Thanks To Bootleggers, There's An Actual Hearthstone Card Game

Thanks To Bootleggers, There's an Actual Hearthstone Card Game

As reported on Games in Asiathis unofficial recreation costs about 300RMB or $50. With it you get two sets of every class' card, four of every normal and legendary, and extras for the ones with multiple spawns (like good old Unleash The Hounds).

For things like status effects, such as Taunt or Deathrattle, there are tokens while a set of wheels can be clicked around to show health and attack. According to a play test there are enough bits for "each player to have seven minions on the board at once; tokens to count bonus spell damage; and a mechanic for drawing random cards like you'd need to for the Priest's Mind Vision".

Thanks To Bootleggers, There's an Actual Hearthstone Card Game

It's all built off a pre-Curse of Naxxramas build, so it's already quite outdated compared to the current official game.

The main drawback overall is that all those cards, wheels, tokens and other physical faff mean that a 30 second digital turn takes upwards of five minutes here.

Thanks To Bootleggers, There's an Actual Hearthstone Card Game

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    How does all the RNG stuff work?

      How do you interact with the board? I want to smash those pumpkins!

      Umm the dice that are in the picture?

        So how does arcane missile or knife juggler work with a dice?

          In MTG, you generally say to your opponent something like... "X target is even numbers, Y is odd. Toss the dice however many times needed and calculate."

    You assign each target a number and roll said dice. If there is more targets than their is numbers on your dice then you assign groups then individual numbers. Hurr durr

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