The Best Part Of Destiny's Midnight Launch Was The Cake

EB Liverpool's midnight launch was the 'Official' midnight launch for Destiny last night, which probably means that it was the event that had the most money spent on it! For the most part it looks like it was a midnight launch like every other midnight launch you've ever been to — with one exception. It had a massive Destiny themed cake.

I mean seriously, that is a pretty big cake. It's also pretty spiffy on the details as well, to the point where I wasn't even certain it was a cake until I took a real close look at it. But nope, it's definitely a cake.

Oh, and while we're at it, here are some obligatory shots of people queuing up for that video game everyone is talking about.

But guys, the real story here is the cake. I wonder what happened to the cake. Did people eat it? Did it just sit there untouched? It seems like a shame to not eat the cake. But it also seems like a shame to eat it. I'm confused, but I will not rest until I find out what happened to this cake.


    My copy still doesn't unlock until 5pm. Just in time to knock off work ;)

    Wait a minute, no one knows what happened to the cake..?

    Destiny Launch = Cake
    Cake = Lie

      Why are people down voting this??? He's making a joke people, relax!

        Perhaps they realised there is no Portal 3 or Halflife 3 Coming any time soon and released their rage as an angry mouse breaking downvote.

          Gamers releasing rage on each other, and developers/publishers is the worst aspect of gaming :( Worse even then the lack of Portal 3 and Halflife 3!

    So... the game itself was not as good as cake?

    What am I saying...Nothing is as good as cake! ^_^

    Game-themed cakes which overuse hard icing look cool but usually taste like ass. At that point you might as well use marzipan, plus it doesn't look at all appetising.

      Someone's jealous that they didn't get to try the cake :P

        Not gonna lie. I'd like to be able to say "I ate a Destiny cake!"

    Yeah, it certainly wasn't the game. There had to be some silver lining to staying up past midnight.

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