The Humble Store Is Running An End Of Summer Sale

Even though it's totally the end of Winter over here. These details are not important. All the cheap games. That's what's important here.

And there are more than a few of them, especially if you're keen to pick up a few indie games on the cheap. Nidhogg is $4.99, FTL is $3.33 and Monaco is $1.49.

Also I'd be doing myself a disservice if I didn't mention the fact that Trials Fusion is on sale for $14.97. It might not hit the dizzy heights of the almighty Trials Evolution, but it's still a Trials game and it's still incredible.

The perennially on-sale The Walking Dead Season 1 is $6.24 but you have that already. I know you do. Batman: Arkham City is $4.99.

And a final recommendation — a game I love very much — Pixel Junk Monsters Ultimate is $1.49. I loved that game so much back in the day.


    Trials fusion is $16 on the HK Xbox one store, best purchase I have made since getting destiny off there for $53... Hahaha

    To the humble store!

      The Humble store is worse for my wallet than Steam by a long margin. Around a month ago, every daily deal was a game I couldn't previously justify grabbing, even during Steam discounts. They're starting to even out with GoG as my store of choice.

      And some of those recent Humble Bundles have been freakin' sweet. Just got the RPS bundle. Worth it for Dungeons of Dredmor alone.

    A link would be nice for the lazy!

    Needs a link!

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