The Deadpool Movie Is Official, Out In 2016

The Deadpool Movie Is Official, Out In 2016

Not two months after that impressive test footage "leaked", we now have word that a standalone Deadpool movie is going to be a thing.

Tim Miller will direct, and while Ryan Reynolds hasn't been confirmed to star, come on. Ryan Reynolds will surely be starring.

Interestingly, in the same Hollywood Reporter article it says that the Assassin's Creed movie has been shifted from its planned Summer 2015 release date because it "won't be ready in time, according to insiders".

'X-Men' Spinoff 'Deadpool' Gets Winter 2016 Release Date [THR]


    Expect the movie to be nothing like the test footage.

      Yeah, it will probably be done seriously, or so over the top with too many 4th wall breaking jokes that it will be a product of what people found with the license.

        Hopefully it won't be overdone. It'll be a tight line to walk between making it, like you said, too deadpan and ott sarcasm and 4th wall breaking.

        If it is done perfectly though, the fun bit will be people who don't know Deadpool at all but just go to see it as just another superhero film, I don't know what they'll be thinking when they leave the cinema :D

          If you read the dead pool comics you will know exactly what to expect. Deadpool is extremely profain. If you don't want the rude offensiveness then its not for you

    I should be skeptical about this but I don't care. IM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS NEWS!!!!! FUCK YES!!!!!

    I like watching the lead up to superhero movies more than I enjoy the movies themselves. The way the internet is used to market these flicks and drive hype is fascinating to me.
    I don't think anything really gets "leaked" any more, (as pointed out by Luke). It seems like footage, etc getting out is inevitable, and the way the movie studios are harnessing that inevitability is interesting.

    Thanking Jebus we won't be seeing Channing Tatum. What was that all about, anyway?

    Here's hoping they don't dumb it down to a PG rating.

    No Ryan Reynolds confirmed... that could be a bad sign. He said he'd only be doing the movie if the script was good. So if he's not involved then it's quite possible that they've got a bad script on their hands.

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