The Big Question: Video Games Or Videogames?

Man, this is a big one. Let's settle this once and for all. Do you write video games like 'video games', with the space, or 'videogames'? This debate has gone on long enough.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have already spotted my position on the matter. I am and have always been a 'video game' man. I like the space between the words. I don't know why, I just do.

The most important thing, for me, is to be consistent. So I've been writing 'video game' as two separate words. I've been doing it for a long time and I intent to continue along this path.

What say you?



      Nope, thats a US company that makes console cases / mini-monitors.

    I've always seen it as an adjective/noun combo.

    'board games'
    'ball games'
    'kids' games'
    'video games'

      video store
      video player
      video killed the radio star
      video games

    I always seem to write "computer games", even for console, handheld and mobile games, not sure why. Sometimes I get a bit annoyed that there's not a good single word title for the medium that I find satisfying.

      I see 'computer games' different to 'videogames' as a 'computer game' can only exist on a PC/Mac. Whereas a Videogame can exist on any platform whatsoever.

      Nah, you're all good, because a console, smart phone etc is just a mini computer by a different name.

    I have never actually paid attention, but my preference is "video games" because "videogames" feels like it's the same as writing "alot", which is only acceptable if you are talking about fictional mammals.

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      Yep. Like writing 'thankyou'. Just because people do it, doesn't make it okay.

    I'd say two separate words.

    I think these days though, I just say games (sans the video).

    Two words I guess, but I usually just say "games" because ... "have we got a video?"

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    Interestingly, 'videogames' looks wrong, but 'boardgames' seems fine to me.

    What about video-games Mark? What about video-games...

    I always purposely mispronounce all games as 'gams'. Kind of like how I emphasise the "Ginal' part when talking about an packet of original flavoured chips. Actually, just disregard everything I say.

      You can't just throw in a hyphen anywhere you want! Can't we mainatain some basal level of civility here!

    I use both.

    I use the adjective/noun form - Video Games - when I'm thinking in the academic/formal sense of "game". In other words, in terms of rules and goals.

    And I use the compound noun form - Videogames - when I'm thinking about electronic interactive experiences as a whole, because Electronic Interactive Experiences hasn't caught on as a common phrase and isn't likely to.

    Compound words are common in English (, and "videogame" may or may not be part of the list one day. Or a better term might come along. For now, this works for me.

    I used to write/think videogames (or simply games), but I think my love of board games over the years has changed it so I now go with video games.

    This is an evolution of the oft-used 'thankyou', 'alot' or 'instore'. Cramming together two word components is generally a US style preference, but in British/Australian English, it's just generally shoddy grammar.

      Welcome to our instore training. We have plenty of awesome things in store for you, so hold onto your hats. I'd like start by saying thank you for the thankyou card I received. It means a lot to me. I'm now going to allot you all seats so we can begin.

    Pixel art! Come on guys if comics can be called "graphic novels" surely we can start calling video games pixel art!

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