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    Morning all! How goes the new week? I have nothing exciting to report, but hi anyway!

    Hi all! Welcome to another week.

    Bioshock Infinite is pretty okay. Worth the $10 price of admission for sure.

    Elizabeth makes things pretty easy-mode, though. Whenever I'm short on ammo or health, she just chucks me something. And every thirty seconds, she throws money at me too. On the flip side, I keep forgetting to use my vigors, so combat is harder than it needs to be :P

      I was super bummed that the game wasn't as good as the ads made it be. Mostly because I wanted more of the cool voxpopuli stuff with Daisy Fitzroy. I felt like her character got screwed over :/

        I haven't gotten that far yet. Only just picked up Shock Jockey.

        Will let you know what I think of the story when it's done.

          Ohhh! Oh no, I'm sorry! Sorrrry :(

            Hahaha, I'm not worried. If I play a game more than a year after its release, this sort of thing is totally expected. I'm not too fussed about spoilers for this game either, because I think I've lost my grip on the story anyway! :P

        Yeah, right around the time that I normally would've expected things to be getting pretty meaty with that character, things took a very decidedly turn for the darker. It was a tad unexpected, so I didn't mind.

      I found it handy that she was always finding money. Even though I'm fairly methodical when searching around in FPS games, she would always manage to find something I'd missed!

      So what you're saying is... Bioshock Infinite isn't an FPS shooter, it's a pimp simulatior?

      I hardly used my vigors in the game, but this seems to be a relatively common experience compared to the original Bioshock so I don't know what the cause is, but it seems to be a game design issue. The problem is without the vigors it's basically another shooter. Good, solid game, questionable story decisions, but not really "Bioshock".

        Here's my theory re cause, and it's a game-design issue:
        The first vigor you get is Possession, right? And you can only cast that once, twice maybe, before you're out of salts. And if you were thorough with the searching/looting on your way in, you won't be finding salts for quite a while.

        Which means that the game is training you to get by without your vigors. Instead of giving you limited ammo or weak weapons, they've totally hamstrung the vigor side of things by so drastically limiting their use.

        And by the time you unlock the others, you've already gotten used to not being able to use them, and so you don't even think about it.

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          Since you're playing it now I'll assume you're right - I definitely remember the early vigor usage being extremely limited. Bioshock 1, by comparison, gives you the electric vigor to open a door then you're immediately able to use it in combat. I mean, 30 seconds later you get give an opportunity to electrocute some splicers standing in water which also gives you an achievement. You get a lot of opportunity to play around and the game reinforces it.

          Man, I should replay Bioshock.

          I think you're right. If they'd limited ammo instead, it probably would've been a pretty different experience. As it was, I pretty much only used most vigors to get the unlocks/achievements.

            Spoilers for vigors Shane doesn't have yet
            I found I was using vigors a fair bit but used them heaps once I got undertow. Mostly because one of my favourite parts of the game was knocking people off the edge of columbia

    Good morning everybody, how were your respective weekends?

    Mine was fairly uneventful. Shopping, housework, watching footy. The usual, really. Might have been some video games. Probably some Star Citizen.

    Speaking Star Citizen, for anybody planning on going to the "Not At PAX" Event, on November 1st, tickets are still available. Pick yours up here: (Ping @pixel_the_ferret_viking @rize @blaghman @aliasalpha @jocon @cakesmith @ynefel @mrtaco)

      I saw the announcement that they were going on sale, but they weren't up when I last checked (Friday?). Cheers, for the heads up!

      EDIT: Wait, this is the same night as the meat, isn't it?

      Last edited 22/09/14 8:56 am

        I may or may not have made sure I was next to a computer at noon on Saturday (when they went on sale) hitting F5 over and over again. :P

        It is. But the meat starts an hour earlier

          Yeah, it sucks that it clashes with the meat, I'd love to do both in an ideal world. :(

            Well, you could come for the bowling and then head over. It's doable but it's a hassle

              I'll be attending at the early door open (7pm) so not really doable for myself.

              As much as I really, really want to go to the Star Citizen stuff I know I'll hate myself for either missing the meat or leaving really early.
              @beeawwb, I'm expecting a full report on how awesome it is the next day! :P

                Ok, but you may not get said report until I land back in Brisbane, unless you want to do lunch or something and bask in the glory or whatever signed crap I come back with. :P

                  Now I just wanna give you a bunch of crap to get signed... :P

                  Ah well, still got the Friday thing!

                I feel terrible now D=

                  Don't, you got in first. You're in the clear :P

                  Yeah, what @mrtaco said. TAY meat bowling/karaoke was organised way before SC was even thinking about going to PAX-AU. I've known it'd be a conflict for quite some time, and even then it's more important since only a small subset of the community are going to be interested in SC.

      I would go but will probably be too drunk/busy singing in my trademark squeely voice due to karaoke meat :P

      Hah, I wish. I was hoping to have had a job by now or at least have finished saving for my new laptop rather than be less than 40% of the way there. Sadly no chance of this happening...

    Hello ginger cats.

    My weekend was sad and nothing went right and it was all very disappointing :(

      I know that feeling. My mum's back in hospital again, and everything else went pretty whack with my weekend after that :\ Hopefully this week will get better!

        I really hope your Mum comes home soon and is well.

          Unfortunately, it's not very likely. She's fairly terminal. Not sure how long she's got left. Will treasure every moment I can spend with her though!

            Oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't know. Then yes, do that. Treasure and celebrate her and create memories to keep forever.

              It's ok. No need to apologize :) We've known about it for a while, so we're kind prepared as we can be.

      sucks my friend. I hope things turn around soon. remember to look on the bright side of life :)

      Yes my weekend was like that too.
      At least I'm not on call this week :)

      Here's hoping to a happy Monday for you to kick off a better week!

      I know how you feel.

      We couldn't get past the 3rd encounter in The Vault Of Glass on Saturday.

      And then my dog shit on the new Riverwalk in front of a bunch of people!!!

        haha I saw your tweet or fb post about the poop! Was the guy you tagged in it involved in the building/designing of the Riverwalk?

        That made me laugh more than I expected. Thank you Dan, thank you Dan-Dog.

      Upvote for not being pumpkins or bins today!

      It's a shame your weekend was sad, though. Hopefully your week will be happy. *hugs*

    Played a bunch of Theatrhythm with @greenius last night.

    Well, he played. I struggled along behind him. I'm way too rusty at this for the competitive side. I did win twice at least. So I stayed up until 3am until I was getting S Rank on Ultimates. I now have all the regrets going to work.

      Is Theatrhythm a bit like guitar hero? playing beats along with music?

        Yeah, but on the touch screen. From memory, you've got symbols for tap, hold and directional strokes. Dunno if they've got new stuff in this version, but it gets fun on the harder levels.

        It's more along the lines of Elite Beat Agents / Ouendan really.

          mm well that doesn't help.. I haven't played them either! ;)

            Maybe watch a gameplay video, it'll show you better than anyone can explain it.

            If you like FF music at all, or if you have any nostalgia for the franchise before they set about trying to ruin it recently, then it's a must-play game.

              FF in general bores me to tears. This does look kinda cool though.

        Like what the others have said but this new one (Curtain Call) also has button input if you don't feel like using the Stylus.

        Amazing game for fans of Final Fantasy and its music, a good game for fans of rhythm games but kinda bad if you like neither of those things. Be prepared to put up with A LOT of Final Fantasy tropes and random stuff irrelevant to the actual music gameplay part of it.

          I dun even have a 3ds, so I wont be playing it anytime soon. Was just curious as they've been speaking about it a lot :)

          Like what the others have said but this new one (Curtain Call) also has button input if you don't feel like using the Stylus.Buh? Sounds lame :P

          Do they at least separate the two, so scores using buttons aren't grouped in with scores using the touch screen?

            Kinda! You can swap on the fly and there's just a little icon that says whether you used stylus, buttons, or both

      Still gutted there's no co op.

        They took co-op out? :(

        Fuck that shit. I'm not remotely good enough to want to play against other people.

          I'm not sure if I was terrible or @greenius is just an animal.

            Probably both.

            I haven't ever been able to play the first game co-op because Squenix are giant cockholes and decided they should region-lock the multiplayer so that two people in the same physical space with different region versions of the same game can't play together. :(


              Star Fox 64 3D does the same thing too. Aside from only allowing download play even if you all have the game (wtf even is that??), you can't play it with an out-of-region system. And then you have games like Shinobi where StreetPasses (albeit not particularly useful or important for this game) are region-locked, my friend has a US 3DS and copy of the game but we can never get hits off each other for it.


              *punches wall*

            Based on playing him in bishi bashi I would say the later. Which isn't to say you aren't terrible as well

      Theatrhythm! So much fun!
      I tried a few Ultimates but could only get S ranks on some of them. I use the thumbstick + 'a' button to play, is it easier with the touch screen?

        I've only ever used the stylus so maybe? I have no idea. Buttons and thumbsticks sound awkward when running through it in my head though.

    Good morning all. I managed to finish the second difficulty of One Finger Death Punch... barely! As in I only had one health left in the final fight. Such an epic finishing blow! But the bad news, is that there's one final difficulty, Grandmaster... ;_;

      You can do eeeet! (this is not a guarantee. Questions WILL be asked and no money back)

        I've twisted around my skills to make it easier on me, but some stages... so fast, soooo fast...

    Am I the only one keen on The Evil Within now that Alien Isolation is releasing a few days before?

      Your my only one, Jums.

        Your my? That's so cyclically vicious it makes my head hurt!

          I've been selected to represent the school at the national grammar rodeo at the Sheraton Hotel in Canada.

            Im lost

              It should have been You're my..

                Even with a grammar fix

                  hahaha Dan was merely making a joke about how good his grammar is, by saying he's selected for the grammar rodeo. ;)

                Sure, but why is I 'is only 1?

                  oh well that's a question only @dkzeitgeist could answer I'm afraid! I have no knowledge of his crushes and obsessions! ;) Clearly he thinks highly of you though!


      I'm a bit wary about Alien Isolation concept being able to carry an entire game.

      Last edited 22/09/14 9:09 am

        Yep, What has that developer done? I know Mikami has dun good before...

          The Creative Assembly? They've been around for like 20 years. Did the Total War series.

            Oh ok. Never heard of em

        I was really interested when they were originally pitching it, it sounded like they'd basically taken Amnesia and transplanted it to Alien.

        But recently I've been hearing them talking about stuff like shooting sequences. So I assume they've taken an awesome concept built around one of the best and most iconic SF horror films ever, and instead decided to turn it into a shitty one-note dudebro AAA shooter where periodically you have a stealth sequence involving avoiding an alien. :(

      I'm keen, but I've no idea when we'll get to it. My wife is pretty heavily into playing the balls off of Destiny.

    Good morning friends, hope you guys had a fun weekend.

    I'm off to the Australian Uni Games next week, so I'm trying to get a bunch of work done so I don't feel as if I am playing catch up (ergo, no gaems :C )

    Here's a question I thought of this morning when I was musing how to get myself going this morning, how do you get yourself through a Monday morning at work?

      Have something to eat and go through the emerging new TAY :P

      Sacrificing a small part of me that dies every Monday I work until my being is entirely consumed by the corporate machine.

      Are you competing? In what?

        No unfortunately, I'm coaching MEns & Womens Futsal for the Uni. An ex-AFL player stole my position as girls footy team coach from last year so I've been shoehorned into a new role :P

    On the advice of a punter on the 'what are you playing this weekend' thread I set aside some time and played a good chunk of Spec Ops the Line.

    Glad I did, it's so much more than it at first appears..

      That game really surprised me. I only played it last year, and everyone was telling me I would be surprised... and I was still surprised. One of the best games I've played, hands down.

        It's a clunky arse masterpiece

          So many of the best games are in spite of their mechanics rather than because of them. Look at Shadow of the Colossus for example. It plays like shit.

      A surprise hit, one of the best games of the last few years. I think it would have been extremely popular if the shooting mechanics had been tightened up a bit but then again I feel that contributes to the difficulty, and the difficulty does a lot for the narrative.

    I can't remember who praised it but I played through a bit of RE: Revelations on the weekend and I'm enjoying it quite a bit. Definitely worth the dollars that I threw down on it and a nice return to the older style of Resident Evil games. Getting a bit hyped for Revelations 2 now.

      I dunno if it was me but that is a thing I like to do.


      (Now just put Rev2 on a Nintendo platform Capcom, you stupid dumb poo poo heads.)



    Weird how the home screen music is the BttF theme.

    Weird how there's no Kirby.

    Weird how the controls are confusing.



    So much Hyrule Warriors over the weekend.


      it's so pretty too, I really like how 2 player co op lets one person use the tv and the other the game pad. Having a great time with it so far. Question, do you know what to do with sealed weapons yet?

        Those second controls suck balls!

          yep, will be getting a pro controller, who puts motion controls in a Warriors game? MADNESS!!
          Greenius mentioned he was having issues with the pro so I may hold off a little though,

            Disappointed it wouldn't let my wife use the Wii Classic Pro, but fortunately she wasn't worried about having to wave at people to kill them.

            Pro Controller has worked famously for me! No issues. Maybe he's comparing it to other Warriors games? I wouldn't know either way.

              he mentioned having glitches and weird things happening, good to hear you're doing fine with it, will probably grab one soon.

                It'd be good to have regardless. It's a pretty schmick controller! I use it whenever possible.


                  I just replied but seems to be a hardware issue for me with a semi-faulty controller. I've never had this happened before on any controllers for any systems :/

      Are you coming at it as a Zelda fan, a Warriors fan, or both?

        Both, it's pretty OK.
        If you aint a Zelda fan, it doesnt offer much different except boss fights

        Both, but by far a bigger fan of Zelda. Actually, this is the best experience I've had with a DW-esque's a lot of fun doing this stuff in the Zelda universe

        Last edited 22/09/14 9:25 am

      It's really fun! But how long are they going to make me wait before I get to play as Agitha!? Ugh. (Don't answer this :P Rhetorical complaining)

      Sheik is my favourite character to play as so far, but I'm not very far in yet.

      Might have to check out the next Warriors game after all... (@greenius)

        I've gone through something like 14 levels. I know I've seen her, but I've been playing each level as the recommended person so I haven't tried her out yet.

        However, I don't think I want to... :P

        Sheik has a Song of Storms button. IT IS THE BEST.

        Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate just came out but I haven't played them before (my copy is on its way). Samurai Warriors 4 comes out soon but Warriors games generally have a "SUPER BETTER THAN THE EDITION YOU BOUGHT LAST YEAR" version so I'd hold out for that.

        Dynasty Warriors 8 had its BETTER EDITION come out recentlyish and it's been fairly cheap a few times on PS3/PSN so check that out! I've played that one and it's fun :D. SO MANY CHARACTERS THOUGH. Hyrule Warriors definitely has more variety (as they should with only a handful of characters :P)

      I think I did the first 3 levels and then mucked around a bunch more in adventure mode so I could make a few more badges.
      It's pretty much exactly what I expected, which is exactly what I've been wanting for years - a DW game with a little something extra. Only been playing solo with pro controller so far.

      Question: what's the difference between DW and Zelda controls?

        From what I saw in the settings menu, it looked to just swap some of the ABXY buttons around.

          It's a little weird that A is a 'sometimes button', maybe I'll switch it up before I get too used to it.

      Actually the only thing I would've liked in Hyrule Warriors is full voice acting during the fights. They're trying to follow Zelda's example but it somehow feels a bit old fashioned in this game. (Plus it's pretty hard to read text bubbles during fights)

      But I'm one of those people who wants Zelda proper to be fully voiced, so I'm a bit biased :P

        It's a bit strange when someone does a reaction shout while their mouth is moving with the text :P

        I don't know if I would have liked it fully voiced, purely because it is a Zelda game. Maybe I'm just wary they'll pick voices that don't match the characters? Regardless, I'm content with letting off the ol' Ganondorf chuckle once in a while.

          The observation was made while I was playing: "So they're not speaking, just making sex noises?"

            I got the exact same thing from my wife whenever Lana would be in a conversation :P

    Morning all. How were your weekends?

    Mostly work for me again, weird how quiet it was at work now school holidays have started (not that I'm complaining). Got a little bit of gaming in, thought I'd try out Costume Quest as the sequel (that I've pre-oredered) comes out in about two weeks, turns out it's a pretty cool guy, I found it quite enjoyable @dc. So I'll more than likely be splitting my time between that, Disney Infinity and Destiny this week.

    Noticed you got Disney Infinity @beardymcmuttonchops, what do you think of it?

      I went to @Gutsoup 's and played Hyrule, it made me waggle to attack T_T

      Went home and Remote Played some Orochi 3.

        it was fun, except for waggle controls, I'll make sure next time is better.

      Costume quest is great
      Me and Mrs Tigs played through that together and while not difficult at all it is lots of fun.
      Hopefully it will be a good this time round as well


        Yeah, only had a few hours with it so far, and it is quite fun.

      I'm really enjoying it! It's pretty much the perfect game for my wife and I to play. She's not a huge gamer, but she loves playing co-op. And Disney Infinity is pretty much the best of both worlds for both of us.

      I haven't played around much with the Toy Box mode yet, but the Guardians of the Galaxy campaign has been really fun.

      The toys themselves are really well made, but unfortunately there are a couple of sloppy paint applications on some of the figures.

      But this is the first game I've ever been able to fly around the Avengers Tower as Iron Man, so that's a big win in my book!

        Yeah, it's a lot of fun, I just have to get a second controller so my son can join in for some co-op goodness. I haven't messed around much with the Toy Box yet either. Just completed the Guardians Of The Galaxy playset this morning. Going through the Avengers playset (for the second time) now. Gonna pick up the Spider-Man playset on Friday.

        How are you going with collecting the crossover discs? I've just collected the last one in the Avengers playset (again), and I've only got one more to get in the GotG playset, I know where it is, but I just can't get to it, I'm sure I'll figure it out soon enough.

        Just a tip, make sure you save to a USB or the cloud regularly, I didn't and bam, I got a corrupt save and had to start all over again, pretty much straight after I'd completed the Avengers playset too.

        Yeah, the figures are pretty good quality for the most part, my, that said my Captain America's got a bit of overspray.

    I don't want to drive ever again.

    I have to drive down to Adelaide in about a month for my sister's wedding.

      From Dubbo to Melbourne and back in one weekend? I estimate out of 48 hours you spent about 28 of them on the road.

        Just under 20 and we left on Friday to get back this morning. Still sucks though.

      Road trips \o/
      Hope you don't end up with any speeding fines.

        I'll find out some time this week if I did. I wouldn't be surprised. There was a lot of speeding, although never by a lot.

          There's also a horrendous amount of cameras more so on the way up ive noticed

    My weekend was weird. I was going to have a "friends come over and hang out" weekend in two weeks but last thing Friday night one of my friends is no longer free that weekend and we decide he's going to come and hang out this weekend instead.

    We had planned to do some couch co-op Diablo III but instead wind up spending all Saturday night watching my wife play Destiny, then all Sunday morning watching my friend play Destiny while I try in vain to engage someone in conversation then mostly give up and decide to play Minecraft. We did play a little Diablo III, at 2am on Sunday morning, but we didn't make it far before we all decided it was time to sleep.

    And now it's 5 days until I get another weekend.

    All in all I consider the experience unsatisfactory. I mean I like Destiny and I like spending time with friends but I kind of feel like it would have been a more productiove weekend if my friend just stayed home and we communicated via Xbox Live.

      I remember in early primary school I once got to go visit a friend at his house, and he had a NES. We did not have one.
      I spent the whole day glued to it, even to the point of staring at the pause screen while eating lunch.
      After I got dropped home I got flogged by my mother for being so rude and completely ignoring my friend, and I was assured that we'd never be getting one because of that.
      I'm glad I learned that lesson early, at least.

        The weird thing is I apologised to my friend when I was giving him a ride home and he seemed completely unperturbed by it. He enjoyed taking turns on Destiny and talking about it and generally just hanging out/being social even though there was less multiplayer/couch gaming or roundtable discussions like usual. I mean, we did go out to dinner as well so that's something.

        It seems I'm the only one who felt put out by it, I guess because as host I felt like I had failed?

          Ah, hosting pressure.
          My last birthday I made everyone else play a board game while I sat out and made sure drinks were readily supplied and that everyone was happy. And it was ... satisfying. Whereas if I'd done something I might have felt like I was ignoring someone. Also why I hate being responsible for large gatherings since that nagging obligation will always be there (unless I get drunk, then it just manifests as guilt the next day)

    After 15 hours, I have to say that Wasteland 2 is pretty damned impressive. It's a bit on the clunky side in places but it's bloody good fun. I'm liking the fact that it's one of those games where you can just wander wherever you want and find things you're woefully unequipped to deal with and if you're careful you can just manage to struggle through.

    I stumbled into an attack site where I bumped into a trio of robots who each had collectively as many hit points as my entire fairly low level party. I planned to run away as one would when confronted with 3 huge robots with more than 1500hp between them but I'd recently saved and had a few grenades so I thought I'd have a crack at them. Took all of my explosives and 2 of my party went down in the fight but damn if I didn't manage to take the mechanical bastards down! Made me wish I'd bought the AT weapons from that wanker travelling salesman who had his head up his arse, it'd have been quite handy in that fight. As would the robot ally I found afterwards, reprogrammed and ended up wasting on the far easier fight in that encounter. The fight I rather amusingly skirted around thinking "I've never fought robots before and those guys look small, I bet they're actually horribly dangerous"...

      I'm probably just intellectually and common sense challenged, but I feel like sometimes it doesn't explain things very well.
      Maybe I just need to get used to the 'freedom' Wasteland 2 offers though.
      I saved Highpool and couldn't progress with the election because I was supposed to heal the patients at the Doctor's even though when I asked him if he needed help he said no.
      I moved onto AG and wandered around because I was under the impression I would be able to limit the growth at AG any further but apparently it was a lost cause.

      Good times, just a little rough.

      Wasteland 2 is out?

      I like how I kickstarted it and they haven't actually sent me an update on it releasing, let alone my access key. :(

        Have you done the survey thing they sent you on kickstarter months ago? Signed up for the ranger centre website? If you have, you should have the beta key accessible from there and that's also the steam key for the full game

        I think it is another of those annoying,
        You need to login to our forum and check your account details here and you can get your code from there. Isn't that much more convenient than us just sending you a code

        That was how I got mine, think there was an update saying we are now launched through the standard kickstarter page but nothing other than that.

          Oh right, another one of them.

          I hate having to sign up for other sites just to get the thing I paid for. I have zero interest in backer forums or participating in their development or anything.

      Are the recommended specs high and does it play like Fallout Tactics?

        In answer to both questions: Moderately. There's elements of Fallout Tactics in there, enough that if you don't use cover you'll be at a disadvantage but not like playing X-Com on ironman impossible where if you don't end your turn in full cover you've pretty much lost the entire game. It's not Fallout Tactics to the extent of having the option to go prone (unfortunately) or having loads of miscellaneous stuff you'll only use in extremely rare circumstances but you do benefit a lot from playing in a tactical manner rather than standing still and shooting like mad.

        As for the specs, you won't be running it on a netbook or complete piece of crap laptop but a low grade gaming machine should be able to run it well enough

        PC System Requirements
        OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 (32 or 64 bit)
        Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD equivalent
        Memory: 4 GB RAM
        Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 or Radeon HD 4850 (512 MB VRAM)
        DirectX: Version 9.0c
        Hard Drive: 30 GB available space
        Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card

        OS: Windows 7/8/8.1 (64 bit)
        Processor: Intel i5 series or AMD equivalent
        Memory: 4 GB RAM
        Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or Radeon HD 5770 (1 GB VRAM)
        DirectX: Version 9.0c
        Hard Drive: 30 GB available space
        Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card

          Waiting for Christmas for it then and gonna play tactics instead until then because my laptop cant run it

    Ugh... so tired. Roadworks outside all night, and no way to close the freaking louvres, so "slept" to the peaceful sounds of jackhammers and sirens. Come back tomorrow, Monday, I'm not ready yet.

    Last edited 22/09/14 9:41 am

    I'm dubbing this "find a (better) job week" for me, cause I hate my job, and am determined to try and find something better while Christmas casual jobs are going.
    Some people should join in (I ain't even gonna bother tagging, cause you know who you are).

    Also, it's Christmas soon(ish)! :D
    (don't any of you try to tell me otherwise)

      I believe @freezespreston is well aware that Christmas is coming. I'm still some time away from that revelation, thank goodness.

      Good luck with the job hunt, man!

      As an insomniac, this frightens me! Only 2 sleeps to go! :0

    This weekend I tried to get Mr. Strange to buy us Diablo III or the kids Disney Infinity 2.0 but neither happened. He wouldn't even buy himself Infamous: Second Son. He has JB vouchers but is all paralysed with indecision. So I spent most of the weekend doing quilty things. I think we'll be getting the kids Disney Infinity for Christmas, though. :D

      Good thing you spent the weekend doing quilty things because it is @masha Monday!!!

    I been playing Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate and realised there is very little reason to use the recommended team. Apparently all it changes is in fight dialogue which I miss anyway because it's in Japanese and I don't have time to read during an action game.

    It's quite good though, lots to do.

    Fantasy Life this weekend though, FANTASY LIFE!

    I had an ok weekend. Went to an engagement party on Saturday night. Was pretty boring, not a lot of people I knew. Good food though, and I didn't have to pay for drinks. Also Hawthorn got into the Grand Final for the third year in a row. Missed the final quarter as I was at the engagement party. Was able to keep an eye on the score though. Closer than it should have been. Also in the afternoon, I watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which was awesome.

    Sunday I didn't do much, went to church and also watched a replay of the UFC Fight Night from Japan, which was a pretty great lot of fights. Hunt vs Nelson was as good as I expected. Apparently a friend of mine was actually there, sooooooo jealous.

    Anyway, that's pretty much all I did on my weekend.

      The football was extremely close towards the end. If there were an extra 30 seconds on the clock, Port Adelaide would have won.

    @lucifer9783 thanks for your patience in explaining shit to me in Minecraft over the weekend. I haven't seriously played it for a couple of years (I think I quit playing it regularly just prior to the enchanting table/potions update, whenever that was) so the progressive updates since then and especially the recent 1.8 update have left me in the dust.

    I now have a butcher AND a cleric in my storeroom and you're welcome to visit as often as you like. \o/

      There's potions and enchanting in there?! Last time I played was just after they added horses!

        I thought potions and enchanting were way older than horses. I think they added horses about a year ago, when @zetrox2k first started a server? I found some horse armour but never found a horse - then again I didn't stay on the server long because I had some horrible lag. The current server is great though.

          mm perhaps they did? I never really followed closely along with the game too much. I certainly never came across enchanting or potion stuff when I played though. Whether it's because I didn't play long enough or not I can't say though.

            I think enchanting came it around the same time they added the XP bar - killing mobs, breeding, fishing, mining drops and smelting ores all give you XP, which you can then use to enchant weapons, tools and armour - to make an enchanting table you need obsidian, diamonds and a book.

            And after that you need to surround your table with at least 15 bookcases to max out enchantments at level 30 - and books are now a huge pain in the ass to make since you need leather for the covers instead of just paper!

              breeding? fishing?! fuck me... there's a lot in this game I missed I think! ;)

                It's a whole different game compared to even when I started which was only 2010.

    I've been thinking about Undad a lot recently.

    I think I've figured out why I'm having trouble letting it go. Why it's sunk its diseased teeth deep into me and won't let go. I got my first clue on Roo-ock Day. I started writing something that said "I'm not okay. I'm drowning" about a dozen times, but couldn't find the right words or the courage to post it.

    So, in the vein of this blog post, in which I briefly outline the ways in which my writing reflects my own life and experience, I present the unexpected Undad-update:

    Undad - 2014

    2014 was not a good year for me. The depression with which I had been struggling on and off for several years was amplified significantly by a series of writing-related setbacks and a sudden significant increase in workload caused by the arrival of my third child. My ongoing wrestle with depression is something that, for whatever reason, I am really struggling to share with friends and family. I don't want to burden them, I don't want to risk rejection, whatever it is... reaching out for help is beyond me at the moment.

    It's almost exactly what Brett Buckley is going through.

    His condition (he's dead inside, haha #clevermetaphor(notreally)) has created this rift between the man he is and the man he wants to be, and is driving a deep wedge between himself and his family. He tries to distance himself from them, to protect them from himself, but that obviously is a path doomed to failure, because in his heart, he doesn't actually want to lose them. He seeks solace and answers in medicine, psychiatry and religion, but they all lead to dead ends.

    In the end, Brett will realise that there is no one out in the world that can help him. He will have no choice but to seek remedy and redemption at home. He fears they will flee from the monster he has become, that they will despise his weakness. This is what rock-bottom feels like.

      No one will think any less of you. You wouldn't think any less of any of us if we had the same issues, so don't think we'd abandon you.

      What's happening with Undad?
      sucks to hear you're not doing well, I hope things improve for you (I can relate, I cannot share and bottle everything). Did you find writing a character you can relate to so much helped you or made you dwell on issues you have?

        It's a way of dealing. Writing the story helps me pretend I have control over things I really have no control over. I think it helps more than it hinders.

        And re: what's happening with Undad.
        Coming soon

        Last edited 22/09/14 10:46 am

          oh good, well if it helps you keep it up, I look forward to the next issue. I thought from your message you might have canned the project.

      You'll be OK mate, just stay strong keep TAYING, keep active, try new things and socialise. Keep pushing through and with time things will get better. I've struggled with Depression for 16 years and I think I finally have a handle on it but the bastard sure is tough to break out of when it gets it's hooks into you.

      Everyone here loves you, Shane.
      Internet hugs inbound.

    Oh, I also managed to make it to level 25 in Destiny, but have still yet to experience coop :'(
    I feel a little silly, cause I went out and bought a headset and everything... :S
    (only a cheapy, but still)

    Leper of TAY represent'

      Crash my games, bro! Crash my games!

      I shall seek you out next time.

        I hate the idea of "crashing" someones game :3
        It seems rude to me, haha!
        I'd rather be invited to join someone else's game, or have them crash mine :3

          But the invite takes me out to the PSN menu out of the game, causing thirty seconds of inconvenience! ...I'm totally going to crash your game. On the plus side, you're 20+, so I know you've finished the story... that's cool.

          (Personally, I think doing the story solo is the best thing to do, anyway. It's much more atmospheric and tense that way, allowing you to go at your own pace and drink in the gorgeous scenery.)

            I was 20+ before I finished the story :3
            I finished the story at lv 23 on Saturday :)

    Destiny is fantastic, Manchester United are not. :'(

    Had a good weekend of Destiny (got to L23), paintball (really fun, Sydney's largest course - just too hot), drinks, BBQ and more Destiny. It's the first game since maybe Halo 3/MW2 where I('ve) really want(ed) to quit my job/school just to play more. :P

    That's not a very aesthetically pleasing, flowing or correct paragraph is it? Sorry.

    Well I hope you all had fun as well and Monday morning isn't too taxing on you.

    On and up.

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