a single bedroom in my mum's place that is miles away from anywhere and does not have room for shelves for my board games. So this is pretty important.

              Being able to store your board games is definitely important.

          Move in with @f4ction?

          *sings* one of them is (x)
          and the other is (y rhyming with x)
          Sometimes they get into a fight
          Other times they stay up all night
          Odd couple but best of friends
          Together they're....
          Trends? No..... Bends? Stupid stupid stupid.

          Nailed it.

        I wont lie outside of playing the usual boardgames ei scrabble and monopoly and one game of munchkin ive played no board games so im open to whatever

      Also guys, that place is stunning, literally the prettiest house i have been inside. I want a house exactly like that.

        It may be for rent in the future, maybe :P


            Brad has been talking about renting it out for a while. Just depends on what his next construction project is.

      Sorry, Mum and I already decided to go to the Show that day

    Well, for some backstory, we had like, six people with birthdays last week, so on Monday they bought eight different Cheesecake Factory cakes, and we only just finished those yesterday, so everyone is a little bit burnt out on cake.

    I asked for a plain cheese pizza, just for me...


        Not such a fan, eh? Something about the tanginess. I can make a mean cheesecake though. I don't eat cake a lot (I had maybe two slices of all the cakes last week), but when I do, I want like, rich mud cake. Chocolate forever.

          You misunderstand. Cheesecakes are my life! :D

          A whiles back I used to eat an entire one by myself and chronicle it on TAY.

          Last edited 16/09/14 3:20 pm

            And that was when I decided to pretend that you were my friend.

          Mud cake is one of the few cakes I like. Wanted a white chocolate mudcake for my wedding but got into a big fight with my mother in law over it. She insisted it had to be a fruit cake but who the hell eats fruit cake? So I overruled her and ordered the white chocolate mud. Then she waited a bit and called them to change it behind our backs to a fruit cake and we didn't find out until we cut into the damn thing. Left a sour note on the day.

            She had a mother in law stereotype to live up to. Sounds like she overshot on that front. D:

            God @freezespreston you're wedding day isn't about you or your wife. It's all about your mother in law. Gosh, some people are so selfish.

            blergh, traditional wedding cakes are just the worst, they should be called something other than cake so they don't sully cake's name. That is an incredibly crap thing to do to you guys, I would have made her eat the whole thing.

              I really hate tradition for traditions sake. Grrrrr.

            I'm glad that didn't happen to me, because I don't think I would have responded very well. Namely, I'd smack her with the cake and then go back to having a good time.

            Absolutely hate fruit cake, we had a chocolate mud cake for our wedding. Would've been so pissed off if my mother in-law had done what yours did.

            So many downvotes needed, must not downvote

            Fruit cake is awesome

              Fruit Cake is balls. Sorry, but it had to be said.

              Fruit cake is pretty good at times. Other times its not.

        *goes to add exclamation point next to @dc's name*

        *sees that page is already full of exclamation points*

        *turns page*

        *page is also full of exclamation points*

        *writes on hand "buy new blank book"*

    The other day I finished another run-through of Judas Priest, first full go since the new album landed. Decided to give them a bit of a break and went and put on some VGM stuff.

    I think I drive like more of an idiot when de Blob is playing. Jazz is far worse an influence than heavy metal could ever hope to be? :P

    Haha. Someone did it.


    Edit your comment and it will get out of moderation.

    Last edited 16/09/14 3:44 pm

      Thanks Freeze that makes you my third favourite thing, right after More Pizza, and Pizza!

      Now if only Gravatar would work, so that you could bask in the glory of my cheesy creations!

      Last edited 16/09/14 4:45 pm

    So, there are some really talented folks out there. Collecting EOIs for artists to work on Undad.



      Last edited 16/09/14 3:57 pm


      Last edited 16/09/14 3:57 pm

        I'm glad I had an unrefreshed Kotaku window open so I could gawk. Gawk, I tells ya.

          I don't know why I bother editing. Nothing ever stays secret.

            Especially when you hide it in plain sight by posting it on Kotaku. :P

              Yes, well, I do these things when I GET EXCITED. :\

                All over the rug too. Bad Shane! *bops with newspaper*

                Last edited 16/09/14 4:14 pm

                NEVER CHANGE! :D I liked them though. Cool choices.

                Last edited 16/09/14 4:14 pm

          I can just go back through my browser history and see them again any time I want! :D

    god booking airfares is expensive when you have to do it for 2 people. WHY AM I SO FUCKING NICE TO MY FRIEND. i mean i could just ask him for some money for the flight but i would much prefer to hold it over his head that im nicer than he is :P

      Yeah, it's like, twice as expensive for two people.
      That's my default price calculation these days.

        With this Japan trip everyone has to come up with about 5500 to get themselves over but it's cost me 11000 due to paying for 2 from one source.

        Praise jebus for bonuses and tax returns.

          And bank robberies!

            Payday and Payday 2 are based on a true story.

              Massive body-count shoot-out after a string of bank robberies is probably somewhere in my top ten ways to die.

    also @f4ction

    Is it still okay if me and my friend david stay with you in geelong?? if not thats cool, ill just have to organize some alternative arrangements

      When you coming down dude?

        30 of october to 3 of november for PAX. its soo expensive to find somewhere to stay

          As it would be haha least you got somewhere to stay i think I'll have to drive in every day which will suck

          Thats what we get since the organisers, in their infinite wisdom, decided to schedule it for the weekend marking the start of the Melbourne Cup Festival. Who honestly thought that was a good idea? Even a week either side would have been so much easier