Snake’s Pet Wolf Can Die In Metal Gear Solid V

Snake’s Pet Wolf Can Die In Metal Gear Solid V

Whoa, whoa, whoa. WHAT? I’m out. I’m still traumatised by the horse in Shadow of the Colossus. I don’t think I can take a dog-based loss. Especially when we’ve established Snake’s wolf is adorable.

The latest news out of TGS (via NeoGAF, and a Dengeki interview translated by @JunkerHQNet) is that the dog, called DD (for Diamond Dog), Quiet the Sniper and even Snake’s horse, can all suffer permanent in-game deaths. The three form part of a buddy system that lets you pick companions to come with you on missions but all risk being killed if you take them with you.

Only Quiet’s abilities have been outlined so far. She can be ordered to scout ahead or positioned to provide covering fire. The horse is pretty self explanatory but it’s not clear yet whether the dog can sniff out supplies, attack or do anything like that. It looks like there are several extra characters in the game to be discovered as you can bring multiple companions — the chopper you use to reach missions has four spare seats available.

These potential partners will come with their own side missions but their (potential) deaths will have no impact on the core plot — it’s possible to not even find them or leave them out completely and finish the game without them. We know how you find the dog though:

Honestly, he is never leaving the base once I get him home.

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  • Aw goddammit Kojima! Why can’t we just have nice things? Wait, this is coming out on PC, right? Someone will mod it so the lady and pup are invincible forever. Please.

    • Don’t know if sarcasm, but Sniper Wolf would have already been 4 years old by the time of Phantom Pain, and Big Boss has been sterile since before MGS3. The only way this would work would be to ignore Big Boss’ sterility and assume they got together WHILE HE WAS IN A COMA, before they’d ever even met.

  • This seems like a very odd choice for a game that seems to be priding itself on experimenting with the toolset you’ve been given. I like what they’ve shown in the way of what these companion characters can do (hanging off the side of the horse to avoid being spotted, Quiet’s scouting ability and the timed cooperative attacks you can use her for, etc.), but the idea that they can die in mission and be gone for good is going to stymy people’s usage of them. You either end up taking them with you and risking that they’ll be killed and you’ll lose out on those additional abilities and options in further missions, or you leave them at Mother Base so that you never lose them, but never really get to use them like they should be. It’s completely counter-intuitive.

    Plus there’s no way in hell I’m letting my kickass one-eyed wolf die out in the field.

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