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  • Hi all! Welcome to another week.

    Bioshock Infinite is pretty okay. Worth the $10 price of admission for sure.

    Elizabeth makes things pretty easy-mode, though. Whenever I’m short on ammo or health, she just chucks me something. And every thirty seconds, she throws money at me too. On the flip side, I keep forgetting to use my vigors, so combat is harder than it needs to be 😛

    • I was super bummed that the game wasn’t as good as the ads made it be. Mostly because I wanted more of the cool voxpopuli stuff with Daisy Fitzroy. I felt like her character got screwed over :/

      • I haven’t gotten that far yet. Only just picked up Shock Jockey.

        Will let you know what I think of the story when it’s done.

          • Hahaha, I’m not worried. If I play a game more than a year after its release, this sort of thing is totally expected. I’m not too fussed about spoilers for this game either, because I think I’ve lost my grip on the story anyway! 😛

      • Yeah, right around the time that I normally would’ve expected things to be getting pretty meaty with that character, things took a very decidedly turn for the darker. It was a tad unexpected, so I didn’t mind.

    • I found it handy that she was always finding money. Even though I’m fairly methodical when searching around in FPS games, she would always manage to find something I’d missed!

    • I hardly used my vigors in the game, but this seems to be a relatively common experience compared to the original Bioshock so I don’t know what the cause is, but it seems to be a game design issue. The problem is without the vigors it’s basically another shooter. Good, solid game, questionable story decisions, but not really “Bioshock”.

      • Here’s my theory re cause, and it’s a game-design issue:
        The first vigor you get is Possession, right? And you can only cast that once, twice maybe, before you’re out of salts. And if you were thorough with the searching/looting on your way in, you won’t be finding salts for quite a while.

        Which means that the game is training you to get by without your vigors. Instead of giving you limited ammo or weak weapons, they’ve totally hamstrung the vigor side of things by so drastically limiting their use.

        And by the time you unlock the others, you’ve already gotten used to not being able to use them, and so you don’t even think about it.

        • Since you’re playing it now I’ll assume you’re right – I definitely remember the early vigor usage being extremely limited. Bioshock 1, by comparison, gives you the electric vigor to open a door then you’re immediately able to use it in combat. I mean, 30 seconds later you get give an opportunity to electrocute some splicers standing in water which also gives you an achievement. You get a lot of opportunity to play around and the game reinforces it.

          Man, I should replay Bioshock.

        • I think you’re right. If they’d limited ammo instead, it probably would’ve been a pretty different experience. As it was, I pretty much only used most vigors to get the unlocks/achievements.

          • Spoilers for vigors Shane doesn’t have yet
            I found I was using vigors a fair bit but used them heaps once I got undertow. Mostly because one of my favourite parts of the game was knocking people off the edge of columbia

  • Good morning everybody, how were your respective weekends?

    Mine was fairly uneventful. Shopping, housework, watching footy. The usual, really. Might have been some video games. Probably some Star Citizen.

    Speaking Star Citizen, for anybody planning on going to the “Not At PAX” Event, on November 1st, tickets are still available. Pick yours up here: (Ping @pixel_the_ferret_viking @rize @blaghman @aliasalpha @jocon @cakesmith @ynefel @mrtaco)

    • I saw the announcement that they were going on sale, but they weren’t up when I last checked (Friday?). Cheers, for the heads up!

      EDIT: Wait, this is the same night as the meat, isn’t it?

      • I may or may not have made sure I was next to a computer at noon on Saturday (when they went on sale) hitting F5 over and over again. 😛

          • As much as I really, really want to go to the Star Citizen stuff I know I’ll hate myself for either missing the meat or leaving really early.
            @beeawwb, I’m expecting a full report on how awesome it is the next day! 😛

          • Ok, but you may not get said report until I land back in Brisbane, unless you want to do lunch or something and bask in the glory or whatever signed crap I come back with. 😛

          • Yeah, what @mrtaco said. TAY meat bowling/karaoke was organised way before SC was even thinking about going to PAX-AU. I’ve known it’d be a conflict for quite some time, and even then it’s more important since only a small subset of the community are going to be interested in SC.

    • I would go but will probably be too drunk/busy singing in my trademark squeely voice due to karaoke meat 😛

    • Hah, I wish. I was hoping to have had a job by now or at least have finished saving for my new laptop rather than be less than 40% of the way there. Sadly no chance of this happening…

    • I know that feeling. My mum’s back in hospital again, and everything else went pretty whack with my weekend after that :\ Hopefully this week will get better!

        • Unfortunately, it’s not very likely. She’s fairly terminal. Not sure how long she’s got left. Will treasure every moment I can spend with her though!

          • Oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know. Then yes, do that. Treasure and celebrate her and create memories to keep forever.

          • It’s ok. No need to apologize 🙂 We’ve known about it for a while, so we’re kind prepared as we can be.

    • sucks my friend. I hope things turn around soon. remember to look on the bright side of life 🙂

    • I know how you feel.

      We couldn’t get past the 3rd encounter in The Vault Of Glass on Saturday.

      And then my dog shit on the new Riverwalk in front of a bunch of people!!!

    • Upvote for not being pumpkins or bins today!

      It’s a shame your weekend was sad, though. Hopefully your week will be happy. *hugs*

  • Played a bunch of Theatrhythm with @greenius last night.

    Well, he played. I struggled along behind him. I’m way too rusty at this for the competitive side. I did win twice at least. So I stayed up until 3am until I was getting S Rank on Ultimates. I now have all the regrets going to work.

      • Yeah, but on the touch screen. From memory, you’ve got symbols for tap, hold and directional strokes. Dunno if they’ve got new stuff in this version, but it gets fun on the harder levels.

          • Maybe watch a gameplay video, it’ll show you better than anyone can explain it.

            If you like FF music at all, or if you have any nostalgia for the franchise before they set about trying to ruin it recently, then it’s a must-play game.

      • Like what the others have said but this new one (Curtain Call) also has button input if you don’t feel like using the Stylus.

        Amazing game for fans of Final Fantasy and its music, a good game for fans of rhythm games but kinda bad if you like neither of those things. Be prepared to put up with A LOT of Final Fantasy tropes and random stuff irrelevant to the actual music gameplay part of it.

        • I dun even have a 3ds, so I wont be playing it anytime soon. Was just curious as they’ve been speaking about it a lot 🙂

        • Like what the others have said but this new one (Curtain Call) also has button input if you don’t feel like using the Stylus.Buh? Sounds lame 😛

          Do they at least separate the two, so scores using buttons aren’t grouped in with scores using the touch screen?

          • Kinda! You can swap on the fly and there’s just a little icon that says whether you used stylus, buttons, or both

      • They took co-op out? 🙁

        Fuck that shit. I’m not remotely good enough to want to play against other people.

          • Probably both.

            I haven’t ever been able to play the first game co-op because Squenix are giant cockholes and decided they should region-lock the multiplayer so that two people in the same physical space with different region versions of the same game can’t play together. 🙁


            Star Fox 64 3D does the same thing too. Aside from only allowing download play even if you all have the game (wtf even is that??), you can’t play it with an out-of-region system. And then you have games like Shinobi where StreetPasses (albeit not particularly useful or important for this game) are region-locked, my friend has a US 3DS and copy of the game but we can never get hits off each other for it.


            *punches wall*

          • Based on playing him in bishi bashi I would say the later. Which isn’t to say you aren’t terrible as well

    • Theatrhythm! So much fun!
      I tried a few Ultimates but could only get S ranks on some of them. I use the thumbstick + ‘a’ button to play, is it easier with the touch screen?

  • Good morning all. I managed to finish the second difficulty of One Finger Death Punch… barely! As in I only had one health left in the final fight. Such an epic finishing blow! But the bad news, is that there’s one final difficulty, Grandmaster… ;_;

  • Good morning friends, hope you guys had a fun weekend.

    I’m off to the Australian Uni Games next week, so I’m trying to get a bunch of work done so I don’t feel as if I am playing catch up (ergo, no gaems :C )

    Here’s a question I thought of this morning when I was musing how to get myself going this morning, how do you get yourself through a Monday morning at work?

  • On the advice of a punter on the ‘what are you playing this weekend’ thread I set aside some time and played a good chunk of Spec Ops the Line.

    Glad I did, it’s so much more than it at first appears..

    • That game really surprised me. I only played it last year, and everyone was telling me I would be surprised… and I was still surprised. One of the best games I’ve played, hands down.

    • A surprise hit, one of the best games of the last few years. I think it would have been extremely popular if the shooting mechanics had been tightened up a bit but then again I feel that contributes to the difficulty, and the difficulty does a lot for the narrative.

  • I can’t remember who praised it but I played through a bit of RE: Revelations on the weekend and I’m enjoying it quite a bit. Definitely worth the dollars that I threw down on it and a nice return to the older style of Resident Evil games. Getting a bit hyped for Revelations 2 now.

    • I dunno if it was me but that is a thing I like to do.


      (Now just put Rev2 on a Nintendo platform Capcom, you stupid dumb poo poo heads.)



    Weird how the home screen music is the BttF theme.

    Weird how there’s no Kirby.

    Weird how the controls are confusing.



    • it’s so pretty too, I really like how 2 player co op lets one person use the tv and the other the game pad. Having a great time with it so far. Question, do you know what to do with sealed weapons yet?

        • yep, will be getting a pro controller, who puts motion controls in a Warriors game? MADNESS!!
          Greenius mentioned he was having issues with the pro so I may hold off a little though,

          • Disappointed it wouldn’t let my wife use the Wii Classic Pro, but fortunately she wasn’t worried about having to wave at people to kill them.

          • Pro Controller has worked famously for me! No issues. Maybe he’s comparing it to other Warriors games? I wouldn’t know either way.

          • he mentioned having glitches and weird things happening, good to hear you’re doing fine with it, will probably grab one soon.

          • (@gutsoup)

            I just replied but seems to be a hardware issue for me with a semi-faulty controller. I’ve never had this happened before on any controllers for any systems :/

      • Both, but by far a bigger fan of Zelda. Actually, this is the best experience I’ve had with a DW-esque game…it’s a lot of fun doing this stuff in the Zelda universe

    • It’s really fun! But how long are they going to make me wait before I get to play as Agitha!? Ugh. (Don’t answer this 😛 Rhetorical complaining)

      Sheik is my favourite character to play as so far, but I’m not very far in yet.

      Might have to check out the next Warriors game after all… (@greenius)

      • I’ve gone through something like 14 levels. I know I’ve seen her, but I’ve been playing each level as the recommended person so I haven’t tried her out yet.

        However, I don’t think I want to… 😛

      • Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate just came out but I haven’t played them before (my copy is on its way). Samurai Warriors 4 comes out soon but Warriors games generally have a “SUPER BETTER THAN THE EDITION YOU BOUGHT LAST YEAR” version so I’d hold out for that.

        Dynasty Warriors 8 had its BETTER EDITION come out recentlyish and it’s been fairly cheap a few times on PS3/PSN so check that out! I’ve played that one and it’s fun :D. SO MANY CHARACTERS THOUGH. Hyrule Warriors definitely has more variety (as they should with only a handful of characters :P)

    • I think I did the first 3 levels and then mucked around a bunch more in adventure mode so I could make a few more badges.
      It’s pretty much exactly what I expected, which is exactly what I’ve been wanting for years – a DW game with a little something extra. Only been playing solo with pro controller so far.

      Question: what’s the difference between DW and Zelda controls?

        • It’s a little weird that A is a ‘sometimes button’, maybe I’ll switch it up before I get too used to it.

    • Actually the only thing I would’ve liked in Hyrule Warriors is full voice acting during the fights. They’re trying to follow Zelda’s example but it somehow feels a bit old fashioned in this game. (Plus it’s pretty hard to read text bubbles during fights)

      But I’m one of those people who wants Zelda proper to be fully voiced, so I’m a bit biased 😛

      • It’s a bit strange when someone does a reaction shout while their mouth is moving with the text 😛

        I don’t know if I would have liked it fully voiced, purely because it is a Zelda game. Maybe I’m just wary they’ll pick voices that don’t match the characters? Regardless, I’m content with letting off the ol’ Ganondorf chuckle once in a while.

  • Morning all. How were your weekends?

    Mostly work for me again, weird how quiet it was at work now school holidays have started (not that I’m complaining). Got a little bit of gaming in, thought I’d try out Costume Quest as the sequel (that I’ve pre-oredered) comes out in about two weeks, turns out it’s a pretty cool guy, I found it quite enjoyable @dc. So I’ll more than likely be splitting my time between that, Disney Infinity and Destiny this week.

    Noticed you got Disney Infinity @beardymcmuttonchops, what do you think of it?

    • I went to @Gutsoup ‘s and played Hyrule, it made me waggle to attack T_T

      Went home and Remote Played some Orochi 3.

    • Costume quest is great
      Me and Mrs Tigs played through that together and while not difficult at all it is lots of fun.
      Hopefully it will be a good this time round as well


    • I’m really enjoying it! It’s pretty much the perfect game for my wife and I to play. She’s not a huge gamer, but she loves playing co-op. And Disney Infinity is pretty much the best of both worlds for both of us.

      I haven’t played around much with the Toy Box mode yet, but the Guardians of the Galaxy campaign has been really fun.

      The toys themselves are really well made, but unfortunately there are a couple of sloppy paint applications on some of the figures.

      But this is the first game I’ve ever been able to fly around the Avengers Tower as Iron Man, so that’s a big win in my book!

      • Yeah, it’s a lot of fun, I just have to get a second controller so my son can join in for some co-op goodness. I haven’t messed around much with the Toy Box yet either. Just completed the Guardians Of The Galaxy playset this morning. Going through the Avengers playset (for the second time) now. Gonna pick up the Spider-Man playset on Friday.

        How are you going with collecting the crossover discs? I’ve just collected the last one in the Avengers playset (again), and I’ve only got one more to get in the GotG playset, I know where it is, but I just can’t get to it, I’m sure I’ll figure it out soon enough.

        Just a tip, make sure you save to a USB or the cloud regularly, I didn’t and bam, I got a corrupt save and had to start all over again, pretty much straight after I’d completed the Avengers playset too.

        Yeah, the figures are pretty good quality for the most part, my, that said my Captain America’s got a bit of overspray.

  • I don’t want to drive ever again.

    I have to drive down to Adelaide in about a month for my sister’s wedding.

  • My weekend was weird. I was going to have a “friends come over and hang out” weekend in two weeks but last thing Friday night one of my friends is no longer free that weekend and we decide he’s going to come and hang out this weekend instead.

    We had planned to do some couch co-op Diablo III but instead wind up spending all Saturday night watching my wife play Destiny, then all Sunday morning watching my friend play Destiny while I try in vain to engage someone in conversation then mostly give up and decide to play Minecraft. We did play a little Diablo III, at 2am on Sunday morning, but we didn’t make it far before we all decided it was time to sleep.

    And now it’s 5 days until I get another weekend.

    All in all I consider the experience unsatisfactory. I mean I like Destiny and I like spending time with friends but I kind of feel like it would have been a more productiove weekend if my friend just stayed home and we communicated via Xbox Live.

    • I remember in early primary school I once got to go visit a friend at his house, and he had a NES. We did not have one.
      I spent the whole day glued to it, even to the point of staring at the pause screen while eating lunch.
      After I got dropped home I got flogged by my mother for being so rude and completely ignoring my friend, and I was assured that we’d never be getting one because of that.
      I’m glad I learned that lesson early, at least.

      • The weird thing is I apologised to my friend when I was giving him a ride home and he seemed completely unperturbed by it. He enjoyed taking turns on Destiny and talking about it and generally just hanging out/being social even though there was less multiplayer/couch gaming or roundtable discussions like usual. I mean, we did go out to dinner as well so that’s something.

        It seems I’m the only one who felt put out by it, I guess because as host I felt like I had failed?

        • Ah, hosting pressure.
          My last birthday I made everyone else play a board game while I sat out and made sure drinks were readily supplied and that everyone was happy. And it was … satisfying. Whereas if I’d done something I might have felt like I was ignoring someone. Also why I hate being responsible for large gatherings since that nagging obligation will always be there (unless I get drunk, then it just manifests as guilt the next day)

  • After 15 hours, I have to say that Wasteland 2 is pretty damned impressive. It’s a bit on the clunky side in places but it’s bloody good fun. I’m liking the fact that it’s one of those games where you can just wander wherever you want and find things you’re woefully unequipped to deal with and if you’re careful you can just manage to struggle through.

    I stumbled into an attack site where I bumped into a trio of robots who each had collectively as many hit points as my entire fairly low level party. I planned to run away as one would when confronted with 3 huge robots with more than 1500hp between them but I’d recently saved and had a few grenades so I thought I’d have a crack at them. Took all of my explosives and 2 of my party went down in the fight but damn if I didn’t manage to take the mechanical bastards down! Made me wish I’d bought the AT weapons from that wanker travelling salesman who had his head up his arse, it’d have been quite handy in that fight. As would the robot ally I found afterwards, reprogrammed and ended up wasting on the far easier fight in that encounter. The fight I rather amusingly skirted around thinking “I’ve never fought robots before and those guys look small, I bet they’re actually horribly dangerous”…

    • I’m probably just intellectually and common sense challenged, but I feel like sometimes it doesn’t explain things very well.
      Maybe I just need to get used to the ‘freedom’ Wasteland 2 offers though.
      I saved Highpool and couldn’t progress with the election because I was supposed to heal the patients at the Doctor’s even though when I asked him if he needed help he said no.
      I moved onto AG and wandered around because I was under the impression I would be able to limit the growth at AG any further but apparently it was a lost cause.

      Good times, just a little rough.

    • Wasteland 2 is out?

      I like how I kickstarted it and they haven’t actually sent me an update on it releasing, let alone my access key. 🙁

      • Have you done the survey thing they sent you on kickstarter months ago? Signed up for the ranger centre website? If you have, you should have the beta key accessible from there and that’s also the steam key for the full game

      • I think it is another of those annoying,
        You need to login to our forum and check your account details here and you can get your code from there. Isn’t that much more convenient than us just sending you a code

        That was how I got mine, think there was an update saying we are now launched through the standard kickstarter page but nothing other than that.

        • Oh right, another one of them.

          I hate having to sign up for other sites just to get the thing I paid for. I have zero interest in backer forums or participating in their development or anything.

      • In answer to both questions: Moderately. There’s elements of Fallout Tactics in there, enough that if you don’t use cover you’ll be at a disadvantage but not like playing X-Com on ironman impossible where if you don’t end your turn in full cover you’ve pretty much lost the entire game. It’s not Fallout Tactics to the extent of having the option to go prone (unfortunately) or having loads of miscellaneous stuff you’ll only use in extremely rare circumstances but you do benefit a lot from playing in a tactical manner rather than standing still and shooting like mad.

        As for the specs, you won’t be running it on a netbook or complete piece of crap laptop but a low grade gaming machine should be able to run it well enough

        PC System Requirements
        OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 (32 or 64 bit)
        Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD equivalent
        Memory: 4 GB RAM
        Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 or Radeon HD 4850 (512 MB VRAM)
        DirectX: Version 9.0c
        Hard Drive: 30 GB available space
        Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card

        OS: Windows 7/8/8.1 (64 bit)
        Processor: Intel i5 series or AMD equivalent
        Memory: 4 GB RAM
        Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or Radeon HD 5770 (1 GB VRAM)
        DirectX: Version 9.0c
        Hard Drive: 30 GB available space
        Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card

        • Waiting for Christmas for it then and gonna play tactics instead until then because my laptop cant run it

  • Ugh… so tired. Roadworks outside all night, and no way to close the freaking louvres, so “slept” to the peaceful sounds of jackhammers and sirens. Come back tomorrow, Monday, I’m not ready yet.

  • I’m dubbing this “find a (better) job week” for me, cause I hate my job, and am determined to try and find something better while Christmas casual jobs are going.
    Some people should join in (I ain’t even gonna bother tagging, cause you know who you are).

    Also, it’s Christmas soon(ish)! 😀
    (don’t any of you try to tell me otherwise)

  • This weekend I tried to get Mr. Strange to buy us Diablo III or the kids Disney Infinity 2.0 but neither happened. He wouldn’t even buy himself Infamous: Second Son. He has JB vouchers but is all paralysed with indecision. So I spent most of the weekend doing quilty things. I think we’ll be getting the kids Disney Infinity for Christmas, though. 😀

  • I been playing Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate and realised there is very little reason to use the recommended team. Apparently all it changes is in fight dialogue which I miss anyway because it’s in Japanese and I don’t have time to read during an action game.

    It’s quite good though, lots to do.

    Fantasy Life this weekend though, FANTASY LIFE!

  • I had an ok weekend. Went to an engagement party on Saturday night. Was pretty boring, not a lot of people I knew. Good food though, and I didn’t have to pay for drinks. Also Hawthorn got into the Grand Final for the third year in a row. Missed the final quarter as I was at the engagement party. Was able to keep an eye on the score though. Closer than it should have been. Also in the afternoon, I watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which was awesome.

    Sunday I didn’t do much, went to church and also watched a replay of the UFC Fight Night from Japan, which was a pretty great lot of fights. Hunt vs Nelson was as good as I expected. Apparently a friend of mine was actually there, sooooooo jealous.

    Anyway, that’s pretty much all I did on my weekend.

    • The football was extremely close towards the end. If there were an extra 30 seconds on the clock, Port Adelaide would have won.

  • @lucifer9783 thanks for your patience in explaining shit to me in Minecraft over the weekend. I haven’t seriously played it for a couple of years (I think I quit playing it regularly just prior to the enchanting table/potions update, whenever that was) so the progressive updates since then and especially the recent 1.8 update have left me in the dust.

    I now have a butcher AND a cleric in my storeroom and you’re welcome to visit as often as you like. \o/

      • I thought potions and enchanting were way older than horses. I think they added horses about a year ago, when @zetrox2k first started a server? I found some horse armour but never found a horse – then again I didn’t stay on the server long because I had some horrible lag. The current server is great though.

        • mm perhaps they did? I never really followed closely along with the game too much. I certainly never came across enchanting or potion stuff when I played though. Whether it’s because I didn’t play long enough or not I can’t say though.

          • I think enchanting came it around the same time they added the XP bar – killing mobs, breeding, fishing, mining drops and smelting ores all give you XP, which you can then use to enchant weapons, tools and armour – to make an enchanting table you need obsidian, diamonds and a book.

            And after that you need to surround your table with at least 15 bookcases to max out enchantments at level 30 – and books are now a huge pain in the ass to make since you need leather for the covers instead of just paper!

  • I’ve been thinking about Undad a lot recently.

    I think I’ve figured out why I’m having trouble letting it go. Why it’s sunk its diseased teeth deep into me and won’t let go. I got my first clue on Roo-ock Day. I started writing something that said “I’m not okay. I’m drowning” about a dozen times, but couldn’t find the right words or the courage to post it.

    So, in the vein of this blog post, in which I briefly outline the ways in which my writing reflects my own life and experience, I present the unexpected Undad-update:

    Undad – 2014

    2014 was not a good year for me. The depression with which I had been struggling on and off for several years was amplified significantly by a series of writing-related setbacks and a sudden significant increase in workload caused by the arrival of my third child. My ongoing wrestle with depression is something that, for whatever reason, I am really struggling to share with friends and family. I don’t want to burden them, I don’t want to risk rejection, whatever it is… reaching out for help is beyond me at the moment.

    It’s almost exactly what Brett Buckley is going through.

    His condition (he’s dead inside, haha #clevermetaphor(notreally)) has created this rift between the man he is and the man he wants to be, and is driving a deep wedge between himself and his family. He tries to distance himself from them, to protect them from himself, but that obviously is a path doomed to failure, because in his heart, he doesn’t actually want to lose them. He seeks solace and answers in medicine, psychiatry and religion, but they all lead to dead ends.

    In the end, Brett will realise that there is no one out in the world that can help him. He will have no choice but to seek remedy and redemption at home. He fears they will flee from the monster he has become, that they will despise his weakness. This is what rock-bottom feels like.

    • No one will think any less of you. You wouldn’t think any less of any of us if we had the same issues, so don’t think we’d abandon you.

    • What’s happening with Undad?
      sucks to hear you’re not doing well, I hope things improve for you (I can relate, I cannot share and bottle everything). Did you find writing a character you can relate to so much helped you or made you dwell on issues you have?

      • It’s a way of dealing. Writing the story helps me pretend I have control over things I really have no control over. I think it helps more than it hinders.

        And re: what’s happening with Undad.
        Coming soon

        • oh good, well if it helps you keep it up, I look forward to the next issue. I thought from your message you might have canned the project.

    • You’ll be OK mate, just stay strong keep TAYING, keep active, try new things and socialise. Keep pushing through and with time things will get better. I’ve struggled with Depression for 16 years and I think I finally have a handle on it but the bastard sure is tough to break out of when it gets it’s hooks into you.

  • Oh, I also managed to make it to level 25 in Destiny, but have still yet to experience coop :'(
    I feel a little silly, cause I went out and bought a headset and everything… :S
    (only a cheapy, but still)

    Leper of TAY represent’

      • I hate the idea of “crashing” someones game :3
        It seems rude to me, haha!
        I’d rather be invited to join someone else’s game, or have them crash mine :3

        • But the invite takes me out to the PSN menu out of the game, causing thirty seconds of inconvenience! …I’m totally going to crash your game. On the plus side, you’re 20+, so I know you’ve finished the story… that’s cool.

          (Personally, I think doing the story solo is the best thing to do, anyway. It’s much more atmospheric and tense that way, allowing you to go at your own pace and drink in the gorgeous scenery.)

  • Destiny is fantastic, Manchester United are not. :'(

    Had a good weekend of Destiny (got to L23), paintball (really fun, Sydney’s largest course – just too hot), drinks, BBQ and more Destiny. It’s the first game since maybe Halo 3/MW2 where I(‘ve) really want(ed) to quit my job/school just to play more. 😛

    That’s not a very aesthetically pleasing, flowing or correct paragraph is it? Sorry.

    Well I hope you all had fun as well and Monday morning isn’t too taxing on you.

    On and up.

  • What’s the most popular word used in titles of games? I noticed that the word “dead” was very popular:
    Dead or Alive
    Deadly Premonitions
    Deadliest Catch
    Deadliest Warrior
    Red Dead Redemption
    CSI Deadly Intent
    Dead Rising
    The Walking Dead
    Dead Island
    Dead to Rights
    Killer is Dead
    Dead Space
    Left 4 Dead
    Deadfall Adventures

    And “dark” was also popular as well
    Dark Souls
    Alone in the Dark
    Dark Sector
    Dark Messiah
    Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark
    Transformers Dark of the Moon
    Operation Darkness
    Risen 2 Dark Waters
    Dark Void
    Darkest Days
    Perfect Dark
    The Darkness
    DarkStar One

    • Kudos for putting Dark Souls first in the list!

      I think the word “Sim” still outnumbers them all.

      But on reflection, I think Two/2/II has got to be the most common by far. #WorldOfSequels

      • Let’s see how many I can get without googling or wikipediaing:

        The Sims
        Sim City
        Sim Golf
        Sim Ant
        Sim Tower

        And if we count “simulator” as a usage of sim, there’s:
        Farm Simulator
        Surgeon Simulator
        Microsoft Flight Simulator
        Goat Simulator

        And a ton of others that are indie shovelware cashing in on the absurd [thing] simulator fad (such as Car Mechanic Simulator), but still.

    • “Call” and “Duty” are right up there. 😛

      Dead and Dark are definitely two of the greatest hits. I remember back when I discovered One Must Fall 2097 and read the FAQ/manual (which was actually super interesting) the developers at Epic Megagames actuall said they made a determined effort to find a name that didn’t have something like “dead” or “blood” in the title because back then (the mid-late 90s) there were just way too many games like that around. Ever since then I’ve always had an interest in uncommon word usage for names (for instance: Binding of Isaac) or games that put forward their premise with a carefully thought out name (e.g.: Rogue Legacy) because it’s a kind of casual cleverness. In contrast Shadows of the Damned was the most generic possible game with the most generic possible premise but still turned out to be one of the most unique and fun gaming experiences of the last few years.

  • So I was on target to make some progress on my pile of shame over the weekend. Finished Contrast, pushed towards re-finishing Super Mario 3D World (after the boy deleted the 4 star 99% complete save file)… but the I went to JB on Sunday and accidentally bought Lego Movie the Videogame, South Park: Stick of Truth, and then Assassin’s Creed IV on eBay last night. Oops.

      • Yeah. For all the problems surrounding it the game itself was really solid. Probably one of the best TV show/movie/comic to video game adaptions in the XBOX 360/PS3/Wii generation.

      • It’s been on my watchlist for a while. Figured I couldn’t go wrong for $31! (That’s $39 less 20% for the “Sign up to JB Hifi Now music service” voucher)

    • What did you think of contrast?
      I really liked it and thought it was sweet and fun game. I think it got way too much bad press as it was a launch title for the PS4 but wasn’t built or designed a a next gen game.

      • Had some good sections, but felt like a solid idea that failed to engage when stretched out over several hours. The story was sweet enough but tacked on. All in all, I guess I’m glad I played it, but also that I didn’t pay for it (directly).

    • Perhaps I should watch more then 5 minutes of random episodes when they are on TV.

      Perhaps … one day.

      *stares off into distance*

    • I liked it. The season seems to be getting better with every episode. It felt like Ocean’s 11 (4?) set in space. The Teller was a pretty interesting monster. I’m not sure whether the new season is really Doctor Who yet, but I’m enjoying it for what it is.

      If the male monster was the Teller, does that mean the female is the Penn?

      • I’ve got three episodes to catch up on because I’m always driving on a Sunday night and my internet connection has been shit for the past couple of months. But its fixed now \o/

  • So, anyone going to get Fantasy Life? I literally knew nothing about it until @blaghman mentioned it a couple of weeks ago. Looks pretty cool, might finally brush the few layers of dust off my 3DS and buy it.

  • So, in my (attempted) week long TAY break, it has come to my attention that I missed some AMAs.
    This is unacceptable, so I’m retroactively asking questions that need to be answered.

    – If you could have any animal made horse sized so that you could ride it around, what would it be, and why?
    – Why don’t you ask any of these girls (that are clearly interested in you) out?
    – What’s the most embarrassing thing to happen to you?
    – Where did you see yourself today, five years ago?
    – On a scale of “babies-bottom” to “shag carpet”, how hairy are you?
    – If you had to nickname your manhood, what would it be called, and why?

    – Would you rather have disproportionately long arms or legs? (assume 3x longer than they are now)
    – How would you react if you were to get mugged?
    – If you created a new sex-position, what would you call it?
    – What’s the scariest thing to happen to you?
    – If you had the chance to punch a celebrity right in there face, who would it be?
    – If you had to nickname your manhood, what would it be called, and why?

    – If you only had 24 hours to live, what would you do?
    – Which do you think is more important, length or girth? I’m asking for a friend…
    – What’s your biggest regret?
    – Shoot, shag, marry: @strange, @cookingmama, @janexo.
    – If you died, and could haunt one celebrity, who would it be, and why?
    – If you had to nickname your manhood, what would it be called, and why?

    – Where do you hope to be in 10 years time?
    – On a scale of “albino in the snow” to “black man in the night” how tan are you?
    – What’s your biggest fear?
    – If you found a genie, what would be your three wishes?
    – What is the most annoying aspect about you?
    – If you had to nickname your manhood, what would it be called, and why?

    – When are you quitting your job?
    – What’s your most cherished childhood memory?
    – What is the worst thing about yourself?
    – Using only the names of food, describe your style of sex.
    – How does it make you feel being known as “the awkward one”?
    – If you had to nickname your manhood, what would it be called, and why?

    Also, this isn’t a question, but I saw that tweet about the horrible text message that that guy sent.
    When you’re out of there and away from him, you give me his mobile number, ok?
    It’s been far too long since I’ve had my claws out, and I’m very keen to sharpen them (there are many reasons why I’m a “lion”).
    I got some things planned for him 🙂

    And one for all of you:
    – What two words would your best friend use to describe you? (bonus points for asking)

    • My wife is my best friend and just last night she described me as “filthy” and a “pervert” but in fairness to me, she’s the one who wanted to have a conversation while she was in the shower.

    • FYI @highperformance I’ve already chosen two of the actions for one of your options, and if choose the third then I’ll shoot you, so, yeah… probably best to let that whole (not especially cool) question slide?

      • Oh jesus, I knew when I mentioned some of these names it’d come back to bite me lol. @liondrive for this question I would like to nominate myself as a pacifistic, asexual commitment-phobe!

      • Oh, right, probably not a question to ask a straight guy, hahaha! 😀
        I view it as a joke (plus it was a joke), cause none of them interest me (sorry ladies 😉 )!
        My mistake, I forget every now and then where some boundaries are :3

        Apologies if I offended anyone!
        @highperformance @strange @cookingmama @janexo

          • I’m 6’4!
            I go to the gym 5 days a week!
            I’ll kick your butt!
            …at Nintendo!
            I’m a fierce Mario Kart 8 player 😉

        • Remember too that some of these Tay people are married. Like CookingMama and BatGuy are. To each other. So yeah, it’s asking who wants to shag this guy’s wife which is… kind of weird.

          • Oh, I seriously did not know that!!! :O
            Now I feel like an arse!!! :O
            Like, a huge arse!!! :’O
            I’m so so sorry @batguy and @cookingmama!!!
            Like, I deeply, deeply apologise!!!
            I was just playing, and was not aware at all that you two were married!!!
            (that’s awesome by the way though)
            I think I’ll retire the Shoot, Shag, Marry question for the future :\

            Crap, now I feel really bad :'(
            I can’t begin to apologise enough!!!

          • I dunno, the thought kinda weirds me out. Like, nobody has any problem with it when it’s the guys. So shouldn’t they also not have a problem when it’s girls?

            It also depends on how you view the question I guess. To me it’s not so much a declaration of who you want to do what to, it’s a thought experiment in reasoning. You’ve got three subjects and three actions that MUST be paired up, what conclusion do you reach and why. And it’s the why that usually makes it an interesting question, not the who.

          • I like the game, and I agree that it’s more about reasoning rather than actions, but I think the reaction here is more than appropriate.
            I would never have asked that to a guy about a guys wife in front of the husband.
            That’s rude, and though it was in no way serious or intentional, I still think that it’s not something to say in those circumstances.

            In my defence though, I did not know that those two were married, and it was only intended as a game / joke. I acknowledge I unintentionally crossed a line though, and kinda hope that they realise that I didn’t know, and that I whole heartedly didn’t mean to offend anyone or anything.
            I was just messing! :’O

            (also, like I said before, it’s less weird for me to play this game having to choose women cause err’body knows that I don’t roll that way anyway, so it’s obviously a joke for me)

          • Heh. Perspectives would play into too I guess – mine makes me wonder if I may be a bit too easygoing for my own good. I mean I once sat next to my girlfriend at the time making out with another guy and it didn’t particularly bother me 😛

    • 10 years – finished a law degree & starting a new career in which I punch politicians with policy for payment.

      tan – I’m so pale, my veins make me a light shade of blue.

      fear – the helplessness involved when someone / something I care about is in the shit & theres nothing I can do about it.

      genie – 1 lifetime supply of puppies. 2 comfortable life for me & my friends. 3 more wishes.

      annoying – for me its my lack of confidence, for others I guess it may be a combination of being stubborn & opinionated & loud.

      junk – Feb29. coz it only comes once every four years.

      2 words – Fuck. off.

    • firstly holy fuck you have a good memory.
      1) I have no set date, it does really depend, hopefully my work is going to transfer me to the melbourne branch next year but thats up in the air ATM. So Im not really sure yet. I should probably figure that out huh?
      2) My dad died when i was young, i have precisely 2 memories of him, One is when he stopped everyone at the farm we owned working for the afternoon to play cricket with me. I really love that memory. The most precious however isn’t a actual memory, i mean i think it is but i am not sure. Its a haze, but im lying in my bed and i am half asleep and my dad’s sitting on my bed and singing me “you are my sunshine” Even to this day, that song makes me cry. But its special to me.
      3) I have a temper, nobody sees it because i usually keep it in check but i get angry A LOT, mostly when im alone because i am scared of what people might say if they see me freak out.
      4) Passion fruit
      5) I play it up a fair bit, in a lot of situations im not awkward at all, I use it as a sort of identity which probably isnt great. It doesnt really bother me though, i make people laugh and thats all thats important to me that my friends can laugh and enjoy my antics.
      6) My girlfriend calls it princess Sofia, a reference to how to lose a guy in 10 days. So i guess that.
      7)Probably soul mate. Seriously me and him are meant to be 😛

    • – If you could have any animal made horse sized so that you could ride it around, what would it be, and why?

      Assuming it’s also tamed and safe for me to do so… a scorpion. Because scorpions are badass.

      – Why don’t you ask any of these girls (that are clearly interested in you) out?

      Because I am a coward! And too scared of destroying what is usually a decent friendship by making things too awkward to ever see them again by approaching them and being rejected.
      Also it depends. The only one I can think of that was clearly interested (from what I could see anyway – I know, not saying much:P) was Climbey, and I held back with her because I was too head-over-heels for Sketchbook at the time, I didn’t think it would be fair to pursue anything with her when I would just be constantly thinking of someone else. I guess the only other one would be Pillowmaker? But I don’t think there’s anything there, we’re just friends. Also she lives too far away, I’ve done the long-distance thing before and have no intention of taking that path again 😛

      – What’s the most embarrassing thing to happen to you?

      Life. Any time I’ve seen myself in video form, especially the Gamespot interview thing and that Save Point TV bit where I didn’t actually say anything in the end.

      I can’t really think of any of those mortifying stories like losing your pants in front of the entire school or anything like that. I think I’ve avoided most of those things, if anything I tend to approach situations with the aim of embarrassing others with my behaviour (see what Mark said in his recent article about the sleeping bag suit :P). I’m pretty sure I’ve linked here before the pictures of me in my Sir Arthur costume (“costume”), ie the strawberry boxer shorts. Stripping down to those in a packed club for the Capcom event was a little nerve-wracking but it didn’t take long to settle in. Especially once it becomes established that people are entertained 😛 It was far harder the first time I wore it, out in the middle of this park with Cosplay Girl helping me out by taking pictures for the competition I’d made it for. Was kinda pussyfooting around for a bit til she yelled at me to just do it, and I got on with it 😛

      – Where did you see yourself today, five years ago?

      I didn’t! I have never had plans for the future that have extended beyond maybe a couple of months away. What was five years ago… September 2009? Oh geez. So at that point, I was nearly a year and a half out of uni and still hadn’t found a job, still hadn’t even got a REPLY to any of the applications I’d sent out (that didn’t happen til November I believe, telling me I was unsuccessful). So yeah, I wasn’t in the best of headspaces then 😛 But hey, that was the year of HotD Overkill, so it wasn’t all bad.

      – On a scale of “babies-bottom” to “shag carpet”, how hairy are you?

      “Sufficiently manly”. Despite what my scalp may lead you to believe, I am extremely proficient at growing hair 😛 I often get comments from my friends about my arms, mainly since they’re the only part of me that is always visible (especially with the head usually ending up in a beanie). And it’s not that it’s overly dense or anything… I dunno. It’s just long and of reasonable darkness. I’m happy with it though, I would hate to be like… that terrorist guy whose name I don’t remember but had that picture of him being captured that was sprawled all over the newspapers of him in this shirt with a stretched-out neck and you could just see all this dark, thick, curly hair going down his neck and shoulders and obviously extending well beyond. Yuck 😛

      – If you had to nickname your manhood, what would it be called, and why?

      The Gookanhammer. Or Gookin’ Hammer. I haven’t decided on which spelling I prefer, they both sound basically the same though. As for why – obviously I love wordplay, and this is entirely that (being based on my username). Also it gives room to reference Captain Hammer, which is a plus.

    • Guesses: Smart arse. Obnoxious git. Terrible puns. Virtual Boy.

      Tried sending a message but he’s complaining that two words aren’t enough. Something about it limiting him to generic-sounding niceties 😛

    • – Would you rather have disproportionately long arms or legs? (assume 3x longer than they are now)

      Legs. Long arms means you have to carry them everywhere. Legs means fast transport!

      – How would you react if you were to get mugged?

      Depends on the mugging and what they are taking. If they had plans to take everything and beat me up then if gladly attempt to kill them. If taking one item at gunpoint, then I guess they can have it. Anything less than gunpoint and I’ll put up a fight.

      – If you created a new sex-position, what would you call it?

      I don’t know the ‘new’ ones have exotic names already. Care Bear Pound, I dunno.

      – What’s the scariest thing to happen to you?

      Not sure. Perhaps getting chased by a shark.

      – If you had the chance to punch a celebrity right in there face, who would it be?

      Miley I guess, telling her to wake up from the dream? Bieber is always a good choice though.

      – If you had to nickname your manhood, what would it be called, and why?

      I have no idea, I usually leave the nicknames up to other people. Haven’t really had any for manhood.. Er.. Mr Winky soubds pretty okay, if boring?

    • Haha you have a good memory Stu, I’ll give you that!

      – 24 hours to live I’d jump out of a plane and bungee jump because the idea of doing them scares the crap out of me. I’d eat Reeces Peantu Butter Cups until I was in a food coma and hang out with my adoring better half and my family. I’d sneak in a nap too as well lol.
      – I think girth is more important, with no bias whatsoever. *Slides height improving shoes on the floor’
      – My biggest regret occurred in year 3 when I was struggling to find some friends and some cool kids told me to fight a kid whom I had no problem with whatsoever. I didn’t fight him but I kicked him, and I remember to this day the look of betrayal on his face and asked ‘Why would you do that?’. So shameful.
      – See below response lol.
      – If I died I’d probably haunt Oscar Pistorius, I’d actually find out if he did it!
      – Manhood nickname; Duracell, because reasons.

      • *looks for below response, can’t find it anywhere*

        Also holy crap am I glad I didn’t get landed with that question 😛
        Actually, probably not that hard to reason out…

  • All right, my name is Shane. I’m the father of three, writer of books, reluctant office drone, living through Molasses Monday.


    • Why Shane? (I guess the point of this question is generally around handle origins, but in your case, why the lack of handle?)

      Favourite Pokémon?

      • Because my wife is co-sleeping with the new baby, and the two older kids still aren’t sleeping all that well at night, I sleep on the lower bunk in my daughter’s room. My morning usually begins with one of the kids opening their extremely noisy bedroom doors. I then have to bolt out there and put the TV on for them so they don’t venture down the other end of the house and wake my wife.

        Ten minutes later, I’m dressed and out the door. Read/write/game on the bus for half an hour, head into work (recently, McDonalds have had some great breakfast promos, where I can get a S&E muffin for $1, so I’ve been doing that every morning for a while).

        Jump on TAY.

    • What is your favourite thing you’ve written?
      What is your favourite thing about your job?
      Which is your favourite child? 😛

      • 1. I think The Game is my favourite. It’s got an emotional gutpunch towards the end that still affects me whenever I read over it. It’s the only thing I’ve ever written to which I have an emotional response.

        2. Freedom to TAY.

        3. Whichever one is being quietest at that moment.

      • Holy cow, man.
        Come to Toronto. They don’t understand how roundabouts work, to the extent that I’ve only seen one roundabout in two years.
        Canberra may be roundabout central but they roundabouts keep the traffic flowing smoothly. That may be partially because Canberra is a desolate hole and there’s no traffic, but you know, still.

      • It’s one of those things I never gave much thought to. I just wanted a girlfriend. I got one who wanted a family. I was never against the idea. Things turned out good. That’s how it happens.

    • Who is your daddy, and what does he do? I think I’ll make this my standard AMA question, so if you could all save some trouble and address this in your intro in future, that’d be great! kthx! 😉

      • My daddy is retired. He was a public servant. I always swore I would never follow him into that, but I’m slowly making my peace with turning into him. I could do worse (and at least I’ll probably get to keep my hair).

      • I actually knew @strange pre-TAY. That was quite a surprise finding her on here, especially because she had a different username and it took me ages to put two and two together.

        Since then, I’ve met quite a lot of TAYbies at meet-ups. They’re a pretty revolting bunch, and I wouldn’t recommend it.

    • I’m not late to this AMA party! 😀
      Ok, questions (I’m almost all questioned out! D:)
      – What are your main hopes / dreams for the future?
      – What is the one thing you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t?
      – If you could choose any person to be the Prime Minister of Australia for a full term, who would it be, and why?
      – Shoot, shag, marry: @blaghman, @rize, @beavwa (not sure who Canberra TAYbies are, cause who really cares about Canberra, amr’ight?!)
      – Why didn’t you make the trip up to the Gold Coast / Brisbane to meet me!? 3
      – If you could command a pack of wild animals to do your bidding, what would they be, and what kinds of things would you get them to do?
      – If you had to nickname your manhood, what would it be called, and why?

        • What are these two standard questions?
          The two pokemon questions?
          If so:
          I’ve always loved Electivire, such a good pokemon! Soft spots go to Luxray (so good, but not very usable), Arcanine, Greninja, and Sceptile.

          And I like the look of this one
          If these weren’t the questions you meant then ask again 🙂

          • Handle origin:
            I haven’t had many.
            My first was Stewbie-doo, which I scrapped immediately, then Stewie747, which I scrapped in a matter of months.
            I chose liondrive cause I wanted “lion” in the name and no number, underscores, hyphens, etc, but there wasn’t many words to combine.
            I ended up with “drive” cause I thought liondrive sounded pretty cool, and I’m genuinely really happy with it 🙂
            I think it suits me too 🙂

            And I love Electivire!
            Great stats, good movepool, great ability, and I love his design!
            A fast / strong Electivire with Ice / Thunder Punch, Earthquake and Thunderwave / a buffing move is terrifying!
            It’s a shame that Electabuzz is so ugly 😛

      • 1. Quit my job, kick depression, be a good husband/father, and write books until I drop dead at 40.

        2. Go into space.

        3. My two-year-old son.

        4. I’ll marry them all!

        5. Because I’m poor and shackled and I didn’t really want to meet you. Obviously.

        6. I don’t care what kind of animal they are, but I would get them to do the artwork for all my comics. Let’s say dolphins, because I saw a dolphin paint a picture once at SeaWorld.

        7. Stupid Boy.

  • So hyped and anxious at the same time and it’s only Monday…..
    So I have a nationwide university level kendo competition this weekend. My uni won last one so the expectations are high. Not to mention my club has been doing really good in the past couple of years.
    I was lucky enough to make the team with only 10 months of training but I have a habit of screwing things up at worst possible moments….

    Gonna go dig myself a hole so I can hide in shame later… /o\

    • If you’re worried about how you’ll go, replace the bamboo with a blade and I think you’ll generally win a lot of matches.

      Just don’t tell anyone you did it, though.

    • First of all good luck
      secondly, fuck everyone else, you dont compete for them, you compete for you. Have fun and try your best.

    • Son/Daughter, you are asian. It is in your blood. Have faith.

      If that doesn’t calm you down, just know that if you get anything less than first place, you will bring shame upon your family and be disowned. So make it count.

  • @popdart5 @tech_knight @sernobulus @tigerion and whoever else has the game downloaded/is interested:

    I still need to get to Ceres in Warframe to finish the final event mission. Anyone keen to help me unlock some levels towards it/taxi me there if you have it? I think it only has about 3 days left.

  • After a long hiatus, TAY RPG Pathfinder tonight starring:

    @redartifice @tech_knight @freezespreston @sernobulus @negativezero @beeawwb @rize

    So many potential things could happen tonight. It’ll be interesting to see what you guys do.

    • Oh man, I think I might need a recap…

      Also, I’m going to be checking my character well before we start tonight. With the amount of times updates break our character sheets in both campaigns I’d like to try and be prepared this time 😛

      • It was mainly Drewan and I were at the university for our own reasons, Abelas got KO’d and pressured into getting something back for the KOer, and the rest of you were at the bar drinking yourselves silly and Lundgredolph got our newest potential party member addicted to an alcoholic drug within the same hour that he met the guy.

    • Given we talked about changing levelling speed, does that mean we’re at 3? Did we go through with that?

  • Just watched that TGS trailer of Final Fantasy Type 0 and while I was only barely aware of it before now I must have this in my life.

    • I pirated a dody PSP version on my craptop and it seems pretty good.
      Even though its a high school thing there is blood and sad death, which is actually a rarity in the old FF.

      Oh and it seemed to play ok too, but it died before I really got to the meat of the gameplay

    • Things you should know:
      – It’s a portable game. Its designed as such. The gameplay will be a bit weird on a non-portable.
      – The actual combat from what I played is a bit obtuse. Throws you in and likes to tell you about its systems without actually explaining them properly. Also later on it apparently gets brutally difficult.
      – All the characters are named after a deck of cards. The main character is Ace, and then there are eight others with numeric names (Deuce through Nine), Jack, Queen and King.
      – If that whole L’Cie nonsense from FFXIII annoyed you, prepared to be annoyed again, because the game was developed as part of the XIII metaverse so it has the same teminology and concepts. Crystals and shit.
      – It’s an action game, basically extending the ideas they came up with for the gameplay in Crisis Core FF7. The game’s director was Hajime Tabata, who was also the Crisis Core director and is now the main director (previously co-director) for FFXV as well. So there will be a lot of similarities there.
      – Once you get past the opening, the game is basically a sequence of missions. You talk to a dude and get a list of available missions to do and then go and do them and periodically you can do a story mission instead of a side mission.
      – Game will be Dual Audio \o/ The Japanese cast is absolutely stellar, but the US dub was basically all recorded back in like 2011 for the PSP localization that the fuckers have been sitting on and never released. So if the XIII dub annoyed you, this is probably good news?

      • Brutally difficult action games are my thing which drew me to it.

        I really wish they’d release Crisis Core on the EU PSN. I never played it and really wanted to but could never find a copy that wasn’t $Stupid+ while I still had my PSP.

  • Hola Tay

    Had an ok weekend. DMed on @Saturday morning (that autocorrected to “died,” which would make this literally a post mortem) for a special guest group, then went to the magic prerelease where we got slaughtered twice, drew one (two headed giant games). Then on Sunday started getting sick, so watched movies and played a bunch of Destiny, including calling for mercy help from @masha2932. This week: more job searching. Yay.

    A Monday morning question: one of the films I watched was the Hollow Crown version of Shakespeare’s Henry V. Favourite Shakespeare adaptation?

  • Day off work today, so I’m taking my son to McDonalds for lunch, then to watch Planes: Fire And Rescue, should be good.






      • This post prompted me to go get a Filet O’Fish meal since it’s the only thing I can fit into my calorie plan for today and I got Liverpool Street Station on both my drink and fries. So I’m guessing that’s not the rare one that will actually win me the laptop then.

  • Hey everyone. Hope all your weekends were great. Played a load of destiny. I am now level 20 and have to do all the Mars missions. Playing on Xbox one. Anyone doing that feel free to add me. Wouldn’t mind some people to team up with.

    Foxriver is my gamer tag.

    Besides that just installed a bunch of pc games last night so will play them when I am not playing destiny.

    Enjoy your days

  • Weekend Wrap-Up:

    Fun times on Saturday playing board games basically all day. Also Costco pizza regrets. It left me in a slightly odd mental state though, which may have contributed to the poor life decisions I would make on Sunday.

    I woke up having having slept in way too late, and when I awoke I had a strange, powerful desire to play Hyrule Warriors. So I went off to a nearby shopping center and proceeded to visit BigW, Target, JB and EB and compare prices. I also wanted to grab Theatrhythm Curtain Call, but of course it looks like they didn’t make enough copies and so no one had it in stock except EB. Purchased it there. When asked if there was “anything else or just that” I asked if they’d price match a Wii U with JB / BigW. Was told no. Their loss.

    Ended up buying the Mario Kart 8 bundle from BigW. JB had it for the same price, but I saved $5 on Hyrule Warriors. Took it home, plugged it in, then discovered that Nintendo are absolutely fucking shit at this whole hardware thing.

    Started the initial setup wizard, and discovered they decided it was a good idea to put it in without a back button, but put a cancel button where it should be. Additionally they’ve implemented this amazing, wonderful thing where it’s able to see your WiFi network until it tries to connect to it, then magically it doesn’t exist any more! This is while my Wii U has direct line of site to the router which is about 2m away from it.

    After about 15 mins of frustration I was able to figure out that I needed to turn off DHCP and manually specify an IP address that was high enough not to be inside my router’s DHCP pool but inside the right range to communicate through it. Fantastic first impression! This was the most annoyingly complicated network setup I’ve had to do on any computing device I’ve used in the last decade or so, and I used to run Linux at work. :\

    Eventually got the thing to run. It locked up completely during initial setup and I had to yank the power plug. That was a fun experience. I also liked the bit where I had to attempt to turn it off after sitting on a completely white screen for 5 minutes upon leaving the store, and then that magically made it start working again.

    The whole thing runs like complete ass too. Why does it take 30 seconds to bring up the settings apps? Why can’t I turn off the goddamn fucking irritating music that’s all through the menus?

    The update process was amazing fun too. Downloading that huge update over slow, congested wifi because it doesn’t have an Ethernet port. I liked the way it would randomly and inexplicably drop the connection and abort the whole process and dump me back to the main menu again. All three times. To be fair, I muted the gamepad thing after about 10 minutes so maybe it wasn’t silent. At least it was able to resume the download I guess.

    Took me about 3 hours to get the update downloaded and installed. Went to play Curtain Call instead, but realized my 3DS hadn’t been charged since before I went away to NZ for my grandmother’s funeral in July. Hadn’t missed it. Put it on the charger.

    Went back to reading Brandon Sanderson’s “Words of Radiance” instead. Excellent book, miles better than the first of the Stormlight books (which really plodded badly for the first third or so). Finished it last night.

    Have not yet been able to play Hyrule Warriors. Pathfinder tonight will take precedence too, and I’m betting that my copy of Fairy Fencer F will arrive today or tomorrow. So I may not actually even touch my new Wii U for a while. You win this round, Nintendo. 🙁

    Anyway, I now have a Wii U. I haven’t purchased any accessories or games. There’s not much that really really excites me in the current line-up but I knew I’d need the system eventually for –==xxXenobladeXx==– and the new LoZ and I had the spare cash to buy it (not really but let’s pretend I did) so thought I might as well.

    Are there any must-own games for the system? And is it worth getting one of those ‘pro’ controllers so I don’t have to use the gamepad since it seems pretty awful to hold for extended periods?

    • Only Wii-U games I’ve played are Mario Kart 8 and LoZWW(HD). Of those, Mario Kart is the only must-play.

      I’ve got a bunch of games that I can’t even get to because Mario Kart keeps blocking my way. But I hear good things about Pikmin 3 and decent things about Zombi-U.

    • Monster Hunter
      Wonderful 101
      Pikmin 3
      Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze (? Don’t have it myself)

      Pro controller has been well worth it for me, that’s my default controller when possible (even for off TV play)

      • I might just throw my thoughts in here and say Monster Hunter might not be worth it if you can wait for Monster Hunter 4 … whenever we are getting it.

  • Hi all. Does anyone have any good recommendations for cheap/F2P multiplayer games?

    I’m having a couple of friends over on Saturday for a bit of a LAN day, but I’m new to the PC master race and am drawing a blank as to what we should play.

    • Quake live just came out on steam. That’s F2P. Kinda defeats the purpose of having a lan though!
      Most other F2P games I know of are mmo kinda games.

      • I second Loadout. I haven’t played it yet but it looks like a lot of fun.

        There’s also Team Fortress 2 but I personally stay away from it. I feel like it’s only fun if you’re obsessively good at it, bot really a “pick up and play” kind of thing.

    • STARCRAFT. Still amazing. And you can play it off backup CDs, so only person needs to ‘own’ it.


    • I wouldn’t know how to organise it all, but I remember playing CS:1 (or maybe 2, but I digress!) and had an awesome time on LAN shooting each other in the face. I think it is relatively cheap, I think it’d be about $6 each on Steam!

  • ugh… reply fail to @negativezero Sounds more like you have issues with your home network than a problem with the wii u. I connected mine first go, and downloaded the initial update without dropping once.

    • Go have a google for it, it’s a massively widespread problem, not just my home network (which, by the way, works fine for every other device I have).

      It’s a bit flaky because I’m in an area where there are about twelve other wireless networks visible and they use the entire 2.4ghz band so I’m always getting competing noise. Plus the house is L-shaped with a massive carport with a steel roof that covers out the inner square of the L, if that makes sense, so that introduces a lot of signal quality problems, even for 3G.

  • So, Hype-rule Scraf Scarf is a pretty cool game. Only done the first 3 missions but am falling in love with it.

  • Ok. So Destiny has like 9 ‘races’ which are made up of about five societies, and even the least advanced of them use hovercrafts for everything, so why are the moon, Mars and even parts of Venus covered in fresh tire tracks?

  • So, Big W has Disney Infinity (1) Starter Packs for all consoles for $30.

    I can’t afford it, and I’m not sure I even really want it. Please talk me out of it.

  • I just had to send a tweet to an author (who I am actually on speaking terms with), to find his mailing address, so that my grandfather can send him a letter about his novel.

    I think I’m doing the Internet wrong.

  • Male TAYers who are married: did your wife take your surname or keep her own? Was it like, no discussion? If she kept hers, did you mind?

    • Yeah, we decided that ultimately she’ll take my surname if she knows what’s good for her
      My wife, for whatever reason, was pretty keen to take my surname as her own. She did bring up the idea of keeping/combining/double-barrel, but then realised she hated the idea.

    • I wouldn’t wish my surname on the person I was going to marry! That said already had this discussion with my gf and she’s only taking my surname if I change it =P I’m happy for her to keep hers for as long as she wants!

    • She took my name. Wasn’t really any discussion and she seemed pretty keen on the idea. She is pretty traditional with things like that though.

    • Recently married, my wife and I are in the process of both double-barrelling our names together.
      It was a mutally agreed upon decision. I’m pretty sure the discussion was “Hey, how about we just stick our surnames together?” “Ok, cool.”

    • She was Walsh. I was Smith. It’s hard to find two more common surnames.

      She definitely didn’t want to be a Smith. I didn’t particularly want that either, tbh.

      So we double-barrelled. We considered other alternatives like Smalsh (which, a little amusingly, sounds like it should be a verb for the action of smashing two surnames together), but in the end Walsh-Smith has a good ring to it, and we’re happy sharing a surname.

      Edit: it was the product of much discussion (read: planning), but there was no disagreement at any point in the process.

    • She kept her own. I’m not attached to my name so much as to foist it on her, plus we don’t plan to have kids – if we were going to have kids she’d probably have taken my name, but that’s a non-issue. She prefers her own name. It was never really a discussion.

    • I’m not married anymore, but my wife didn’t take my name. Didn’t phase me, and probably for the best anyway given the way it worked out! 😉

    • Not married but we’ve talked about this and I think at the moment she’s leaning towards keeping hers for professional reasons. Or taking mine and still using hers for work. I don’t remember, all I know is that I’m adamantly anti-hypen because someone has to think of the children.

      • My eldest likes having a double-barrel surname. Just saying.

        We won’t be precious about it when it’s time for her to get married. She can do what she wants, the same way we did.

        • I don’t like it, so I’m going to make damned sure that my kids don’t like it. That’s how parenting works, right?

      • I like how you have no idea about my opinions on this matter. I tried to talk you into taking mine but apparently that’s not okay.

    • Current discussion is – she’s not keen on double barrel or kids having a different surname than one of the parents,and has been looking forward to changing hers.
      I’m not attached to mine and was willing to change. Celebrant stopped our conversation there and pointed out that under current marriage law, legally we both get both surnames.
      So I’ll probably change myself on the electoral roll so I can finally be sent the racially profiled ‘happy Chinese new year’ letters from politicians, but personal / professional / kids will end up as my current name for all involved.

      • You both get both names? So, if you’re Smith and she’s Jones, and she wants to be Jones Smith, you both become Jones Smith? Am I read that right? That’s so weird.

        • Not quite. Legally, can be Jones OR Smith.
          Your birth certificate gives you one legal name, your marriage certificate gives you a second.
          Double barrel or other changes require further legal name change processes.

        • So if she is Jones, I can now choose to be Jones if I take my Smith ID and marriage certificate and ask for a replacement. And she can choose to do the same with Smith.
          Also why people can keep one name for professional reasons, but use the other outside that.

      • I don’t have my heart set on anything (other than finding someone to marry in the first place. =P ) but I think I’d lean towards your partners reasoning. I wouldn’t want the kids to have a different name to their mother, but I also wouldn’t want them to have a combo name.
        I could be talked out of that pretty easily though. I mean if the only difference is that one style makes my would be wife slightly happier than the other that’s more than enough justification for me.

        • Ultimately, my fiancée has stronger feelings about this than I do, so I’m rolling with what she wants.
          I do like the small opportunity to screw with politicians at least.

    • I totally have no reason to think about this at all for a long time, but I’ve got a bit of pressure-that’s-come-from-nowhere-but-my-internal-thoughts going on. In that assuming traditional standards follow through (I don’t know that my sister has any intention of not taking her boyfriends name if when they end up getting married), I’m pretty much the end of the line. In this country, anyway. My grandfather only had the two sons, and my uncle never had any kids with his wife. I have no idea what we have in terms of family overseas, but as far as I know they spell it differently there anyway. It’s never been brought up by anyone else (yet) so I don’t know how they feel about it at all, but it feels a little important to me to see that it continues.

      • See, I’m very different. Maybe it’s because I’m a woman, or because I am not sentimental, or because my family is a mess and just all over the place, but I don’t care about family names. Like, it’s just a name; these days so few people have some great lineage. When people (men) talked about keeping the family name – back in the old days that was kind of a way of keeping it alive to scare off enemies, with this great mighty army of Taco, you know?

        I love my family enough, but what I really, really care about is the new family I want to make, you know? My husband, our children. I don’t know, that’s just me. I’m still in a sad mood, hah.

        • Yeah, it’s kinda weird actually when I stop and think about it. We’re not particularly close to Dad’s side of the family at all, his parents were never as interested in us when we were little as Mum’s were. Definitely more “family” with them than the others. Also I am stupidly sentimental, if I could I’d probably keep every old thing I had ever (which I seem to be making a pretty good effort of anyway :P). If anything I should be adopting their surname, since that’s my Italian side and I identify with that more readily than the other. Though I guess by now I’m also attached to it in that it’s become a part of my identity in another way – having such a unique surname is one of the biggest influences in my keeping internet life and real life separated, avoiding teh scary social medias etc. I imagine that if I was just a John Smith or something I mightn’t have cared as much.

    • I’m not male, but I am married and didn’t take my husband’s surname. There were a few reasons for this. One, I have a daughter from a previous relationship who has my maiden name so I didn’t want her to feel left out, name-wise. Two, my Dad is big into family history and he only had daughters so I’m doing my bit to keep his name around for a bit longer. Thirdly, I didn’t get married until I was 33 so I kind of got used to my name, and lastly, Mr. Strange’s surname is silly. 😛
      So my daughter and I have one surname,and my son and husband have a different one.

      • I have discussed that same thing with my partner and her parents after we get married (won’t be for a few more years) we will go through all the paper work to get my partners daughters last name changed to my last name. If I remember correctly it was my partner or her parents that brought it up.

      • lol I was gonna say.. wouldn’t have anything to do with what his name actually is would it? 😉 lol

    • She took mine.
      Now I’m playing torment as the nameless one

      Actually had a bit of a discussion and we wanted us both to have the same name as our kids which was the primary reason to change. My family does large family gatherings which her’s doesn’t so for me I wouldn’t really feel like I was joining a family while she was. That and tradition basically the choice we made

    • Wife kept hers. Our daughter has mine.

      No real discussion, I’m not fussed and always said my wife was free to choose. Also, given my surname becomes the butt of bad jokes quickly I was surprised when she wanted to give our daughter my name.

      Same as what @beavwa said, wife knows she can use both at anytime but we can’t see a reason to change it.

  • Oh cool, a message from mum. Something about a suspected bomb not too far away from our house. Lots of helicopters going around. Residents evacuated (don’t think she means us, looks too far away for that).

    Good stuff.

  • Ugh I feel so seedy after last night..

    Had a BBQ/Piss up at my mates place last night I took my slushie machine, so many Jägermeister & coke slushies along with Captain Morgan Spiced Rum & Coke slushies which melted cause I used half a bottle of rum for only 3 drinks..

    Then there was the Johnnie Walker Double Black, Chivas Regal 12 year, Jura Superstition Scotch & something else I think.. Good fun.

    And we also plaved Chav.

  • @welbot (also other MPQ players)

    Yeah, I’ve been playing for a bit. My daily reward says I’m up to day 331; I think I started before daily rewards began but I also know I’ve missed 2 days, so it’s somewhere around that number.

    Can definitely recommend selling Yelena to make roster space if you need it. Black Widow (Modern) can have uses, with her stun, but since that power scales only with covers and not levels, you’re probably not going to be too badly off if you need to sell her too.

    Juggernaut is now easily the best 1*, and I would definitely say he’s worth levelling all the way up to 40. The change to Storm’s “Mistress of the Elements” power greatly reduced her effectiveness; I’d still keep her around but probably wouldn’t advise on focusing her levels.

    For 2*’s, Black Widow (Original) is still top tier even after the True Healing change, she’s just not #1 anymore. That probably goes to Ares, even with his self-damaging moves. I’ve seen a lot of people sing the praises of Johnny Storm since 2* tier otherwise is pretty devoid of active Black abilities. His red is brutal at 3* tier, so I imagine that it’s going to be pretty useful in 2*. Daken and Thor probably round out the rest of the truly useful 2* group.

    Feel free to ask if you want my advice.

    • I took a screen cap of my heroes!

      I’ve had to get rid of a few heroes that I really would have preferred to keep (like Bagman – Bit pissed I had to let him go) but the others haven’t been too hard to let go of. Iron man and Black Widow were probably the hardest though. Top tier stun from Black Widow is just awesome! Stuns front person for 5 turns, and other team members for 2 turns! Helps a hell of a lot!

    • Oh yeah! just got an upgrade for Polarity shift for Marvel Now Magneto! Now I can change 5 tiles to blue in one hit! BAM!

      • Ah, I forgot about MN Magneto. He’s also somewhat decent. He pairs very well with 2* Storm, but providing her with a lot of Blue for her AOE attack + single target stun.

        • yep! I’m loving using her and magneto in this event! both boosted, so with Storm, I’m doing over 1200 damage to each team member, plus 2 turn stun! So good!

    • I will save my coins up to increase the number of people in the alliance I have have made so you can join us that is unless you are already in an alliance. Only due to it being 600 coins to go from 5 people to 6 people.

      • it’s a damn shame we can’t all pool our coins to do it, cos 600 is a lot.. enough to open 2 more hero slots!! Also, that sucks if it only increases the allaiance by one member 😐 you’d think for that kind of coin, they’d at least open up 5 new slots..

        • It is a lot and I do need more slots for covers but it will also be good to have @mawt in the alliance.

          • ya would be good. Does seem a bit silly that doing something for the alliance, can’t be contributed to by all existing members. I’d gladly donate 100-200, but I’m over half way to 2 new hero slots atm, and I dun wanna lose new characters yet!!! Perhaps after this batch i’ll add another slot if there’s still the want.

          • Nah that’s alright. I have an iTunes card somewhere around the house I need to use. Shall make good use of it.

      • Save your coins – I’m currently not sure if I’ll even be playing by next week.

        My play time dropped significantly after Season 2, and in the week or two since Destiny has come out I’ve come close to missing days entirely. To me it feels like the beginning of the end.

        Edit: If I do stick around, then I have a bunch of coins I can spend. So it might be an idea if someone steps out and re-joins after I pay for the roster slot.

        • I can jump out of a slot once the event ends to do that if you want. I just don’t want to lose any bonus stuff I might have acquired. Not sure if leaving the group would negate all my hard work or not!

          • Event participation is still tied to you. Points from each alliance member are tallied once the event ends to work out the alliance score, so you can swap people in and out but doing it right after an event ends is probably the best way to do it.

  • So it turned out I wasn’t charged right for the material I grabbed yesterday from Spotlight. The girl scanned the red through twice and didn’t do the white at all (which was the one on special).

    Mum went and sorted it out for me, got $7 back now. Woo!

  • something’s missing today.
    @dc where are you?
    *circles wagons* nope not there
    *kicks tumbleweeds* not there either
    *checks in buildings* Don’t he stupid dc hats buildings
    *gives up*

    Edit: Since you’re tagged already, Have you been watching Boardwalk?

    • I’m missed! :’)

      Yeah, buddy. It’s pretty great. Almost like a reset. Perfect time to jump in if you haven’t seen previous seasons. Love the flashbacks in particular.

      • Boardwalk Empire Season 5 spoilers
        gives some great insight into the characters backgrounds. I knew Nucky’s dad was a prick but he was worse than I imagined, I feel really sorry for young Knuk, on one hand he has an abusive father figure and on the other there’s a corrupt official, poor kid didn’t have much hope of making an honest living. Also interesting to see Capone moving up in the world, I like all the yes men he’s surrounded by, it’s like they all share 1 personality, p.s you’re always missed, you’re one of the few TAYbies I don’t feel like I’m being intrusive with when I comment on their stuff

        • And you know the Commodore ain’t good, especially from what he did to Gillian. (Jimmy’s mum!)

    So Hajime Tabata (the new director of FFXV) says stuff that sounds very, very encouraging:

    “Tabata said the [game’s] percentage complete was 55 percent”

    “But that percentage, Tabata told Kotaku, isn’t 55 percent since the game was announced in 2006 as Final Fantasy Versus XIII. It is 55 percent during the two years that Tabata has been on the project.”

    “Tabata’s planning since becoming a director was to have progress be in lockstep towards a set release date in his mind. “

    “The team works on stuff only after things have been really hashed out, so as to not waste time and resources.”

    “The development team is around 200 to 300 staff. Although being billed as a triple-A game, Tabata doesn’t want 1000-plus people working on the title like western teams, as he’d rather have a comparatively small team with people who can make the most of their individual potential.”

    “The world is essentially fully explorable, according to Tabata, but there is still a specific path to go down for the narrative to progress. Tabata cites Skyrim as the sort of game Final Fantasy XV isn’t. You don’t just wander into a place, go get a random quest, and away you go into the ether. It’s more like Red Dead Redemption in that there are clear objective markers on the map to help players remain cognizant of how to keep progressing core storyline without getting lost on tangential stuff.”

    ““If I could do anything I’d like, I’d want to make Final Fantasy Type-1 first,” Tabata told Kotaku.

    Tabata added that if he were making another numbered Final Fantasy on current gen consoles, though, that development would be fast.

    “We came this far in two years, so I think we could develop it quickly.””

    This is why Nomura getting yanked off and replaced by Tabata is a good thing. Nomura sat on Versus XIII for years and years. Tabata comes in, has everyone start over, and 2 years in they’re nearly done and it’s looking pretty good. And he’s doing it with a much smaller team that doesn’t waste time and resources and is working toward a clear goal with a clear plan in mind.

    Actually sounds a lot like what happened with FFXIV when they fired the director and put Yoshida in place there instead. FFXIV is still doing really solid numbers, exceeded expectations and pulled Squenix out of a fairly dire looking hole.

    • I got pathfinder on tonight with Popdart and the gang but I’d be up for it afterwards certainly.

      • how’s 7? When suits you all? I don’t have any where to be tonight, so I’m happy to wait until we get a few more peeps if we can! What time’s pathfinder likely to finish @tech_knight?
        Also, if you log in, you should be able to add me as a friend in the game (has it’s own friend list). You’ll find me as welbot

          • well let’s see when TK will be ready. if he finishes around 9 or something, we might be better to wait til then. Might have some others from my steam friends to bring along too. We’ll see!

        • cc @crazyguy1990
          I’ll be done around 10pm, so don’t wait for me I’ll join in later on 🙂

          • haha well I don’t think we’ll play for that long somehow 😉 But I’m up for a few rounds now and some later

    • If a large dog had your dog in a death grip, would you stick your finger up the large dog’s bum to save your dog?

      • I’d probably complain about it, and only if I had a glove or plastic bag, but yes…. O wait, if I was walking it I’d have a couple of plastic bags, so hell yeah, only with protection though, cos ick

    • You have a choice: You can shoot your partner and live the rest in your life in misery while the world becomes a utopia or you can not and live a perfect happy life wanting for nothing but the world falls into its final days.

      • Oh god… I’d have to ask him first, thats how our relationship is done. I’ll ask him later and let you know…

    • Why GingerPeopleEater? Do you only eat Ginger people or are you a Red head with a penchant for cannibalism?

    • I’m late to this party due to work, but I’m here! 😀
      – If you could have any animal as an obedient pet, what would it be, and why?
      – How did your parents react when (if?) you came out as bisexual?
      – What is your biggest fear?
      – What’s your secret talent?
      – Do you have a preference with males or females (sorry, I don’t know any bi people other than you, and am curious how it goes :3)
      – If you had to nickname your manhood, what would it be called, and why?

      • -Giant Turtle, BECAUSE TURRRRRRTLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEE!!!! (also so I could ride it like a horse)
        – Well, relief I think, because the sentence before that was I have a boyfriend. Initially they danced around it but weren’t critical about it. Lately they’ve been lovely, Buying a Blow up double mattress for use by Anton and I (for that exact reason).
        – Spiders
        – Being able to silently dutch oven people. Also being able to start excellent projects but never Finish them
        – I have a preference with personality generally. I ‘ve had 1 more boyfriends than girlfriends but the last 3 have been boys. Sexually I’ve been with more boys. But I like to think I appreciate them equally. The attraction is certainly even, but the attraction to me is more in the boy camp, if that makes sense. But that isnt to say I take what I can get…
        The fire hose – because of it’s unpredictable aim!

    • Aliens land and the fate of the world rests on your dancing ability. Do you do the YMCA or the Macarena?


    Thought I might as well repost this here because I think @redartifice’s reply to @popdart5 got lost in the madness of previous page TAY. Did we ever make a decision on the whole leveling thing we were talking about a week or so ago? Are we going to shift over to the “fast” leveling system?

  • I finally managed to download and pay for Minecraft.
    Currently, I need to write a speech, but all I can think about is Minecraft. I NEED IT.

  • My day so far:

    Wake up at 4:15am, struggle to turn off the alarm. Drive from Wagga Wagga to Dubbo. See an oddly specific sign. Took Freya to work. Nap time. Watched random Youtube crap. Coated my very sore legs in tiger balm. Contemplated more naps before picking up Freya from work.

  • Urge to replay a Final Fantasy game again is getting more insistent but I have no idea which one. Everytime I start to decide on one something remembers the awesome parts from another and I get confused again.

  • Oh my god. Holy shit I’ve been waiting 10 years for this.
    11 years ago, I had a friend with the original Xbox. Since I only had a PS1 at the time, it was the most advanced shit ever. I remember I played this 3D platformer game where I was a cat with a gigantic vacuum cleaner. It seemed pretty fun at the time. I never got the name of the game, but I really wanted to play it, or at least know what the title was.

    A few years ago, I set myself a campaign to find the name of this game. I scoured the internet. I googled several variations of ‘cats with vacuum cleaners video game’ multiple times to no avail. I gave up about two years ago.

    Then, I read this Dorkly comic about dead Microsoft properties. One of the jail cells read ‘Blinx the Timesweeper.’ I was curious. What was this game? I googled it, set it to images because I couldn’t be bothered reading the Wikipedia article.

    I gasped. I had found it. It took 11 years, but I found it. Blinx the Timesweeper.

    • As @scree said, all you had to do was ask, I’m sure a fair few of us would’ve known. Hell I remembered the name of it from your description, and if I recall correctly I only played an hour or two of it years ago when it first came out.

    • 3D platformer game where I was a cat with a gigantic vacuum cleaner

      I already thought of Blinx when I read that and I’ve only played it a few times on Xbox demo units in-store 😛

      You should’ve asked!

    • Are you unfamiliar with Remember This?

      The Kotaku community knows EVERY GAME IN EXISTENCE. All you need is ask!

    • Z For Zachariah.

      I had that very same dilemma. I remembered the plot of this book that I read in school and crowdsourcing TAY helped me figure out the title; namely @redartifice. Thanks again, Red.

  • Ok, time for an MQFT


    And yes, @liondrive, I know you’re gonna vote for the D, but which one dammit! XD

  • I finally got Dishonored working again! \o/
    I just had to enable Cloud synchronization in Steam.

  • TAY RPG Pathfinder completed for another night.

    GM Summary: Looks like next time will be a party to remember.

    @redartifice @tech_knight @freezespreston @sernobulus @negativezero @beeawwb @rize

    • @redartifice we should probably also go over our plan for this little caper prior to next session.

    • I had completely stuffed my character by not leveling any skills or taking any feats whatsoever so I have rectified that and fixed it up to what I should have with the help of @rize, @sernobulus, @negativezero and @tech_knight so if any of it is wrong blame them 😛

    • Keldar really wanted to fight a dragon but he knows how these things go. You’ve gotta prove yourself before the real adventuring starts!

      • I didn’t do to much aswell. I was thinking I should have gone to the Adventurer’s guild and try to talk to some of the professionals.

        • I’m really not sure what else I could do, since my search in the university didn’t really help much, not sure where else I could go for anything Dem’nion would actually want to do, he’s a bit of a loner that way I guess.

        • Maybe next time. It’s always handy to have a few things floating around in your mind of what your character wants to do when you’re not currently in the middle of an adventure.

          • Well my character is the always excited/thinks he can take anything on type. Buying a round of drinks and maybe getting a few pointers from real bonafide adventurers would seem like the kind of thing my character would do. Although he did just get over being drugged *glares at @freezespreston* so I think try to sleep that off is a good idea. =P

      • I spent most of that session playing Theatrhythm since there literally wasn’t anything for my character to do.

        • Next time if you feel as though your character is being left out, mention to me if you want to do something in particular. It could be as simple as going out and training a bit.

    • I just checked /r/afl after it was all over. Much saner. The Brownlow count is a bit of a wank.

      Still, Priddis… definitely one of those years that nobody could pick it. Damn you, Gaz. Getting injured and making the Brownlow impossible to predict (and the two next best players this year are two players the umpires loathe and never give votes to).

  • @phlanispo

    I’m trying to find that write up you did on that Pokemon game you love. Is it Mystery Dungeon? I picked up the game (Explorers of Time) today for $4 and I wanted to re-read your post about it. If that was the one, of course.

      Give me a bit, I’ll go find it. I made several posts re-iterating the exact same points. You will not believe how much adrenaline is coursing through me right now.
      @jajabinks2 We did it! We convinced someone to play it! I know, I can’t believe it either!

      EDIT: Okay calm down Phlanispo. Calm down. You can’t explain the awesomeness of that game without completely spoiling the plot. In fact, every explanation you’ve given spoils the plot. Just tell him outright, in a non-spoiler fashion.

    • I finally tracked it down. Whilst not spoiler-heavy, it does ruin some of the magic. I have edited it to make it less spoiler-y

      1. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness and Time I Didn’t Want To Say Goodbye
      Tears. Manly tears, of course. Followed by girly tears. Followed again by infant wailing.
      This is a sad, sad game protected by a gelatinous layer of happy-go-lucky adventure.

      But what kind of game is Mystery Dungeon, anyway. Simply put, this game is a rogue-like dungeon crawler that uses a turn-based structure on a tile-based floor from an isometric perspective. It’s pretty hard.

      I will spoil as little story as possible in my song and dance routine on why I love this game.
      The first half of the game is rather happy. The big bad gets captured, and all seems well. You wait for the credits to roll. SUDDENLY [bad thing happens]. You escape of course, but the feeling of happy-go-lucky adventure never returns, instead replaced by desperation, fear, distrust, sacrifice, grey morality and of course, the [very, very bad thing]. What did you say, dear reader? That doesn’t sound like my Pokemon? WELL THIS IS CHUNSOFT’S POKEMON, MOTHERF***ER! YOUR GODS HAVE FALLEN TO INSANITY! GO AHEAD AND CRY, WEAKLING!

      I have way better explanations, but it took so long to find this one that I can’t be bothered looking for them. Basically, it’s got a good story, good music, fantastic atmosphere, some real tearjerker moments. The best and worst thing is how long it takes for the story to get really interesting. Good because it contrasts with the batshit-crazy feels later on, bad because you might give up before then.

        • Explorers of Time for $4 is a steal.
          It starts off kinda slow, and there’ll be some sections where the story doesn’t progress – just keep playing. And don’t be afraid to spend time levelling up either.
          The story, once it picks up, is one of the best I’ve ever experienced though, and is definitely far better than any in the main series. There’s crazily good post game content as well.
          But for $4, you’ve picked up an amzing game.

  • Maaaaad. Got to the Portals section (second to last) of the Vault of Glass.
    All credit to Piat and Co, was good fun.

    • Argh I can’t believe how close we got, Bungie are some sick sadistic bustards. I got the timers wrong so it actually does reset tonight, so we won’t get another shot at that until we clear it again but at least we won’t be spending and hour in the gorgons maze next time! Probably Wednesday or Thursday night, I think a few people aren’t available tonight, including me.

      • @piat
        No worries, hit me up whenever.
        Really like to do a weekly/ L26 summoning pits sometime as well for my exotic bounties if anyone is game.
        @ynefel @transient_mind @Saturday ?

        • If you’re willing to wait till Friday morning I reckon I can hit 26 by then and come help you?

          • @pupp3tmast3r
            Don’t worry man, there will be many more runs to come, especially as more peeps are starting to hit 26.
            I’d like to do the weekly sooner as I then need to do 25 strikes by Sunday. But I’ll hit you up on Friday and we shall kick some ass.

          • I’ve been running with Mawt and co. Had pretty great success on Friday and Saturday night without any guides, figuring it out ourselves. Will likely have a crack again with them this week.

          • Haha we were only using general tips up until we spent almost an hour on the Gorgons maze only to find out we had been walking right past the exit

          • Who do I need to add to join in on the raid over the weekends?? =O I reckon I can get to 26-27 by Friday this week =]

  • @crazyguy1990 @tech_knight sorry about last night. There was a fire around here somewhere last night, and I had to clear out of here for a while. Thanks for the games we did have though Crazyguy! I was hoping I’d get back to play more with you all, but by the time we were all allowed back in, it was a bit late. Next time for sure!

    • Due to levelling up a spellcaster character in Pathfinder, I wasn’t finished until about 11pm anyway so I should be okay for another day or even tonight 😛

      • cool cool! Last night I discovered why it’s a bad idea to live on the same block of land as a petrol station. When there’s a fire anywhere in the general area, they evacuate EVERYONE!

  • @phlanispo @sunsoar77 –

    Im sorry guys!!! was on Destiny last night and didnt notice my twitter /o\

    just whitelisted you \o/

  • So I found out that Mum had never had pop rocks last night. Luckily I had some in my showbag.
    She wasn’t too impressed. Mainly because she was eating sherbet before that.

  • so seeing as @scree got me thinking about candy (thanks for that) my childhood favourite is getting harder and harder to find, and as such i shall use the power of the internuts combined with the powers of TAY!

    If anyone sees these things anywhere, let me know. i will litterally buy like 20-30 packs. But the orange ones… ONLY THE ORANGE ONES….

    they are dirt cheep (like 50-80 cents a pack) so if you run across them i will reimburse you and be in your debt!

    • Where are you located? I’m 99% sure they still sell these at the Confectionery Warehouse at Hendra (in Queensland).

        • Daymmnnnnn, I’ve note seen those for a while. I’d chance my arm at The Sugar Station in Elizabeth Street or Souther Cross station (you can ring to see if they stock them as well), my buddies always seem to find crazy chocolates at Costco as well?


      As in the empty packet. I think we got them in a showbag or something, and then threw the empty containers in with the play kitchen stuff because they were like little milk cartons. Wonder if they’re still there… (Mum works with kids, so a whole load of our old toys are still kicking around)

    • I think I have seen them at those imported candy shops with candy from the UK and the USA also other places.

  • Good morning kittens.

    Sorry I was such a grump yesterday. Feeling much better today. I cooked the wild boar last night and took some – I think – decent photos of it, so that’s cheered me up. Yay.

  • As I only got two responses from my MQFT (one after I was in bed, and the other this morning), I’ll keep it running throughout today.

    Here are your choices


    Have at it.

  • Looks like Target is the cheapest place to get Smash Bros. 3DS. Just got the latest catalogue in the mail. They have it at $44.

    • And $44 for a whole bunch of other first party titles. $59 for a bunch of first party Wii U titles too. Pretty good.

  • Hey guys, Mario Kart toys in Happy Meals next month.

    Sucks because, when the Skylanders toys were out I tried collecting the set from the only McDonalds in this stupid town, and they could never tell me when the next lot of toys was coming in (as they normally only have two different toys per week).

    “What toys do you have this week?”
    “I don’t know”
    “What toys will you have next week?”
    “I don’t know”
    *buys two happy meals and gets toys that I’ve already got*
    “Have you got any different toys?”

    Hell, I bought a couple of Happy Meals once and got toys that they had in the first week.

    I swear it’d be easier and cheaper just buying them off the ebay scalpers.

    • Noooo, I’m trying to break the McDonald’s habit.

      Also, most places will sell you toys separate from the meals for a few bucks. I think there’s an option for it in the registers.

      • Yeah, my friend was saying just the other night about how she went in and bought all the pokemon toys on their for two bucks each.

        Even though she always eats McDonalds all the time anyway. Dunno how the hell she stays so tiny.

  • Morning, TAY! I had an… odd experience on the train last night.

    I go to sit down next to this unassuming looking guy, but he puts his leg out to prevent me from sitting down. “Bit rude,” I’m thinking. When I don’t move immediately on, he looks around the carriage and sees that there are no other free seats (it is peak hour after all) and then moves his leg back. I took this as him saying “fine”, so I sit down. Straight away he turns to me, gives me a total death stare and starts swearing.

    At this point I’m pretty shocked. The guy didn’t look particularly rough. He had a nice jacket on and such. But he stands up to leave, so I let him out while he mutters swears the whole time.

    Okay, that was weird. I sit back down and straight away someone else sits next to me (again, it’s peak hour). The guy comes back from the opposite direction (I guess he circled the entire carriage looking for another seat and didn’t find one), but now there were no seats anywhere.

    Over the length of the journey, he kept walking past periodically and pausing in front of me and staring for a second. Then standing at the end of the carriage and turning back to face me. Now I’m starting to get a bit nervous thinking “Is this guy going to try and do something?”. He had to be pretty unhinged to get so worked up about something so minor.

    Thankfully he didn’t try and follow me off the train or anything at my stop, so all was good. But it was such a strange thing to happen! He must’ve really loved that seat to himself 😛

    • First time reading it? Personally I thought

      the ending was a bit of a cop-out and just felt jarringly out of place given the rest of the story. Not saying I wouldn’t recommend it based on that but it left a sour taste in my mouth.

      • Yep. I wanted to see the movie when it came out a million years ago, but wanted to read the novel first. I happened to find a copy at the markets for two bucks at the weekend, so I snapped it up.

        I quite liked it, but I know what you mean about the ending. I guess one ravenous orgy wasn’t enough.

  • SO steam has been updated and it looks interesting
    The big news is that you can finally choose to remove early access games from the list of new releases. Although it looks a bit flacky once you click through, I seemed to then get early access games in the list which kinda defeats the purpose.
    Dangerously the homepage just keeps scrolling with recommended games. Nice feature but will need a bit more work on linking them. For example I was recommended Counter strike due to my time recently playing other strategy games. Which is actually probably a user driven tag causing it.
    The search seems to have been improved as well, being able to decently filter by tags and other elements.
    The steam curator aspect could be good if it ends up working. People like PC gamer or totalbiscuit having a list of games that they recommend. Finding somebody with similar tastes and you can follow them and see just the curated list that they have put together.

    All in all interesting but might still need some work. Oh and blue, so much blue

    • I’ve been logged in all morning, and didn’t even see it! I was like.. blue? there’s no more than usual. Til I clicked on store.. BLUE!

  • Remember when popular music was all about love and freedom and getting along together?

    Now it’s all “Check out my buuuuuuuuuuttttttt!”

    What happened?

    Edit: Can you imagine “Booty” as performed by George Michael and Cher?

  • Any TAYbies with Destiny on PS4 want to organise a raid night or something for Vault of Glass? I’m keen to try it out, and you are the only guys I know with the game.

  • Went to Q&A last night. Apparently the camera focused on me TWICE. I’m assuming this is because I was probably the only white male under 50 there.

    • I always laugh when a question is about some sort of race/age/etc issue and they always manage to find that one person in the audience that fits the group to put on camera. I bet they watch people walk in and are like “Ooh, him! Take a note of where he sits!”

      • I had a feeling this might happen when I looked around the audience. It made me make sure I didn’t noticeably react to anything being said as I figured it could easily be misconstrued into “look at this man with all of his social power representing the white community on this issue”. I’ve now seen a screenshot and I just look mad with a caption tweet saying “No one cried discrimination for the bikies #qanda”.

    • Did you attempt to punch a politician? I can’t even watch the show any more because it makes me want to punch the TV… I don’t know how I could possibly behave myself if they were right there.

      • Nice, we have a rooftop cafe at work that does like a sourdough wholemeal Toasty with cheddar, tuna and capers. It’s a bit of work to do that at your place of work I’d imagine, but I’d give 10/10 would eat 3x Tuna Capers & Cheese again.

      • Awesome lunch, I had some peanut butter oreos last night. 10/10 if you’re a cookie fan you haven’t lived yet.

    • I’m thinking…either half tuna pasta/half spicy portugese chicken salad OR singapore fried noodles with extra chilli.

        • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!

          Oh Shane. I’ve worked hundreds of hours of overtime for this company and yet to see a cent of overtime pay. And I rarely get lunch even though they document half an hour each day for it.

          • You need to start working at a University, don’t know about the overtime part but my supervisor is at pains to make sure I eat lunch every day.

          • Mine isn’t… but then again, I prefer to have the option of getting it at 10-11 and leaving at 6 every day. Besides, no lunch is only a problem if I fail to remember breakfast. 😛

          • Well, hold on. That’s illegal. I know it’s easy to get used to dodgy practices, but that’s straight-up illegal. You should get the Ombudsman in on this.

          • Seriously, though, I spent a decent chunk of my life working in the private sector. Eventually I decided I’d had enough of being exploited for free work. I straight up told my manager that my wage was low enough, and from now on, if they wanted me to stay back, I’d like to be paid for it.

            They only get away with it because people are okay being exploited.

          • I got a preemptive talk a few weeks back where my boss told me that “lots of people work longer hours than we do” and that my colleague gets paid less than me (Surprise, surprise, that guy probably averages 11-12 hours every day. I wonder what he was hinting at there…)
            No idea what triggered the little lecture. I hadn’t mentioned my work hours, or pay, or anything like that. He just felt the need to assure me that I’ve got some kind of sweet deal working here.

          • By the way, I wasn’t taking a jab at public sector work. Seriously considering shifting across myself.

    • Leftover moroccan meatballs with chickpeas from last night’s dinner. Eaten out of a microwaveable mug so I don’t have to wash another fricking thing.

      • Yeah that’s awesome. Whenever I’m at home I tend to keep a water bottle to drink out of and eat my breakfast/dinner over the sink so I don’t need to wash things… For shame!!

  • @dire_wolf
    A regular night might be useful. Tho people tend to post on the bungie clan messages when getting a group together.

  • Warning: Destiny ranting.

    So, a couple of nights ago, I got my first exotic bounty. “Cool!” I thought, finally, I can get an awesome weapon! Finally, I’ll feel like I’m actually doing decent damage in the raids and high-level strikes. First Objective: Kill Phogoth. Easy enough – found a PUG and took him down. Second Objective: Kill 500 Hive on the Moon. Umm, okay, that’ll take a while… Four or five runs through the Temple of Crota later, done. Third Objective: this. FML.

    Back to farming marks, coins and shards, I guess.

      • The current step is the wonderfully ambigious “Use Void damage to defeat Guardians in the Crucible. Death will slow your progress.”

        Apparently this translates to “Kills are worth 3 points, but you lose 2 points each time you die; now get 500 points.”

        Each Exotic Bounty has both PvE and PvP requirements, and this is probably the hardest PvP requirement. By contrast, my first Exotic Bounty had the PvP requirement which amounted to “Get Kills, Hunters and Titans are worth 25 points, Warlocks are worth 75 points. Now get 10,000 points.”

        • So worst case scenario is you need to kill 400 Hunters or Titans. If you’re reasonably competitive each match and get ten kills you’d need to play 40 Crucible matches. That is way too grindy for me unfortunately, I’d rather sit by the loot cave I think lol

        • Not so ambiguous an objective, but my brain just isn’t wired for competition. I understand PvE and learn encounters and enemy positions to be able to take a considered, careful approach to most engagements. Tried some PvP last night – it’s a clusterf**k. Reminded me of that old RedVsBlue episode where they get teleported into the middle of a multiplayer match.

    • Yup, one of the big reasons I’ve quit Destiny for now, the game is built so heavily in favour of those that like to do PVP that people that only want to do PVE get completely left in the dust.

  • @os42
    It’s not as bad as it looks. Void shotgun on rumble works well – you get 10 points for a kill -5 for a death or something like that. Haunt the hallways and ambush people and you can make good progress.

    • I have one void shotgun. It fires so slowly I can get off two shots before I die. The only way I can kill someone with it is if I ambush them round a corner – that opportunity doesn’t present itself much. Might try again if I find a better weapon, but as it stands it’s simply not fun.

      • I use the shotgun exclusively in PVP and I can say it’s not really about ambushing, it’s all about running about, going tight around the corners, sticking to walls, and giving the ol shotgun-melee combo. Some of the maps play very well for close quarters combat, but the larger maps leave you completely useless. Then again I’m a hunter and having blink strike/invisibility helps immensely.

      • @os42
        Fair call man. It’s a rough gig if pvp is not your thing.
        You on ps4? I can feed you kills in a rumble match if you like.

        • I’m on PS4, and thanks for the offer, but I feel I have to decline. The annoying thing is I don’t even like using hand cannons – it’s just it was my first exotic bounty, and would have been my first exotic anything had I completed it, so I felt compelled to at least give it a shot. Upside is I only need 11 more coins to get an exotic weapon from Xur… only 11… two weeks of level 26 weekly strikes… or a month of level 22 weekly strikes… *sigh*
          If it were working towards Pocket Infinity or a primary rifle of some sort, I’d probably take you up on your offer, but to me a hand cannon is not worth the bother.

          • You get a Strange Coin for completing your first public event at gold level each day. Hit them up and you will have enough in no time.
            I recommend going to the loot cave: all the farmers there will do the heavy lifting for you when it drops.

  • Afternoon errbody hows every little thing?

    I was originally gonna do this yesterday but I got side tracked.

    How about this weather huh?

  • Fantasy Life is only $44 at Target, fortyyyyyyyy foooooooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • RPG Talk for those who are curious.

    So doing some Mathhammer after last night, I came to the conclusion that I really should properly understand a sense of scale when using Imperial units of measurement. I ended up creating a manor house that is the size of a football field while the estate around the manor house is approximately the size of three fields side by side.

    Eh, I’ll work with it. Just what I thought was a rather large McMansion of a manor is more like the stereotypical Pride and Prejudice super-opulent, gigantic mansion estate.

    • I’m perfectly fine with those sizes for the Duke of Decadence.

      Also, having grown up in America I still mentally convert things between Imperial and Metric, so any unit of measurement gives me pause. My rules of thumb:

      1 inch = 2.5cm
      1 foot = 30cm
      1 yard = 1 meter. For rule of thumb purposes this generally suffices.
      1lb = .5kg, .4 if I’m feeling nice (again, for rule of thumb purposes this generally does ok)

      • Usually I’m alright with it but yards kind of threw me off how gigantic the estate ended up being. I tend to round 30 feet up to 10 metres for simplicity and everything else kind of runs from there. I know 11 pounds is almost exactly 5 kilograms because I had an 11 pound bowling ball at one time.

        I actually did the calculations to determine how far you guys travelled when you went to kill those ogres and I estimated that it was roughly the distance from Brisbane to Rockhampton or, funnily enough, about 500 miles.

      • I generally avoid yards – I feel if a foot is roughly the size of some old king’s foot, a yard should be the size of his yard… I recall making a map for an assignment in primary school, and drew a bay “5 yards across”; and got very confused when the teacher told me they could literally jump across it on foot… surely no-one could jump five backyards in a single bound?

        I always convert stuff to metric, cos it’s easier to remember the conversions than to remember the weird numbers that seem to centre around multiples of 3, 4, and 1760.

        • Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally for the metric system – it’s the most logical, consistent and all-around great system we’ve got. I think Imperial units are completely arbitrary and should be banished. But when you’ve grown up thinking “body normal temperature is 98.6 degrees” and “I’m 5’9″ tall” it’s hard to get out of certain habits.

          In day to day life I have no need to think in yards, but if I hear the measurements I find I’m automatically doing the conversions in my head. Old habits die hard.

          • Oh, I’m not criticising you, just commenting on the lack of intuitiveness and consistency in the system in general (like 1760 yards to a mile seeming oddly specific). Sorry if it came off that way.

          • All good! 🙂

            And yeah, 5280 feet to a mile has just always seemed so arbitrary. It’s one of the weirdest ratios I can think of.

  • Hi everybody, sorry I haven’t been around. Been having a shite time wrapping up my soon to be given to somebody else job.

    In the meantime, I downloaded some crack. And by crack I mean Marvel Puzzle Heroes. And by Marvel Puzzle Heroes, I mean crack.

    Also, the wife really really wanted to try Minecraft but got scared and froze the second she saw a zombie at nighttime (on the demo you can’t turn it to just creative mode) and she died. She said she would only play more if I played with her. So we bought two games and I’m running a local server just for her and I.

    The game is so rudimentary and the graphics suck. The AI pathing is terrible – they get a glance at you and then follow you to the ends of the earth. There’s little to no explanation of game mechanics, crafting mechanics. My pickaxe keeps breaking and it’s only through trial and error that I can figure out that I need a better pickaxe to get things, even though I don’t know what to DO with those things because there’s no information in game.

    I give it 1 out of I’ve already built a castle with a giant watchtower and a tunnel leading to a second home in the mountains with a minecart and rail where I’m farming chickens and I’ve got pure iron armour and I found a village and watched them get massacred by zombies and I felt bad but still stole all their crops and building materials and I killed a number of pigs and figured out how to make mushroom soup and now I plan to built a hamlet in a nice little plain surrounded by cows and horses and I hacked into a mountain and made a waterfall that flows into an underwater cavern where I’m currently conducting subterranean farming and mushroom growing and neither of us have gone to bed before 1am in the morning in the last week send help I tried to collect my work laptop to move offices by punching it and the thought just occurred to me – I wonder if I can harvest clouds and if so could I make nice things out of it I may build a tower as high as I can make it tonight just to see if I can. help me.

    Guess I’m over my gaming slump.

    • So much crack. I have two versions of the game going right now. My steam version is only just getting up to a usable level. Unlocked 3 more hero slots over the weekend.

      • It’s on Steam? On PC?
        This changes everything.
        For the worse.
        I wonder if I have the RAM to run both Marvel and Minecraft at once. I think I might OD if I do that, but I’ll die a happy man.

  • omg! my application for newstart has been approved! 1 week before I run out of money and can no longer pay rent! crazy miraculous things do happen!!
    I’ll only get a months worth of backpay due to my redundancy money, but better than none at all!

      • nah.. just had some promising sounding interviews.. some of which I’m still waiting to hear the results about 😐

    • “Congratulations, your Newstart application has been approved. Once you have served out the requisite six month waiting period, you will start receiving payments. In the meantime, start staking out your favourite parking lots for yummy dirt.”

      • If you get a note from your real estate, they’ll pay your rent though.

        Happened to a mate of mine after he fell asleep in the back room at work.
        Ha ha! Champion effort.

        • My sister only just got notice of her approval the other day for whatever it is she’d applied for, for while she’s doing the whole Brisbane thing. Basically not going to have got anything for the entire semester, payment will only start once it’s over and she’s back for the holidays :/

  • Just had 2 twelve year olds come up to me at maccas and ask if i was collecting the monopoly cards and if not can they have them, i said i was, they proceed to glare at me and walk to the people at the next table and ask them…crazy scab children

  • It’s a bit odd that I won’t buy some games I’ve been anticipating for a while because the went digital only in my region (SMTIV) but happily purchase another game because digital is so much cheaper (Batman Blackgate).

    • Atlas have been going nuts with discounts on the NA eShop store. About a year after release it dropped to half price, and now it’s regularly popping up on sale every few weeks for that price.
      There is hope yet, Jimu.

      • Yeah, I keep seeing that on Siliconera, they often do sales on US PSN as well, I think P3P cost me 5 or 10 Ameribucks.

  • In /r/afl, someone asked: if all players left all teams and then there was a draft for everyone to rebuild their lists, who would go in the first round?

    There was some other stuff about not necessarily being the best 18 players but honestly, in what world do the clubs not snatch up the best 18 players in the competition with their first picks? I think the problem is that people assume that means the best 18 midfielders. I don’t. I think players like Franklin, Roughead and Tippet would easily go in the first round. But Ablett, Fyfe, Gray and Rockliff would definitely go too.

    With 18 teams picking 40 players each, there are going to be All-Australian players not going until the fifth round or later. Top class defenders might go fairly early but there will still be a lot of very good defenders after the first few rounds.

    It’s a silly question.

    • Sooooo, “What would happen if Supercoach Draft Leagues were implemented in real life but not quite because Supercoach doesn’t take in to account actual best players just best at Supercoach players”?

      That’s a mouthful.

      • “Hmm… I have first pick in this draft. Do I take Gary Ablett or Gary Ablett?”

        How on earth do you try and plan a draft in the first few rounds? It’s ludicrous to say you’d focus on defenders when someone like Tippet or Selwood could be available to you with your first pick and you can take Ballantyne or Fyfe with your second.

        The first few rounds would definitely just be taking the best available player.

    • I like the question, my uncles a recruitment scout for an AFL team.. I’ll put this one back to him and report back with findings.

    • I sat down with my uncle tonight who said the same thing:
      ‘You pick the best 18 players based in talent’, but when I mentioned to him that he’s trying to rebuild a list he thought you should be looking at drafting the best key forward you can and building your side from there.

      Admittedly though he said if he had the first pick, he’d choose Nathan Fyfe because ‘he could be anything’.

  • So after the Splinter Cell Blacklist lovefest yesterday, I happened to noticed a copy of said game in the EB clearance sale.

    $12 for a steelbook version – interestingly, $6 cheaper than its ‘ordinary’ counterpart.

    It’s not that great a steelbook, but it’s all right, and it’s got the game title on the spine, so it wins enough points there to justify the purchase.

    The friendly cashier reminded me that I’ve got a seven day trial and can feel free to bring it back. Maybe he knows something I don’t. Either way, I appreciated the reminder.

    • Wanna hear my awesome EB games experience?

      Picked up Pokemon Explorers of Time yesterday, new for $4. Except for one thing, the staff couldn’t find the flippin’ case. Are you fucking shitting me?! It’s not a fucking new product if I get a damn pre-owned case with no sleeve to go with it!

      So then; I decide to seek out another copy, just for the case.

      I ring the only other store in the state that supposedly has one. The staff there proceed to tell me that that game is on lay-by. Are you fucking shitting me?! On a $4 game! Who can’t pay the $4 in full that they need to take out a damn lay-by?

      Urge to stab very much rising.

      • That sounds like code for the staff member didn’t realise the price until you called and then promptly put it aside to buy it themselves.

      • Okay so the lay-by bit is an exaggeration, the customer had no idea it was currently on sale. Still, the thing that gets to me is that I previously purchased a copy of said game from JB a few years back for a measly $5. In a nice, brand spanking new case, too.

        Just one thing; the actual cartridge was faulty and didn’t play. SO I THREW IT ALL OUT

      • I’ve always been told by my local EB that they don’t layby games, only consoles.

        P.S. That sucks man. When I bought my Wii U from EB it came in a bundle with 3 games, the guy (not one of the usual staff) told me to take the cases off the shelf, so I do, except I can only find cases for Nintendoland with pre-owned stickers on them, I tell the guy and he says “that’s ok, just grab one of those”. I was like “What!” I’m paying for new, I want new goddammit!

      • You can never have too many copies of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers or Darkness and Time. By the way, how’s that going? Which dungeon are you up to?

        • Hahahahaha. Ha. I’ve played like half an hour, sorry.

          I’m getting back into the main series games at the moment, and migrating Pokemon over generations.

          • Probably. It’s the one that’s had the most impact on me, for sure. One of the only times I’ve cried from non-pain reasons. The music is stuck in my head to this day.
            When I made my list for GoodGame, I chose the games that had the most impact, so PMD Explorers, Katawa Shoujo, and Pokemon Gold were at the top.