The Creepiest Super Mario Easter Egg

The Creepiest Super Mario Easter Egg

The third and final instalment of Did You Know Gaming's Super Mario Easter Egg Hunt takes us from Super Mario 64 straight through to Super Mario Galaxy 2, where we come across mysterious creatures that still give me nightmares.

Why does a lovely discussion about Yoshi cameos in the original Super Mario 64 and the oddly-placed reference to Stephen King's The Shining in Super Mario Sunshine have to end on such a downer?

These nondescript figures are part of the canyon texture in Super Mario Galaxy 2's Shiverburn Galaxy stage, so you can't just go hopping up to them with a friendly plumber wave. No, they sit there, dark and ominous, watching you, judging you.

They also appear in almost every single bad dream I've had since playing the game. Never close — always off in the distance, witnessing whatever subconscious horror my mind can concoct with what I can only imagine is grim approval.

Enjoy the video!


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