The Clue Mansion, Completely Remade In The Sims 4

The Clue Mansion, Completely Remade in The Sims 4

Killing someone with a candlestick might be impossible in The Sims 4, but apart from that, everything looks perfect in raiderofawesome and PushingUpRoses' recreation of the Boddy Mansion from the murder mystery board game Clue (or Cluedo for Europeans).

Here's a huge gallery with the mansion itself, and characters such as Mrs. Peacock or General Mustard, with a little bit of Luigi's Mansion vibe:

Clue "Boddy Mansion" in The Sims 4 [imgur, via reddit]


    Fun! I never knew why Clue is renamed Cluedo here in Australia? Also, its new boxart is super ghetto.

      I think it's called "Cluedo" pretty much everywhere except the US. It's a play on the word "ludo", Latin for "I Play".

        Well there you go! Thank you, learned friend :)

        Ludo is also a reasonably well known board game in the UK that's derived from the Indian game pachisi. It's one of those relatively simple games where you roll dice to move, and there are a lot of variants around the world (I think most Australians probably remember Trouble). In the states it was well known as Parcheesi at the time rather than Ludo, so when "Cluedo" was released it was renamed "Clue" instead, assuming not enough people would understand the reference.

      I re-watched this movie recently. It's not as good as I remember. In fact, it's actually quite boring until you get to the mad running around at the end, which is still brilliant.

      Edit: That wasn't really intended as a direct reply to you. My browser flipped out.

      Last edited 18/09/14 10:23 am

        I refuse to hear a bad word about that movie :P

    Appropriate since EA has killed its fair share of franchises.

    I always thought the abundance of corridors in Cluedo was just a board game mechanic, so I didn't expect them to translate as well as they did in 3D.

    I guess the difference between designing a house and designing a mansion is that you can afford 'dead space' in the latter.

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