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    Sometimes punishing your kids is fun. I just posted on my daughter's Facebook wall (under her name because I have her password) that she's banned indefinitely due to using it to help plan her little truancy event with her friends. Felt good. :P

      Monster! :D




          Different words for the same thing, friend. :P


            don't let my wife read me laughing at that comment

              Already forwarded it on. SHE HAS EYES EVERYWHERE!

      Now send messages to all the boys she fancies.

        Just variations of OoooOOoooOooo?

          Needs some xoxo's. Get with the times DEECEE.

            I'm sorry. It's been a long time since I was a teenage girl. :P

          I missed this comment yesterday, but I'd just like to draw attention to the late upvote that I'm giving it now.

      that's some new-school parenting right there. Kudos.

      Did you also make a status saying "I love @strange very much she is the bestest in the whole wide world!" ?

    Freeze the king of last posts.

    The people of my community celebrating after the mosque got refused.

    I really really wish that was a parody photo. Oh god do I wish it was.

      I had a nice barely comprehensible reply written full of fkn's and straya's but I think I'll just leave it as follows...

      Good fkn lord...

      Heard about that on the radio this arvo. A real dick move by a bunch of redneck jerks.

        They got big traction when it appeared on ACA.

      So uh, why was the mosque refused? It's due to an unrelated lack of parking facilities or something, right? Please don't tell me these people don't have any power. Please!

    breeding pokemon for movesets, IV's and natures is a lot of work. BUT I AM UP TO THE CHALLENGE. probably

      Fully motivated, until the grind sets in...

      Locking all those "reject" Pokemon in a box never to see the light of day again.


      All this Pokemon talk is making want to delve back into Y..



    @trjn I am able to Fiasco Thurs or Friday again, so I'll open this up to everyone!

    Taking sign-ups now!

    It's like playing through a Coen brothers movie, or Lock Stock. About a 2-3 hour commitment, and no prep needed, suitable if you've never roleplayed before!

      Consider me available if you absolutely need a 4th, otherwise others should take priority.

      I can't do Thursday or Friday. Driving down to Melbourne first thing on Friday morning, so I can't really book myself in for anything on Thursday evening. You kids have fun.

      As I said on the last page I can probably do thursday if its after 7:30 otherwise I can probably do friday if Cathryn hasnt booked anything

    Has anyone here had much experience with making stuff for steam workshop?

      I'm making my worms hat for steam workshop now!

        I'm making skins for Melody's escape. Is it easy enough to do? I haven't extracted the XML yet, just working on the art side of it

          Given that it's in early access, I can't even see it in the workshop, so I can't really tell you what's required, but usually for a skin it's pretty easy. Just get the UV layout, paint, and depending on the code, either name your file something in particular, or change a script or something.

            It's the dimensions that may need editing.
            It does have it's own workshop, something I wrongly assumed it was too early for.

            They need editing and I suck at it.

            Last edited 16/09/14 10:08 pm

              can you paste the instructions in here at all? I think you can only get to the workshop if you pay for early access atm.

                Yeah, seems to be the case
                1) Create a copy of one of the sample mods folder and rename it (remove the leading "_" character for the mod to become visible in game)
                2) Edit the content. You can have multiple types of mods in a single mod folder (for instance a skin and a hairstyle), but only one of each type per mod folder.
                3) Edit the thumbnail image (Recommended size: 360x360 pixels)
                4) Open the game and go to "CUSTOMIZE APPEARANCE", then click the link in the upper right: "[Workshop Upload]"
                5) Select your mod and choose "UPLOAD" (You can update your mod and preview image afterwards by selecting your mod again and choosing "UPDATE")
                6) Once your mod is uploaded, a Steam page of your item will appear. By default the mod is set to "Hidden", don't forget to change it to "Public" once it is ready to go live. You will also need to accept the Steam Workshop Agreement if you haven't done so already.

                  so have you actually painted the skin yet?

                Yes, yes I have

                  well the rest of the stuff seems fairly straight forward. You have to take the _ out of the name, pop your skin in to whatever folder they told you to put it in, then make a thumbnail image of what the skin looks like at 360x360 pixels. (you could possibly just use a 360x360 version of the skin, or if you have a way you can show it on the model, capture that perhaps. That's about all I can offer without being able to see actual files. happy to take a look if you still need help, but we might be better to chat on steam or skype at that point

    My eldest sat me down to show me her favourite YouTube channel, Nerdy Nummies.

    It's all videogame, comic and movie themed food. She showed me Sonic Chilli Dogs with Gold Onion Rings.

    Well I guess I'm going to have to cook some of them now. Oh no, the horror. *puts on apron*

      My eldest sat me down to show me her favourite YouTube channel, Nerdy Nummies. It's all videogame, comic and movie themed food.
      This is how you can tell a child is being raised right.

        Heres the 5 Seconds of Summer cocktail..perfect for those long summers you only want to remember 5 seconds of..

    So, any Perth dudes free tomorrow?

    I hate how everything closes so early! Nrgh

    And it looks like I might be back >_>

      Maybe its time to start looking for rentals over there

        Nooooooo! D:

          It's no use fighting it, Mr Greenius. You are one of us now.
          *multiple hands off-screen start pulling Greenius towards them*

    Oh. My. God.
    Rumble with a Blink Warlock using a Shotgun?
    So damn fun.

    Woo!!! So excited. The final piece of my PAX Cosplay arrived today!! I'm so happy with how its turned out. Can't wait to trot it out when we finally get to Melbourne :D

      It looks fabulous! I'm getting so excited about seeing all the cosplays - need to keep cracking on with my own!

        I wanted to go as Oberyn Martell, but every time I sit down to organise it I just feel overwhelmed and play games instead.

          Do it! I figure with these things, walking around and standing in queues is more fun if you're dressed up - it's a great conversation starter.

    Briefly: Destiny tidbit.
    At levels 20+, hover your cursor over the level number on your inventory screen. It'll give you a tool-tip which explains that exp you earn is now converted into progress toward motes of light, and tell you how close you are to your next mote.


      Shame it doesn't tell you what good motes of light are other than buying pointless cosmetic junk from the speaker. Actually, does the tentacle faced bloke who sells stuff out of the back of his van at the sunday markets take motes of light or is it just strange coins?

        He does take motes of light for some items. Don't buy the cosmetic crap, wait for the weekend guy.

    That Desert Golf's kinda fun and addictive, had to stop myself at hole 31 because I wanted to get some Destiny in before bed, and my battery was at like 3%.

      Started playing tonight and already cleared the first 200 holes in exactly 500 shots. Waaay too addictive.

    So close to getting the Lucky 7's trophy, got a Grimoire score of 755 at the moment.

    I managed to get out to see a late-night session of What We Do In the Shadows - it was so good! I highly recommend catching it at the movies or putting at the top of your Things To Watch on Saturday Night list. Vampires in Wellington bro!

      Oh man!

      I've gotta try and see this before it leaves the cinema.

      Love Taika Waititi movies.

        I haven't seen much of Taika Waititi's work, but I'm a big fan of Flight of the Conchords, and Jemaine Clement and Rhys Darby are both in this one.

    Getting on the train home, I sat next to the door where it was easiest to rest my head. A girl got in and sat across from me, there was no one else in that part of the carriage.

    At the next stop, a guy in Adventure Time beanie and scarf hops on and sits down right next to her. I just think "ugh" and try to get on with attempting to nap. But then his friend comes in from the next carriage down and sits on the far end of their bench. The guy starts making comments to his friend saying things like "she's cute", and "should get a photo" and something about a wife or something. "Think she's got a boyfriend?" It looks like he could be looking out the window next to me to the platform, but I'm fairly sure he's talking about the girl he sat next to and was just looking at the reflection. Then, while turning to his left to face his friend while talking to him, he also leans back to his right, edging closer to the girl. She's been punching messages on her phone, but now she's started talking to someone on there. All throughout it the guy's just getting closer and pretty much leaning right over onto her, to the point where she starts becoming visibly uncomfortable and shuffling over.
    At this point I'm really wanting to say something, but while pretty scrawny he's still a fair bit taller than me plus has his friend there, so I'm wary of it ending up in a fight. He starts talking with his friend about where they're getting off, seeming to be unsure about whether to do Marrickville or not. I think she must have been listening to them because after the train stopped there, she got up and walked to the door, followed by the guy saying that yeah he'll go here. She just stops at the door though, and the two of them thankfully get out while she comes back and sits down.
    Once she was done on the phone, I asked if she was ok after that guy was practically sitting on her. She just kind of (meekly?) laughed/shrugged it off, saying something about how she's a fairly passive person and just got on the phone to her friend to escape the situation. Said she was thankful someone saw what was going on though?
    I don't know, I feel crappy about it. Part angry that this guy was so openly being such a piece of human filth, part guilty that I didn't do anything about it. People suck.
    Also (totally not) sorry for the bait-and-switch there, couldn't resist :P

    Beer and Pixels was good. Got to see a whole bunch of familiar faces I haven't seen in ages, everyone seemed to be far to enthused over my employment status for my liking :P Also surprisingly enough my "crazy not-really-an-ex" ended up showing up contrary to the recentish claim that I'd never see her ever again. Somehow came out of it alive, so that's good I guess :P

    Last edited 17/09/14 12:13 am

      Wow, Gooky, you sure are a hit with the ladies!
      Goddamn do people suck.
      I can use misleading spoiler headers too! Am I popular now?

      How chivalrous yet oddly cowardly of you, looking out for that girls well-being. Not enough of that nowadays. I had to stop a guy trying to beat on his girlfriend during one of my graveyard shifts once (long time ago in a different job). Those kind of people are just cowards, it's amazing how quickly they back down to someone that even has the remotest chance of being able to defend themselves. That said, I wouldn't really want to step to two of them at once, they're more cocky because the numbers are in their favour.

      @mrtaco TAY's resident knight in shining armour.

        I don't know if the cowardice is that odd - I wouldn't consider a 5'6" guy in a purple shirt with imitation space invaders on it to be all that intimidating to anyone, even if I do have a shaved head :P

        On the one hand I guess I've been lucky that I've never really had to stand up to anyone like that before. On the other though, it's probably bad for me in that now I'm without any practise for any situation where I might need to.

      Probably mentioned it once, but I saw something similar happen on a bus, though the three guys were being significantly more aggressive in their harassment. I didn't say anything either, until one of them actually touched the girl. Then I stood up. (In a very menacing way.) And after I stood up, so did a couple guys behind me, further down the bus. Didn't have to say a word, the guys just shut up and left quickly and quietly.

      The other guys hadn't stood up until I did... I wouldn't be surprised if you'd ended up with some support, if you decided to say or do something.

      You did good, man. From your description of the situation, you had no need to interfere yet.

    Destiny Question: All the materials you collect i.e. Plasteel Plating, Helium Filaments, Spirit Blooms etc, is there actually any use for these at all, or am I wasting my time hanging on to them?

      You need some for upgrading and can turn in lots of 50 for Vanguard or crucible marks.

      I recommend hanging on to most of them. Weapon parts you'll always need. Plasteel you'll probably have a lot more of than you need, but it doesn't seem to waste much inventory. Legendary weapons usually take around 15-16 bits of a particular planet's resources for each of their high-end damage upgrades, and they have 3-4 of those. If you have like... a HUNDRED of each planetary resource, you should probably turn in a batch, but I'd try to sit on around 50 or so just in case of legendaries.

      They're easy enough to farm and there's plenty of easy farming routes to amass a bunch of them in a hurry if you need them to upgrade a legendary weapon. It's far better to turn them in to the crucible or vanguard quartermaster for the 250 glimmer, 25 rep and unknown but fairly generous amount of XP.

      As a bonus if you're level 20 and have decided to go for one of the 3 crucible factions, you get new monarchy/dead orbit/future war cult rep when you turn the resources in as well so it's a good way to boost your crucible rep without playing pvp if you want to get the god gear they offer.

      The plating stuff is just for upgrading titan armour (same for sapphire wire for hunters and hadronic essence for warlocks) and you can't sell that anywhere that I know of so you might as well just keep it in your vault if you're not immediately using it and don't want to cart it around rather than chuck it out. It's also handy if you want to run another character since the vault is account-wide, whatever you don't use for your current one might be handy for a future one. If you have a few hundred unis of spinmetal and for some reason don't want to turn it in with your current character, you could start a new one and turn it in as soon as you hit the tower and jump a few levels right away. You could be playing coop with friends new to the game and try and fool them into thinking you know a secret level up cheat or something.

      One other kind of stupid thing, glimmer is account wide and capped at 25000 (Why not 99999 if they needed a cap at all? Who knows?) so don't be shy about spending it on shiny things.

    So I have a mock job interview tomorrow I forgot to stress about. I've got some catching up to do. In somewhat related news, my mum just announced that I've got my Practical Driving Assessment next Tuesday, and just didn't tell me until now, even though she probably booked this back in June. More things I have to needlessly stress about.

      The key to a driving test - confidence.
      You are in control, don't be afraid to argue. If they ask 'Why did you do (x)' - it's not saying it was wrong, it's a chance to find out what you're thinking.

      Just drive super-safe. 10km/h under speed limit, take time at every stop, triple check mirrors etc. No need to stress because you're driving safe and following the rules. Screw everyone else on the road, too, don't worry about them.

      Possibly the most important thing about driving tests that no one ever mentioned to me is what I like to call observation theatre. You can glance down a side street with a flick of your eye and get all the information you need to drive safely but if the assessor doesn't see you do it, they'll assume you didn't and mark you down for it. Make sure you move your head even if you don't need to because you're really not driving for you, you're driving for them.

      Everything you do is being assessed (no pressure) and unfortunately they can't get telemetry from inside your head to see what you see so the only way they can judge is from body movements so if you need to look in the rear mirror, angle your head up a little rather than flick your eyes, same for every other mirror and sight line. If the assessor didn't see you do something, it didn't happen. Although, if the assessor is looking the other way and a person you don't like is crossing the street...

    Oliver won a double pass to see what we do in the shadows, so we went and saw that tonight. At 9:30. We were the only two people in the entire cinema besides the manager. They'd turned most of the lights off by the time we got out. It was really weird :P

    Movie was alright. It's really friggen dumb and stupid but in a good way. Pretty much nothing happened in it... So yeah. Alright movie!

    So I may have got some job offers and now I'm debating where to make Bun and I move our lives to now. Suffice to say, we could move interstate, or a rural place closer to Sydney, Northern Sydney or Wollongong. I am not sure which direction to take here.


      Not because I don't want your board games here, but because, let's be honest, why would anybody want to live here?

      The best thing here is that you have offers and options. Well done, most would love that opportunity, myself included.

      Last edited 17/09/14 11:42 am


    "Must be level 26 and have 6 people altogether on a team not made through matchmaking"

    well, cock.

      I watched a stream of it for an hour or so yesterday and it looks like it requires a lot of communication and planning. Would be terrible to try and PUG.

      Yeah, mad keen to try that but gonna be a little while till I'm up for it.
      If any PS4 peeps ever want company I am always up for it, just let me know and I'll join you asap.

        Mad keen to get to 26. (24 atm) Just need to decide on some direction on how to get there. Just started doing lvl24 Vanguard Strike Playlists - not sure what else I can do. Still haven't seen anything more than the level 20 blues I'm wearing as yet though.

        Last edited 17/09/14 8:28 am

          Yeah, also 23 and doing the same.
          I figure smashing out enough marks for legendary gear and hoping for drops is the only real bet.
          Might have to prioritise armour over weapons from the vendors, but alas.
          Kicking myself for not getting 50 crucible marks last "week" - gonna have to wait till next Tuesday to get the pistol I want.

            Marks seem really slow - both Crucible and Vanguard, so it's a fair grind. That being said, I've only just started doing 24 Vanguard Strikes, so should improve. At least with Crucible you don't need to win to get anything.

              They're also capped at 100 per week. So you'll take at least two weeks for a weapon. Perhaps better to try for exotic weapons from the weekend vendor and stockpile marks until you see what he has in stock, then buy whatever he doesn't have.

          To get geared fastest the game basically forces you to do PVP. Sure you can not do it but you only get 1/2 the weekly marks which is just goddamn stupid.


          The more I'm playing endgame Destiny the more I am not liking it. =/

          Last edited 17/09/14 9:15 am

            I'm hoping they make some tweaks - Vanguard marks just seem unreasonably slow to get.

              Couple Tiger Strike playslists with the daily Vanguard Bounties and you can get some marks quick smart.

              Don't forget material exchange too.

              Also, if you go for one of the factions Crucible & Vanguard marks count toward the same I'm pretty sure.

              Wait, that might be Crucible & Vanguard exp.


                Need to focus on picking up Spinmetal/Helium etc more when I see it - or keep an eye out when I don't. I grab it on occasion, but honestly only have 30-40 of each so far.

                Last edited 17/09/14 9:24 am

                  Random chests are great.

                  I found one tucked up inside the rafters of the shed in front of where you spawn in Patrol in Russia that had a bunch of Spin metal & blue engrams.

                  Also there's sometimes a good one above the hallowed knight/troll under the cliffs near the helicopters at Skywatch? I think?

                @nyefel I also recommend some random chest runs whenever you're doing a patrol for bounty or whatever. I've actually had legendaries drop out of some of the chests.

                  I guess I'm struggling to choose what to do. I mean there's:
                  -Daily/weekly strikes/bounties, etc
                  -Crucible for crucible marks
                  -Doing strikes of various types for drops/marks/rep, etc.
                  -General chest runs

                  I still don;t even have all the gold chests yet. Got 5 from Earth, I think 4 from the moon, and not a lot else. Just hard to pick a direction, you know?

                  Which still makes me wonder how people are 'I got to level 20 and quit because there was nothing to do.' Dude, there's SO much to do.

                  @nyefel I think the 'nothing to do' comes from the fact that all those things you mentioned are things you've already done. There's nothing to do... except repeat what you've done.

                  I get bored pretty fast now when not playing with others, so I put it down pretty easily. I want to come back to it because the mechanics are a joy, but there's no motivation. It's just shooting paper targets almost.

          I'm 24 too and have only got about 20 marks & 1000 Vanguard exp until I can get a legendary chest piece which should push me up.

          Also, don't forget Strange Coins for old smoke face on weekends.

          I think it was 13 for a pretty dope exotic helm.

            Oh yeah, that's a point. Think I have 3 or 4 of them in my inventory.

    Written by Zoe Quinn.

    Guess if there's ever a time to ignore morbid curiosity and actually stay the hell away from the comments now would be the time.

      I think at this stage I'm willing to ignore curiosity enough to avoid reading the article all together.

        It feels strangely pointless. It main point is getting thousands of death threats from random strangers is horrible which.... Duh? Anyone sane would know that as common freaking sense and I doubt anyone doing it is going to have a sudden epiphany that they are doing the wrong thing.

        The mouse just keeps running in the wheel until it dies of exhaustion and gets replaced I guess.

      What's the bet that Cracked gets taken down by Anonymous or someone else?

      I actually went to the comments.

      I'm not even sad anymore, I'm impressed. These people are seriously damaged. Like not even humorously deluded - just fucking off the reservation. And remember that all those sad, vitriol and bile spewing hatemongers are just validating the cases for misogyny and general fuckery in gaming/journalism/online all over.

      Just sad it has to come at people like Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkessian's expense.

    I'm the last from my uni friends group still in Brisbane. They're all gone. All of them. :'(

      I have no friends in uni, does that make you feel better? :'(

        I never went to uni so i too have no friends from uni

        Last edited 17/09/14 1:06 pm

      You should take a trip away from Brisbane too! ;D

      I'm the only one of my friends that moved to Brisbane... and didn't finish uni in Sydney.

      Same same but different? ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

    Out of interest, is anyone pre ordering Shadow of Mordor and Alien Isolation?

      I'll be getting Isolation day one. In space no one can hear you pre-order, so I won't bother.

        but pre orders get the Nostromo stuff that'll probably be paid dlc in a week.

          I think I read they got rid of exclusive stuff and it all comes free now. MAYBE?

          Media blackouts are tough.

            I hope so, so stupid that you have to shop around to get extras.

        but...but... bonus content... and i'll be getting it for pc 25% off :P

      me, already ordered Shadow of Mordor but forgot all about Alien *facepalm*
      Thanks for reminding me :D

        The gaming floodgates are about to open. Too many games coming out and not enough time or money :'(

          yep, I'm gonna need to quit my job so I can play them all.

      Got my orders for both down with GMG a while back.

      Meeeeeeee. I pre-ordered Shadow of Mordor.
      ...For PS4.

      I am prepared for my rightfully-earned scorn and judgement.

        You are officially exiled from the master race! Begone

    Just in case anyone doesn't know about it yet, apparently they're sending out invites for the Bloodborne Alpha, (sorry @shane) to anyone that's got a platinum trophy in any of the Souls games.

    I am hearing rumblings though that some people that don't have a platinum are getting an invite. So you might wanna check your email.


      That's pretty cool, actually.

      Ohhhh, that's a nifty way to decide that.

      I don't have a platinum. I have put a crapton of hours into all three Souls games but never finished any of them. Maybe they're going on hours played?

    Start BioShock Infinite yet, @Shane?


      I got baptised, and then I got sleepy and turned it off.

        How damn beautiful was that lighthouse/Columbia shuttle/first room. Will the Circle be Unbroken. Did you recognize it from Treme?

          I have to play with minimal sound. I can barely hear the music. Ah well.

          PS: Your latest post has no today-picture, and now I can't focus. Thanks a lot.

            Lighting is too bad outside and I just wanted to get it posted. Will add one later. :D


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