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    Omfg I just heard the first drill into concrete for the renovations below. D: Save me.

      Blergh. Worst summer vacation ever was when neighbors decided to renovate. Constant drill sounds for three months. D:

    3rd Pokémon team member for PAX caught!
    4th is decided and the hunt continues.
    5th could prove a little more tricky, and I'm starting to get some horrible team weaknesses at this point. My 'pick my favourites' (lack of) strategy is starting to have some drawbacks.

      Best thing about shiny hunting - hours and hours of boring grind, then at random, BOOM adrenaline rush.
      I probably need to get out more.


        Well, interestingly enough, my first four picks are one from each of the first four generations. I could continue this theme, and I do think gen 5 is pretty rubbish, so there is a logical progression here...

      This is why I'll never be good at Pokemon competitively. I just want a team of all my favourites, strategy and weaknesses be damned.

        So, six Raichus?

          I need to make this a thing. Raichu first, then probably Cofagrigus, Haunter, Tyrunt, Wartortle... aaaaand Snorlax.

          (You remembered my favourite!)

            Course I remembered. You has a shiny.

              I do indeed. =D =D About the only shiny I possess, and the only one I'll ever need. Need to evolve it into a shiny 'chu! =D

    Starting from now I'm going to make a concerted effort to stop letting the fact that the stupider you are the more influence you have affecting me. I've been dwelling on it far too much lately and it's a frustration that I don't need.

    You know what's cool at its core? Games. The mere fact that they exist, people devoting thousands of hours so people can be entertained is pretty rad. Going to start enjoying them and ignore the ridiculous outside happenings.

    My family is also decidedly awesome. What happens to them is the most important issue. The best thing I can do is to make sure my girls are raised right in a loving home.

    You guys are mega rad. Always make me laugh and are the best friends I've ever had. My life is fuller for being part of this community.

    My life is pretty good when I step back and look at it and I need to focus on that. If I start being negative or morose again someone slap me.


      You're awesome, Freezey.

      Nice post, sometimes looking at things from a different perspective can help. I need to take a page from your book, I'm a negative jerk lately.
      *readies slapping hand just in case*

      I had the games realisation awhile back. I'm pretty sure if Destony had launched this time last year with people trashing it on Twitter (as in constantly, people who haven't even played it going on about the apparently bad story, touting the 74 on metacritic as evidence that everything Bungie have ever done is shit, Halo was shit, etc.) I'd want to have an argument with them.

      But you know... I just don't have time for that. I'm too busy playing Destiny.


        Somehow, every 2nd time I type 'Destiny' I type 'Deston...' and have to fix it. It is the weirdest thing.

          And because i'm posting from work with this dogshit outdated IE I can't access the edit functions for some reason. :(

      Starting from now I'm going to make a concerted effort to stop letting the fact that the stupider you are the more influence you have affecting me.

      Nooooooooo! All my influence over you gone. ='(

      Ok, but remember, you asked for it :P

      Also, you're pretty awesome yourself Freeze.

      I agree with you for the most part but there is also danger in games. I relied on them way too much to get me through depression to the point where I wasn't actually dealing with it, I was using them to escape. This is not the way out of negativity and depression. They can be great for if you're just having a bad day but if you're going through something worse, they can be a detriment.
      Having about 15 years worth of experience with depression and negativity, I can only offer this advice. See a counselor if you are seriously effected by depression/negativity to a crippling degree. They are lifesavers and will help to get life back on track. Also socialising, exercise and keeping busy are all important factors that help.
      Once this is dealt with and mental stability is obtained then bring on ze games :D

        My girl once described to me the difference between good escapism and bad is: are you running to... or from?

      Great post. I had the revelation about stupid/negative people a year or two ago, but still haven't mastered not letting it get to me. Some days it's easy for me to just shrug and laugh, other days the tiniest thing makes my blood boil. I know I'm still rubbish at my idiot filter, but I realise that, and I'm trying.

      Stupid people have always been present, just the internet gives us unfiltered access to previously unimagined quantities of them, right at our fingertips, 24/7.

      The realisation is the first step - fighting to not let them get to you is the hardest. But family, friends and general happiness are far more important and infinitely more gratifying than dwelling on or trying to fix morons in real life and on the internet.

      I'm not married, nor do I have kids - but that's a pretty big positive influence in your life. Embrace it.

      In other news, you're a cool guy and you're on my alright list.


      Ill make you give @Liondrive a piggy back after hes had an all you can eat combo of max brenners and Krispy kream donuts paid by you if you start being all negative or morose

      Simply because you deserve to be happy dude and let nothing get in the way of your happiness

      Last edited 17/09/14 11:36 am

      I cannot promise to slap, though I may be caught offering a hug in such circumstances.

    There was a bit of talk about it on twitter yesterday, but nothing was really organised - PAX accommodation. Who is yet to book and would be interested in sharing accommodation? If there were several of us, I was thinking it would be good to share a 3 bedroom apartment or something like that. Somewhere reasonably close to the convention center, for the 3 nights that PAX is on (Oct 31st to Nov 2nd). Any Suggestions? Interest?

      I literally just made my booking yesterday, but I've got free cancellation. Ended up going with the Ibis Little Bourke, for proximity and convenience. My preferred (Atlantis Best Western) was booked up when I went to grab them.

      I'm only staying 2 nights though - 31st and 1st, fly back 2nd.

      I am interested for sharing accommodation. Don't really have any suggestions though.

      Might put my self down as a tentative maybe. I've been trying to organise similar with my friends, but they keep throwing up uncertainties so I have no idea what's happening there.

      Looks like Freya and I need a place to stay. Two people occupying one room will bring the cost down, right?

      I have booked mine, got in at a backpackers about two mins walk from the convention centre $50 a night. Gotta go cheap!

    Anyone want to team up for Space Wizards tonight? New daily/weekly up.
    Also does anyone know of a good way to get the public events to spawn? Could do with dem coins.

      For Public events, I've heard everything from it's completely random to it's based on slices of "minute of hour" (so event spawns between X:30 and X:50). I had two pop within about 15 minutes of each other last night when I was doing moon patrol, but also never encountered a single one at all while levelling to 20.

      Happy to jump in on weekly strikes/bounty runs/etc.

        I've been getting a tonne of them. Even attempted one solo which didn't end well.

      Think I'm down for tonight if there's space on a team. Internet (or Destiny servers) was being shit last night and I was tired anyway.

      I'm up for that. Just hit 25 on my warlock, and could also do with "dem coins".

      Public events are on a timer. Check the list here:

    My colleague's pronunciation of "cement" is very similar to "semen", so when I overhear him saying stuff like "they can cover the floor with cement and polish it" I have a chuckle to myself.

    I just thought you guys should know.

      I would have thought you'd polish it to cover the floor with cement.

    Diablo 3 people.
    Is anyone playing on Torment level 6 yet? Curious how much harder each level of torment is. I'm about to move on to torment 3, shit really does get crazy in the harder levels, familiar fights become totally different with increased mob size and ludicrous health bars on some normal enemies as well as some crazy control effects and area damage moves, pretty darn fun though, every time I get comfortable i bump the difficulty up another notch. Been playing it with my sister, my Crusader is level 70 with level 60 paragon and my sister has a level 70 with level 60 paragon monk.

      I'm kinda holding out for the console release of the 2.1 patch. My monk is a tanky beast but just cannot dish out enough damage for higher levels.
      The patch should fix that.

        Barbs are also getting a nice buff in the next patch.

          do you know if they're nerfing anything?

            I don't think so, I think it was just a major buff to the melee classes.

              Monks are getting a few defensive nerfs tho, removing the One With Everything passive in particular is gonna hurt.

        my sister's monk does pretty huge damage but has fairly low defence, she uses 2 daggers usually so her attack speed is insane, my Crusader is the tankiest tank though, I don't even understand my defense stat anymore it say 12.8 million K so I think it means 12.8 million thousand? I generally tank everything and just stand there bashing away while she does fancy things and dodges death.

        I'm playing Demon hunter on Xbone (or at least I was for about three to five hours right before Destiny came out) and it's been a cakewalk - but a strangely satisfying one. I've considered bumping it up to hard for the XP/loot bonuses but at the same time I've felt no pressing need. I'm not playing this game competitively, just for something to do.

        So with that in mind, am I going to be in for a nasty shock later on or is Demon hunter pretty cruisey? I'm just wondering if I should bump it to hard so I can enjoy the bonuses while the last and have somewhere to back off to later.

      I had my Monk rocking something like 19mil toughness a while, but was doing almost no damage - that being said, he just wouldn't die, it was amazing. Was mostly just being a tank for Wizard friends to blow stuff up.

      Did some rejigging, and now I'm about 12mil toughness and about 600k damage - can solo T4 quite comfortably, except for particularly nasty Elites.

        Wow, we seem to be having trouble finding good gear lately, since we bumped it up to torment we've been getting much less good items. Where do you recommend finding good stuff? We're just running through all the bounties in adventure mode and doing a couple of rifts as we go too.

          I pretty much just run regular rifts on whatever Torment is reasonable for me or my group, and maybe mix it up with a set of 5 bounties here and there. Good to change it up, and top up on rift keystones too.

          For me I seem to get most of my legendaries on plain old nephalem rifts. Not saying I get a bunch or anything, just that seems to be where I get the most.

    just started a darkness zone and my controller goes flat, shit where's the cable, shit shit shit, plug in cable, come on you piece of shit.



    Last edited 17/09/14 7:10 pm

      That's why you buy a second controller and always have one on charge. Quick and easy rotation.

      The battery life on the DS4 is pretty abysmal.

        this is what I usually do, been playing heaps of local co op though so it makes things difficult, I end up looking like a little kid sitting on the floor right in front of the telly because the charging cable is so short, I wish they used DS3 cables too, I've got an 8 foot one of them.

        It's true. I swear I only get a few hours out of a full charge at most. Yet somehow, my 5 year old DS3 sits unused and not recharged for 3 months, still turns on and works for 5 hours.

        Last edited 17/09/14 10:52 am

          it's that beacon of light, they really should make it only turn on if motion tracking is need.

    TIL that there's an app that can send TV off signals via IR blaster. My phone has IR blaster. I'm gonna wreak havoc on my next shopping trip. >:)

      Thanks for the assistance last night in Destiny! The game trots along more frenetically in coop, and tbh feels a bit more fun than solo runs. Thank you!

        Np, and thank you! :D I like co-op so much more too, it's more lively with people chatting too.

    Yaaaaaay! I have a 3 day PAX pass! I won it on the twitters.

    *happy dance*

      Phew, good thing I didn't retweet that retweet when I saw you retweet it or you might not have something to be happy about. Retweet. :P

      Yay, does that mean you are in the mad rush to organise accommodation and the like now

      Last edited 17/09/14 11:57 am

        Wait, I should be in a rush to do this? :( Got flights only, nothing planned for the whole week yet. #YOLO

          Melbourne cup weekend, friend. You'd want to get on it ASAP.

          As DC said it is cup weekend as well. Around 100,000 people heading to the course so depending on how many are interstate that can block up a chunk of the hotels

        Nope. Already have flights and accom all booked. @Batguy has a mate with exhibitor passes, so I was just planning to snag a spare one for the Saturday. Now I can go all three days as much as I like. We figured it'd make a fun little family weekend away. Mr 3 and I also have a pass for the melbourne zoo and the aquarium.

    Turns out some pugs have already beaten the Vault of Glass raid in Destiny I think this is evidence that having a matchmaking system with vote/kick, voice functionality and requeue isn't fruitless for raiding.

    Unsure why Bungie are so adamant on the selected group dynamic.

    Last edited 17/09/14 10:52 am

      Maybe it's self-fulfilling? ie. Those actively looking for groups via alternative methods are more likely to be team-focused, ergo more likely to succeed? Or something.

      Pugs are pretty smart dogs. Shame on Bungie for underestimating them.

      Also, apparently: it's fucking amazing. 6 players all working co-operatively is required. Puzzles, tough bosses (not tanks, but tactics), grand scale, etc etc. 10yr WoW vets are complimenting it.


      It seems like every MMO developer that was primarily influenced by Vanilla or 2.0 WoW has been the same. I remember it being one of the really limiting elements of SWTOR as well.

    Welp, that's officially it. Just gave notice on my apartment, so I'm definitely moving in 3 months time now.

    Anybody interested in a great apartment in Bowen Hills that'll be up for rent in December? :P

      Are you breaking lease early?

        Nope, I wouldn't do that. This is just confirming to the agents that I won't be renewing my lease in December when it expires, which I'd already discussed with them as a likely possibility.

          Ah. I've dealt with too many crap agents to extend them that level of courtesy any more.

    The air conditioning is turned up absurdly high today. As in there is far too strong a gust being sent down my way, even my cardboard hidey hole isn't doing much to help.


      Just get up on a chair (when no one looking) and cover the actual vents.

        I think even if there was a chance for me to do that, I wouldn't be able to reach :P

        Also I got no idea how I'd actually cover them up. Best I can think of would be getting a couple of bath towels and stuffing them in there, but even then I'm not sure.

    Yay! Finally hit level 25, thanks to my legendary pants. :D

      I have no context for this post, and that makes it awesome.

      Are you getting Assassins Creed: Unity pre-ordered for the awesome pants of speed? I personally love me some pants. Pants!

        I did preorder, but because GMG's prices are awesome, not because pants - my assassin shall not require pants to be awesome. :P

        GET OUT. We don't like your sort round these parts

          hahaha, I'm not one of those that preordered but not because I didn't want the pants, who doesn't want pants that make you.... faster.... ahem, but because money.

    Only a week and a half until I can get Diablo III!

      #toooldforhashtags (yes this applies to me too! - not merely calling you old I promise!)


      Last edited 17/09/14 11:46 am

      What console? You can play with me!!!

        PS4. And I'm scared of playing with other people!

          Hooray! We are on PS4 too. It's much more fun playing co-op than single, esp if you have complementary characters. It's just all smash smash loot loot. It's the first game in ages that I've actually enjoyed so much that I've been playing it on my own.

            Hmm I have yet to try it with other people. Is there much of a change when playing co-op to playing single player?

              It's easier if you're a low level spell caster or ranged class and have a buddy who can bash things for you.

                Ahh bashing things is always fun. Might do some more on my crusader tonight.

                  I have a crusader and a demon hunter. I like the crusader better. SMITE ALL THE THINGS

    Sad, personal news.

    Nowhere near as sad / bad as some stuff that others are personally going through. Contextually / rationally I know that in the grand scheme of things this is pretty small, but that won't stop the tears. The only thing keeping me from weeping right now is that I'm at work and have stuff to finish.

    I just received word from my ex, who I'm still close friends with, that one of her pugs passed away. His name was Toshi, he was 12 and in poor health, and I loved him. I was lucky enough to get to see him when I was in Perth at the end of June. Even then I knew the end couldn't be far off, he's got a genetic issue (from dodgy backyard breeding, part of why I'm so passionate about responsible pet breeding and population control) and could barely walk without assistance.

    It's funny, in a way. I rarely get broken up about anything, but a dog that I came to via a relationship has me fighting strongly to keep it together. I'll never forget the love he gave when his friend Reggie passed away a couple years ago. I was a mess then, and my partner and I set up a mattress in the living room since neither of us could really function properly. He mourned with us, and also healed with us when Donna entered our lives and gave us spark and energy.

    I'll always remember how happy he was. He wasn't aware that anything was wrong with him medically speaking. Half of the time he'd be running around and then his back legs would collapse and he'd look around confused. "What just happened? I fell over! Oh well, time to play again!" Even after he needed his special wheelchair the joy on his face running around was priceless. One of the funniest photos I've seen of him was him in his little wheelchair staring at an old man in a wheelchair, as if to say "he's just like me!"

    In the end, this is the price we pay for the unconditional love and affection we receive from our pets. They live short lives, and bring us so much joy. The pain that we feel is a reminder of the responsibility we have towards them, to do the right thing, and to cherish every moment and memory we make with them.

    Rest in peace, Toshi. All your friends miss you terribly. There'll be a lot of sad people around Australia today, you touched a lot of hearts.

      *hugs x10*

        I concur. I been there before. Hugs are good. Also, cute name! Toshi! So close to the name of my old cat! Hoshi!

      Definitely understand why you're upset. Never easy losing a pet, even if it didn't actually belong to you.

      Dogs are amazing. I get hella attached to other dogs. You don't need to be their owner for them to feel affection toward you either. Loads of dogs at the dog park get so excited to see me, even though I don't really do anything special. That's just the kind of animals they are.
      What I'm trying to say is, even if he wasn't yours, you have no less reason to grieve then the owner does.

      Thanks all (ping @dc @welbot @ontargett @scree @transientmind) - Toshi was a big part of my life for 4 years, and even the last 18 months living in Brisbane I've been in regular "update" so he's still been there. I'll be sad for a while, but I'll always have the smiles and memories he gave.

      Cheers again.

      Last edited 17/09/14 3:11 pm

    $1000 for 4 nights at the ibis on little bourke is the best hotel price i can find. Eugh. I also dont know what transports like. its a half hour walk which might be a bit far if im feeling lazy.

      Man, a half hour walk will be easy in the morning but after a full day at PAX?

      Could be pretty brutal.

      There's no trams or buses etc?

        ill have to check it out you are right a full day at pax and your legs are dead as fuck.

      Tram down Bourke street will drop you at the door of PAX and run every 10 or so minutes
      Will need to grab a myki card for about 10 bucks and the daily ticket for as much travel as you want is around $7

      Man, I'm starting to wonder if I can even afford to go. Might have to sell my ticket.

        I'm not sure if they have any availabilities, not even sure how convenient the location is to PAX, and they're basically upscale-ish hostel-style but Mr. Strange recently stayed at a place on Russell St. called the Space Hotel that was pretty damn cheap and he said it was unexpectedly nice there.

          That's where I stayed last year with my friends (and was hoping to this year...)

          Though we stayed in an 8-person dorm which was pretty decent (apart from the growing stench of male over the course of the weekend), but another friend stayed in a two-person room a couple of floors down and things weren't quite so nice down there.

          Wife and kids are coming down as well so a hostel style probably wouldn't suit too well.

            You can get 'private' rooms there. Kids still might see/hear hostel stuff though. Not sure how much you'd want to shield them from that.

            Have you checked out Airbnb? Or even Stayz? Maybe able to get a house/apartment somewhere close.

            May not be as good with transport though.

            Like @shane said - I got a private room in a hostel and it was actually much nicer and significantly larger than many of the cheaper hotel rooms I've stayed in. No bathroom, though - only the shared one with the rest of the hostel. It was dirt cheap and available on short notice, which worked pretty well for me.

            We managed to get a king-size room at the Holiday Inn on Flinders for the three of us. Thankfully Mr 3 is still small enough to get away with not needing the extra bed.

            Is there anything going at the Punhill Flinders Lane apartments? I've stayed there before and the self-contained units were both comfy, and right next to the main train station.

          I've stayed there. It's right near where Oz Comic-Con Melbourne was. It wasn't too bad there.

      Rockets. I don't want to alarm you, but we are totally going to be hotel buddies.

        party time pow

          Hotel 3-way. That's where I'm booked in too. Bow chicka bow wow.

            at least we can all go together too :)

              I'm game, but keep in mind I've only got a single day pass (Saturday) and I think that'll be enough for me. Also trying to decide if I want to Cosplay at the moment.

      Ibis on Little Bourke to Jeff's Shed is more like 20 mins walk than 30.

    @beavwa @rocketman

    Some boring stats: I've completed the main story of Pokemon Y, with approx. 333 seen and total caught;

    Central 53
    Coastal 37
    Mountain 48
    National 142

    If I were to continue on and try to 'catch 'em all' as they say, what are my options? What should be my first step? First priority? Any tips you could share that I won't find on Google, that you may have experienced yourselves?

    I'm assuming that I shall just traverse the game map again, every patch of grass, but will I actually complete the Pokedex that way?

      The pokedex will show you where they are on the map if they can be caught.
      Battle maison is best grinding for levels to evolve that way, probably also a fair amount of trading involved to get what you need.
      Easy GTS trade is with a bunch of vivillon, the Australian pattern ones get snapped up pretty fast for most regular trades.

      Edit: dittos can be a reasonable trade as well. X/Y exclusive stuff, trading one for the other will often happen within seconds.
      Any of the rarer national stuff I can probably help with, but I don't keep spares once there's evolution items involved generally.

      Last edited 17/09/14 12:24 pm

      Gah, misleading info there sorry.
      XP grinding is the chateau just near the day care.
      Maison in post-E4 town gives no XP.

    Complaining about minor things in the office! *jingle*

    "Smells good!" says someone as my lunch comes out of the microwave. What? No, don't do that. Don't say that and then just look at me expecting some kind of response. What am I supposed to say to that? "Yes. Yes it does."?


      Female coworker then notices his lunch.
      "That smells quite nice as well" they exclaim before walking off making call me motions

      You should have said, "Not as good as you smell" in a suggestive voice and gave them a wink. They will either be impressed by you or will take you to HR.

      I had one of these earlier but didn't know how to whine about it without seeming petty, so thank you for breaking the ice.

      If you are filling a water bottle at the arduously slow filter that also dispenses boiling water it is not proper to stand and continue to block the sink to chug your bottle of water so you can immediately fill it up again before moving on. Your time is NOT that precious. Move aside to drink so that people can fill their coffee cups, and return after they are out of the way. I KNOW YOU KNOW I AM STANDING HERE BECAUSE I QUIETLY CLEARED MY THROAT AND DISCREETLY TAPPED MY NAILS ON MY MUG IN A POLITE DISPLAY OF IMPATIENCE. INTERNALLY I AM A RAGING VOLCANO OF HATE FOR YOU. YOU ARE THE OFFICE HITLER.

        No matter is too petty when someone is being a dick.

    Ahh my brain is a funny old place.

    On the drive back from the gym, for some reason my brain decides it's going to go into a depression spiral without any notable catalyst, fucking stupid mental illness... Then as I turn into my street I'm driving slowly along (it's a narrow one so you kind of have to go slow), I see something moving just off the side of the road. I glance over and it's a magpie gleefully running along with a twistie held aloft in it's beak like it just found treasure.

    Bam, depression spiral broken.

    I get home and find that mum has wheeled my rosella's cage out into the back room and let him out for a bit of a fly around before I put him outside for the afternoon, she's also given him a strawberry which he's fallen upon with great gusto. It looks like a blood bag has exploded. There's bits of strawberry everywhere, all over the floor, up the glass door, over his cage and on the wall and he's sitting there in the middle of the devastation with a bright red beak and an innocent expression as if to say "Err... it wasn't me, it was some other parrot, honest!"

    Now I'm completely back to normal again.

    Moral of the story: Birds cure depression.

      I have a cockatiel and he rarely fails to put a smile on my face. I could have had the worst day at work ever, but the moment I arrive at home and get out of my car I immediately hear him literally squealing at the top of his lungs from his cage with excitement that I'm home. I can't help but smile.

      Some days I might already be home, and a bit meh, and all I have to do is watch the bird either go about his daily happenings, investigating the floor, preening himself, etc. or decide to land on me and start nuzzling my face and begging for a neck scratch. Bam, smiles.

      Pets are just fucking ace all around, regardless of your taste.

    Had to laugh this morning. Castel Electronics (Warranty people for Whirlpool & Daewoo here in Australia) sent us a replacement part for our washing machine, which mum ordered under warranty. It was a simple bit, the drain plug since the seal had distorted on it.. Courier turns up as i'm walking in the drive way and he hands me this massive bloody package, turns out they sent us not only the replacement part, but the entire drain assembly AND pumps that go with it.

    I mean I get why they did it, because the part is not a separate model number and goes with the entire unit they sent. But still amusing none the less.




    I'm currently looking at a 3 bedroom apartment 24 minutes walk away from the convention center (according to google). I'm planning to stay there the 3 nights of PAX (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). For seven people to stay at the apartment for those 3 nights it is $2450 total or $350 per person. Just an idea at the moment to gauge interest.

    @sernobulus @mrtaco @blaghman @whoever-was-interested

    Being unemployed and hanging around at home, I've reverted to one of my uni habits, ham cheese and tomato toasted sandwiches.

    This is fine, but if I start eating Mee Goreng instant noodles again one of you needs to come here and end me.

      Next thing you know, Kettle Chips for dinner will seem okay. That's around the two year mark.

        Wait what.... Your saying that kettle chips are not okay for dinner??

        Last edited 17/09/14 6:43 pm

      I still eat Mi Goreng on a semi regular basis and I'm a doctor.

        I eat the hot and spicy every 2nd day on bread with cheese cause it is tasty

    So I have to write up my resume and Cover letter so I can start applying for jobs in real estate however I have been quickly reminded how much I suck and hate writing just dreadful at it

      Well, last time I gave resume advice on TAY, it turned out like this:

      Hotross "Rocket" Manne

      Ph 315456

      Synopsis: I am a confident and outgoing technically-focused employee with an eye for detail. I have strong experience in working in teams and taking a lead role in technical projects in the FRIGGIN LASERS space. In addition, I have acted in a support and service role, taking the initiative as a solo representative on technical repair and service roles.


      2011-2014 LASERS COMPANY
      Technical specialist
      - Interfaced directly with clients to solve technical issues
      - Lead customer servicing and repair projects
      - Took a strong technical lead in diagnosis and repair of FRIGGIN LASERS

      Hobbies: Shapes, Being a douche, GAEMS.

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