The Glorious PC Master Race Comes To... Civilization V

The Glorious PC Master Race Comes To...Civilisation V

Oh Civ V modders. Don't ever change.

The last time we took a look at Civ V mods, they were sensible, realistic ones. This is neither. Monk Preston has added The Glorious PC Master Race to the game's list of Civilizations, with its leader being (duh) Valve boss Gabe Newell.

Yes, the concept of a PC Master Race, not to mention the term itself and its most devoted adherent's behaviour, can be problematic. But this mod is so thorough, its perks so perfect, that it comes across as satire, from the insane leader portrait image to the Yahtzee-inspired avatar to how cashed-up the Civ's capital, Valve Heaquarters, is.

The Glorious PC Master Race Comes To...Civilisation V

Probably the best implementation of PC jokes, though, is the Civ's unique ability. Which is... Steam Sales, which result in a 75% reduction in unhappiness across the Civ.

Steam sales within a game that's often in a Steam sale. So meta.

You can subscribe to the mod here.

The Glorious PC Master Race Comes To...Civilisation V


    holy crap i love CIV V and i want to try this :) i only have Gods & Kings expansion is that enough to play it?

    EDIT: Nevermind. Modder states Brave new World only... i should really get that on sale some time haha.

    Last edited 17/09/14 10:09 am

    yes, yes you should. Totally completes the game! Though its annoying that my sister can always kick my butt at the medieval age with a huge tourism victory :P

    But it is sensible and very realistic, I don't see anything unrealistic about this mod.

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