The Latest Humble Indie Bundle Is Pretty Spectacular

The latest Humble Indie Bundle is a proper indie bundle. It's also one of the best bundles yet. If you're one of those people who is like, 'I'd love to see what this indie nonsense is all about' this might be the bundle to get.

But you really have to pay more than the current average price to get the best of it.

For example, if you pay less than the average paid price (currently under $8) you get:

— SteamWorld Dig — Hammerwatch — Gunpoint

That's all well and good, but if you pay more than the average you also get...

— Papers Please — Luftrausers — Gone Home — The Bridge — Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine — Race The Sun

So, that sort of transforms the bundle from 'meh' to arguably the greatest Humble Indie Bundle ever. Many of those games are among my very favourites of the last couple of years, so I fully recommend this.


    Ooh, they've got Race the Sun now. Liked the look of that.

    This is the only bundle I've seen where I own none of the games. May have to take this up.

    Haven't heard any opinions of the following:

    - Hammerwatch
    - The Bridge
    - Race the Sun

    They any good?

      Hammerwatch is a bit of fun, throwback to Gauntlet. Quite adorable.

    I got spares of Monaco and The Bridge from this bundle if anyone wants them.

    I have not played any of these games. Good time to give them a go.

    I have a spare Monaco too.

    This is one of the best bundles in a long while. Games I actually care about but don't own. I highly recommend Luftrausers if you haven't tried it. I had it on PS3 and thought it was great, but since I've disconnected my PS3 I'm happy I can play it again on my SteamWindows Box

    Approx $AU12 for all these games including prison architect? Why the hell not! :)

    How can you not mention Prison Architect? That game is great and just keeps getting better. $10 or more to unlock and totally worth it at that price considering the current average.

    "Leaving dungeons unexplored? Not on my hammer watch."
    "Should I rummage through these private documents? Well, you know what they say. When in home.."

    I love watching these promos *just* for the puns.

    these are the type of games that make me think people are clinically insane and I would be better off comitting sudoku.

    No mention of the floppy disc and vinyl (plus other stuff)? That collection is badass. It's a bit hard to find a working floppy drive these days though!

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