The Greatest Air Guitarist In The World. Apparently.

The Greatest Air Guitarist in the World. Apparently.

This is Nanami Nagura. She's a very minor celebrity in Japan, but in the air guitar world, she's a superstar.

This year, Nagura was dubbed the Air Guitar World Champion. Below, you can see her performing in Finland. She edged out two American air guitarists for the title. Congrats to her!

Nagura has been competing in Air Guitar competitions for the past few years. In 2012, she was actually a member of a Air Guitar idol group called Telepathy that never really took off, and their dreams of fame ended up deflated.

The Air Guitar World Championships have been held since 1996. I'm really not sure how one would judge a good air guitarist, but this year, she's supposedly the best. She must be very excited — maybe even, wait for it, floating on air.

Nanami "Seven Seas" Nagura (JP), Air Guitar World Champion 2014 [World Air Guitar]

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    "I don't know how you can take this seriously, and not be a dick". McInnes pretty much sums up this video nicely for me

    Replace "air guitar" with "idiot" in that title and it all makes sense.

    Last edited 02/09/14 1:42 pm

    I guess they are fairly lenient on what they call air "guitar"

    Last edited 02/09/14 2:32 pm

      Yeah, this. That's as close to air guitar as the running man is to ballroom.

    Gotta love the Japanese <3

    Last edited 02/09/14 4:50 pm

      This competition is held in Finland though. She would have been up against more than just Japanese contestants.

        My bad, but I still love em.

        Rewording it to Japanese might be a bit more appropriate.

        Last edited 02/09/14 4:49 pm

    Hatsune Miku - Replaces humans with instruments
    Nanami Nagura - Replaces instruments with humans

    Her energy ... it's ... ov.. e..r... 9 .. (:chedruid faints:)

    Hahahaha... see when she mimed a C#add9 instead of an Em chord? What a n00b.

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