The Last Of Us: Alone -- One Of The Best Live Action Films You'll Ever See

I've watched a lot of fan-made live action films during my time at Kotaku, but this might be up there with some of the best I've ever seen. It's called 'Alone' and it's based in The Last Of Us universe.

There are a few main things I like about it. To begin with: the performances. They're believeable and combined with the high production values, this film feels legit.

Another thing I like: I don't need to suspend my disbelief. I find with most fan films there has to be a certain acceptance. This is not a high level production. The acting won't quite be as good. A lot of it won't make sense. With 'Alone' I was properly engaged. It was actually heart wrenching and terrifying.

Then there's its commitment to the source material. 'Alone' really feels like a story from The Last Of Us. The writing is good, so it doesn't feel derivative. The sound design is fantastic, the direction is pitch perfect, the tone is accurate. I also love love love how much detail has gone into the costumes of the Clickers.

It's well worth watching. Actually, it might be a must watch.


    That was pretty damn good, still don't think it quite reaches the untouchably great production values of a certain Killzone one I can't remember the name of, though. Clickers looked great, but as for the two leads it reminded me a bit too much of The Road.



        Killzone Intercept - Live Action Fan Film:

    Very good! I would be very interested to see the one you're talking about @klanky.

      Killzone Intercept - Live Action Fan Film:

    Using a weapon the way he does it's a miracle he has lasted that long.

    I'm sorry but that was as bad as the rest. The fact that they had to resort to high contrast black and white says a lot about how unconvincing the make-up is. But really the thing about this (and most other fan films) is that they don't have focus. What's different about this fan film? What is the point of this story? Bearded Man cares enough for Boy to take him to Boston? That's the definition of derivative.

    They could have written a story about someone who worked at the White House and used the tangential plot of the game's universe (heard in the news ladden reports from the intro) and give the audience a new perspective of the events of the world at the time of the crisis. That, would be non-derivative. The sets they create, using green screens or otherwise, that, would be production value.

    I can give props to the acting at least, but even there, it's not that much more impressive.

    Best one so far still goes to the Deus Ex Human Revolution Fan Film and, City 17, which is an oldie, but a goodie.

      Wow, do you need some perspective? Sounds like you're expecting a sweeping Godfather epic or something. And your brilliant idea is for them to set a TLOU movie in the White House. . .the White House, lol. I'm sure most fan films can afford to build a replicate Oval Office set and hire an Obama impersonator.

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