The Bronze Statue Raccoon-Obsessed Sly Cooper Fans Deserve

The Bronze Statue Raccoon-Obsessed Sly Cooper Fans Deserve

He may not be the most popular video game mascot, but his fans love Sly Cooper with the force of a thousand lesser fans, more than enough to warrant a $US210 12-inch statue with a gleaming bronze finish.

I was impressed enough with the $US200 normal edition of Gaming Heads’ Sly Cooper statue, the fourth piece in their continuing PlayStation All-Stars line. It’s a lovely likeness of my second-favourite raccoon, poised to strike or hook a power line or eat a sandwich with his signature dramatic flair.

They have captured his finer points quite nicely, especially the tail. The tail is very important. If I’m going to play a game series for days at a time, I might as well have something fluffy to look at.

I immediately felt the connect this piece had to my wallet. Then I saw this.

That right there is a work of art. Sure, I ‘m losing all of the lovely black-and-white contrast which makes a raccoon a raccoon, but I’m pretty sure my mind can fill in the blanks.

It’s like Sly Cooper just won an award for being the best Sly Cooper, and this is the trophy they handed him to mark the occasion.

Limited to a mere 350 pieces (the regular edition gets 750), the bronze exclusive edition of Gaming Heads’ Sly Cooper is now available for preorder, with an expected ship date in the second quarter of 2015. I highly recommend holding off on preordering until I scrape together enough cash to preorder mine.