The Entire History Of Minecraft In Six Minutes

Minecraft is a game that has evolved and grown in the most public way possible. That's sort of its charm. That's one of the (many) reasons it's become such a huge success. This video is a celebration of that. It's sort of a visual, scrolling timeline of where Minecraft was in the beginning, to where Minecraft is now.

Even as someone who has barely tipped his toes in the game, I find it hypnotising to watch.

I think for veteran Minecraft players, the surprise in watching this video will be watching the number of systems they haven't experimented with. The flexibility of Minecraft as a video game is downright terrifying at times, and it continues to grow. I can't wait to see what people do with it, even if I have no real interest in getting involved myself!

Via Reddit


    People have already made computers in Minecraft. I'm pretty sure someone made a cut down version of Minecraft WITHIN Minecraft with a computer. How much further can you go? Will they be able to emulate Crysis one day?

    Whats interesting right now is the behind the scenes disagreement between the creators of Bukkit and Mojang... thats worth an article write up... Thousands of custom bukkit servers will be down for the next couple of days...

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