Tell Us Dammit: After Destiny

So the absolutely mental month that will be October is almost here, easily the most stacked month this year in terms of releases. Now that Destiny is in-stores and wedged into your console, do you have grand designs on any other releases this year? What are you looking forward to now?

I have a couple of games I'm particularly excited for. The first is Alien: Isolation. I've been looking forward to this one since it was announced. It has a helluva lot of promise and I hope it delivers. The second is Assassin's Creed: Unity. I don't know if this game is really the Assassin's Creed revamp I was hoping for, but it sure as hell looks like a grand step forward for the series. I'm really keen to see how it all hangs together as a package.

That's my two — what are you guys and girls looking forward too?


    Binding of Isaac Rebirth. To me there is nothing else!

    The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Alien: Isolation, Dragon Age: Inquisition and Costume Quest 2.

    I'm honestly having trouble looking forward to anything coming out this year. I don't care about MCC, I don't think I can do another Assassins Creed, and I'm completely sick of Call of Duty.

    Only game I can think of that I may be interested in is Dragon Age 3, but even then I'm still waiting for reviews.

    I'm actually thinking about waiting until Bloodborne to pick up a PS4.

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      IF you had told me prior to Destiny coming out that I would not really care about any other games coming out (other than maybe forza horizon 2...maybe) I would have thought you silly, but Destiny has a hook that keeps you in and makes playing other games seem unnecessary. I can drive stuff, shoot stuff, upgrade stuff.... and if I get bored with that I play trials. I now have a perfect world of gaming..... (and a new DLC release for Trials in October! Win!)

        I wish I could get excited for Destiny. But that beta bored me and all this talk on necessary grinding pretty much confirms it.

          I got to 20 yesterday (21 now), and so far have spent about 24 hours on campaign and associated patrols / strikes - I have not done any grinding as yet, and it has just been fun. I don't usually like FPS, and am not fantastic at them, but there is something about it that keeps me interested....

    Smash Bros! Although that is a little further out. Cannot wait. Bring out the GC controllers and get me some amiibos!

      So much this. I just hope destiny can keep me occupied until the Wii U version comes out. Fingers crossed for November release!

    Alien: Isolation if it's good, otherwise I'm pretty de-hyped for everything else new. I'm mainly looking forward to some of the big titles in my backlog like Arkham Origins, South Park, Assassin's Creed IV, Beyond: Two Souls, Spec Ops, Dead Space 3, Deus Ex: HR... Wow, so much good stuff, not enough hours in the day!

      Spec ops is my favourite out of all your list. Get ready to be blown away.

      Prioritize Deus Ex and South Park!

    Smash Bros for 3DS (though after playing the demo, a little less so)
    Freedom Wars
    and I guess Shadow of Mordor.

    My enthusiasm tho is not like huge, but just above average.

    Borderlands and possibly Football Manager if there's a significant improvement over 2014 which I really struggled to get into.

    Also needing to play a few games I haven't touched from this year. Divinity Original Sin, Wasteland 2, The Last Of Us on PS4 and Gauntlet. Meaning to play them all but Destiny has gotten in the way. I'm so glad Batman got put back though

      I almost forgot Civ Beyond Earth. I'm really looking forward to that but my excitement will properly grow in a couple of weeks

    I loved Dragon Age Origins so I'm a bit excited for Inquisition. I'll hold off on everything else till I can take a good look at them. Excited for Shadow of Mordor but I've been burned by Lord of the Rings too many times.

    EDIT: Fantasy Life is a little bit interesting for me.

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    I second Beyond Earth and the big one for me will be Homeworld 1/2 HD. Can't wait :-)

    My most anticipated upcoming releases for the next few months in no particular order.
    Smash Bros Wii U , Alien isolation, Far Cry 4 (going to wing suit into everything), Dragon Age: Inquisition & Shadow of Mordor. Actually pretty excited about the rest of the year as far as games go.

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    So many games and i'll be overseas for work for a's gonna be fun times when i get back!

    That Ripley hair! Such body...

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    I almost preordered Alien, but the last game I preorded was Doom 3 and that has put me off for life.

    I really hope it's good, but I'm moving to a new place on friday and I'm not hooking up internet for as long as I can handle it, so there'll not be a lot of gaming for me. I've been keeping it on the down low for a while anyway, I want to concentrate on my writing, which is done on the same device as my gaming, and they seem to be incompatible with each other.

    Ar noSurge. It's objectively probably not a great game and it's a dumb niche JRPG but I'm unreasonably excited for it because it's basically a return to Ar Tonelico II and that was one of my favourite PS2 games even despite the terrible localization

    NBA 2k15 on PC finally getting the port we deserve

    Natural Doctrine and Bayonetta 2 are my current hype machines. That and the Playstation/Vita TV.

    My month is November. I'll get Sunset Overdrive at the end of October but then it's all about Dragon Age. Will be getting WWE as well, but maybe not on day one.

    i am a 34 yr old male and im looking forward to fantasy life on 3DS. ill just go over to this corner here to contemplate what ive just said....

    I don't really think anything other than Destiny is really going to be a priority. I'm remaining cautiously optomistic that Alien: Isolation won't be a flop but not enough so that I'm invested in it at launch. I'm also taking a short break from Assassin's Creed before picking up Unity and Rogue because I only JUST finished ACIII and Black Flag in the last month.

    The next thing really on my radar is the Halo: Master Chief Collection, because my wife and I really, really want to try our hand at the revamped Halo 3 multiplayer and relive our glory days since Halo Reach got kind of shitty after the first year or so and Halo 4 just plain sucked altogether.

    I have Binding of Isaac Rebirth pre-ordered on Steam but BoI has always been something I do in between other things rather than an active focus-title.

    I'm not interested in Call of Duty anymore, Advanced Warfare will have to be something really special for me to drop cashdollars on it.

    When does Beyond Earth come out? I want that, but I've still not played CiV since picking up the Brave New world expansion so it can certainly wait.

    I am looking forward to Alien: Isolation. Hopefully it wont be a huge pile of manure that Colonial Marines was.

    Although, the powerloader statue is pretty awesome.

    Dragon Age: Inquisition I have really high hopes for. Also pretty keen on Civilization: Beyond Earth.

    I just bought X-Com Enemy Within! Also Rayman Origins. And I have a pile of shame that includes a half-finished Catherine. I'm looking forward to playing them!

      Have you played Xcom yet?

        Nope! I'm currently finishing off Bioshock Infinite. Think X-Com will be next, though!

    Playing more Destiny.
    Now that we're getting New 3DS in November, I think I'll just save my pennies for that and pick up the games I want during Christmas/New Year sales.

    Dragon Age: Inquisition
    Alien: Isolation
    Sunset Overdrive
    GTA V remastered to the MAX
    FC4....hope so, but just not sold on it.
    Shadow of Mordor....potentially.
    AC: some point.
    One of the slew of driving games: Forza, The Crew, Drive Club? Not sure.

    Legend of Grimrock 2, October 15.

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